I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 251, you said, can the Fifty Congress held in the country of rain? (The third is more delivered!)

Yuyin Village.

After the last arrival, he went straight to the village.

What is not unexpected is that the long door is still repairing his compulsory road. This person now really likes to transform the Carrod Petion.

"are you back?"

The door lost the tools in his hand, looked up at Shangyuan Na, and coughed a few times: "Since the things between Unexpo brothers solved, then we will prepare to capture five tails, six tails And seven tails! "

After seeing Unexpeus War today, the long door also foreseen that his life is so long, and it is planned to take this opportunity to start accelerating the progress of the Entry Activity.

"Direct capture three tail beasts?"

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, I can't help but look at the long door: "How can I suddenly be so anxious? This kind will be dangerous ..."

"do not worry."

The long gates put their hands and smiled and said: "The five tails are the biggest, this time I will take Wesko to shoot together ..."

"No, you go to catch the six-tail column!"

Shangqi Nairo interrupted the long door, "I went to the mouth:" I and Didala to capture the five-tail column of Yan Yin Village. Just Yuxi Bozuo also opens the way to write the way with Yuxi Houchi. Can be used in the field. "


When the face's face suddenly looked up: "Unechebra is also opened to the open eye?"


The face of Shangyuan Nairo is a bit complicated, and the sound explains: "Yushuo is hidden, and everything he did is to protect his brother, this is the mortinger ghost to tell us before the tomb of Yuxi."

I sighed in the air: "It's just that Yizha Sasuke also opened the kaleidoscope to write the eyes, and let us have a powerful force."


The long door has nodded: "If it is a kaleidoscope, it should be able to help a lot of busy, then you will catch the five-tail column, the corner, and the flying segments them to capture the hint of hobby village Force, I went to catch the six tail column. "

The long gates have cough a few times, and continue to say: "After waiting until the capture, there is only the strongest eight tail and nine tail left ..."

"I will think about these things."

Shang Nai was frowned, waving, using two stars to the long gate: "You will wait to protect your body in the village!"

"It's ok."

The long door shakes his head, smiled and patted his palm, explained: "I also want to see the day of the outer road to resurrection."


The original neckstall shook his head.

Shangyuan Naoli and the long gates have left the high tower after the brief discussion, and they walked in the streets of Yuyin Village, they were in their own body.

There are more and more tail beasts, and you can't continue to delay.

Shangyuan Na was screaming a sweat on his face, looking up, he looked at the high tower of the long door, he must let the long-door and Xiaonan leave the moon as soon as possible.

It is necessary to let Xiaonan leave away, and they must take two of them, otherwise, after the end of the endurance war, they can't get it.

The round looks must be temporarily left.

Because this double-round looks to resurrect Yuxi bouquet, resurrect the big tube Hui, wait until the end of the war, transfer it to the long door.


Not right.

The burden on the eyes is too big.

The original brow is frowned, thinking about how to solve the problem of the long door, simply waiting for him to create a pair of eyes after winning the strength?

"Forget it."

Shang Nai fell to the front of Yinyin Village, the pipeline, the pipeline, pinching his fingers: "In short, still let the long door and Xiaonan teacher will go out! It's trouble, how to do it!"

Once Yuxi Bouvet is resurrected, Shangyuan Na will not completely grasp the situation, and that time the organization is not so easy to control.

So before that, you must first take the long gate and Xiaonan.

Shangyuan Na Lu looked at his own main line task progress, picking up his eyebrows, when you plan to return to your room, a umbrella falling in his head, helping him cover the rain.

"What are you crash here?"

A young teenage voice entered the original naval.

When I arrived at the head, I saw Ziyang Flower, Patunar and Furong three guys stand behind him.

It is comparable to Ziyang flowers, and the sleeping lotus and hibiscus are obviously recognized, and the two people respectfully lowered their ceremony: "Shang Shang people."

"How are you here?"

Shangji Nai, I looked at the rare pedestrians on the street, whispered: "Is it a few little guys patrol?"

"No, we have just implemented the task is back."

The Ziyang Face has no expression to explain: "Shangyuan Na, now we have to go to the angel adult reporting task, do you want to go together?"

"not going."

When I arrived at the head, I was turned to turn around, I suddenly stopped the footsteps and asked: "Wait, what mission do you do? If I have not remembered the wrong, the Ninja in the village should be prohibited from being prohibited. ? "

"We are going to the border to contact the messenger of the leaves ..."

"Make the messenger?"


"What do they come?"

"They sent new letters."

Ziyang nodded and loudly replied: "We are going to send this letter to angels."

"How do you have nonsense?"

Shangyuan Na's face is a little black, watching this little girl suppressed his own fire: "Can you finish it in a breath? What do you answer? Where do you answer? Let me give me!"

"I want to give an angel" ... "

"Give me the same!"

Shangyuan Nai can't hurt my own finger knocked on her forehead, dissatisfied with the mouth: "Anyway, if there is any invitation of wood, it is still letting it!"


Purple Yang spent on his forehead, slowly swallowing a roll and handed out the original navigation.

This is also something wrong ...

The whole rainy village knows that Shang Nai is already a hidden leader in Yuyin Village, and everyone must absolutely obey his command.

Even if the angels, the angel will never hinder his behavior, and even all things in Yuyin Village will report a given navigation.

"Let you do your intelligence ninja, you must die!"

After the Upper Ornament, after the reel, knocked the brain shell of the purple yang, and the cold voice told: "The umbrella is a little higher, I want to see the reel."


Youth girl got his own foot tip, I really don't understand why this kind of people will become an angel's disciple!

After the original naval opened the reel in his hand, he looked over the top of the content, and his face couldn't help but be a bit unusually wonderful.

Shangyuan Na Ring thought for a while, a umbrella in Ziyang flower, plugged back in her hand: "Let's take a break! I will send it!"


Ziyang flower falling in heavy rain, looking at it in his hand, and looked at the place where the original navigation disappeared, the small face was full of doubts.

This ... what situation?

Small south office, a cup of water is placed on the table.

Xiaonans sat in the desk carefully and carefully reviewed every document. When Shangji came back, her face couldn't help but show a smile: "The rain is very rain today, Nairi finally learned Is it an umbrella? "


Shangyuan Nair shook his head, reached out of his hand in Xiaonan's desk, spread his hand: "Teacher, the letter sent by the leaves ... Take a look at what you wrote above!" "

"what happened?"

Xiaonan slowly opened the reel, looked at the above content, her brow was slowly frowned.

After a while, Xiaoshan's face also looked very toughly in the original navigation: "The fifth generation of wood leaves, want to visit the mountain pepper half-hide?"

"... should be right."

Shangyuan Nai fell together to his palm.

Xiaoshan's face is still refilled, she also looked at the scroll and continued to ask: "Then she still wants to convene a five-shadow meeting that will be discussed, and the meeting place is also placed in the country?"

"... shouldn't you be wrong?"

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his forehead.

Why is the woman who is going to visit and visit?

This is a humiliation that I have been awarded three-toral names many years ago?

The card's letter is still relatively firm, which makes people feel the big, which should be changed from one and a half!

What can't you often allow other ninja to enter?

Is this not a bad?

As long as there is a person coming in, as long as he can ask the name of the original navigation or half-pepper half-hidden, life is almost 100% will be huge!

Xiao Nan quietly sighed, whispered: "Forget it, I am going to prepare a wording strict back to the letter!"

"I hope that the woman can dispel this idea right away!"

Shang Nai did not move his head, he didn't have a little over, this endurance has been so much?

A five shadow conference that crushed the organization, actually wanted to be held in the country of the big branch of the organization, this is really not afraid of death!

When Xiaonan is ready to give a reply, Shangyuan Na will be unintentionally unintentional: "Teacher, have you ever thought of?"

"What are you?"

"What will we do in the future."

Shangji, I pinched my fingers, and I asked softly: "For example, after the foreign road is resurrected, the endurance has become peaceful, do you want to do something?"


The strokes in the small man stopped.

After a moment, Xiao Nan retracted pen began to write, soft in the mouth: "That ... should continue to watch the leader of Yinyin Village in this village, watching you have become the whole world of the whole world ..."

"Do you want to travel on the endurance?"

Shangji, I watched the word of Xiaoman Pen, I couldn't help but remind him: "I heard that she was in the endurance traveler for many years. It seems that I have encountered it. Less interesting things ... "

Shangyuan Na will hit the heart of Xiaonan on the side of the side.

Unfortunately, Xiao Nang did not respond to a sentence: "I remember the five-generation rigid shadows of the leaves as if there is a title is the legendary fat sheep, do you think travel interest?"

After that, Xiaonan suddenly stopped the action, and the eyes were quietly looked at the original navigation: "Need to say anything to me? I thought I have been constraining you, let you feel tired?"


Shangqi Na Rou immediately denied, smashing his own eyebrow: "I have just discussed a while, I think that our plan will be successful. It seems that we should think about it. Do we do something else ... "

Xiaonan silently took a while, re-holding the pen in his hand, whisper: "Just want to do anything, I will always be with you."


Shangyuan Needelo slowly knocked his finger.

If I don't want you to stay around now?