I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 241 Choosing the Wavelet Gate of Yield and Never refundable

After losing your own will, the fighting power of the rubbish is to be a high demise, purely with its own ability to fight.

However, it is not doubtful that after the three-generation fire, the three-generation fire, and his war has improved a lot after gaining the bodies.

"Hands in the sword shadow!"

Sarutobi day walk away and throw the cut-edged sword huge hands, closed his fingers quickly mudra, hand tools and try sword instant separation of the dense pile of video avatar, toward Jiraiya and pig deer butterfly Direction shot!

"Earth, soil city!"

The coming is also engaged at the same time, and it is released in front of the giant hand sword. Even if the thick wall is also cut by the sword!

I can't help but wrinkle my brow, I have a heart to open the mouth: "The old man is really awkward!"

However, when I just pulled a breath, the four-generation fire wave wind door clear voice appeared in his ear: "Hands in the sword!"

This makes it almost forgotten!

The waves are the same as the day, the two people are actually good at the surgeons in the hands of the swings, but they are not the same!

After leaning up his hand in the air, the waves threw the sword, and the hands quickly told the printed print, and the speed is more than one point!

In the next second, the handle smashed the sword suddenly split countless fresses!

Just like the secrets of the darkness of the night, the stars, follow these stars, fall from the sky!

Those dense numbers of messear are the masterpieces of the waves of the swords and shadows. Every tissue is in the hands of the wave of the waves, will be studied extremely powerful power!

"Fire · Haolong bomb!"

Their palm is also flying, and Zhang Dowe is in the hands of the sword, and the sword is burn in the sky!

The roof of the sky is downsus the attack of the flame to smoke.

Even if the shadow of the sword is divided, after all, I still have the shadow, as long as I encounter enough powerful attacks will disappear.

"Call, is it solved?"

Qikang stood up and shook his head and looked at the wave of water in the distance. Silky: "The water door is still so terrible ..."

"After all, it is the most perfect ninja ..."

Nara Luli slowly closed his palm, whispered: "Try it first, can you control them, shake!"

A group of shadows flew quickly from his feet, went to the position of the four-generation rigs, although only a trial of the test, but Nara Luo will also be fully committed!

After all, once the waves are rampant on the battlefield, it is a super-big trouble.

Obviously this is not used.

The speed of the waves will never catch up with the shadow. Nara Luli has not stopped, just watching the wave of the wind door to avoid shadow, whispered to the teammates around: "stop him, Ding Zhang!"

"Understand! Partial multiplication!"

The fist of the Qikang Ding suddenly became huge, and he smashed a punch to the region of the wave of water.

Just no one, the waves of the waves jumped to the hands of the autumn channel, and left a flying spirit on his body!

"Is it over?"

The first thought of Qikang, Qingchu is this sentence.

Once the waves have been leaving the fly thunder, it is almost absolutely impossible to escape his chasing!

"No, just!"

Nara Luo Long smiled and looked at the mountains in the mountains, whispered: "Then I will give you, Hai!"


In the mountains, the Hills stretched their palms in Nara Luoji, and the body turned to control the Nara's life, perceive the position of the wave wind gate.


In the mountains, the mountains found a wave style, whispered: "But can't judge what he will appear in Ding Zhang ..."

"It's now!"

Nara Lifeng's shadow instantly expanded, wrapped around all areas, just wrapped in a wave of polishs just landed!

In the next second, when they thought that the wave of the water gardens, I saw a golden Chakra on his body, giving a golden Chakra Government on his body.

Nine-tail mode!

The wave wind door has taken rid of this changing the control of the shadow, sweeping, kicking a foot, kicking Nara Luoji, Shazhong Hai and Qiuding Ding Ding Ding!


The sputum is now scared, and the whole person is deadly staring at the waves of the golden light, muttering the whisper: "This is ... Jiuji Chakra!"

What ghosts!

Even if they let Nara Luojing two should have enough difficulties in a normal wave style, and that this water door has a nine-tailed Chakra!

No, not, so, he can even make the Jiuji Chakra perfectly!

Single only the momentum of the wave wind gate is now, when the swirls, the Chinese tailor, the test shows the eight tails, it is obviously more than one counter!

What is this ghost!

However, the waves of the waves take this after the outbreak of the nine-tailed Chakra is not bad.

Because his will recover, although it is still unfolded from the control of Shangyuan Na, it can also report a lot of intelligence to each other ...

The wave of the waves flashed on the face, and he turned his head and looked at it. It was quite a bit of the rest of his life: "I haven't seen it for a long time, and the teacher ..."


The face is still on his golden Chakra, whispered asked: "What is going on?"

"this matter…"

"Four generations!"

When the waves were explained, they suddenly felt that the will of the original Naqi returned to his mind!

Within the spirit of the spirit.

Wavelet water is standing in a lake.

Shangyuan Na's face is like a god, which is usually above him, and is overcast: "Four generations, some words shouldn't say, don't say, I originally gave you the task just entangled them, if some words you said too More, then I can only let you kill them. "


The wave of the water is standing up, looking at the huge face in the world, and the face is ugly, "At least, you have to tell me what is the purpose!"

"Don't ask too much."

Shangqi Nairi looked at the spiritual world of golden villains, whispered: "I thought it was second-generation rigs to restore reason. I didn't expect it to be you, but it doesn't matter. As long as you dare to disclose your information, you will be big. Control your body to kill them! "

After the Shangyuan Na, he added to the mouth: "Friendly reminds you that the fifth generation of the fifth generation of the wooden leaves is in my side, I can kill her at any time, clean up all the wooden heights!"

Shangyuan Na Ruo did not insurance, continued to add: "Since you use the nine tail of Chakra, you can induce your son's position! Yischo belt is in his vicinity, I can also kill at any time. Swirls and flagmarks! "

Wave style: "..."

This person ... a bit of a poisonous!

The wave wind door is not easy to recover God, and if you want to take some information to you, I didn't expect to take the last life and threaten him.

Have to say, this threat is very effective.

Because the wave wind door is very clear, he is now able to use the strength of the nine tail, and the people who are also unlike Nara Luojing is absolutely impossible to be his opponent.

If you have received your information, the entire wooden row will be cleaned up, what is the meaning of the information?

No, it seems to be available in other ways?

For example, the dark language?

"Don't want to use dark words or gestures to disclose information."

Shangqi Nai Luked Cold Sound, directly to the wave style: "I never look at the process, I only look at the results, maybe I don't think it is wrong, I will immediately remove them, so you'd better want to clear what I should stand. where is it!"

Looking at the silence of the waves of the waves, it was only a chess piece. "Don't think that only you have a piece of chess, you and me just a sounding tube, ready to replace, if you want to use this body in the future It is best to comply with my command. "

Shangyuan Na is in the spiritual world of huge faces, and it has been added: "If the entire wooden high layer is killed, you should know what the finale will be greeted?"

"I understand."

The wave wind is slowly hanging down.

This threat is very simple, but it is very effective.

Compared to those spellings, the original navigation uses his feelings and embarrassment, which is undoubtedly a more effective means, and can even change the yield of the waves.

After all, the Word Water Gate wants to leak the information for the safety of wood leaves. If the leaves are not there, what is the meaning of his leak information?

But if you don't blind information ...

What should be used chronic death?

Wave-style water gates feel that you must think about it.

Shangyuan Nairou slowly looked at the wave of style under the spirit of the spirit, suddenly revealing a Chinese smile: "In case of preventing case, I will warn you in advance, except for me, I seem to have to increase the point. Children. "

The huge smile in the spiritual world, in the eyes of the wave of Water Door, the smile of the devil, he gently opens: "If they know my true identity, I will reincarn the resurrection vortex. Sini, control her to fight with your son whirlpool, in order to avoid this hamged drama, so you will definitely listen to it? "


The wave wind door couldn't help but bite his teeth.

I have made the rumors who have never seen my mother and never have seen the son's whirlpiece, this fucking is still a person who can do it!

This devil almost considered his side.

Teacher, wife, son, disciple, companion.

Almost every threat is fatal for the wave style, the world's world is still seeing such evil guys for the first time!

This devil!

Especially his strength is also very powerful.

The wave wind door bites the teeth, lifting his head and looked at the face of the original Needle. "I always know why you do this?"

"You will know sooner or later."

Shangyuan Nai's voice gradually somewhat ignorant: "Don't worry, all this is not a bad thing for the leaves, I am to solve a black hand hidden behind the scene, you must hide yourself."


The wave wind is lifted, the cold voice is open: "I will temporarily cooperate with you, but I don't want to hurt the teacher!"

"Well, very good, I don't want to hurt him."

Shangyuan Na, in the spiritual world, nodded slowly, soft: "The battlefield is given to you, just help me drag it, they will be good."

Shangyuan Nairi's will projected from the spiritual world of the wave style, only a sentence: "I am also a kind person, I will not make a disciple of a disciple to kill his teacher so cruel."

Wait until the will of the original Naida dissipates.

The wave wind is returned to reality, his face is faintly unsatisfactory, carefully checking his body, and he is still in the binding of Shangyuan Na.

The only free thing is his mouth.

I remembered the threat of Shangyuan Na, the waves slowly cleared their fists, looked at the coming, Shen Sheng: "Sorry, the teacher, I must stop what you want to do now, this is I have to make the choice. "

"Hahaha ..."

It's not angry, but I laughed, but he slowly closed his fingers, and settled a contraposition: "Water Gate, if I didn't remember, you didn't want to challenge me. ? "


The wave wind door has also slowly settled a contraparent print, and the golden Chakra jacket in his body gradually faded and reached a normal state.

The wave of the water gates and the looks also gradually became a look, and his face was more serious: "So ... Teacher, please advise."

"You go to welcome the old age!"

The tap also commanded Nara Lili and others to attack the three-generation rigs, and they closed their palms, and continued to open their mouths: "What rules need to be developed?"

"Don't need any rules."

The wave wind door shakes his head and whispered: "Even teachers can kill me, because I will die in the state of embarrassment!"

"Can you use a seal and stress?"

I also looked at the wave of water, and I will continue to open: "I am very good at using the seal and stress ... I don't know if you can seal the present?"

The face of the waves of the waves showed a little awkward: "This perhaps, but I am also very good at seal the seal, even if the teacher is exhausted, it is useless, because I am ..."

When the sound of the wave, the sound of the waves stopped, he could not disclose any information about Shangyuan Nai, just now said that it hurts his mouth!

"Then, can you use Xianke?"

The bullish face showed a smile, and he slowly wiped the oil color, and took out a psychic handset, Shen Sheng said: "Take the law"! "

"Teacher ... or old!"

The wave wind door has a little helplessly shakes his head, whispered: "Teacher has been chatting with me, just in order to prepare enough time, Psychic Walking and Mr. Zimiao, enter the cactus mode?"

A psychic smoke sounded.

The image of this moment is changed, and there is a lot of oil on his face. There are also two small , but the momentum of his body has become a lot!

The coming is also smug, and I smiled and smiled. "Hahahaha ... Your little guess is right!"

"Who is this enemy?"

Zhicai fairy looked around everything around, and suddenly he didn't dare to confuse the waves of the waves: "Wait, small, this is not a small water gate?"

The wave of the water door nodded and whispered: "I haven't seen it for a long time!" Mysma Cactus is deeply cactus. "

"In short, the water door is controlled by people."

A simple saying that the current situation is clearly said, Shen Sheng: "We must now defeat him, rush to support Naruto and Kakasi them, maybe they are in the heavy surroundings! "

"This ah ..."

After the cacto, I won the neat position, Shen Sheng: "This is not very good, if I have not remembering the wrong, it seems that the water door seems to learn the immortal mode?"

"Yes, Cactus Mode · Open!"

After the waves were nodded quietly, his eyes were suddenly flashed in the oil color of the cactus: "Because there is a nine tail help, it can also help me with the natural energy, let me go to the immortal mode at any time ..."

Late: "..."

Deepening the immortal: "..."

Zhica Cactors: "..."

"Sorry, the teacher is also the teacher."

The wave wind door shaken his head, and his face flashed a little apologet. He carefully opened: "I can only tell you, I have to ban your pass."

"Let's come!"

I also closer my palm, and my face has also become solemn: "Water gates, I don't have to feel sorry, I have told you that in the ninja world, no disciples must obey the teacher's statement, let alone, you are now only received control!"

After that, I was also awkward: "What we have to do is to win the water gates, but break through his defense, rush to the position of Naruto and Carti!"