I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 257 faces the ninja of me, and also dare to leave?


After hearing the instructions of the original Nairi, the pharmacist stood came out and pushed his glasses, and quickly handed over!

"Tolerance, Tongling!"

A squid has taken out from the psychic lavest of the pharmacist, and the coffin slowly opened, and the ninja that is covered is full of bandage, is the inventor of the dust ...

Second generation of noodles, no!

After seeing the second generation of Siyun, the look of the three generations of Dan wild wood has changed, and the surgery in the hands is even more unstable: "Wait ... This is no adult! Your guy actually dare to blamed dead! "

This group of guys is no wonder to destroy the fog hidden village and sandy village!

In addition to their strong motor and concealed ability, there is such an ability to resurrect from the powerful ninja that will pass away.

The pharmacist hovered his fingers, and the body flew to the air, laughed: "I want to solve the three-generation Soil, the three-generation Soil, who has lost blood, and should not be more than the teacher. What's more suitable? "

"Because of the reincarnation, the top generation can get it to joh ..."

The eyes of Unecheo Sasuke changed, it seems to be a certain possibility, just the next moment he collapsed his thoughts.

Shangyuan Nairou noted the face of Sasuke, as if he saw the idea of ​​Sasuke, patted his shoulders: "The reincarnation of the dirt can be the episode of the prostitute, if it is the enemy, it doesn't matter, but our friends and relatives should still let them In the pure land of the pure land! "


Yiszo sauna helped his breath and nodded carefully.

Shangji Louda looked at the look of Sasuke, smiled and laughed: "I have worked hard for so many years, let him and your parents reunite it!"

"Yes, seniors."

Yizhi Bozuo helped noddron again.

"All right."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly spread his palm, Shen Sheng: "Pocket, you come to solve the three generations of Silhouses; the elder generation and Didara support from the ancient dragon in the air, and is always responsible for the knocking of our rocky troops. ! "

After that, Shangyuan Nairou looked at Unechebra, continued: "I will find the five-tail column of Yin Yin Village!"

"it is good."

Everyone nodded.

Shangyuan Naoli and Yuxi Bocea will fly after jumping out of the ancient dragon, this is a large foundation, soaring in the top of Yinyin Village.

"You can't let them arrogant!"

The wild wood shakes his head, and slowly aims at the dust in the hands of the ancient dragon in the air. He knows that the existence of this ancient dragon is the greatest in rocky village!

When Dashewa is going to raise his hand, when it is released, but the second-generation Spring shadow of the embarrassment is the first to release the original stripping of him, and a white light is flying toward him!

The voice of the pharmacist pocket in the second-generation soil of the secret, and his voice is mixed with a smile: "The three generations of Silhouses, facing your own teachers, it is best not to be better than others!"


Dashewa hurriedly avoided the white light, watching the movement of the second generation of the shadow, the look gradually got up, he could only loudly: "Loess, you bring people to solve the two guys, I will solve the problem Adults and the monsters in the air! "


After the loess point should be sounded, waving his own department, chasing the direction of Unechebra Sasher and Upperland.

However, their troops have not chased how long is long, and the ancient dragons in the air sprout a huge fireball and disrupted the route they chased.

Didala hipped from the ancient dragon's body: "Hahahaha ... Uncle, you will be here!"

"Didara this bastard!"

The loess bite his teeth and hates a punch in the ground, Shen Sheng said: "Notify all the people who can use the big land, make the column in the open surface, block the monster flight route!"

The loess's battle IQ is indeed a low.

On the ground, a famous rocky hinterway is printed, and a high column is ground, and the entire rock village is full of columns, trying to limit the actions of the ancient dragon.

Even afraid that the ancient dragon can easily crack down from several or even dozens, and will soon have a rock to release the new earth-based nuclear formation.

Even after the black torrents led the Ninja Force saw this scene, it also began to make a sharp pillar with lime condensation, forcing the ancient dragon and did not dare to fall.

The rock naes did not think.

Their move has brought a bigger crisis to Rocky Village.

The ancient dragon expanded his wings, slowly landed on the mountain around Rocky Village, and headed towards the sky: "Hey!"

In the next moment, the flying in the mouth of the ancient dragon flashed, suddenly a huge fireball in the village of the ground, and the sound of the fireball explosion in the entire rocky village, everywhere is burning flame and collapse. building!

"No, I don't expect my grandfather!"

Loess looked up at the air.

There is no new intention to fight the three generations of Sangdan and the second-generation noodle, which is more powerful than the dust between them. Who is higher.

Obviously the battle between these two flouries will not be able to win.

What's more, the second-generation noodle is not available for countless times, because he is a body that is reflowing, even if it is dead, it can also be resurrected; but the three generations of Tang Shanto is different. As long as he will completely die.

Therefore, the expression of the three generations of Sangshow wild wood is very dignified. It is not only easy to release the original stripping surgery, so as not to be caught by the second generation of towns.

The loess is helpless, and I looked at the alpine, I saw the ancient dragon that I stopped in the mountains and squatting. I have to stop the raging of the ancient dragon!

The loess is open: "People who are good at mountain soil stand out, to release the mountain soil, limit the actions of the guy!"

The loess looked at one of the ninja and loudly said: "Other people immediately chasing the two kid guys, after you encounter Han, all listen to his order, understand?"

"Yes, the loess!"

This rock finished team immediately divided into two, one of which followed the loess to restrict the ancient dragon, and another continued to hunt down the original naval and Yuxi Board, and protect the five-tail column.

A tall building.

The five tail column is standing here.

The Han's eyes were tightly gazed toward the Shangyuan Naoli, who was rushing, and the Chiclah of Chakra came to the body: "Although the scholars are not allowed to fight in the village, there is no other Is the way? "

As the five-tail column, the ability of Han is a bit special.

The Han's body wearing a bright red special steam armor, which can use steam's advancement to let him own the strange force to play the best, so that Han is a very powerful body ninja.

The most important thing is not the power of Han, but his will.

Compared to another people who have been in the village, the Han Dynasty is very committed to the governing of wild wood, and there are countless contributions to Rock Village.

Obviously a steam ninja, the character of Han is like a cold ice. He is good at hidden by hidden, and he has received the acknowledgment of the five-tailed Mu Wang.

At the last navis, she was in the high floor, and they also saw the five-tail column stood here with a fresh red armor.

The Shang Shang's face couldn't help but show a smile, laughing and opening: "Ha, face the members of Xiao, is so calm ninja really uncomfortable!"


Yizhi Bozuo snorted, looked at the five-tail column, he couldn't help but open the mouth: "There is always some stupid guys who have strong self ..."

After getting the kaleidoscope, Yiszo Sasuke has a great confidence in his strength, especially he knows that the kaleidoscope is written to the end of the beast, so his attitude toward the five-tail column is not Pay attention.


Shangji shook his head, smiled and said: "Sasuke, although you may say something, but I have to study this advantage. In the face of any crisis, I have to learn Tai Ruo, and I'm doing this ninja, understand? "

"Yes, seniors."

Yuxi Bozuo helped his face, nodded.

Once the original naval will mention the advantages of Uzhi Pos, the hearts of Unecheo Sasuke will not be soften, and listen to the suggestion of Shangyuan Na.

The five-tail column, looked at the two unhappy people in front of them, and the eyes were slightly flowing, and their hearts began to think about their tactics.

The strength of the two enemies is very powerful.

In particular, the enemy they face is a column, which seems to have not exposed how much pressure, but some holiday travel is leisurely.

The members of XI Xiao are like a recent rumor, and they will be unsolved as their prey, which is very good at fighting with the tail.

"First solve it first ..."

The eyes of the Han dynasty suddenly became faint, and the boiling Chakra on his body quickly entered the vertices. He immediately sprayed a steam behind the red armor, driving the Han's body to quickly hit Yishe Sasuke!

"The boil is unparalleled!"

The body of the Han is almost in front of the blink of an eye, and he slammed a punch in the chest of Unechebra, it will help it directly!

Yizhi Bozuo is unbelievable, and his chest has a strong force that is unimaginable, directly let Sasuo can't fly out of autonomous!

Yuxi Bozuo only feels that his chest bones don't know how much broken, even the chest is somewhat recessed, and the pain suddenly spread throughout his body!


Yuxi Bozuo has finally can't hold it. The mouth has sprung up a blood, and it has passed an arc in the air and falls from high rise.


Looking at this scene, I watched this scene. I couldn't help but smoke.

Shangyuan Needs, fortunately he followed.

Otherwise, is Yis Zhi Bo Saso help?

To be honest, the original Nairi feels that Unecheo Sasuo is like playing him, this is just a serious injury directly to the five-tail column.

It's really outrageous.

"It seems that I don't seem to be so strong."

The five-tail column slowly recovered his fists, looked at the Shangyuan Na, whispered: "The first solve, then the second ..."

"Don't worry."

Shangyuan Na Rou quickly waved his hand, a group of life energy and Chakra energy into the body of Unechebra, and he cured his injury.

Despise Sasuke, people still have to save.

This is also giving a lesson, I hope he can remember, don't see anyone in the future, or you will be beaten.

Yuxi, who has not yet landed, feels fast recovery in his body. Sasuke immediately realized that this is the treatment effect of the original Naid, and the aid is refreshed in this again.

Unexpectedly, from the distance from the distance, Shangyuan Na will still be causing his injury, so that Yizhi Bo saga is a little bit down.

Sasuke did not hesitate, and the hand throws a handle of the whole hand, and hopped on this tall building, just a little bit of his face.


"Oh, don't care."

The original Nairo laughed, looked at the blood of the mouth, and persuaded: "The strength of the column is stronger than the tail beast, because they know how to use the tail beast to fight, so don't be Greatly ... "

"Yes, seniors."

Unechebra is still embarrassed.

It's just that this wipe is so fast that it is anger. Unechebra helped out the talents in his hand, and the double eyes became a scarlet, and the sink: "Seniors, then let me defeat the five-tail column brush He brings me a shame! "

"Hey, let me teach you how to fight with people!"

At the last naval, I looked at the five-tail column, smashed my wrist: "If it is the other people, you can let you, but see the strong body ninja, there is always a little suppression of the body. ! "

When I was on the original narate and Yiszo Sasuke, the five-tail columns were also watching the two of the eyes: "One is the Ninja of Utiso, one is medical ninja ..."

The Han is looking forward to the original navigation, and the eyes are slightly bleak: "Although the medical ninja is a bit unfortunate, there is no way to face the enemy, and it is slightly to hurt him, then wait for the soldiers to catch him!"

Next, the armored armor instantly took a group of steam. His body suddenly appeared around the original Needle, and one foot stadium was in the lower belly of the original Na.

However, when the Han rushed to the moment in front of the original navigation, his heart flashed a surprise because the original Nair's movements were faster!

Shangyuan Nairou screwed on the Han, kicking the tall five-tail column directly to the ground, and even his armor was also kicked!

"Is Yin Yin Village looks like this?"

Shang Nai is unhappy, pinching his palm: "Your speed is more slower than the speed of attacking Sasuke, facing the ninja of me, and dare to leave?"