I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 254 How to arrange your life, you are not happy (!)

Shangyuan Nair's mood is good.

Yisiza's mood is very bad.

According to the story of the original navigation, Uzhi Hose can basically determine that Unecheo Sasuke should be deadly followed by this group of guys.

Now if you let the whirlpool people persuaded that Yizhi Bozuo returned to the wooden leaves, the difficulty is almost more than one level, Yuxi Pubie is even a bit, fortunately, I am on the rumor of the whirlrel.

"My story is finished."

Shang Nai, looking at the expression of Yuxi Budo gradually resumed calm, he smiled and continued: "Sir, now it is now to decide whether there is a good nationwide to write the eyes of Yuxi Water."

"There is no need."

Yuxi Bo has closed his eyes and whispered: "Even if you don't write the eyes, Sasuke will not betray you, let alone, don't have the gods, because my protection measures are not rigorous."


Shangqi Nairi shook his head and sighed, watching the people who presented the scene: "That, do you think he is very laughing?"

The people present in the field were in a silent.

Where is Yisizhiso say?

It's just in the majesty of the original Nair, Yisi Bo will only be huh, and the mortar ghost is very smile.

The pharmacist slowly pushed his own glasses, and looked at Yishuoo, full of smiling: "This kind of words are used to lie to others, don't have to lie to us ... you want to know your younger brother Unechebra In our hands! "

Shangyuan Na Roked his head, cold voice: "We have always only look at the results, never look at the process, if you say the results don't satisfy us, we will make Yuxi Bozuo will have a long time. the process of."


Yuxi Pub's brow wrinkled slightly.

This is a bit not reasonable this last navigation!

How can this guy not in accordance with the constant manner? At the very least, you should also show some words that don't believe or ask questions!

However, Uneerso's heart is set, and the decision will begin to make it: "Before I sailed in front of me, I did have given him another way to write the eyes, but I opened my own kaleidoscope after him. "

"Well, um ... please continue."

Shangyuan Nai went to wave, loudly and looked at the pharmacist: "Pocket, I don't think I don't have to give Uzhi Bozuo to the kaleidic" of Miki ... "

"I think so."

After the pharmacist took a nod, slowly raised the small bottle in his hand, and then slowly loose his palm: "Then, let's take the way to write the eyes and lose your eyes! Anyway, we The power is enough ... "

"and many more!"

The face of Uzhi Houchi changed, and he hurriedly stopped the movement of the pharmacist.

Originally he did not take a threat to the pharmacist and Shangyuan Neo, now it seems that they seem really don't care about this!

Then I can only use the second set of options!

Yiszhipo's eyes stared at the pharmacist, Shen Sheng said: "I put another god tube. The eyes are hidden in a person. The person only has to see my kaleidoscope after writing. It will be revealed. "

"Which person's body?"

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, loudly said: "Now tell us now, we now take you to find him ..."


Yuxi Hosi was silent for a while.

Although the face is still alleged, the Yuxi hub has already set an idea, because Yishi Houchi has cleared the pros and cons.

Now he said the truth of the whirlpool, and these people took him to see the vortex, that only the crow that was installed with the eyes of God would take it out, using another god to rewrite his will, such words Can be free.

After he is free, the first thing is to use Tianzhao to burn the crow, and then write his own kaleidoscope from the hands of these people.

This plan seems to be played.

At this time, the original Nairou suddenly raised his fingers, Yuxi Board was suddenly open: "If we put it find some words, I am worried about what he will play ...

It is better to put the 's kaleidoscope to Sasuke, and then take the person to find that person. If you don't find something else, how do we let the kill? "


The pharmacist pocket and the mortar ghosts looked at Unexhoe, and looked at the original navigation again. Obviously they knew that this is the way to say soil.

Unexpello couldn't help but look up and looked at Yisi Bo.

To be honest, Urcho is also as good as the land.

Yisizhiso started thinking, the suggestion of Yuxi Bo belt is also in line with his plan, as long as Saso helps get his , open the eternal kaleidoscope to write the eyes, when you see the vortex, you will be God change the will.

An Eternal Kaleidoscope Write an Emperor Sui Zhike Sasuke strength, to that time there is a bigger grasp all people who have cleared the present, even if they can't solve them, Sasuke must definitely get out, take this opportunity to return to the wooden leaves!

The look of Yuxi Poso slightly calm down, did not expect Unexpello, this guy is still so stupid, in accordance with his suggestions, it seems to be more beneficial to himself!

After thinking of this, Unexpello is not hesitant to open: "If you get the eyes of God's eyes, please take care of it, this is what I want to come out for you."

After saying, Yuxi Pubie is still afraid to reveal the flaw, and continue to add: "I believe that Sasuke has the potential of transcendence, his strength is also a great advantage!"

In fact, Unexpeus Pakus can't tell them.

It is a pity that I am worried that the suspicion of these people is, so I have to use the art of negotiations, so that these people will suspect that his intentions because he is too straightforward.


Yisi Hosi looked at the people present, and opened another sentence: "Don't be a long-cooled time, only one end of the opportunity for more than ten years, so you'd better choose a suitable candidate ... "

This else-style weaknesses say it doesn't matter.

Anyway, just to deepen these people's trust in him.

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, laughed: "We all agree, after all, we are friends of Miki, Sasuke's power is also very important to us, now say other God write round Whose body! "

Yiszhimo took a deep breath and looked at everyone in the field, Shen Sheng: "When we went to the country to perform the task, I put on the whirlpool."

Yisizhubo continued: "Don't write the eyes of God. I am planning to leave the bottom card, because he knows what don't think about the eyes of God."


Shangyuan Nae lost his eyes slightly, looked at Yisi Hubo: "Determine it is this answer, will not change it again?"

Pharmacist: "..."

Cartry: "..."

Yuxi Bo Tong: "..."

What is this fucking, think it is to start this question?

Yuxi hub did not care, whispered: "Because it is not caused by people in the whirlpool, and I know that Sasuke will definitely see the Naruto, he will get me to leave him. The last power. "


Shangyuan Nair's eyes were tight, smiled and looked at Yishuo, suddenly slowly drumped his palm: "I am not a sir! If you don't listen to you, maybe we will never guess it. Don't God hide where. "


Yisi Pubo shook his head, and he was very sinking his face: "I didn't think that you will be eye-catching, even planning so deep ..."

"very good."

Shangji took a sigh of relief, and his face was re-showed a very indifferent smile: "Their husky will answer my last question, then don't be able to seal if the godges are written. formula?"


Yisiza's heart suddenly.

How can they know this?

It is also said that this group of guys can, even if he will seal in the eyes of God, can you guess?

Yisizhubo swayed in the heart, but the face was still quietly shakes: "The only one can only use it once within more than ten years. It is the enemy that I intend to keep Sasuke's most difficult to pay for him. in use.

According to my estimation, the power of the Siruator's tailor of the nine tail should be the strongest, and it is most likely to endanger the enemy of the Naruto. "

"very very good!"

Shangji returned to a lazy waist and waved his hand: "Pocket, you will seal it! In the future, I will go to find the eyes!"

After saying, Shangyuan Nairi has stopped the movement of the pharmacist, and asked: "Right, husky, forget to tell you one thing, when you first go to the country in the last time I saw the whirlowman, actually It is me to control. "


The face of Yuxi Pub is revealed.

Next moment, Yuxi Pubie wanted to understand all this, this means that they have long guessed that only the gods of the crow are hovering in the whirlpool?

And I just mentioned that I just mentioned that only the words of God's eyes is not seal the waves of the wooden leaves, indicating that they have already guess, at least they go to seize the only thing, they will be prepared. !

Still, the whirlpool is also their people!

The original Nairu, this guy is also very good at communicating. For example, he easily convinced Unecheo Sasuke; the whirlpool also has the same qualities, such as he easily convince himself.

Maybe the whirlpool is likely to be a spy that these guys are inserted in the wooden leaves!

The face of Uzhi Pubie finally can't hold it. His eyes looked straight to the original naval: "You guessed that I will put it on his body after I see the whirlpool, or say the whirlpool Is it your own? "

"Ha ha…"

Shangyuan Needo smiled and looked at Ugzho's opening: "If you go to the country in the country, don't you want to seek a safer home for your brother?"

So I specially arranged you to see the whirlpool, let you think that the wooden leaves are looking forward to let Sasuke back. "

The smile on the face is more strong, satisfied with the main line task progress on the system panel, and laughed and continued: "From the moment you set foot on the land of the fire, I have already arranged. Your life. "

"Shangyuan Na!"

Yisiza's face suddenly changed.

He never thought that he would be so much counted! Even if Yu Zhibyo belt, even if it is Zhi Village, you can't do this!

How are these guys are terrible?

What is the purpose of these people?

Yis Zhi Pubo is not known to this, he has only seen their true face twice, and every time he is very surprised, even faintly fear!

"Shangyuan Na!"

Yiszhipo's look is very ugly. He only praised: "The whirlpool is your person? Is the nine tail column strength to be inserted?"

It's too much to think too much. After all, this group of guys is terrible, hiding so deep, who knows the whirlpiece that is always standing straight!

After all, Yu Zhipu didn't know before, he never put Shangyuan, Shangyuan, is still so terrible today!

if it is like this…

Yizhi Bozuo helps in the endurance!

"Ha ha…"

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, smile and waved his hand: "Okay, don't be angry, you can guess it carefully!"

To be honest, the Shangyuan dreams that the whirlpool is his person.

Unfortunately, the idiot is genius, the whirlpool is not good!

A little childish and stupid swirls, the guys who have helped this high-quality guy than Yu Zhipai is more difficult to deceive more.

Until the pharmacist puts the coffin, when the coffin is put, his face is still incomparably ugly, and the person who is dead is staring at the scene: "I didn't expect it, it turned out to be that you have been hidden behind the scenes, arranged others. "

"Hey, don't say this ..."

The original Nair returned a finger in his own lips, smiled and opened: "Sir, are you not arrangeing Sasuked life? How do you think so is so unhappy? "