I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 239, a big show that is about to open! (Fourth, the reward for the dark star!)

After leaving the small black house and Shang Nai, the office was returned to the fire, and the office was talked for a while. Since it was determined that the alliance plan is determined, it is planned to implement.

Shangyuan Needan and I Ai Luo, I will act together with the agency, which is also a strong main battle squad.

As for another main war queue, it is personally brought from the team, directly with the previous generation of pig deer butterfly.

This configuration ...

A little terrible.

Single only the power of these two main battle squads, fertilizer angles, the six families and other members of the mortar are absolutely enough!

Even if the combat power of the Head squad is not a small, there is the third class of the Metekay team and the seventh class of the flagmatkassee team. Their two powerful brigade is also a heaven. .

The six members of the organization are really not enough.

After the end of the meeting, the wood-shaped ninja began to prepare in advance, and hundreds of people's perceived ninja had already watched the organization's active area.

At the beginning of the original navigation, think about how to arrange.

The card in the hands of the wooden leaves is really great, even if they have a spy, this lineup is not the six members of the mortal ghosts and corners to solve.

to be frank.

The lineup of the wooden leaves, if he is not there, it is estimated that it should be destroyed.

In addition to our own and ape, they also dispatched a guy named Metekai, and the whirlpiece that was able to use the tail beast and the use of wind and the spiral hand, which is very beautiful.

It is no way to implement it, it can only be called.

Shangqi Nai Lu quietly used his will to control a blind body for a long time, and accompanied by the four-generation fire shadow windshield side by the pharmacist.

A base far away from the base.

When the pharmacist is still experimenting in diligence, I saw a pair of cranes quietly opened. The four generations of fire shadow windsheet suddenly came out, from his mouth to the sound of Shangyuan Na.

"There is one thing that needs you to do."

After the Shangyuan Na, after a while, the sound opened: "I am still not very convenient, so I need someone to help Unexpello, attracting the attention of the strong strokes in the power."

"very simple."

The pharmacist took a while, and laughed and pushed his own glasses. The low voice: "Nairou people tell me, the two squades are all! I will send the appropriate refrigeration, you can let the four generations Take him with flying thunder. "

Shangji nodded at the navigation: "The first squad, tap, Nara Luoji, Mountain Hail, Qiushi Tao."

"I understand."

The pharmacist nodded and whispered: "One of the three tolerance of the leaves, as well as the last generation of pig de deaf? It seems that we can directly let the four generations of fire, you have passed, he and those people are old A friend! "

"It makes sense."

Shangji wrinkled his own brows, soft and continued: "I am worried that he will disclose the information, but if he is destroyed from the will of the four generations, he will not be sealed because of the fight?"

"Needelor, you can give more people!"

The pharmacist smiled and provided his own suggestion: "It is probably not more suitable than the three generations of fire!"

"Too wonderful, we can help them pick up your opponent."

Shangyuan Nai can't help but think about this guy, this guy always likes to fight against people with embarrassment.

So the final result ...

It is the pharmacist to go to the dream master.

Shangyuan Needle slowly erected his finger, laughed and said: "Then I will let the second generation of fire to the battle hand and our team; let the three generations of fire and the four-generation rigid to go to the team "


The pharmacist nodded, the face gradually became more serious: "I will follow the four-generation rigs, and I will not have any mistakes in the plan of Needers."

"Well, can."

Shangji nodded.

Shangyuan Na will arrange his opponent and teammates, and then urgently contact Unexpello, let him deliver information on the mortal ghosts, and the way to order their own order.

"I have solved the troubles of the two strokes, let the corners, flying, rain, all the moon, full moon, only left you and Yisioa.

After a while, you contact Penne, make it out of Didara and Jun Ma Lu, is used to cover you to retreat, so that there is no accident in the middle. "

After the Shangyuan Na, there is still a bit less relieved, and the opening is added: "If Mart Ka is too trouble, I will let Yuxi Bo will take the soil, remember, be sure to guarantee Yizhi Pub and the whirlpool Human battle! "

It is one of the ability to go to the eye. It can control this sacrifice through a regular ninja as a sacrifice, let the Ninja far away from the thousand miles. At the same time, the sacrifice has three-way Chakra, but can Use their equipment and blood seizure boundaries.

After Chakra resumes, it will die like it.

This big show, Shangyuan Nair can be described as a hard work, and it is realized that he uses many of his relationships.

The chanmon ghosts are not vague, convey the information sent by Shang Nai, immediately let the horns, flying, Lin Yuyu, the full moon, the full moon, after him and Yisioa.

The flying segment is still less fun, holding the instrument of his own sect, complaining: "It's hard to do it more than a few people give enough sacrifices for the evil spirits ..."

The mortal ghost is cold and coldly looked at the flying segment. "The leader has ordered us, must listen to the command of the Shang, the enemy is very powerful, and it will be sent to the life.

The flying segment has joined his mouth, not satisfied: "That tell the leader, I don't want to obey his order, this opportunity ..."


The head of the flying segment is directly cut down!

Lin Yuyu bite a lollipop by a slowly, and she didn't care about her tights. I squatted down the hair of the flying section, and took his head to leave.

Lin Yuyu is doing things directly.

The flying segment looked at his body in the ground, and opened the mouth: "Are you crazy? How do you dare to cut my head ... pain, pain, don't hurt my hair! , The corner, bring my body! "


The corner looked at the flying segment, leaned up and took a flying section, catching up the footsteps of Lin Yuyu, the ghost light couldn't help but laugh, and followed their team.

After watching them, the mortar ghosts looked at Yisizu: "Because our team's strength is the strongest, we will let us disconcend, and you should have no comments."


Yisi Pubo shook his head.

After a while, Yuxi Pubo loudly opened: "This is also my last time I saw it. Have you arranged my fate?"

After returning, Yuxi Pub will help the duel with Unecho.

As for the results of the duel, Unexpeus and the mortal ghosts are very clear, they have already challenged this matter between them.

"You have a chance to change."

The martial artifacts looked at Yuxi Pos, and he said: "If you still want to change your own fate, it is best to tell me in advance, otherwise, I will be very troublesome."

"My destiny has been destined."

Yisizhiso stretched his palm, looking at the sun shot on him through the leaves, leaving a shaded area.

Yes, his destiny has been destined.


Sasuke's destiny can also be changed.

The future Unechebra Sasuke will return to the wooden leaves, or since the martillamon ghost and his behind-the-scenes, it will see their hand in this time and the wooden ninja.

It is a pity that Yuxi Pubie didn't know that this time the handmanship is a special for him.

Wooden village.

Shangyuan Na is in a hidden corner, quietly released the second-generation rigs and three-generation rigid shadows and three-generation rigid shadows, very satisfied with their state.

"It's a pity, if you are not worried about you leaking your information, I really want you to see the old people!"

"Evil ghost!"

Thousands of hands are slammed into Chakra, trying to get rid of the control of the original navigation, but his strength is not enough.

I looked at the original navigation in the day, and some sorrow sighed: "Shangyuan Na, your guy is finally going to do with the wood? Small people hidden in the darkness, will never fight the justice Sir ... "

Shangyuan Nairou looked at the sky, shakes his head: "Hey, three generations, you don't know how stinking yourself now? Forget, wait for me to fly After the machine turned out, let him tell you! "


The face of the day of the day has changed, and it gradually tends to calm: "The original Asma has been poisoned? That kid ..."

"Almost talk about it!"

Shangyuan Nair's finger got a few handprints, shortly destroyed their will, and laughed and said: "There is not much time ..."

After all of this.

The thousands of hands extended their palms in the body of the day, with him, with him, leaving the leaves directly.

The country of rain.

Know the base.

After Pethen received the intelligence and requirements from the original navigation, Benedressed, immediately developed the light of the night Jun Ma Lu, Yuxi Sasuo, white, red sand and Didala etiquette. .

Members of the organization are more important.

These are not a matter of death.

Didala discs are sitting in the base and control their pictures, and there is still a little less happy when they transfer them: "Take all of my Chakra passed the past, only 30% Chakra, the utilization is too low. It is better to come directly to a super explosion! "

Payne didn't care how to shake his head: "Just do it, as long as you can cover the ghosts and Yisi Wahoo can't escape."

"Of course, you have to hide the bastard and escape!"

Yizhi Bo saga took his his fist and whispered: "If he doesn't come back, how can I kill him!"

Now everyone is ready.

At the end, I watched the principal of several percentage points, and I looked at the comparison between the two sides.

One side of the wooden leaf: The one-generation pig deer squad, the aperator, Lei Ming, I love Luo and Shangji Nai (spy), Mait Kelly and its third class, flag wood Cardi and its A group of heroes such as seven classes and a group of perceived ninp.

Taking the one: Yisizhiso, changer, red sand (like transfer), Didara (like transfer), white (like turn), Hui Night Jun Ma Lu (like turn, Yu Zhi) Poto help (like transfusion).

Hidden participating party members: Pharmacist pocket, Unexpello belt, second generation rigs, three generations of fire shadow, four generations of fire.

Who can get it, a big drama of the original naval is so careful, in fact, just to lead an unusual ?