I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 255, the ninja, rock, the better, the better

Dark coffin.

Yisi Subin heart felt a desperate.

But less than the last moment, Yishi Hose is still refused to give up.

The eyes of Yuxi Pub gradually became somewhat persistent, he sonned: "Although I fails, I will have other people to open your fog, disseminate the darkness you bring to this world ..."

"You think too much."

Shangqi Nai Lu laughed and looked at the Yuxi Pubhou station in the coffin, smiled and smiled. And me!"


Yisi Hosi is silent.

The pharmacist took the palm and the dark coffin covered it, and the Suzhi Hubushed was sealed inside and let him fall into the sleep.

"All right."

Shangyuan Na Run waved his hand, whispered: "Now my mood is much more, let's go! Tomorrow is going to catch the five-tail column, go, go back, take a break. ! "

Pharmacist: "..."

Cartry: "..."

Yuxi Bo Tong: "..."

Do you have a long-awaited a sense of accomplishment and pleasure in this big half-night?

As an anti-party.

No, as a behind the scene.

When people who have been manipulated behind the scenes, they looked at them shocked or fearless expressions, and there would be some sense of accomplishment.

It's you ah, I'm going to go back to the adult!

In front of the desperate people, I revealed my truth, watching the shock on their face, this kind of thing can be made!

However, in accordance with the layout of the original Needle, there will be more such things in the future, think about it is desperate for those who have been manipulated.

Of course, Nairies, there is certainly not they think so.

This time I arranged Yuxi Pub, I didn't let the original navigation pleasure, but also let the main line task progress increased by seven percentage points.

This illustrates one thing.

Main line task progress can also be improved in another way.

As a qualified benchmaker, you must learn to give yourself the truth of managing everything, otherwise what you are thinking about behind you?

Everyone is really happy.

When I arrived from Yuyin Village, my face was almost dripped. Even if it is a mortinger and herringbone and her herish.

Now, the original Nairi is as if it is happy.

At least he can sleep well tonight, will not worry about how to kick the long-door and Xiaonan.

the next day.

Know the base.

Just as a new meeting is about to begin, Unecho Saso helps find the original navigation, softly open: "Shang Yuan, can I be with you?"

Yischo Sasuke did not know what happened last night.

Yuxi Bozuo took himself overnight in the room, decided to pick a partner for himself, Shangyuan Nariousness is a medical ninja and powerful, no matter how it looks, it is the most favorite teammate.

What's more, Shangyuan Nairou and his brother imperial hub know the earliest, the deepest relationship, the best relationship, this is the reason for Unechebra Sasuke to choose the original navigation.

Yisi Bozuo also wants to be like his brother, can have a loyal friend who is in the original navigation.

"of course can."

The original Nairou reached out his own two fingers, smiling the forehead, like a kind brother, smiling and opening: "After the matter, it is going to work more than a lot of advice."


Yuxi Bozuo helped his face and nodded, whispered: "I will prove to my predecessors, I will lose your face!"

"But must first learn to protect yourself."

When I arrived at the head, I touched my own under my head: "It doesn't matter if I don't care." I don't care. "


Sasuke nodded.

This is no way to refute this.

In accordance with the negotiation of the long-door and Shangyuan Na, they have decided today that the plan of capturing the column of five tails, six-tail column, and seven-tail column.

Tiandao Payne looked at the people in the venue, Shen Yusheng announced his own order: "The corner, flying sections, Lin Yuyu, the martial arts, the ghost light, the ghost light, the full moon, you go to capture the seven tail."


The corner nodded.

The corner is the ninja from the homonycun, and the terrain of the country and the Tomin Village, if you want to capture the seven tail, others don't have the corner, it is estimated that it is really no.

Tiandao Payne turned his head and looked at the original navigation, whisper: "Shangyuan Naqi, Yuxi Sasuke,, Didala, Pharmacist, you go to Yayin Village to capture the five-tail column, what is the problem?"

This is assigned according to strength.

The strength of the original Na Ruo, although there is less than the corner of the team, but there is no doubt that the strength is absolutely enough.

"no problem."

Shangyuan Nair is also nodded.

Didara is somewhat excitedly on the shoulders of Shangyuan Na, hip hop: "This time I have to go to Yayin Village to find the old age, feed, Shangyuan, help me arrange a grand appearance, I want to let the old man see ! "


A question mark has been exposed on the face of Shangyuan Na.

"That kinds of super handsome appearance!"

Didara stall opened his palm, smiled and explained: "Just let the old man of the wild look carefully ..."

"I understand what you mean."

Shangqi Nairies interrupted Didala, looked at him in an arbitrary: "Well, I will find a way to help you."

An a rebel back to your hometown still wants so arrogant ...

It's really afraid that Didara guys killed by Diduu live!

"All right."

Tiandao Wen is overlooking the people in the scene, and the sound will continue to say: "I will continue to explore the information, I will go to catch 6 tails, Jun Ma Lu, white, you are stationed."

This time Pennea will all dispatched to catch six tails!

Shangyuan Nai is not very concerned, after all, the strength of Penne should be stronger than the history, especially the success of the main door, I don't know how many times.

Since the distribution of the margin has been set, everyone is not so non-tetanery, and each team will start to catch the beast.

Although the collective action is slow, it is better.

During this time, Xiaomi has grasped so many tail beasts, and the loss, almost one moment, the peach, the deck, and not, take an internal consumption of Unexpected.

A far away ancient dragon flew on the road of rocky village.

I have to say that as Shangyuan Nairou is very relaxed, especially the two and the original Naisa, which have been implemented, and the original Naisa will have a good task. It is more and more like this to fly.

Didala. "

Shangji Nai Lu looked at the wind and stretching his arms, how would this be happy?

Shangyuan Needan, he couldn't help, he still asked the right thing: "Hey, Didala, come to discuss the strategy! In addition to the three generations of Sirioma, there is a special attention to the three generations of Sirioma, there is a special person who needs us to pay special attention? What unnecessary losses. "


Dida pulls nodded, the face gradually became serious: "The first is our goal, steam ninja five-tail column, this guy is absolutely different from us to capture other people."

After Didara, when others were gradually positive, suddenly he hopped in Haha: "But don't worry, I can easily solve the guy!"


When others are speechless, the look of Didala is finally solemn: "You need to be careful about the old man of the wild, there is the uncle of the loess!"

Three generations of Silhouette, two-day scale wild wood.

Three generations of son, loess.

One is the Ninja who can use dust, and one is to play the soleness to the ultimate ninja. These two people are the most troublesome.

In addition to these two people, Didara seems to have not putting other messy guys in their eyes, and occasionally mention a little girl named Black Soil.

"Hey, is the dark soil is the daughter of Uncle Loess?"

Didara drums continue to analyze: "The talent of the black Soil seems to be, from the small grasp of the dried blood, but this kind of blood is actually in rocky village, and you can find a lot more "


Shangyuan Na Ruo looked with Didala, and it didn't seem to see a silky of black soil from the face of Didala.

"There is still a trouble."

Didara drums, continuing to move with his face: "The number of Ninja, Yinyin Village is very much, I lost a bomb at home on the house at home, absolutely frying four or five ninja."


The pharmacist nodded, Shen Sheng: "If I have not remembered the wrong, the number of invasive ninja in the pastoral warfare is the sum of other nuts, which is often able to fight on both sides and three sides. Fath. "

"It's ok."

Shangqi Nairi standing on the back of the ancient dragon, looking down everywhere, the country of the ridiculous mountain and Gobi Beach, smiled and opened: "The ninja in Rocky Village is better."