I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 235 Yisizaho, this is the last time in the last time in the last time (7 more!)

"Hey, how come you come here!"

I didn't pleadly, I watched my own sickle and other people. I reached my sickle turned to look at the flying Asma and others, cold channel: "Hey, I just want to kill them to sacrifice Give the evil spirits! "


The mortal ghosts have been very politely extended, and smiled. "We will not interfere with your battle, we will not ensure that the three thousand millions of bounty of the seniors of the corner will not escape. "

They are very happy here, and the wooden ninja is full of sweating, especially Nara Lu, who has just encountered a group of members!

Even if it is most dangerous now, Nara Lu Pill has not forgotten to carefully survive the people present at the scene: "Yushuo, destroyed the murderer of the Yishabo family, the wooden leaf s grades, the moon, the ghost light full moon Lin Yuyu is also betrayed by the village, and the three front fog hidden villages are seven people ... "

To be honest, I really have a bit.

The expression of the flying Asma is also unusual, because he used to be with Uzhi Hou, the martial martial arts, or the support of the three people in the flag, Kakasi, Jason, Mitkai, barely will be And the ghosts and ghosts.

Even so, the flag-wood Cardi also pays a serious injury.

Now look at the surroundings, I flying on the face of Asma, there is a despair, and even feeling that I can't breathe, he didn't have the first three ones around him. Now there is only three Chinese tolerance ...


Cartry ghosts, Yuxi Pub, Lin Yuyu is from profit, ghost light full moon, flying segment, plus the corner of the cashbox that has just been taken out from the replacement.

Six members of the organization.

This team is enough to attack a big country to fortune! The only rivoting in the fire in the fire is wood, this team is the purpose of attacking Woody Village?

Fei Asma looked at the surrounding environment, looked at his disciples Nara deer, biting his teeth: "No, you must send your information, let the people in the village are vigilant, active in the fire country Some people! "

The biggest problem now is how to send the information, six well-known members, even a letter of love will give them a chance!

The corner is worth a circle of companions, reach out your fingers, pointing to the head of the wooden leaf captain to fly Asa: "Whoever wants to do it, hurry to solve this group of guys, just let me take the body of the guy. Change money! "

"Of course it is me!"

The flying segment was dissatisfied, and she painted a strange blame in her own, holding his church instrument, whisper: "I didn't see the church ritual? This is an adult for evil spirits. The sacrifice is absolutely can't be horses! "

A group of people standing like a flying segment in place, preparing to curse, and the members of the organization are too lazy, and the wood-shaped ninters do not dare.

This forms a strange balance.

However, Fei Fei Asma saw this opportunity, Shen Sheng opened: "Lu Pill, exiting the cloud, steel, I cover you, you must send your information to the village, the wooden leaves may face the text Attack! "

"No, Asma teacher!"

Nara Lulong shook his head and loudly analyzed: "The probability of escape is very low, your strength is the strongest, let's cover you!"


In addition, two wooden leaves are called God Moon and Iron.

Two people have already prepared for sacrifice, and they have always been in the village, basically in addition to the door to the village, impossible to play too much effect.

Whether it is Fu Fei Asma or Nara Pill, you can play a bigger role for the leaves in the future. These two people can escape from one is lucky, and the most prominent escape is, it is the Flying Asa. .

"Your strength is not enough, I can't hold it too long!"

Fei Asa shakes his head, Shen Sheng persuaded: "They want my body now, so I will definitely not let me!"


"Not so much!"

Fei Asma whispered to Nara Lu Pills: "Deer Pill, I already have children, my road has arrived here, your future is still very good!"


Nara Deer Pill's face revealed a shot, how did he have heard this matter, how did he have seen Asma's children?

Next moment, Nara deer will immediately responded, whispered: "It seems that we have never paying attention! Does the red teacher have pregnant?"

Fast enough!

And confidentiality is also very good!

They did not know this news as the disciple of the Pigur butterfly as a flying Asma.

In the eyes of Ausma, he revealed that he nodded quietly. After the child who had not born to his disciple, he had no worries without any worries, can be desperate!

The Fei Fei Asma clenched the Chakra knife in his hand, there was a blade of two Chakra, which slammed the neighborhood!

His purpose is just to open a gap to Nara deer pill!



Nara Deer Pill, Shen Moon, and the steel iron bite the teeth, fled out towards the gap opened!

However, weird, this group of members did not choose to pursue, but it was a desperate movement of the prostitute.

As for the member of the one and the flying Asa fight, it is exactly the opponent's martial artimatoti!

After Nara Lou Pill escaped, he looked back and found that the members of the tissue did not pursue. His eyes suddenly flashed a hint of hope, apparently he also hoped that his teacher would escape from birth!


Fei Asma also flashed a hopes, his girlfriend, the evening, there is already pregnant, he certainly wants to break through the rear of the village.

It is a pity that the mortal ghosts have dispel the impulse of the Flying Asma.

The murdered face showed an evil smile on the murderous face. He calmly waved his own muscles and smiled and said: "If you dare to escape, we will take those escapes. People caught back when you kill you! "

At this moment, there is a demon!

About this is the sequelae of the martillamon ghosts, and always likes to use this kind of feelings to force Ninja to take the initiative or send death.

However, this threat is very effective.

At least Nara Loda and others determined that before the escape to the safe zone, the flying Asa will never dare to escape, at least five minutes this time.

If other people don't stand in the same place, I only need to make sure you can have five minutes, and ensure that you will not be too much injury, this doesn't seem to have any problems.

Unfortunately, the development of things is often wishes.

The flying segment is painted, after the sacrifice, but I saw the mortgage ghosts and the Flying Asa battle into a group, and his whole person was irritated: "Hey, the martialmon ghost, not, this guy wants to stay Give me? Start, otherwise I will kill you together! "

"Oh ... rest assured, will not let your ritual waste."

The macaron slammed the mildew in the hands of the mildew in the hands of the sneakers, and the stab in the mildew sprint swells, and a rootary spurs instantly smashed the flying Asma. shoulder!

The mortal ghosts will take the blood on the smell of the muscle to the flying section, and laugh and open the mouth: "So next, give it to you!"

After you finish this, the moblim ghosts looked at the flying Asa smiled: "Okay, you can escape now, we will not chase you, please believe that our reputation ..."

"what's the situation?"

The more the face of the Fei Asma's face is getting up.

He doesn't know what to understand now, but in order to be cautious, I still have to observe it here for a while, after all, five minutes is not particular time ...

And his current position has an opportunity to escape.

"Escape, escape!"

The flying segment stroked the blood of the Flying Asa, showing a horrible smile, a root of the bones float from his face and the body, he looked at some amazed to fly Ashma: "Ceremony Already ready, are you ready? "

"this is…"

It is surprising that the Flying Asa is expected to look at the flying segment.

To be honest, the flying segment is a bit horrible in the body state, and it seems that there is nothing special, this is also a member of the organization?

I don't quite understand what is the situation.

Just, the flying Asa will soon understand!

Because the flying segment suddenly took a long thorn, he slammed his shoulders, at the same time, the Fei Asma's shoulder immediately spurted a blood!

"After he is injured, my body will be hurt ..."

The face of the flying Asma changed, did not reply to the wound on his shoulders, and looked at the flying segment of the evil laugh, it seems to be confirmed.

as expected.

The flying segment has a thorn in his own thigh!

It is also full of blood on the legs of Ausma!

This is the horror of the evil ceremony, and as long as you take the enemy's blood, you can hurt the enemy in a fixed location.

Just, the flying segment is a evil spirits that will not die, whether it is suffering from multiple injuries; other people do not have his horrible physical fitness.

? "

"Oh ... of course, it is not afraid of pain!"

Just flying a group of people in a group of evil spirits, the most violent forest rush is a little impatient, unplugging his tights and thorns the chest of the flying segment: "Worn, half a little is not like A man ... "

When the flying segment suddenly fell on the ground, the mouth was still rushing to Lin Yuyu: "You bother, your tie is very painful!"

Even if the flying sections have been killed by death, he still has no big matter, and the flying Asma is different. He slowly squatted his chest.

The corner is satisfied with nodding, and the bodies of the arrival of Asa, and changed to 35 million bountasis.

Cartry ghosts looked at the replacement in front of him, whispered: "Go to the land and Fei Asma's body to stole ..."

This sentence is said to Yishe Bo.

No one knows, there is still a person who has been hidden under their ground.

Under the bottom of the capital, Yisi Bo is revealed on his face, but his body is still very well entered, and then finds the bodies of the Flying Asma and the land, quietly putting their bodies. Accused.

the other side.

The Shangyuan Na, who has just stepped into the fire, is temporarily waiting for the border guard by the border postage of the wooden leaves. After a while they will send people to the villages to the wooden village.

Shangyuan Nai did not stand at the border guards and shake his head. He just got a message from the awareness of Unexpello.

"This group of guys is too fast!"

Shangqi Nairi shook his head and sighed, quietly controlmed the soil band, transferred his order to him: "Let the chanmon ghost tell Uzhi Pubie, this is his last time in the fire before the duel. Be sure to let him see the whirlpool, you have to monitor the good one! "

Only in this way can I lead to the