I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 238 You want the corner of Yin Yin Village, just to make half a longevity! (Three more delivery!)

The will of the program is very determined.

The current situation is both a crisis, and a huge opportunity. Once they can successfully eliminate the organization, the position of the wooden leaves will definitely be destroyed from the destroyed sandy village.

The agency is a qualified political figure, compared with her political wisdom, and I love Luo is too young.

Even if you can think of this layer, you can think of this layer, but it is impossible to force this, because the joints of the organization are now a political correct.

Of course, the woman has a few brushes.

If they want the allies to listen to the will of the leaves, in addition to these big names, there must be some relatively rich remuneration, and the interests of the leaves cannot be sold, then they can only sell another country's interests.

"Some time ago, we have proposed to launch a challenge to the three generations of Danyu Wildermaking in Yinyin Village, requiring him that he will pay a daughter, but unfortunately, this is not implemented."

The aperator took tight her palm and sonned: "Especially after the group weaving, we are more difficult to launch sanctions against rocky village, after all, if this is really rock The village is hidden in the dark and tilting the black hand of the tolerant war, we must cut off the paws of Yan Yin Village! "

This is a bit domineering.

After saying some of the priests, the agency naturally believes that everyone likes to listen: "After we destroy the knowledge, find conclusive evidence, and this is the rocky village who strike terrorism. Village compensation for countries! "

"This is likely to trigger a war ..."

Shangyuan Na will be aware of his own brows: "If you want to do this, I must report it to the half-hidden adults, and half hidden people have always been committed to the peace of mind."

The program turned his head to I love to be beautiful, and the sink: "Peace can not be striking! Only enough tough attitude, it has a strong powerful strength to hug peace!"


I love Luo Shou After a while, I gently open the topic: "Now we are the most important thing to surround the firefighting, let's talk about our combat plan!"

"it is good."

The apeer waved Nara Lifei, whispering: "This is our wooden, endure, Nara Luli, this action will be explained by him!"

"Yes, Naruto."

Nara Luozhi stands in the position of Nara Lulong, and took out a fireland map exclusively on the table.

"Because the number of members, the number of people is very strong, but the strength is very powerful, so we plan this time, the ordinary team mainly assumes the task of intelligence and establishing a blockade network, the main participation, the battle will be the village. Team and dark squad.

First, comprehensive combination.

According to our ultimate information, the members of the organization will now be in this area, so they will begin to pull the net search from this with a large number of people who know the ninja team. The main battle brigade follows, and supports it at any time. Members carry out.

Second, segmentation combat.

Based on our years of war, the cooperation of members of the organization is very high, this is the experience of their more than a year.

But there seems to be a different place between them, that is, everyone is very proud, so we may use the tactics that will be gradually chaos, so that six members of the babies will cut the heave.

Third, there are many cars.

According to our intelligence, although the strength of these invasive fires may be slightly better, it is as very powerful, so I want to surround them, I need a powerful ninja to suppress them.

Therefore, it will launch an attack by the main battle team leading to the fire and the adult, and a certain one or two members who are killed, and they will send themselves to the block and the secret team to block and entangle other members, break through them one by one. Make killing.

The members who need to face the team and the main battle team have been listed, and the advantages of various teams can be maximized, but the battlefield will stop accident, but also need to step on behalf of the decision

the above. "

Nara Lulu said that there is some slow, there is no sense of urgency, but his strategy makes people hear the skipping.

Even if it is the original navigation, I can't help but have some airs.

Fortunately, he came this time. Otherwise, only six people were only the top of Nara Luoji's planning.

I really didn't expect that the Ninja joint forces of the future, the Treasury Wars, the IQ is not a small!

Don't say that there are six people in the corner, as long as the leaves are listening from his remote command, and if it is fighting in the wild, even if Wesin is likely to be broken ...

Looking at Nara Luojing, a young man said his own strategy. This guy is still very poisonous!

... ...

Shangji is gently drumming his palm, can't help but speak: "I have never seen such a wonderful strategy ..."

"Hehehe ..."

Nara Luo is so embarrassed to smash his forehead. This strategy has also used a lot of energy. After all, the program makes him have to take a strategic plan in such a short time, and it is also slightly A bit hard.

The apeer looked at everyone, whispered: "Do you have any different opinions? If there is no opinion, we can consider starting ..."

"There is no opinion in fog hidden village."

"There is no opinion in Sandy Village."

"There is no opinion in Yuyin Village."

The people present nodded each other.

After this strategy took out, the wooden leaves didn't seem to need them to help, just for a layer of insurance.

Anyway, everyone is all allies.

After the beauty of the United States, I put forward a question: "After the end of this action, we hope to be able to pay the three tangle seven people in the village."

"This is nature."

The master is stood quietly.

Shangyuan Nair is also open directly: "After the operation, our rain hopes hope to hand over the corner to us."

The program wrinkled, but did not immediately agreed: "We must consider this matter, after all, the corner is the rebellion of Tokin Village ..."

About the intelligence of the corner, the leaves are also collected here.

The leader of Tokin Village is handed over to the honey-necked information about the corner, and the agency was scared by this information.

The corner of this guy actually became the endurance of Tokin Village for decades, after killing the hike high-level, snatching the land of the Village!

What is this concept?

How long does this guy live in the end!

"This is not."

Shangyuan Needressed and shook his head and whispered: "The corner has stolen a treasure of us Yu Yin Village. Half Tibetan adults indicate that I caught him back."


The agency can't help but send a smile. Looking at the original navigation hooks his mouth: "Is it really a treasure of your rain? He steals the treasure of ..."


The expression of Shangyuan Nae changed, slowly stood up, squatting on the opposite hand, whispered: "It seems that you already know the secret of the corner, we have the reason, the leaves should Very clear, half hidden people ... "


The prime man was smashed by the original Nairi, and he flew over and held the arm of Shangyuan Na, and he left the office.

While holding the arm of the Shangyuan Na, he waved at my love and as Mei Mei, "I have something to talk to this little ghost, two please have a self ..."


Like Meill and I love to face each other.

After a while, two people start thinking about why a corner will cause disputes in wood and rain in the village. What secrets are guys hidden?

Turn in the corridor of the fire building.

Shangnai, I looked at the apeer of smile, I feel the soft and warmth of the arm, I remembered the small south.

If you have not remembering the wrong, it seems that when you are chatting with Xiaonan teacher, it seems that you have heard it ... Xiaonan teacher seems to be in mind to find a woman who is born than him.

At that time, I was at the time that Xiaonan said that he agreed with him and like beauty, this is a Ziwu, so the Shangyuan is not intended.

Now, it seems, it seems ...

Sometimes, I should listen more to the teacher!

After the card took the arm of Shangyuan Na, after entering a dark small room, I slammed the door and put the original navigation on the wall!

"Hey, little ghost!"

The smile on the program disappeared without a trace, this is full of her face: "The mountain pepper half hides the guy who wants the corner to longevity, right?"


The original Nairou looked down at a glance and her chest.

After a while, after a while, Shangyuan Needed and lowered.

Because he doesn't know how to answer, it can only be lowered by default. Anyway, they almost spend the mouth in the fire office!

The program also knows this fact, she looked at the expression of the original Nair, and she said: "If this action is successful, the wooden leaves are absolutely impossible to give the corner to Yuyin Village, let the old family die. This heart! "

Fortunately, I still remember his responsibilities immediately, immediately raised his head and glared at the hand, cold channel: "This is our bottom line, you don't have to worry about half-hidden adults continue to live, Yu Yin Village will become more powerful under his leadership "


The hand shook his head scornfully, reached out, a finger was able to overcome the back of the original Needle, cold channel: "If I just just strength, I may have very admired him, after all, the mountain pepper semi-hidden is defeated with a number of power Ten leaves elite teams, only I and the two stupid lives.

However, in the words of his leadership, the old guy led Yu Yin Village for so many years, did you think that Yu Yin Village is powerful? Even if you are, this little ghost is more than what is more than half of the guy. "

This sentence is faintly picked up.

Shangyuan Nairou has a little bit of consciousness, and he will certainly feel that he is half-hidden than the mountain pepper, it is more! The land of the rain has expanded nearly, isn't it all his skills?

Shang Nai is low, and the breathing gradually urgently promoted. After he experienced a struggle, Shen Sheng said: "Don't say so much, Huangji, wait until the action, we can kill the corner, So, you will return all! "

"Okay, let's gamble!"

The opener hooks his mouth and reached his palm: "Let's gamble! If you can kill the corner, then you will give you Yu Yin Village!"


What seems not to be right.

After the Shangyuan Na, after a while, he slowly reached out his hand, the palm of his hand, as if the gambling, he had to lose to the program.

Although it is a must-be gamble, it is still a gambling, mainly in order to worry about the suspicion of the program.

I can't always have a gambling, I have to have a gambling!

The corner of the corner can be in order to understand the people who have worked hard, it is a Ninja who has admired with the original navigation!


One of the hands of Shangyuan Nai, slammed the original, not from autonomous, and he was hot in his ear: "Oh, small ghost, the gambling between us, you can never win!" "


After the Shangyuan Nairi, after a while, he cleared his fist, his lips were close to the pair: "Reassured, for half a hidden adult, I will win this time!"