I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 256, you come to help the Scholar

Rocky Village.

The three generations of Si Shado is sitting on the desk, his face with a touch, looking up, looking at a team of roughness standing at the table.

"Old purple traces have not found?"

"not yet."

The rock has been shaken his head, and some hesitated in the sound: "Recently, the darkness of the woods often cross the border, active in the territory of the country, in order to expel these enemies, our people are now somewhat short."

Hearing the information about the wooden leaves, the wrinkles on the brow did not help but wrinkle: "Do you check that the wood-leaved ninja sneak into the country's goal?"


The captain of the dark, silent, whispered: "According to our news from the spies from the fire, the leaves seem to be traces that are detected."


Dani is caught in a pensive.

After a while, the wild wild raised his head and looked at this dark army: "Can we continue to contact a child?"

Recently, members of the organization have been active more active than in the past, and they have destroyed sandy villages and fog villages, and they have given some other ideas in the heart of the wild.

On the one hand, Danyu is both worried that the organization may invade Rocky Village and bring immeasurable losses to the village.

On the other hand, Dashewa is a little hope that the organization can continue to invade other big powers, it is best to destroy all four major countries to the village.

It is a pity that they have not worked with the organization for a long time.

The rock secretary taught he looked for a while, shakes his head: "The noodle adult, our contact points before and Xiaowa seem to have been discarded."


Dashewa slowly hangs his head. After a while, he re-lifted his head: "You have not lax in this time. In addition to the expelter of wood ninja, I have to stare at the trail of Xiao, I suspect that they are likely Will invade us ... "


The earth suddenly started a trembling!

A deafening explosion came in!

The face of the Dark Wood and the Dark Dark Captain changed, and he intended to leave here and quickly explored the position of the explosion.

It is not equal to it. The detection ninja that is the first to find the question came from: "The Side Shadowner, the peripheral line of the village encounters the enemy's invasion!"

"Organize defense now!"

After the wilderness told himself, it was put on his own noodles, and the short body flew out from the window: "I now rush to the village's peripheral line!"

Rocky Village.

A Yuanyuan Dragon stands outside the village, overlooking the huge rural village, Zhang Dou spurtted a huge fireball, and built a gap on the wall of the occupied rumored rivie. Entered this village.

Because the enemy falls from the sky, the rocky hidden people who are responsible for in the city wall will not react, they are directly fried by a huge fireball of the ancient dragon!

The ancient dragon walked into the rocky village step forward, and its back on a large pair of wings low slightly, slowly wiped the posts built on the city wall, and then knocked down a building.

The sound of a row of buildings collapse.

This huge ancient dragon hiped into the entire rock village. For the Ninja of Rocky Village, it is simply a true end of the day.

The vision of the ancient dragon, countless smoke sands, everywhere is all shouts and mourning, everyone is in the direction of the streets of rocky villages after seeing the body of Yuange Yanlong flee.

The first thing I arrived here is not the three-generation Tang Shanto, but his granddaughter's black soil, which is not a young woman who has become the captain of Yinyin Village.

Black San flew to a bungalow roof, directing the nearby people to avoid refuge, while calling the ninja in his own, preparing to defense and counterattack: "Fifth class, you are responsible for organizing civilians to avoid refuge! Others come!"



"Black Soon!"

A mute suddenly pointed to the ancient dragon head standing up and out of a movie, whisper: "Captain, the monster head as if standing alone!"


The black soil looked up at the top of the ancient dragon. When I saw the familiar blond hair, her face showed a surprise: "That is Didala brother?"


"Isn't that the rebellion of the blasting?"

"All champions!"

After the darkness was screamed, biting his teeth: "Immediately to stop this monster from raging this monster, protect people in the village!"

Just as the fusion force rushed over, Didara stood in the top of the ancient dragon, showing the scenery of his hometown: "Ha, it seems that it is still old! There is no change in it for many years, the old man is really useless!" "

"It seems that there is nothing good ..."

Shangqi Lu Lu has bored a yawn, looking at his own system panel, showing the one hundred gold coins found by rocky village reward.

This is a reward, it is really a meal.

"Then give you some good looking!"

Didara suddenly spread his palm, from his hands, a bipolar bird flying bird, these clay flying birds were rotated around the surroundings of Didara.

Didalang points to the highest buildings of Yin Yin Village, laughing in the villain: "Go, let people in the village look at the art of Dida Grande again!"


Shangqi Na,, Sasuke and Pharmacist look at each other, and the face is not asked at the same way, and it is disadvantaged to Didala.

Mom, this person is also at this point!

"Murcase · Lime Conducting!"

Suddenly a burst of enthusiasm, I saw a row of rows of Runja standing above a high-rise building, spitting a group cement at the foot of the ancient dragon!

It is the rocky trough force of the black soil.

Black Soil closed his palm, and released the tattoo, while loudly rumored: "Targe the target area is concentrated under its feet, prevent it from going forward!"

A group of cement fly quickly!

The amount changes caused by the change, and these cements have seized an ancient dragon a foot palm, and try to seal one leg who is printed!

Unfortunately, the ancient dragon just encouraged his wings, and broke it out with slight force, and slowly smashed the cement under the foot.

"Hahahaha ... small black soil grows big!"

Dida La took this scene, he stood on the top of the ancient dragon, looking at the black soil and anxious face, and his hands opened his trumpet whisper shouted: "Come on! Black Soil! Don't give up! "


After listening to the shout of Didala, the young girl of the black Sato had been short-circuited after a second, and his face became more and more angry.

The mind of the black soil is a bit collapsed.

If you don't because of these parts in front of her, she can't lose the captain's face, and the black soil feels that she is a little grievance.

The enemy is giving yourself to refuel, this is what it is!

Don't say that there is a little girl like the black soil, the people of the tissue are also very exciting, and the red sand is squatting with his forehead: "This guy, is it an idiot?"

"It should be just to irritate enemies!"

Yischo Sasukes picks up the eyebrows and makes a light explanation.

The red sand is helplessly shakes: "No, Didara guys should just purely want to cheer the little girl!"

Yes, Didala's mind is so pure.

Therefore, when the rock finger is full of angry, it is said that Didala is shake their captain, and the little girl in black is angry and shook his head: "No in this, Dida Grand Brother should just simply encouraging me a few more words ... "

"Black Soil, step!"

A tall figure appears around the black soil, ordered the black soil and the squadron to leave here: "You immediately go to lead the fusion force, organize the civilians in the village, and give it to me next!"

"The loess!"

The face of many calaces is surprised and happy.

The person who arrived here is the father of the black soil.

In addition to the three generations of Sibang Danoma, the strength of the loess is undoubted to be the strongest in the entire rocky village, and has always been known as the strongest societher.

After a second after black San, the black soil took a second, flying to the ground and led his part to prevent civilians.

The momentum of the loess is rapidly improved, and he fiercely leaned over the ground. He looked at the Didala on the top of the ancient dragon's head. "Don't be too arrogant in your hometown ... Didara! · ! "

"Hey, trouble!"

Didalaws looked at the yellow and shaking his head and turned his voice: "Hey, ready! The big loess is easy to suppress the tail of the rutty!"

Next, the two semi-circular Turndo suddenly raised!

No, in strict sense, this is two tall semi-circular mountains!

I saw the two mountains suddenly closed, and the ancient dragons were clipped directly into the ancient dragon!

This huge sample is soaked to encourage your wings, even if the wings of the ancient dragon are desperately pushed, and you can't stop the closing of the two semi-circular mountains!


Shang Nai was refreshing and slowly stood up and clenched his fist and gathered in Chakra on his body.

In the next moment, the top of the Shangyuan appeared next to a Mountain, slamming his fist!


Earth instant vibration!

A Turkami was immediately flying out, and the mountain was crushed by a huge force, and countless huge fluffs rolled down the house of the rocky village!

Shang Nai is calm and geographically carefully genus, looking at the loess of sweating, the cold voice is open: "Hey, don't hurt my pet, if there is any problem, you can rush me ..."

"Sure enough?"

The loess slowly stood up and looked at the figure of a shadow of Xiangyun's black robes. He was deeply said: "What is the purpose of this group of guys hit the hidden village?"

"This problem is meaningless."

Shangji looked at the black soil, smiling and opening: "No matter what our purpose, since we come, do you let us go?"

Shangji looked at the loess in the original navigation, put the waves: "Well, if we say that you want the five-tail column, do you give it an emotion?"

"Is it true for the beast?"

The loess slowly pinched his fist. The gods gradually dignified, whispered: "Of course, will not make it, the companions in the village will definitely be handed over to the enemy!"

"Well, um, understand."

Shang Nai was unhappy, I didn't have a heart: "In fact, we encounter other rivots, they always say this, this is to show that you protect your companion, although your ending will not be too good."

"Rocky Village can be different from other villages!"

"Isn't this the same?"

Shangji opened his palm and laughed: "Anyway, everyone is not talking, but fortunately we have not intended to negotiate with you, we just come to catch the five-tail column of Yingsyin Village."

When I said here, I went to the loess, and the sound gradually became a bit cold: "Destroy this village."

"The current young man is really young!"

A attacked voice has fallen into the ear of everyone.

The three generations of Si Shadiwood flew over the air, when he saw the destruction caused by Yuan Gu Julong, the eyes were slightly tightened: "I dare to do this, it seems to stay here."

Shangyuan Na was watching the flying towers and whispered: "Then you have to look at the strength of Silhouette."

"rest assured."

The three generations of Si Shado Taki hose his palm, a group of white light appears in his palm space: "The old man will not make you guys!"

If it is a single battle, the wilderness is really not too dare to use this trick.

After all, here is rocky village. If there is a dusty, it will be innocent.

Just now the ancient dragon on the ground is a very easy moment, it is simply released the best target of dust!

"Betting, is the original stripped operation!"

Dida pulls a shot on the face, biting his teeth: "The old man is still so hot! Hey, you will be careful, don't touch his surgery, otherwise it will be decomposed! "

"do not worry."

After the Shangyuan Na, he turned his head and looked at the pills and whispered: "Pocket, then it will help this three-generation Tuli Shu Songsong!"