I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 249 Sason: Why can my brother can make good friends like the original navigation?

Unecheo Sasuke is very firm.

No, it should be said that Yizhi Bozuo has been flicker.

Yischo Sasuke's character is easy to interpret, once you play a peaceful life when you play a good name for his good name, the inherent pride of Unexpello will make him unwilling, thus embarrassing another road. .

So the original navigation persuaded that the core of Sasuke is good for him.

A person who has been persuading to help him stay away from danger, no matter how much it is more than those who persuaded Sasuke, let him collect the tail beast, how much is it?

This is the superior place in the original Na.

Even if you can't think of Yuxi, some people will induce them!

This approach is really a little terrible.

Who can think of a person who said to help, deliberately use Sasuke's reverse and anti-negative?

This is that Yuxi Bozuo is too proud. If you are not stimulated, you will blow it directly!

After the Shangyuan Na, after listening to Sasuke, he blinked his eyes and loudly advised: "Sasuke, don't worry, I have long arranged everything, he left the open eye for you, just to let You have the power of your own. "

"I think it is very clear."

Yizhi Boato bite his teeth, full of face: "I will not follow his will to live mediocrity, I will pick up him and the hate of the whole Yizhibo, destroy the wooden leaves for them!"

"No such thing."

Shangji took the shredded shoulder, and the soft continued persuaded: "It has been forgiven from the wooden leaves in his heart. He believes that the high-rise of the wooden leaf is indeed complied with the commitment, so that you grow up peacefully in the woods ..."

"Who is willing to go with those guys to join in the game!"

Yuxi Bozuo helped the binochang, stunned to the original navigation, the cold voice interrupted the original Nairi: "My most hate is the years in the woods!

When the initials, I should tell me the truth, not let me spend the dark time in the wood, now I want to hate the hidden guy who hate the group of the wooden leaves! "

"no need."

Shangyuan Nai was calm, comforting the emotions of Sasuke: "Wood leaves are the strongest rushing village, and geomus think it can protect your safety ..."

"I never need to protect it!"

Yizhi Bozuo helped a punch on the wall, slowly flowing out a stroke of blood in his eyes: "I need to have a power! Can support my revenge!"

Yisizhi sagaho's blood flow slowly on his face, three hooks jade wrote the wheel of the eyes and spinned, gradually became a two-dimensional kaleidoscope writing the eyes!

At this moment, anger arrived at this moment!

Yischo Saso finally thought that he found the road of the future, but also let him open the kaleidoscope written eye this double with a cursed eye!

Shangyuan Nae looked at Sasuke's eyes, there is an unexpected harvest?

He just talked a few words with Sasuke, let him open the kaleidoscope?

The Shang Shang's face gradually emerged: "Your eyes ... Kaleidoscope write the eyes ... Is this your brother's fate?"


Yizhi Bo sagaished slowly extended his hand, and touched his own eyes, but touched a hand of blood, his expression moment changed.

"Kaleidoscope writes the wheel eye!"

Next moment, Yuxio Sasuke slowly cleared his fist, looking down at the body of Udissa, and kneeling his side.

Yiszo sauo help his eyes, and the word is open to the mouth: "I will carry your hatred together ... let the leaves pay for our Yishabo family!"

Shangyuan Na Rou can't shook his head and sigh: "Sasuke, you do this, you can't meet the expectations of Mr. I, he just want you to live peacefully ..."


Yuxio Sasuo has interrupted the original Needle, continued: "The ghost predecessors have just said with me? The mekay has also arranged the first road, that is, join you, let me in mind s position!"

"This road will be very dangerous."

Shangji frowned his brow, it seems to be the final persuad: "Sasuke, if you go back to the wooden leaves or hidden, you can live safely, may never encounter the killing between ninja, No need to see the cruelty of war ... "

This is really hard to say.

Shangyuan Needle is even touched by himself.

It is more complicated to the ghosts next to the gods. If you don't understand your boss, he all believe that the original naval is a good friend!

Even the kind of life and death!

If it is not a good friend, why do you want to help from danger?

The people who understand the original navigas are almost believed, let alone Yuxi Bozuo help this small rookie!

"Don't advise me again!"

Yizhi Bo sagao slowly turned his head, a pair of scarlet-colored kaleidoscopes stared at the original navigation: "Shang, I know what you are doing, I know what I should say, don't need your nonsense!"

"Ha ha…"

Shangyuan Nair squatted his eyes, suddenly kicked a foot hook, the neck of Yuxio Sasuke, hooked him in the ground, just as helping to stand up to stand up, Shangyuan Nairou is another punch to defeat him In the ground!

Just when the mortar ghosts and pharmacists have been surprised, they are not very understanding ...

Obviously, when it is a good time to lure the situation, why do you have to sway your fist?

Shangyuan Needle slowly wiped the blood on his fists, cold voice open: "It's a hateful little ghost! Can you listen to your brother's arrangement?"


The original emotions were suddenly calm down.

This sixteen-year-old Yuxi Youth did not imagine it, he was only looked at the original, and his face was not losing.

At the last naval, I lost the collar of Sasuke, and the eyes became a little indifferent: "Yuxi Bozuo, gave me a clear, we are friends, do not mean that we will love you as he!"

Shang Nai, Looking at Unechebra, whispered: "In fact, we hate you very much, so I want you to roll! Because the german once wants to complete the great dream with us, but for you, he chose. Abandon your life. "

"I know this."

Yiszo Sasuo lifted his head and still looked at the original navigation, Shen Sheng: "Reassure, I will continue everything! His dream is my dream! His hatred is my hatred! His will is my will ! "

It is clear that it is just that he has just played him. Sasuke did not show special anger, and even his face did not have a mist.

Yuxi Bozuo has already identified, and the Shangyuan Nairies in front of him said that he hated himself, it must be because he killed!

At this point, their two concepts almost consistent.

Just when I just learned the truth, Yuxi Bozuo also hated her ignorance, because of the duel of Yuxi, the result indirectly killed his brother!

Now this world, as long as Yuxi Hose wants to do, Unecheo Sasuke decided to replace him!

"My husky is really a big trouble ..."

Shang Nai was frowned, slowly released the collar of Unecheo Sasuke, he rushed to the pharmacist, whispered: "Pocket, take the eyes of the, wait until Sasuke thoroughly masters the After that, he replaced his eyes for him. "


The pharmacist has a nodded.

As for the mortar ghosts standing next to the pharmacist, I didn't know what my expression was.

Can't think of attemi at all, and the original navigation will let Sui Zhi Sasuo will stand in their camp. What did this fucking?

It seems very firm ...

I don't want it!

In particular, Unecheo Sasuke was played on a foot, it seems that his will is more firm, and there is still something else in his face.

Shang Nai fell to see Sasuke, waving for him to infuse Chakra and life, whisper: "If you really want to follow us, you want to replace the position of Miki, just put away your sample!"

"Hey, I know."

Yiszo sauo helped his cold, looking down at the pharmacist, slowly take the eye of Yuxi, and his eyes gradually became more water fog.

Shang Nai fell to see Sasuke, comforting the emotional road: "Don't be too sad, in fact, Mr. I seem to have always been his pride, in fact, we don't believe, but he always likes you have surpassing him. the power of."

"is it?"

There is a tractuary in the sound of Unechebra.

Shang Nai was taken to shoot the shoulders of Sasuke, softly sigh: "In fact, from the peach and the ghost lights in the full moon mouth, the gentleman knew that you became a ninja, when he completed a C-level task, he smiled very happy."

"Why didn't he show me the truth!"

Yiszoato bite his teeth, re-squatting, helping the imperial hip to sort out his body, and there is more indignation in the voice: "If I have long known the truth, I will not hate him so much ..."

"Is it meaningful?"

Shangji shook his head, loudly replied: "Sir I always hope that you can use the kaleidoscope written to him, so that you have the power of your own insurance, you can hurt you without worrying."

After that, the Shangyuan Na will look at the sigh: "I didn't expect hared to let you open the kaleidoscope write the eyes, and finally his love lets you open the kaleidoscope ..."

After this sentence, the Shangyuan Needs will be touched.

Yuxi Subo Time is thought to let the brother use hate to open the kaleidoscope to write the eyes, but I didn't think about his younger brother will understand the Hidden Qin Qing, who has understood her brother.


Yizhi Bozuo will silence to flow tears.

The people present are ninja. They arranged a grave and not particularly trouble, soon, they will be buried here with the remains of the Yuxi.

In order to avoid being found by others, Shangyuan Nairies even released the rushing of the water, led the underground river, will become a big lake.

After the Shangyuan Na, after all of this, he was soothless: "Sasuke, I heard that there is a lake near you, and should I like it here?"


Yuxi Bozuo nodded, erased his tears, whispered: "There is a lake near the ethnicity, Nissan, I like to go there, thank you."

"It's nothing."

Shangji shook his head, and frowned a look, whispered: "Remember, in front of the people, don't lose my face, his education and behavior forever The member of the member is the most perfect. "


Yuxi Bozuo has nodded.

Now Sasuke has been a bit obedient.

Sasuke almost has already taken the original navigation of this Yiszhimo before the friend as a long elder.

The pharmacist looked at this scene and pushed his own glasses.

The martial artifacts are quite emotional.

To be honest, I really didn't expect that in the time of the day, Shangyuan Nairou took place in the heart of Unechebra.

I really don't dare to imagine!

In case ... One day Yisi Bozuo has found the truth, afraid that it is necessary to pay the original navigation thousands of knives!

"Sorry, my meal."

Shang Nai fell in front of the big lake in front of him, showing a touch of his face: "We don't know how to choose, it is necessary to act in accordance with your consequence, but I believe that it is best for him, isn't it?"

At the end, I said this, as if he is the life and death of Yuxi.

After Uchozuo, she was standing behind Shangyuan Na, and she loudly attacked the original road: "Shangyuan predecessors, this is my choice, Nissan if you want to blame, let him blame me!"

Unechebra is still comforting to the original navigation!

Cartry ghosts stand around them, I don't dare to lick all this!

Is this world fake?

Where is the problem?

The martial artifacts can't help but doubt your memory. He and Shang Na will fall. Who is the teammate who is in peace of the Xixi Hosi?

The pharmacist can't help but push your own glasses.

"Let's go!"

After that, the Shangyuan Na was in the hands of a handprint, whisper: "Sasuke, unfortunately this dragon's psychic contract, I will help you find a flying tolerance, convenient, you often come to see it Mr."

"Yes, Shangyuan predecessors."

Yizhi Bozuo took a nodded.

If you enhance his strength, Yisi Bozuo will not be too grateful;

But if you find a flying beast, it is to facilitate visiting the funeral of Yuxi Pub, Yisi Bozuo is very grateful to Shangji Na.

This also proves that Utizhi is indeed a good friend.

Yiszozuo is even a bit envious and dislike, why his brother can make a friend who can entrust the last thing after the original navigation, and he can only pay the guy of the whirlpool?

To be honest, Sasuke is really envious.

The air dropped an ancient dragon and fell in front of them.

Shangyuan Naqi, Unechebra Sasuke, Pharmacist Pocket and Cartill Ghost I left the ancient dragon left the burial of Utizhi.

Lake under the bottom of the lake.

Yisi Bo has dug a grave, and the palm is slowly located on the coffin, and the coffin has incorporated his Kwai.

Yischo belt himself into the Shenwei space, he fiercely opened the coffin, revealing the body of Yuxi Pub.

"It's pitiful!"

Yisi Bo took the land to look at this body, and his face revealed helpless: "Subicide, even if you don't see the truth of this world ..."