I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 244 Xiaotong Collective Eating Goods

Know the base.

Everyone opened the heart as if it was like a New Year.

The members of Xiaoyang also a few years of melon seeds, and read the ethics of Unexpell Brothers, and now I have to see the big ending between the brothers.

Didara is undoubtedly the happiest one.

As one of the victims of Utizhi, Dida is really can't release a pile of clay bombs, celebrate the finale of Suzhi Boohed and Unechebra helping the brothers.

"I really want to start here!"

Didala holds his own little face, looks at the brothers, and Yisi Bozuo help the brothers, and the eyes are slowly awkward: "I must detonate a cacaro, celebrate the world. One Unecho! "


The red sand looks at his companion, and I can't help but reach out, I'm smashing his head: "Didala, reasoning, and their duel has not arranged time!"

"It is estimated that it should be in these days!"

The corners shook their heads and whispered a few words.

In fact, the corner is really not really like two of Yizhi Bo Brothers, and the two Unexpected Wave money in the organization are very powerful.

Especially for this duel, Yisi Posh took a martial-eyed cat mother-in-law, spent four million to buy double endurance.

Forty millions, is to let the organizers watch a play?

Mom, there is a lot of waste!

Can you see a free drama?

Tiandao Payne stands on the fingers of the outer road, asked: "Yu Zhi Houki, when you and Yizhi Board, when is it going to dispose?"

You and Sascurate can be freely negotiated, I will guarantee that the duel between you will not be disturbed by anyone. "

"thank you very much."

Yuxi Hosi slowly closed his eyes and thoughtful after a while, whispered: "Then the time is scheduled to be in the day! Location is within a certain point before our Yishabo family."


Unechebra helped his mouth and showed a crazy smile: "Then arrange in the day after tomorrow, wait for me to kill you, just pay homage to our dead people!"

"It's really, don't be too pleasant!"

A figure suddenly appeared around Unechebra, and patted the shoulders of Sasuke, it was the original navigation.

Shangyuan Na Run looked at everyone, and laughed: "In order to bake the atmosphere between husband and Sasuo Jun, let's take a look at another battle between another brother, help them hot farm?"

Two people slowly walked in.

One of them wearing a hood is the pharmacist.

Another person, I have some scribbled, it looks a little familiar, is the brother of the ghost light full moon.

After Didara saw the ghost light month, a pair of eyes were in light: "Oh, oh, another brother big show is also starting?"

The ghost lights and the moon are open. "Hey, your guy is not to bring me to kill the ghost light full moon that bastard! Now where others are ..."


It is also a man who is still talking to his face. It is an instant to prevent the hydration of physical attacks!

The face of the ghostless lamp is gradually restored to the primary, and one hand grabs the legs that only attack his, looking at his man, laughing: "Hey, big brother, the hydration of our family is not you can only Is this cultivated, is it too ignorant of me to start an attack? "

"Still not growing up, the water is!"

The ghost light is full of sighs, and slowly shakes his head: "You don't know what you mean here, what does it mean here? Tongling's thunder, teeth!"

Next moment, Lin Yuyu's thunderous knife appeared in the hands of the ghost light, directly in the body of the ghost light!

A string of electric light is surrounded by ghost lights!

In the next second, the ghost light is on the ground.

In just one instant, this battle between the brothers is over, still ending the results of the brother to beat your brother.

This is really no way.

Hydrated surgery was thunder.

"This is too unfair!"

Shang Nai fell to look at Lin Yuyu, who took the talents, and sympathetically looked at the ghost lights that were knocked over the ground, and laughed: "The water is the newcomer we organized, the seniors, That handle gives me! "

"I know."

After the red sand is nod, I took out the big knife who got it before, I lost my hand to the original navigation.

"This is too dangerous!"

Shangqi Nae returned to the knife, went to the side of the ghost light to squat, plugging the big knife in front of him: "I promised your business, will definitely be realized ... but you can don't let I am too disappointed! "

After the original navigation, I went down to the big knife, and I looked at the ghost lights. "Since the battle between Yuxi Bo brothers put in the day after tomorrow, the things between your two are completely solved tomorrow, how?"


The ghost light is full of hesitation.

Since the full moon of the ghost light, Lin Yuyu is brought into the organization, it has not seen the water for a long time.

But the ghost light is full of moon, knowing that his brother has always been protected by the endurance, obviously should be the arrangement of the original Na.

At a moment of making your hand, the ghost light was found that his brother didn't seem to grow too much, so that the ghost light is full of uncomfortable.

Shangji fell to the shoulders of the ghost light full moon, and smiled: "It is necessary to play seriously, so excused to kill his brother, give him a lesson?"


The ghost lamp nodded and agreed.

the next day.

Everyone is in the civil war of the ghost light brothers.

Shangyuan Na will be originally thought that the full moon of the ghost light should be severely released, and he is going to save people at any time after we will fight for his brother.

I didn't expect it that the guy didn't stay in the full moon, and his brother's ghost the moon was very miserable. Even if the ghost light is the big knife, and it is also easy to defeat the full moon.

Originally a teenage of a revenge, but the brother of the ghost light full moon brothers will only be a brother's funny comedy.

Shangnai is full of confusedness.

Why don't you put water in the ghost light?

It seems that it is also right, the ghost light is not necessary to put water, and he has no serious illness. He also has no eyes to give your brother's dog blood.

"Is this his brother?"

"Isn't it said that the ghost light is full of sacrifices for your brother?"

"What is this? How do you get your brother?"

"The ghost light is full of this guy is not lie to us!"

Members of the organization are also awkward.

When the ghost light was full, he once mentioned that he was in order to temper his brother. I hope that everyone will raise a horse when they see his brother.

Lin Yuyu is also a member of the truth. Explain that the opening explains: "It may be that the strength of the water is too bad, you can't satisfy the full moon brother!"

The martillamon gains and smiled: "It seems that the first brother war in our organization is the party that is a brother, winning!"

After the morta ghosts, he looked at the Yishe Pub, and he laughed and continued: "The second game will be like this?"

Should it be like this?

Members of Xiaoyu have long recognized the strength of Uzhi, they all believe that Yuxi Pub will win in the duel.

After all, the ghost light is full of brothers in this mouth, but the brother is very miserable, and the guys who take their own brothers this sky. Will it take the help of the seventeen paragraphs?

After thinking about a while, I suddenly opened the mouth: "I am going to open a gaming point tomorrow, I will sit in Zhuang, who is it going to bet?"

The corner is a bit, I want to take the opportunity to earn some money.

It is a pity that the interior of the group is banned from gambling.

The direct result after the battle of the ghost light brothers, is the invitation of Unechebra, and this little scorpion is not confident.

Yiszozuo helped the door of Shangyuan Na, "Hey, Shangyuan, you didn't say that I fight with me last time, test my strength?"


Shangji nodded.

No one likes to cut leeks!

Now Sasuke has grown a leeks, just can cut it!

Yizhi Bo saga took his fist, Shen Sheng: "That afternoon, let's find a place, so you can find it by others."

"it is good."

Shangji will be very refreshing.

Even in order not to delay Yu Zhi Saissa and the duel of Unecheo, the original Nairou also said that he will provide medical services to ensure that it will not delay the duel between them.

After the front foot promised Sasher, the Shangyuan Nai was immediately told that the martillary ghosts were immediately, and the ghost sneaked with Yuxi.

Unknown lake outside the group weaving base.

In addition to the original Needs and Yuxi Board, two dedicated players, as well as stealing mortar ghosts and Yisi Houki.

Shangqi Needressed in the lake, slowly sat down, a hydrated seat appeared under his body, dragged his body.

Don't say anything else, this hand is reluctant.

The face of Unechebra did not surprise this scene.

Shangji is so comfortable to stand on the chair, whispering: "In addition to the kaleidoscope writes, I have no way to simulate, other sickness, body integrity, I will simulate it as much as possible."

"very good."

Yischo Sasher a nodded, Shen Sheng: "Anyway, I have now thought that the way to understand the moon of the guy ..."

"That let me check it!"

Shangyuan Nairo slowly lifted his head and gazing, the two blue Chakra in the hands metailed to Yishe Sasi, in Sasuke, and entered his brain!

Shangyuan Naoli slowly mobilized his fingers, manipulating the two blue Chakra, the sound is gradually false: "Sasuke, this illusion will make people experience the most horrible nightmare in life within two seconds, you can really Crack? "

"Ah, ah, ah, ah ..."

Unechebra helves himself.

Next moment, Sasuke will fade on the ground!

The boundless blood is contaminated with his mind, the nightmare that will not forget the life is once again hit the brain of Unechebra!

Unexpello Sasuo did not think that the battle just started, he would never mediate the illusion of Shangyuan Nae, the scene is still the night of the night!

What God is showing!

Where is anyone going to have a big move!

After two seconds.

Yiszozuo took the rough angry to the original navigation, and the anger in the eyes can hardly overflow his eyes: "Shangyuan Na, what is this illusion?"

"Symny, just a slight illusion, and there is no minority than the month reading of Yuxi Pubie."

Shangyuan Na will sit on the water chair, slowly waving his fingers, scattered in Chakra, the cold eyes gaze Yischo Sasuke, hook your mouth: "Now, you really feel that you can crack the month Do you read? "

"One thing you said yes."

Yischo Sasuke slowly stood up and raised his tie: "your illusion is indeed a lot of differences, but I am no longer the past, this level of illusion attack, I have long. Has been used to it! "

The double eyes of Unecheo Sasuke gradually became a pair of scarlet blood, tightly stared at the original naval opening: "Don't use this little trick, come to some other! That night's fear, I almost every I can dream! "


Shangji took a shot of his palm, softly praised: "It is this unyielding fighting spirit, Sasuke, I started a little like you."