I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 260 Possible Intelligence (Session 3)!)

One of the ancient dragons in the air.

The ancient dragon slowly fell on the ruins of the Tangjie, Didara station on the top of the ancient dragon, dissatisfied with his mouth: "I wanted to smash this building, why not left it I am coming out! "

"You are too slow."

Shangji frowned, I saw a person on the ancient dragon. Unecheo Sasuke also took the five-tail column, since the purpose has been achieved, and then it is not necessary in rocky village.

"Let's go!"

Shangqi Nairou flying on the ancient dragon, whispered: "Pocket, recall the second generation of towers, we can go."


The pharmacist has erected his finger.

The second-generation Tang Shadow, which was also entangled in the three generations of Si Shado, was immediately flying toward the ancient dragon, and fell on the back of the ancient dragon.

After seeing this scene, the three generations of Shu Shawu saw this scene, it was a fold back to the ancient dragon. The flying floated in ancient retro dragons, and the face was somewhat. "Your guy invades Yinyin Village and wants to leave here. ?"

To be honest, the situation of rocky village is much better than the invasion of sandy village and fog hidden village, but this behavior is also in the face of the three generations of shadows!

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and manipulated the second generation of noodles without flying to the air. Like the opening: "Why, the Hiss Hiss is not eating enough lesson?"


Dida ruined a voice: "Old man, I saw you by the second generation of towers to fight the wolf! Is it a little age?"

"To shut up!"

Woods on the wild, Didara, a small traitor, Shen Sheng: "The old man is not afraid of death, but can't die ... Now, these guys are here, it doesn't matter!"

Previously, members of the organization were scattered, and Danyu did not dare to do it, so that after the defeat and even died, no one was able to destroy the members.

Now these people gather together, don't you give him a chance?

After that, Dashihi slowly clogged his palm, urging the dust in the body, biting his teeth: "Your guy is staying here!"

"I will stop him, you will go!"

Didala touched the clay giant bird in your pocket.

I really don't know where Didala is confident!

Shangyuan feels that Didara is a bit of thinking, how can this?

Shangqi Needressed out his palm, a water flow instantly crushed the clay bunches in Didala in the hands of the Dida, and he loudly: "Pocket, stop him with the second generation of noodles, let us go!"

Didara is sitting in ancient dragon, licking the cheeks, dissatisfied with the original navigation: "Your guy should not always get rid of others' art!"

"To shut up!"

The red sand is smashed with his forehead.

Under the command of Shangyuan, the ancient dragon whistling away, leaving the sky of Yinyin Village, leaving only a full science.

The three generations of Sangshi Woods are difficult to look at the ancient dragons that fly away, and they also looked at the second-generation natives that were also floating in the air. They could only accept this reality helplessly.

This time, the invasion is a huge humiliation for rocky village.

After a dusty downtown, the second-generation land shadow did not leave Yin Yincun under the manipulation of the pharmacist, and the three generations of Si Shado also did not have a chance.

The members of Xiaoyu have all left, facing a embarrassment of a philosophy, the three generations of Sangdo Womework will naturally do not desperately, this is not a little cost-effective.

Nowado, Dashi must also save useful body and want to take a way to take the column of column that is taken away, and reconstruct the Ninja in the village.

This invasion can be described as a heavy loss.

Even the wilderness is only a rough data, there is a serious injury or death, and the civilians are not a few people.

The biggest loss is undoubtedly the loss of the five-tail column.

In addition, the old purple leaves, so that the entire rocky village has no one as a strategic weapon.

"Perhaps, the guy of Yao Zi has been caught by Xiao."

The loess slammed the wound hit by the water dragon bullets, standing in front of the wild wild, Shen Sheng: "According to Xiao hits the sequence of all the big fortunes and captures the column, they should catch the old purple, then capture Five tails! "

"Who let the old purple run out!"

Danyu is holding his own little fist, whispered.

This is the temper of the three generations of Sangshow, is simply stinky.

The loess is in the heart of the belly for a while, and I asked: "Do we do it with other rivotes, find a trace of Xiao? Now nothing is our friend, but our enemy."

"Let me think about ..."

After shaking his head, the wild waters shook his head, and he went out: "In the past few years, we cooperated in the grass in the country, but the members of the children attacked the wooden leaves. How can they be so easy to believe us? "


The face of the loess is not good, and I am sighed: "Even if there is no such, there are hatred left behind."

After that, the loess is opened again: "As a shadow, the hand of the wooden leaves should not be so short."

"Women are very revenge."

The three generations of Si Shado waters shake their heads and asked softly: "Do you remember to contact us?"


The loeple nodded, and the sound of snoring: "It is a woman in blue hair. It seems to be very good at using paper to fight. When I was trying to explore her, I almost killed her ..."

The three generations of Si Shadon took the table in front of him, and he made his own son: "Since I still remember this, you don't always think about so many messages, and go to send people to chase the information. ! "

"and many more…"

The face of the loess has been revealed, whispered: "I didn't remember the wrong, the woman seems to have never appeared in the active members of Xiaoxiao, maybe we can use this information to try to explore the wooden leaves."

As the son of the three generations of Sangyu, and the high-rise of the entire rock village, the sharing of the loess this and the information in the wild wooden hand.

The three generations of Si Shado's eyes flashed a shining, Shen Sheng: "Then send people to the wooden leaves to make a trip, don't expect that we can reach cooperation in this organization, but you can do some intelligence with them. Switching. "

This kind of intelligence exchange is normal.

Intelligence exchanges often in the village of the country, rock villages and leaves often like to exchange intelligence between sand hidden villages in the hands of each other.

"Well, um ..."

The loess rushed and continued to say: "In fact, we can try to deepen the cooperation with the woods, prove ..."

"Roll out!"

The three generations of Tang Shanti patted the table and walked his son.

This son clearly has a good look, but it is always refused to obey, but I like to make some suggestions.

For the three generations of Shu Shandu, he is never easy to work with wooden leaves before the sincerity of the leaves.

the other side.

Shangyuan Nair is also watching your own gain.

In addition to gaining the award of the column of the five-tail, Rock Village has destroyed the strength of the earth, the talents of the might, the power and the magnetic power of the martial arts, and the rich rewards brought by dark harvests.

The three generations of Si Shado Siri did not get casualties, and the original na will be easily calculated according to the superposition of his own dark harvest.

Dark harvest: After each defeating a ninja, you will get a part of the power from the enemy. Each time you increase the energy energy 10 points, Chakra energy 10 points, natural energy 10 points. The current accumulated increased life energy is 249,610 points, Chakra energy is 249,610 points, and natural energy is 249,610 points.

Name: Shangyuan Needle.

Life energy: 323731

Chakra energy: 321590

Natural energy: 321590

Life energy recovery: 216 minutes

Chakra energy recovery: 108 minutes

Natural energy recovery: 216 minutes

Skill cooling reduction: 100%

Surplus gold coins: 6630

Shangyuan Na defeated his own finger, slowly swallowing, this value should be comparable to the value of the whirlpool.

After all, according to the flagmark, Kakasi is the lowest 3,000 points of the movie-level threshold. When the whirlpool is crushing the nine tail, it is four times that Kaki; if the whirlpool does not need to suppress the nine tail, it is the card. One hundred times of Casshakra.

This protagonist is very horrible.

Shangyuan Nai is hard working hard for so long, maybe it can barely resist Chakra in the body.

Fortunately, Shangyuan Nairou has received the ultimate changes and three blood sustaining boundaries of Chakra attributes, not too shameless.

Know the base.

Shangnai, this squad is still the fastest.

The corner leads that the squad has entered the country, and it is still looking for the column of the seven tail. It should soon grab the seven tail column.

The long gates took Petans to capture the six-tail column. He rushed to the psychic initiator. The first ancestor bird quickly arrived at the destination, and he had already won the six-tailed column, and it is estimated that it will come back immediately.

Just, the long door is in trouble during the capture of six tails.

"Someone saw Tiandao Payne."

When I contacted the original navigation, the door was loud, and the fog village and the wooden leaves were dispersed in the vicinity of the six-tail column. Even if I killed some of them, there were still many missions. Fish. "

The long door is not intended, and the light continues to say: "However, even if they find it, there is no relationship, we have only a difference between eight tails and nine."


The hearts of Shangyuan Nai can't help but sink.

If the leaves and fog are found in the village, this intelligence should soon send it to the board, and will fall into the hands, they will definitely know what the reincarnation is meant!

"Should it be?"

Shangyuan Nai fell to his forehead: "I have already been touched in front of them, I will doubt me in front of them."