I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 242 Yuxi Bo Brothers and Wooden Seventh Class (San Dai!)

"It's good, four generations!"

After the original na, he was able to concentrate on the battlefield of them.

The apeer, plus three of the three people, and I want to overcome the combination of the second-generation rigs and the second-generation water shadows. It is really difficult as it is.

Shangyuan Na Ruo is very simple, that is, when the second-generation fire or second-generation spoaches, he uses the same rumored tolerance.

Single is just this role.

Let the agency wait for a lot of people.

The second-generation rigs and the second-generation water shadow of the power of the second-generation water shadow, everyone in the scene knows that Shangyuan Na will not be able to sell.

Since a undercover can be drawn, why do you want to work?

Shangyuan Na Ruo immediately flew to Yisi Board, after all, the local area of ​​the entire battlefield is also the center stage of this big play.

Red sand scorpion and Didala's like Tuning stunned in other holiday squads, reducing the pressure between the driva ghosts.

The third class of the seventh class and the Maiteki of the flagmark, finally hit the members of the tissue, and also encountered their opponents Uneers, the martial artimatimmon ghosts, Yuxi Board (like transfers), white (I like the ), Hui Night Jun Ma Lu (like the ).

"That wild beast is given to me!"

The mortal ghost grinned, looked up his own muscles and rushed over, and the cold voice told him: "As for the group of little ghosts, I will give you, Jun Ma Lu."

"Yes, the seniors of ghosts."

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu nodded, bulld out countless root thorn, rushed to Li Luoke and the day!

"I will cover you!"

The white station is in the final party, looking up the rushing wood, and lays his hand, whispering: " · !"

Countless roots fly over!

I opened a scroll every day, closing my fingers, Shen Sheng: "Sealing and printing · Open!"

A square right stone was released by her, vertically, blocked the random ice needle, this time the confront was also pulled off the third class and their fate rival fight!

As for the flagmarks and the seventh class ...

Yisizhi Buchedy and Unechevo help look at them.

Yizhi Bozou helped the seventh class of the rush, nor did the brothers, cold voice: "Let me be given here!"


Yiszhiso was silent for a while, and the opening reminded: "You have only your own body's three-way Chakra."


Yiszhike Sasuke slowly pulled out his own troirers, looking at the flag-like Kakashi and the seventh class: "30% of Chakra, enough to solve them!"

Unechebra saves directly to the seventh class!

After the rumor and Sakano Sakura saw Uzecho Sakuo, there was still some surprises. I didn't expect to see Sasuo's figure here, but they didn't laugh after they saw Sasuke.

The flag-like Kaki is worth a circle, whispered: "If you don't make a mistake, you should have four members who don't see trace, pay attention to be careful!"

"Kakasi teacher ..."

The whirlpool signs hit his fist, Shen Sheng: "You are here to welcome other enemies, I will take the help back!"

After that, the vortex moisters will also be opposed to the flag-like Kakasi, and the flying in the direction of Unechebra welcomes!

The Spring Sakura is nervously looks at the two teammates of the past, and he is hesitant to look at the flagmark: "Carti teacher, can you stop them?"

"Yuxi Pubie has not been dispatched ..."

The flag-like Kakasi suddenly shook his head, and he looked at Su Zhihe, he turned his head and told Zoi: "Szui, here your movements are the fastest, immediately see what is it? The situation, why is it too late to come over? "


Sakui has a big view, he pays more attention to the task, and immediately draws a cloud of birds, and flying over the scheduled route of the main war queue.

Only the flag-like Kakasi watched the Yuxi Hosi, there is no action, Spring Sakura is also staring at the swirls and Yuxi Bo Sasuo together ...

"It's still so weak, Naruto!"

Unechebao Sasuke's knife is very fast, after a period of time, his talents in his hands have almost let the whirlpool people are difficult to keep up with his action!

After making a hand, there is not long after Unecheo Sasuke, and it is easy to break through the Naruto-bitated defense, and a few wounds have been drawn on the whirlpool.

"Go back with me, Sasuke!"

The whirlpool is biting his teeth, clenched the bitterness in his hand, staring at the glory of the face, Shen Sheng: "Sasuke, I don't want to kill you."

"For so many years, your mouth is still so fierce!"

Sasuke slowly turned his tutral, refers to the Yisi Pubie, and laughed: "I saw it? My enemy is there, I will kill him!"

After the Sui Zhihui returned to the country of rain, the brothers will launch a life and death, and Yisi Bo will challenge Uphiso.

Yizhi Bo sang, his face revealed a crazy smile: "I work hard for so many years, so I will implement my dreams, you are still talking to me? The whirlpiece, you only have a mouth. ?"


After a while, the whirlpool was silent, shook it calmly: "Sasuke, I don't want to teach, I understand everything, I know what you want to do ... but no matter what, you shouldn't join Xiao, then Is a group that is destroying the peaceful monsters! "

"No, you don't understand."

Yiszo Sasuke retrans his tutor, hooks his mouth: "Join Xiao, is what I want, I have been with your weak guy, I have been enough, the beast is not And sheep walk on a road. "

Yuxi Bozuo has gradually revealed the writing of three hooks. He slowly swallowed: "Naruto, Xiao Ke is not a monster, real monster, isn't you have a monster in your body? "

Spring Sakura did not dare to confuse the Yuxi Bozuo, almost couldn't believe in his mouth: "Sasuke, what are you talking about! Naruto is our friend!"

"I have no friends."

Sasuke wrinkled his own brows, and smashed the Spring Sakura and the Swirl: "You are just a stumbling block on the road, now I just want to move these stones."

"Do you always think so?"

The whirlpool sighed his fist, and Chakra on his body became violent. He rushed to Yu Zhibo as a lion: "But I can't do so much, no matter what you said, this I will stay in one time! "

If this time I took it, I didn't know when I didn't know when I would bring the sakifiles back. The agency and Kakasi have said the dangers. Who knows that it will not be a great disaster in the future!


Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled frowned, looked at the whirls who rushed over, flew down his chest, softly: "idiot."

Just let him not think that the whirlpool is in the death of his feet, and a look will fall to the earth!


After Unechebao sang, after a sentence, Yushusi was in his weeks, and he took out a lightning, directly knocked the whirlwoman, and he licked his hand on the ground!

Yiszozuo assists his body's body Chakra, wrinkled his own brow: "Cannot free to use tolerance ... Otherwise, Chakra is not enough, soon this is the body can't help."

Even if it is three into Chakra's body, Sasuke doesn't want to lose in the whirlpool, this is his inherent pride.

The issue is…

His opponent is a whirlppered rumor from Xiaocra.

"The image of shadow!"

The whirlpool scorpion immediately saved hundreds of shadows, and hundreds of shadows rushed to the position of Sasuke: "Sasuke, I am completely different from the past!"

"Oh, there is nothing difference!"

Yuxi Bozuo licked his talents, scornfully opened: "The sheep will be more, and it is impossible to bite the tiger ..."

Sasuke is very confident.

Even just relying on their own knife, he also believes that you can kill the shadow of the whirlpool.

However, when he rushed to those shadow, his back suddenly drilled a whirlpad, holding a spiral pill, in his waist!

Just one hit, I will be defeated directly to the ground!

Unechebra helped his face, looking at countless swirls, the shadow of countless swirls came up, and the heart began to think behind his whirlpiece.

"Just after you have just used thunder, I secretly divided into a shadow, turned into the grass, and hiding ..."

There is a slashing in the voice of the whirlpool: "I said, I am different from the past, I am getting more than you think that you are strong!"

"The idiot is always idiot!"

Unechebra on the ground, listening to the vortex moisturous voice, can't help but, he is waiting for the chaos of Ketra disorder in the spiral pill, the whirlpiece is waiting for?

Is it waiting for him to surrender?

Underground is controlled by a group of shadowed shadows, Saso Sasuo suddenly turned into a swirls, and he released a vortex moon's separation, and the whole person was out of the predicament.

Next moment, Unechebra helped raise the talents in his hand: "Thunder, thousands of birds!"

Countless Reline Thousands of shots wearing the shadow of the whirlpool, killing his shadow, and only the whirlpool's body is standing in the ground.

Yisizhozo helped his heart to raise his trous knife again toward the whirlpool: "Thunder, thousand birds!"

A long thunder is piercing the whirlpool's arm!

Just as the whirlpool tuned, the figure of Yiszo Sasuke suddenly appeared around the whirlpool, swaying his tie knife and stabbed the swirls of the whirlpool, nail him on the ground!

"Thunder · Thousands of birds!"

Yuxi Bozuo did not have a thunder, a whirlpool, which could not be frowned. He is just a low voice: "If it is not because of the restrictions, I will take your life now!"

A handle has suddenly fallen in the neck of Sasuke.

The Spring Sakura is full of bitterness, and the sound is still a little trembling: "Sasuke, let go of the sound!"

"Do you want to be an enemy with me?"

Yuxi Bozuo looked up at the spring wild cherry, and pulled out his own troirers, the cold voice opened: "Small Sakura, your courage is very big!"

Spring wild cherry bite his lips, full of cold and indifferent: "If it is to save the life of the people, I don't think about any rebellion in the village!"

"Hey, almost here!"

Yiszhike saga hooks his lips, suddenly kicked a small abdomen of Spring wild belly, and kicked her out: "This time you are lucky, the next time, you can don't have such a good luck. "

After that, the appearance of Unecheo Sasuke gradually dissipated.

Because the thunder of Sasuke is basically low in Chakra consumption, it takes out this in Chakra.

A strange body falls on the ground.

After the body of Unechebra disappeared, the figure of Yuxi Pub was immediately moved. He did not appear around the flag, Kakasi, but it was the side of the whirlpool.

Just as the flag-like Kakasi flew to support the past, Yisi Pubie and the whirlpiece suddenly set off a red hot black, and the two were surrounded by them!

It is the sky in the kaleidoscope!

The flag-like Kakasi was shocked by this scene. He could only look at the black chunks, and Yisi Houchou pinched the neck of the whirlpool. He seems to have released a illusion, because the whirlpool Almost immediately became a bit both a bit.

Tianzhao black is quickly burning, blocking Kakasie's sight.

Flagkarcasi is urgent, only to launch his own kaleidoscope, Qiqi, and try to open a passage.

The Shenwei is within the space.

Yisi Bo belt is hidden inside, or she is ordered to monitor the movement of the outside Yuxi Pub and the whirlpool. Suddenly I feel a hot sense in the midst of the midst.

A blossoming of heaven is falling from the sky, falling within the Shenwei space.

Yuxi Bo has slowly lifting his head, looking at the Shenwei space, I don't know when I suddenly appear, the spatial vortex is falling with black, let his face can't help but black.

What are things to send in the Shenwei space!

Flagkarcasi this bastard, your mother can first consider there in the Shenwei space before you use the Shenwei Write-eyed.

"Blend ..."

Yischi Boarded his fist, biting his teeth: "Kasi, wait for me to listen to the secret of Uzhi Pos, sooner or later ... sooner or later ... give me waiting!"