I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 261 Opener: These two members have a little more eye

Payne is an inevitable thing.

After the new fifth-generation water shadow encountered the attack in the fog hunger, the new, attempted to launch a plan to use the six-tail column, unfortunately, unfortunately, there was a change in the invasion of the corner, and finally This plan is invincible.

It's just that I didn't give up the six-tail column, and even sent people to persuade him to return to the village.

It's just that the heart-free six-tail stretch refuses to make a proposal, and Yu Gao believes that he has the ability to protect himself, returning to the misty village to face the people who discriminate against or try to deprive the beast.

Illuminated is helpless.

The whole misty village is broken by the tissue. What can I do again a six-tail in the district? At this time, don't you give a child?

Unfortunately, the authority of beauty is really not enough.

Moreover, it is relatively mild, just assigned a part of the ninja monitoring and protecting the six-tail, and continues to persuade him to return to the village.

It is a pity that in the face of the level of the level of Penne, those who are responsible for protecting and monitors can escape and send a few sending letters. At least they brought back the intelligence of the newly exposed members.

In the strict sense, this black pot should be divided by the original Nairu and Zhun Group, and even the group has more points.

If you don't kill the village group rewards his dark harvest, Shangyuan Na will not destroy the fog hidden village for the force of the dark harvest.

If Shangji will not destroy the fog village, it will not deliberately protect and monitor the column of the six-tail.

Now I have got a new round-edge member and the six-tail column missing information, and send people to their allymous leaves, because of the information on the report, Sandy Village And the fog hidden village, the leaves are shared by each other.

Wooden village.

The fifth-generation fire plan is in the Ninja School, which is very rare for the agency, but she has to take the time of the time to take the time.


The master slammed into the ground, the huge power on the feet directly destroyed the floor, and the entire empty site turned into a ruins!

A group of ninja students who have not graduated, look at this scene, they didn't realize the warmth of the fire, and felt the violence of the fire.

"Hey, what to do, applaud!"

Looking at a group of small ghosts dissatisfied.

After the president of the Ninja School was scared by her, she was rang, and the applause was rang, and it was awkward than the scene just now.

Most of the boys are scared.

Girls are mostly a small fan of five generations.

The opener reads a little girl with exciting little girl. I extended my palm and rubbed the most in front of a white little girl: "The fire is 11 years old this year? I have to graduate from next year. I have to become a ninja. To add a force! "

"Yes, the master!"

After the fire is nod, I suddenly open the mouth: "Adults, can I become your disciple?"


On the forehead, I took a question mark on the forehead, and I watched my little girl and looked down: "I have seen you to practice soft boxing, it is already a genius of Ninja! I have to follow me. Do you do medical ninjas? "

"Do not."

On the day, the fire was shaken quietly, and the hair was slightly pulled, even if she was eleven years old, she could see that she will definitely become a beautiful female nintee.

At the beginning of the flowers, my eyes became somewhat firm: "I want to learn the strangeness of the master, kill the original navigation, revenge for the father!"

Three or four years ago, in the chaos of the wooden leaves broke out, the day, the day, the family's long-lasting sufficiency, in order to protect a group of escaping, it was taken into disability.

Therefore, the whole day, a family, was forced to recommend another Ninja day to the young family, and she was still endured at that time.

Since then, the day will gradually start low-key.

The sun is growing in the pride of the white eye, and the father and my sister are actually very pet to her. She is also a small genius, and she can say that the child's life is alive.

After the end of the civil endorsement, it has changed.

The day, the sufficiency, because the disability is getting lost, I will hopes to pin on the two daughters; the day is very tough to the top day, but during the night, it always sneaked with tears.

After all, all members of the family share of the family, all members of the hunger, the family of the young field, can wear the family burden and the white eyes!

The sun is always looking at this, and I deeply put the name of the enemy in my heart, and her practicing dummy.

Shangyuan Nai!

Shangyuan Nai!

After listening to the day of the fire, I looked at the perseverance and hatred of the white-eyed girl's face. The smile on the planner gradually converge.

"I will not promise you."

The master shook his head.

This sentence will make the day to the fire face.

After a while, the master slowly stroked the head of the fire fire, whispered: "If you don't have to revenge, but to better protect your family, in order not to let the tragedy of the leaves, come back. Looking for me! "


The sun is silent for a while.

After a while, this little girl nodded: "Yes, Naruto."

After leaving the Ninja School.

The master is bored, and I am sighing. "Really, the little age should not be bonded for hatred! Isn't this? Isn't the power of the little ghost?"

"This is the residue of war ..."

Holding a little powder with the mute side by the hand, softly sigh: "When I came to the last time, I saw that the little guy who saw the flying wood pill secretly hid on the side and wanted to assassinate the Shangyuan, always It is noisy to have a three-generation rumored revenge! "

Walking on the other side of Sakura Sakurady smashed his hair, whispered: "At that time, I always feel that the original predecessor is not a bad person!"

"Hey, does this world have pure good people and bad people!"

The master snorted and dissatisfied: "The little ghost is also for his own village, this kind of thing is not very good, after all, he is just a Ninja who accepts superior commands. This topic will not be mentioned later."

Not mentioning this is okay.

When I mention this, the program can't help but want to hide the Village.

Unfortunately, the leader of the roots Zhigang has long been suspected to die, and there is a big block to the wooden leaves before dying.

"Naruto adult!"

A dark ninja flying fell in front of the program, respectfully opened his mouth: "The messenger of fog hidden villages, they bring the latest information!"

Another dark ninja also fell in front of the aperary, Shen Sheng: "Naruto adults, the intelligence of the country of the earth has just passed, Yan Yin Village was killed and killed, and the five-tail column was talented. ! "

Another dark ninja fell in front of the program, whispered: "Naruto adult, the messenger of rock village, they hope to use a member of the members who have not appeared inside the talent about the organization ! "


The forehead of the program can't help but jump.

Just when the program rushed to the Huojun, there was another dark ninja appeared in front of her, Shen Sheng: "Nuger Shadow people, the leader of the homius village is sent to the news, and it is also a matter of reading!"


The mood of the program is gradually violent, and smashes his fist, and a boxing brings down the wall!

After completing this, the aperator bite his teeth and squeezes from the teeth. "I immediately rushed to the fire building, see what is the situation! How can the group of the organization suddenly appear? Large range of action! "

The country of the earth, the country of the country, the country of water.

The psychology of the program is a shadow. If she guess is good, or the news that the fog hidden village and the village of the village should be the news of the unchecked.

The facts are really like a master.

During the fire building, after meeting the messenger of the fog hidden village, he immediately learned that the six-tail column is well-being arrested and a enemy with the legend of the legend.

The intelligence sent by the messenger of , the entire village has not yet come and have a decent resistance, and several members of the tissue drifted the seven-tailed column.

This is no consideration.

After all, there is no such thing as the strength of the seven tail of the seven-tail, and the agency has been mentioned as a protection, but unfortunately, it is dare to agree.

Now fell, I was directly taken away.

The messenger of rocky village is more interesting.

The monk of this rocky village may be a bustle of the wild wood, and they are more likely to get the base position of the organization by negotiation.


The whole person is speechless.

Who is a mother know where the organization is a point?

If the program knows where the organization's stronghold is sitting, she also sits in the Naruto office, and I have already begun to organize the Ninja coalition forces.

The ninja in Yinyin Village has some hesitation. The period of Ai Earth said: "But according to our news is that the fifth-generation style of Wumi Village and Sandy Village will take the fifth generation of the fifth-generation style, I love Luo ..."

"that is because…"

The master wants to say the trial of the original navigation and Yu Yin Village. Fortunately, she is still political sensitive, and immediately re-swallowed the name of the original Na.

After all, once Ji Yin Village took this opportunity, the situation of the wood leaves was greatly unfavorable in the establishment of friendly relations with Yu Yin Village.

"All right!"

The prime hand was taken on the table, and the cold voice opened: "If you are willing to negotiate, then you will take the information on your hand! Can you know the members you know, I have been in our intelligence. The list is on! "


Rocky hidden people are not very good at negotiating.

After a while, he remembered the instructions of the three generations of Shu Shawu, Shen Sheng: "In addition to the information that the leaves can give us the information, we also ask the wooden in the future to find out the country!"

"rest assured."

The apeer looked at the rock hidden virgin, and the smaller scene said: "The more of the teammates, the better.

"... I hope that the fire can comply with your commitment."

The rocky hidden bite his teeth and put the reel in his hand on the watch desk, whispered: "This is the information of the contact between Xi Xiaoyin Village."


The program couldn't help but hook his mouth, and laughed and ridiculed: "We have always thought that your rocky village and Xiao are intimate partners!"

When the country of the Grass, Yan Yin Village has added a lot of casualties to the wood leaf, which is very clear.

Now I saw that Yook Village was also destroyed. The mood of the agency was simply more comfortable. Especially this group of guys now have a wooden leaf; if it is not for the overall situation, the agency really wants to put this rock hidden Get out.


After the board opened the reel, the brow couldn't help but wrinkled: "Is this woman that is the rebellion of Yuyin Village?"

The agency took his own eyebrows and looked at the sketch portrait on the reel: "How to watch it is a bit more familiar, it seems to have seen it."

"Is the Nang Shadow seen her?"

The rock hidden thoughtfully got a letter to him.

To be honest, the rock hidden hidden heart has a little bit of Tang Jun, in the case of a woman who knows the woman on the scroll, is it nothing to do?

"rest assured."

The operator looked at the rocky virgin, whispered: "This member is not included on our wanted list, your information is very valuable, our agreement is still effective."

The rocky hikes turned around to leave.

The hand continued to stare at the reel, and the brow wrinkled.

The rolls are above.

Painting a cold-cooled female nintee.

The female ninja is wearing a rain and threatened, wearing a hobe uniform, which is not too easy to close.

Under the bottom of the reel, a part of her intelligence is written, such as light blue hair, light orange pupil, often wearing a bundle of paper flowers, especially good at some kind of paper, and can ignore physical attacks.

When I was thinking, a tall white-haired man walked into the Huang Shadow office with a yellow-haired young ninja, and some excitedly opened: "Hey, the master, we will come back!"

"Loop? Naruto?"

The agency put down the reel in his hand, and some surprised the head and looked at them: "How do you come back? Do you have successful cultivation? You don't spend a lot of time ..."


Located, I quickly set my fingers on my lips, slowly walked to the watch desk, sighed, and sighed: "Anyway, his immortal mode is successful! It's just a bit of hassle of immortal mode ..."

The nine tail of the whirlpool is not allowed to share the vortex people's body, which leads to the cultivation of the syllable, but it is not too long to continue in the battle.

Fortunately, this little guy also told another shortcut.

After that finished the immortal mode, I also looked at the reel in front of my hand, asked in an eye: "Well, what are you watching? How to express it is so um?"


The eyebrows suddenly wrinkled again, first handed the intelligence scrolls sent by Yingshen Village to each other, and took a vocal hidden village's intelligence scroll and also handed it to it. .

The expression of the agency is not very good. She whispered: "This is what we have just got, and the organization has two hidden members. I seem to have seen it ..."