I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 237 is destroyed, that is, I came to the purpose of the leaves!

At the time of the seventh class, the village was surrounded by the seventh class, and the village was the investigation team, patrolling a few kilometers of the entire wooden peripheral round.

This is because in recent days, the organization has destroyed two big country to fortune, so that the atmosphere of the wooden leaves has suddenly become nervous, and they are afraid of the organization directly to drive into the wooden leaves, and even Shang Shang also saw the wooden wall. Air defense weapon.

The lessons of the foggy village and sandy village are directly traited in the ancient dragon, and the leaves are also prevention in advance, so that they can be eloquent.

At the last naval, I watched the strange defense weapons, I couldn't help Zhang Gao praise: "Wooden leaves are very perfect, and it is very perfect!"

"After all, Xiao Xiao has destroyed two great roughts ..."

The flag-like Kakasi is looking at his eyes, and it sighs: "Now the junction in the village is on duty 24 hours, any fluctuations in the village will be passed to the fire building in ten seconds. "

"It's amazing."

Shangji nodded, did not regret his own praise: "Single only is this, it is much stronger than us, it is the strongest rivot."

Well, these intelligence, go back back.

As a member of the evil organizational organization of the future offensive Miye Village, you can watch the defensive measures of the wooden leaves, think that it feels magical.

In addition to these defense and warning policies, the wooden leaves have not relaxed in high-level war. After the coming of the son of the fate, I will come back to this end.

There are also Mittai and Li Luok, who have implemented tasks, have also been convened back to the village, waiting for the task of taking the organization or surrounding the organization.

Everyone believes that the decisive battle of wood leaves is about to open.

Six members are active in the territory of the fire, they can't just kill a landland and the flying Asa exchange for bounty?


When I arrived in Shangji, I found that the people have arrived, even if it is the farthest beauty, I also rushed to the wooden leaves.

Moreover, I also wear a fight in the head of the beauty. After the woman is hit, I will be promoted.

Because the fog hidden village suffered from the attack, the people were scattered, and the high level in the fog hidden village finally granted the position of the fifth-generation rigid shadow, which was also to ensure that the status of the United States in this big national talk.

After all, this time talk is a real three-shadow talk.

Sandy Village, the fifth generation style, I love Luo.

Fog hidden village, the fifth generation of water, photographed.

Woody village, the fifth generation of rigs, apear.

When Shangyuan Na is coming in, there is still a bit uncomfortable, because only him seems to have no position.

If you want these three shadows directly to him, you can also put on Xiangyun black robe, wear your small ring, put a 'Xiao Second Generation' identity ...

This is now, the feeling like three shadows.

Sure enough, I arrived in it in order, I was sitting on the head of the head, I wrinkled my brow, I didn't want to open the mouth: "How is your little ghost, I thought that the mountain pepper semi-House would accept this invitation? ! "

"Half hidden adults must also guard against the hit."

Shang Nai was shot and shook his head, pulled a chair and sat down: "If you don't welcome me, I can leave now."

"No, there is nothing to do at all."

The program shook his head and sighed a little: "I just think that a ninja half will play a greater role in our next plan."

"In fact, Nelenters can be!"

According to the beauty of the United States, he looked at the original navigation, rushing his eyes, I am still very happy, I can see Na Luo Luo. "

"Well, I am also the same ..."

I loved my love.

If I let me love a passionate attitude, I have a little awkward. After all, I will always bully him. But let me love a indifferent attitude or don't turn, after all, I will save him.

"Okay, since everyone is all, then I will first talk about it!"

On your own chair, whispered: "Hills suggest that we should launch a new ambush, caught more than a member, get more information about Xiao, now we seem to have appeared A more suitable opportunity. "

After the program was finished, it turned his head to the Nara Lifei and Nara Lu, who was standing at the door, Shen Sheng: "There have been more than six members in the fire, this matter is in our village. The Naziliang Liang Pill saw, he is an excellent intelligence ninja, let him give you the information about those people first. "

"Yes, Naruto."

Nara Lu Pei nodded, standing around the program, some of his faces like a fatty quiet: "About three days ago, the two members of the organization, the name should be the evil person of the corner and flying segments I attacked the temple of the fire, killing the temple of the fire.

After we get the news, we immediately went to the members of these two families. If you want to capture them, get information about Xiao.

However, after we look for their trails, they found that those who have sneaked into the fire are not only two, but six rebels. "

Nara Lu Pong said here, a little suddenly talked about his emotions, and the light continued: "My captain Fei Fei Asma is surrounded by the members of the members, maybe members of the members. Kiddom.

Because the intelligence obtained after the leaf rose the gold replacement, the corner of Asma's body has been replaced by the replacement.

The person in charge of the replacement is called many wounds on the corpse of Asma. Only his face can also recognize the face. It is to facilitate the confirmation of the body to receive the bounty, but we have not found a gold in the replacement. Swazian teacher and land cover. "

Nara Lou Pill's fingers were trembled. He re-contoded his emotions and continued: "After we confirmed many times, this hit the temple of the fire, the murderer who killed Asma was a member of the member, at least six The number of people.

First, Yuxi Pub, Woody Village S.

Second, the corner, the village s scaled.

Its three, flying sections, soup, murderous demon.

Its four, the martillamon ghosts, the misty village s scaled.

Its five, the ghost light is full of moon, and the fog hidden village s scaled.

Its six, Lin Yuyu is bored, and the fog hidden village is one of the seven people.

The above, the report is completed. "

After Nara Loda said, he took a step back, and the task of showing his own task has been completed, and the next thing is to discuss these high-level discussions.

According to the beauty, I saw the original navigation, but I saw the original navigation and looked at it. She was a sudden, and the head of her heart was explained. The full moon is taken or recruited, and I will go back, I will issue a wanted order for Lin Yuyu. "

This thing must be confused first.

After the end of the talk, I plan to talk to the original navigation again, and the guy is really defeated by the ghost light.


The average hand pinchs his fingers, after the mixing point, the light will continue to say: "This six-child member is active in the fire in the fire, we speculate that this enemy is likely to attack the leaves, seize belonging The nine tail of the wooden leaves. "

"Only this reason is."

I nodded calmly.

The ambition of the tail began, and the tail guard in his body is a member of the member of Xiaoyu, if it is not a thousand generations, I loved the soil early.

Shangji nodded and continued: "Expedition, wants us to stay in the village of Woody Village, is it?"

"No, not this."

The hand slowly held his palm and sonned it: "We plan to take the brigade to take the opportunity to take the brigade to take the initiative!"

Everyone is a little surprised to lift the head and look forward to the agency. Obviously they don't think of the behavior of the agency, and now they are difficult to hold the wooden leaves, and actively attack?

Is this going to be crazy?

I aroused his head, and I was relieved: "Expedition, maybe I need to remind it, when the staff will attack the big country, they will drive a horrible spirit and beast, can fly in the air ..."


According to the beauty of the beauty, he said earnestly: "Expedition, the hand, the wind shadow, the people who know, the people come to the shadow, even if it is just to catch their traces are also very difficult "


The face of the hand is pulled down.

After all, she wants to be in the village, in case, the loss is definitely not calculated in the words of the Wood War.

However, if you can use the battlefield in the wild and the text, you can fully use the advantages of the wood, ninja, and use the number of people through the circumference of cutting, the members of the unspections are cut, and the powerful ninja will fight.

Now, Math and I don't will not help her decision. The card is inevitably not very good, but she has decided to have this plan, and the reason why it is mentioned in the meeting is to get two shadows and Shangyuan Na. Fighting support.

Shangyuan Nai fell to smash his forehead, whispered: "The plan of the prostitute is not too likely, if there is no mistake, if there is no mistake, there seems to be six members in the fire country, it is not difficult to deal with ? "

This is true.

After all, the three tangle seven people, the two people, and the hibernate guy, who is half-sick, is planning, the winning chance is very high.

Shangyuan Nae lost his finger, whisper continued: "If we move enough fast, there is a big chance to attack success, if you can catch one of them or even more, it is very good for us. "

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of relief and whispered: "I need to remind it that in addition to these six people, maybe there will be the emergence of Sui Zhiwei's land, generally these configurations are awarded action plan;

If the leaves are resolutely want to plan, I recommend more considering other factors, such as Yuxi Board that is always unknown! "

"Some suggestions under Naida, we remember."

On the face of a hand, I finally showed a smile. She didn't hide my own gratitude to the original Nair, whispered: "Thank you! We will ask, I want to ask, can you participate in collaborative operations? ? "

After all, I love Luo, I am very strong!

Don't say anything else, at least you can also involve a few members!

Especially the original naval and I love Luo, these two guys will fly.

I still don't wait for my love, I'm going to nod, I'm going to nod, I promised it: "I am very interested in this, how to eliminate these harmful tolerance, and I am coming to the purpose of the wooden leaves. what…"