I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 245 is really shameless, Lian Yuxi is going to calculate this dead (third!)

Shangyuan Na Luo waved his palm, and the countless water in the lake was drooling as a shank, slowly floating in the air.

"Shuner's sword!"

Next moment, these hands in the hands quickly shot!

Yischo Sasuo is not afraid. His writing wheel can see the traces of all hands, and Saso can't help hook your mouth: "Oh, want to think about the sword with Yuxi Bo. "

There is no number of hands to fly out of the hands of Sasuke, between the flash, Yiszo Sasuke broke all the sautants of the original navigation!

When all the sailors were defeated, the figure of Unechebra suddenly rushed to the original navigation, and the talents in his hands rose an arc.

It's just that the original Nairi has a flash, suddenly hits Unecheo Sasuke, seizes his wrist, and kicked his abdomen, kicked him out!

Shangyuan Nai fell together to close his palm and started printing.

This scene couldn't help but smile. He looked at a huge hand in a huge hand. It's not only: "Your launch speed is slow, it is the one of Yisi Bang. Fight! "


The original Nairou can only give up the printing. When he turned over to avoid his sword, suddenly picking the eyebrows: "Is Yuxi Posk's printing speed is also very slow?"

"Hey, almost!"

Yuxi Bozuo nodded, his hands suddenly appeared a thin wire, pulling the handle of the sword to attack the original navigation: "I have been carefully observed in these years, his printed speed is not fast, one second energy Two handprints are not bad! "

Shangyuan Nai was running in his own thighs in the hands of the movement, and took the hand to the sword, and waved his wound.

To be honest, I am a little curious.

Yisiza is too too much!

Are you not found so long?

Is it flagmark, did not told Yishe Sasuke, in fact, his brother a second to knock six hand-printing?

Yiszhike slammed the grin, and looked at himself to interrupted the endurance of the original Nairi. The fingertips set up a tag: "The Ninja printer is very slow, I have a little gratitude card. Cassi, because I have seen his battle, let me know that the Ninja's print speed can be as fast as him! "


I didn't know what to say.

In fact, sometimes the speed of the mortal ghosts can be understood, after all, the melody of the ghosts is very large, need to mobilize Chakra in the body.

Yisizhoso this guy ... I have enough to perform!

the other side.

It's a peek that the morti ghosts looked at Yisizhiso, and she asked whisper: "Muscan, how long is this symptom? He didn't find your printer so fast?"


Yis Zhipo looked with some eyes of the mortar, shakes his head quietly: "Do you know it? If my print speed is too fast, I can't copy my eyes to copy my eyes. I want to teach him. Suspending ... "

After that, Yu Zhipu has added another way: "If my print speed suddenly suddenly slowed down, it is easy to be subject to the flaws ..."

"It's worth you, my husband."

The mortar ghosts looked at Utizhi, and he gently shook his head: "One second to knock out one or two handprints, I don't come to this matter."

"Cough ..."

Yuxi Hostel and coughing a few times, changed another topic: "The superior printed speed is not fast, is he hidden?"

"Oh, it is not hidden."

The mortal ghost is looking at the movement of the original navigation, and the corners can't help it: "The guy is very slow, so he is not good at using the use of ."

After the martial artifogging, I was grinned: "Forget it, don't mention him, the guy is actually good, I got the pets of Payne and Xiaonan, he as long as he could set out the handprint of Tongli enough."

"Is it just good at Psychic?"

Yuxi Hosi nodded from point: "It feels not like ... His water should be very strong."

Tomorrow is actually his death, Yuxi Pubie doesn't care so much, at least it can be determined that the original naval is no threat to Unecheo Sasuke.

The lake.

The battle between Shangyuan Needar and Unecy Sasament is hot.

Yiszo Sasukes spurted a fireball, and went up towards the original navigation: "The fire of the fire!"

"Fire · Flamestorm!"

Shangyuan Nai fell together to put his palm, released a flame, just this fire, the fire is obviously not enemy, and the hiking ball, the faintness is to be defeated.

Under the original neck, I can only close the print again, whispered: "Shui Shui · Water Dragon Bomb!"

A dragon attacked from the lake and wasted the flame of Sasuke.

"This environment is too beneficial to your guys."

Yuxio Sasuke saw this scene, couldn't help but shake his head: "But your water is not too big!"

"is it?"

Shangji was returned to the palm of his hand, looked at Unecheo, whispered: "This trick is my strongest water, but I need a long time to prepare, I think you should give it Is this time? "

"of course."

Yiszoato helped smiled: "We are in practice, if you really fight, you will not have the opportunity to use it ... Of course, if you really live to die, I don't have anything to defeat you!"

After all, the original navigation of this guy broke his thunder unicorn!

Yuxi Bozuo knows his mind, Shangyuan Needle is to help him, so quietly look at the original navigation start printing.

That is this printing time ...

A little bit a little ...

Yuxi Bozuo helps the face is getting more and more black, because the original Nairou has already set up four or fifty handprints, the printing time is almost one minute!

Which of this is the tissue!

Just as the final is finally impatient, Shangyuan Na will finally finished fifty-six handprints, whispered: "The god of water!"

Next moment, countless water waves are turning out from the ground!

A strip of water is hovering at the foot of Shangyuan Na, slowly dragging the original naval to the air, and the water flow in the lake is still flowing.

These water flows gradually start to flow in the air, just like there is a set of stated pipes to flow like air.

It makes people look very constantly.

However, Sasuke quickly saw the full picture of the water!

These water flows have formed a humanoid in the air. It will gather together to become a huge thing. These water flows have formed a ghosts that have a moisture than the ghost lights!

When people are amazed, this water is lifelike, and the body is also covered with a layer of scales than helmet, and its hands have a thick sword.

Single only looks very powerful!

After getting the power of the water, Shangyuan Nai fell and joined the water. This is just the application of water.

The martial arts ghosts on the distance showed a surprise, can't help but heke: "Is there such a bunch of this little ghost?"

Yis Zhiso's face is not shocked. "This is normal, just in the original to the water flow can be seen, Shangyuan is actually very good at water, but his attainments are indeed surprising. "

"I didn't feel the surprised ..."

The mortal ghost shook his head and whispered: "I don't know even, Shangyuan Nairou has a master of rushing to the water!"

"It is easy to see through some fine branches."

Yiszhubo also shook his head and sighed: "But this trick is very difficult to use the land, and Shang Shangxing is not fast enough, if it is a real battle, others will take advantage of his surgery. I will launch an attack, and it may be possible that he has not come back and finished his hand, and the enemy will directly raise him. "

Everything is not unexpected.

Yisizhiso really guessed, Shangyuan Na Ruo is indeed very good at water.


Cartry ghosts sigh, sigh, sigh: "This surgery has more than 50 handprints, which has exceeded the record of the water dragon bomb?"


Yiszhiso nodded and continued: "It is also very common. After all, this can be a surgery sufficient to change the battlefield."

Although this water giant has not shown how powerful strength, it is just that it is just that it is necessary!

It is a little more shortcoming.

Yuxi Hoski has already thought about a pile of chaos and seven-eight-torn way to crack the giant of water.

If the original Nairou is standing in front of him, Yuxi Posk can guarantee that the original navigation is not possible to succeed.

Under the foundation.

Yisi Bo belt soes to hide within the Kwai.

Yisi Bo belt is in the uninterrupted conversation of Utizhi Board and Cartill Tommati to the original navigation, so he will adjust his combat method.

Now he touches his own chin is thinking about a question. Why do I go to Sui Subo?

After the battle of Yuxi Budo and Yishe Sasuke, Yishi Hose should die on the spot?

After the Suzhi Subper is dead, the Shangyuan Na will be able to reincarger the resurrection and control Utue Hipster.

Why do you want to treat Yisi Hubo as an enemy?

Although I feel like it seems that I can't say it, I unfortunately I don't understand Yisi Bo.

"Forget it, I don't want to understand."

Yuxi Bo shakes his head and touchs the Shangyuan Na, the Shangyuan and Yishe Sasukes fight: "It's a shameless guy, even the people who will die, is there any people who will die?"