I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 258, are you too much to put my enemies in the eyes?

The strength of Shangyuan Needs is very strong.

After the five-tail column is easy to drop, it will immediately realize the mistakes you committed.

This medical ninja with a hood is a more tricky enemy than the Unexpell, which is just now!

It is not polite ...

The speed of the original navigation, the fifth tail column is even unclear, let alone the next attack!

"I thought I was enough to pay attention to you."

The five-tail column is standing up with his body. The armor is in his body. He slowly looked up at the original navigation: "It looks too much, or I am too low."

Next, Han Fei quickly gathered Chakra on his body, and some broken armor still broke out the steam, and rushed up toward the place of the original Needle: "Next, please forgive my whole force! "

The figure of the Han suddenly rushed to the side of the original Needle, and slammed into the head of the original Nairi!

The armor on the arm of the Han armor also uses steam to speed up the speed of attack, so that his speed is faster, let his monster become stronger!

The five-tail column just a single order is only a general punch, bringing a strong boxing, blowing people not daring his fists!


Shangyuan Nair remained out his palm, directly grabbed the Han's fist, this scene saw the five-tail column and Yiszo Sasuke two people were shocked!

Can you keep up with this level of speed?

No, this easily caught the Han fist. In order to accurately, should it be completely crushing the speed of Han?

"you're funny."

The palm of Shangyuan Nair is gradually hard, pinching the five-tail column, gently nodded: "Yes, this kind of power is this speed! Use your most peak body in your life, let I have a little pleasant! "

The voice falls, and the original navigation is a fist, the knee is slammed directly into the chest of the five-tail column, and he hits him out!



The five-tail column is flying over the ground, and the wolf fell in the ground. Fortunately, the recovery ability of people, so that the pain of his chest is gradually spread!

This guy is terrible!

Han low-end glanced at his fists, his armor gloves have more five fingerprints, is this the power of the enemy? This can carry the glove of the column force force, which is even easily pinched out of printing!

The five-tail column is more shocking, and the forehead gradually sesamed a layer of sweat: "You ... is really terrible! Xiao Jiasheng is like a rumor is generally horror ..."

"We are a peaceful organization."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly squatted his wrist, and said that even the Suzhi Board next to him couldn't help but feel blush.

Shangyuan Nai Lu slowly looked at Han and whispered: "Just now, I played me, playing me, is it a punch now?"


What is your ghost!

Every attack is not all ease of resolution?

In the next moment, the eyes of the Han flashed a shock, because the original Nairou is almost instantly disappeared in his eyes, which makes the Han couldn't help but remember a man who died for many years: "This speed, flying thunder's"? "

"guessed wrong."

Shangqi Na will sigh behind the Han.

The five-tail column slammed Chakra on his body, and a red steam was rushed out from his back: "The boilestness of the steam!"

The five-tail column is released, but the water vapor is far more than one hundred degrees, no matter what the enemy will definitely be burned by this steam!

In the next moment, Shangyuan Nair's figure was instantly in front of Han, almost extreme time escaped the steam attack!

"We are vital."

Shangqi Needan, a punk, a small abdomen of the Han, brought dramatic pain, almost made it difficult to stand straight.

Shangyuan Nairou Slow Stone Screen: "How can I use tolerance in the battle of the body's ninja!"

Shangyuan Needs, once again, gave a punch to the chin of Han!

The five-tail column is not responsive to his abdominal pain. It instantly grasped this opportunity. The arms were almost blocked at the same time: "Can block ..."


When the man's double arm blocked the original naval fist, it reluctantly loosked a sigh of relief, but quickly his arms felt the power on the original neighborhood!

The five-tail column has been put on the wall by the original one!

"Hey, let me play a punch?"

Shangyuan Needan helplessly spread his palm: "I will reduce your strength when I generally face my face. If I don't fight, I can't guarantee that I will control my strength ..."

When I said, the sound of Shangyuan Na Raised was not better than gloomy: "If you can say it, you may have a hard to explode you!"

The voice falls, and Shangyuan is turned over to fly!

Only the original speed, the eyes of the five-tail column suddenly changed, and he immediately called his partner in his heart: "Mu Wang, I can't support it!"

Blood-red Chakra, wrapped in the body!

In the next second, the semi-tail and the sea turned over to escape this feet, and the wall behind him destroyed a big hole by the legs of the original na.

After the Shangyuan Na Lu has not played, there is no hesitation, the body is turning, and one foot will kick the position!

Half-tailed Han can only fight against rebellion, but he can only defense or continue to avoid, but he is in the chest, this five-tail column is rushing from the top of the top. Gao Building!


The entire tall building is completely destroyed by their battles!

A group of rocks that came to support looked at this ruins. When they were going to help, a voice interrupted them: "Fengshui · practice blast!"

Shangyuan Naqi flew out of the ruins, slamming the wind, and flew a group of rock to finish: "Tie, Yan Yin Village is really good, the two people in the village can be completely Tail and beast. "


Yischo Sasuke is still a bit.

But soon, I understand the meaning of Shangyuan.

I saw a white horse creature standing from the ruins, and I widened my eyes. I was watching the original navigation. This creature is the five-tailed Mu Wang!

Compared to other tail beasts, the five-tailed Mu Wang did not really be ugly. The head is growing on the top, and there are two big eyes, but unfortunately, the mouth is somewhat fierce.

Unechebra helped looked at the amazing Chakra that was emitted from the King Mu Wang, Shen Sheng: "Is this a five tail?"


Shangyuan Na Lu waved down, twisted his neck and looked at the five-tailed Mu Wang Xiang said: "The five tails are just an ordinary tail, far from the strong, nine tails are only eight tails. And the nineth can make people interest. "

Shangji, I put it down my wrist, and sighed. "Sasuke, if you capture the nine tail in the future, you can try it, for example, the Naruto is your friend, let you fight your friends. It's too cruel, it's still ... "

This is said that there is a bit green tea.

No matter who heard the original Needle, the first thought should be warm, followed by prove yourself with a resolute attitude.

as expected.

Yuxi Bozuo quickly shakes his head, and the sound is promised: "No, if you want to catch the nine tail, let me go, I will go to the Narler guy, his accident can be very high! I Can grab him back in 100%! "

"First grasp the five tails in front of you!"

Shangji shook his head, did not agree.

"It's really a arrogant guy!"

Wu Shu Wang heard their dialogue, and the face called an angry, and the head of the head was quickly rushed!

The hiped horns on the top of the hurt arrived toward the body of the original Na.

Perhaps because the five-tail column, Han people are afraid to destroy the rocky village. Therefore, the fans of the five tails, this is not choosing to use the tail beast, but want to kill the upper original with his huge body and strength!

According to the speed and strength of the five tails, it firmly believes that their horned corners can directly wear the body of the original Na.

This is really thinking.

Shangyuan Na will slowly pinch his fist, Chakra slowly covered with boxing, driving the momentum of the original naver, getting higher and higher!

Shangji Yingnao is in the direction of the five-tailed Mu Wang Chong, and he fierce a punch. Only heard a crisp, it seems to have something broken ...


The top of the top of the five tail is a pain!

I saw that the most rough sharp horns on the top of it split directly from the root, and slammed on the ground, splashing the dust!

The Shangyuan directly interrupted the roof of Mu Wang directly from the top!

During the distance, the rocks of this side have exposed a blind!

"How can this be?"

A middle-aged rock is a little fearful, "that, it is possible to break a hill! The guy can be interrupted ..."

Another color of the middle-aged righteousness of the same time is also a bit heavy: "I remember the third endurance battle, the Han Dynasty controlled the five-tailed Mu Wang with that corner, and let us use the smallest. The price broke through the defense line of Yun Yin Village ... "

"But that horns, it was interrupted!"

The face of the rock is not free, this enemy faced by the five-Taxu king is more than what they imagine!

Shangqi Nai Lu smiled and said: "Sasuke, it seems that our trophy seems to have more, help me with the seal reel."

"Yes, seniors."

Yischo sakard fell on the ground from the kindness, pulling out a seal reel, increasing the horned angle.

Wuli Mu Wang looked at this scene, and it was also incredible in the eyes of the eyes. It thought that he was chatting with the ghosts in the tail beast, and it was once closed by a human gear.

In front of this, this is a hink, and the people who are shared in the clouds of the clouds, is it a ninja that is a freehand and tail beast?

The face of the five-tailed Mu Wang gradually became more downs.

How many people who use fists in uniforms?

How to prejug itself, I have encountered such a guy. This battle doesn't seem to be as simple as it is so simple!

No, even some danger!

At least the five-tailed Mu Wang has realized that it is absolutely unable to fight with his own body, and you must use something else.

"Sorry, Han, we must use the tail beast jade ..."

Wu Mu Wang felt his mouth, Yin attribute Chakra and Yang attributes Chakra booted, it is necessary to form a black purple tail beast!

"what the hell!"

Shangyuan Nair's figure appeared in the head of Wuwang, one foot kicking its head, kicked this horm apron!

I saw the huge body in the tail beast flew out, and I turned it on an instant. I also allowed a group of rock tolerance to support, and I was afraid that I was afraid of fighting between them!

This blow saving the five-Tailu king uncovered the resistance.

This tail beast is painfully lying on the ground, and the eyes are closely closed, and the pain is taken by a giant force in the head.

Shangqi Na's body floats in the top of the five-tailed Mu Wang, watching this, the end of the beast gradually wilting, unsatisfied: "In front of me, I condense the beast jade, are you thinking about a problem? This is too unhappy I am in my eyes this enemy? "