I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 264, seven or eight years ago, it's dead!

The customs of Yuyin Village.

Some spirits are tired.

After just arrived at the custom shop, I got a full-time woman with a name called a sign. As a result, the woman has been exaggerating the original navigation.

"If it is not an upward majority, there will be no present in the village. Since the Shangyuan adults come, the ninja joining Yuyin Village has more and more, the village has gradually become more and more prosperous!"


At this moment, human sorrow is not connected, and now I only feel that this bowel girl is a bit noisy, but he is not a navigation.

This is a difficult woman who is called a visit to a lot of sleep, and laughs and said: "Guests, what happened, is it sleepy?"

"I am actually still good."

The wine glasses are also swayed, and some if I don't have anything else. "The leader of this village is called the mountain pepper half-collected? He trusts the original navigation?"

"what did you say?"

"I said that the leader of this village seems to be called the mountain pepper half-hidden ..."


The hand has a finger, and the son said: "Guest, this name can be mentioned here, in case, by others, it is said to the angel."


"Yes, the angel is the teacher of the Shangyuan."

The plan is very urgently waved, whispered: "If you talk about the name here, after the angel, you will never let you go!"

"Oh, can't you mention half?"

I also touched my own chin and re-started thinking.

If you haven't remembered the wrong, the flagmark guy is as if it is also mentioned, and Shangyuan Na will have a teacher who is ongoing the wooden high-level, enough to affect the decision of the mountain pepper.

I really didn't expect.

Location, I also destroyed, Yu Yin Village prohibited anyone to talk about the mountain pepper half-hidden, and gradually worshiping a ninja called angel and the original navigation, people feel very strange ... Is it too cautious? ?

"In fact, the so-called mountain pepper is also killed, and it is also killed."

This is a flashing woman suddenly approaching the coming side, licking the little voice: "My husband is the ninja in the village, I listen to my husband mentioned that the mountain pepper is half-hit by Shangyuan. Drop, the body is also hung by the Shangyuan adult on the tower! "


I was slowly swallowed, and after listening to the woman's woman, I sprayed out!

"What do you say? Do you already have a husband?"

After saying this sentence, I slammed my head and said something more important: "Wait ... You just said that the mountain pepper half hide is killed by the original navigation? The body is also What is the original? "


I do not believe!

How can this?

What exactly is going on?

How can this happen?

Shang Nai Lu has always been the most loyal ninja for the mountain pepper half-homing, and I don't hesitate to violate his own conscience. Every time, it is a man with a sadness of the mountain pepper half-hidden, and even helps the mountain pepper half a treasure of life.

If the original navis is falling, the mountain pepper is half-hidden. This news, the pro-disciples of the leafless shadow are as amazing!

Moreover, the mountain pepper is half-hibernation!

Is wrong, is it illusion?

The color of the coming is suddenly changed, and my own fingers are erected, and slowly mobilize Chakra disrupture in the body, which is a way to break the illusion.

This is not a illusion, just there is no magic.

After a breath, the look gradually became incredibly ugly. After entering Yu Yin Village, he got such a secret of subversive human life!

If it is not there today, I don't know how to say that the oral adults have been said that half hidden adults have, and a pair of Shangyuan Na, which is very loyal to the mountain pepper, and then kills the mountain pepper half-hidden!

"When is this?"

The face has gradually calm down, suppressing the shock in my heart, he wants to continue to explore the news, hoping that the mountain pepper is half-tibia is only murdered during this time.

Will it be ...

Shangyuan Na Ruo felt that half of the rule of rule kill him?

Still do you worry?

Under the original Naidu, the little guy looks completely unlike this kind of person. After all, the leaves have secretly stunned in the murder that supports him to become the leader of Yuyin Village, but the last navigation has never been touched.

However, this is called the hand, and the head is shook his head. He bowed his head and thought for a while. "It seems to be seven or eight years ago? When Yu Yin Village is very strict, every day is war, is the Shangyuan adult killed the mountain pepper Half hooded, it brings the current peace! "


Buning ...

Seven or eight years ago ...

The hand is also slightly shaking slightly.

Just now, he has the urge to crush the wine glass.

Shangji Na will be half-hidden in the seventy-eight years ago!

Late my heart, I respect the original Nairi, and the original navigation of the original navigation is all over the whole body.

That little ghost ... is hidden!

To be honest, there is a little crash.

At this moment, the three views of our own feelings feel.

At the end, the guy didn't change the loyalty to the mountains in front of them, and even then last years of time!

Seven or eight years ago killed the mountains!

This means that all of the original navigation is all fake!

In the past few years, Shangyuan Nairou's action is generally playing the names of the mountain pepper half-hidden, a parallelistic face.

Once the negotiations, the Shangyuan must be a half-hidden people to close the ninjet, a pair of half-hidden people are looking forward to look at it, it looks quite awkward.

The agency said that I have read more than once, the mountain pepper is half-hidden, and there is such a loyal and powerful genius ninja, especially the original navigation.

Oh shit…

This guy is too powerful!

If you are a movie or TV drama, you will definitely play a male protagonist!

Below, you can't help but remember the mountain pepper half-hidden.

In the past few years, the number of people in the past has increased, and the number of people in the mountain pepper has increased. Before he coming to departure, the aperator is still accuseing the mountain pepper half-homing only.

Half-section is always unhappy, and the wooden leaves are in the upper and lower problems. If you let the leader of the original navigation, it is good ...

Now think about it ...

Also, fucking is sorry for half a hide!

Yu Yin Village is a scam, a scam of the original naval, no wonder that the messenger of Yuyin Village has always been the original navigation, he is worried about the half-hidden intelligence that others have leaked?

These are indeed shocking.

No, it should be said to be shock!

Location also restarts recall, why is there any people who have never been discovered in the mountain pepper semi-hidden?

Obviously, the original navigation has been raised so many times, and there is no reveal of any flaws. It is the name of the Ninja Half God to think that this is absolutely not there?

When this guy is still in the exam, it is innocently to say how they have difficulty in the rainy village and the tissue civil war, and the face is sad and stronger, no matter how it can also violate the leader of the leader of the leader!

I also remembered a scene of the past.

"I am a half-tibia who is very trust!"

"I will never violate the order of half hidden people!"

"I didn't get this agreement, how do I have a half-hide?"

"Our leader is the ninja half-gods and pepper half hidden adults!"

"No one can defeat half hidden people, he can defeat the organization with one person, drive them out of the rain!"

No ...

Still a bit want to swear.

If you are killed in the seven-eighth year of the pihydrazi, it will be killed, and everything happens, such as the three-generation rigs and the land of the grass, the hurts, etc. Decide.

It's awesome ... Shangyuan Nai!

The shock of my face is also slowly controlled, and I have a sense of amazing and shock, after all, when I am most dangerous in the battle, I can't say anything else, I can't help but sorry.

Shangyuan Na, it is really a talent.

The water of the endurance is very deep.

Many secrets are hidden.

However, the original Na Ruo, this guy has been open, and there is no flaw in the mouth of the mouth and pepper.

It's really excellent ... Shangyuan Needs!

Someone else is a sneaked to steal information. The little ghost has stolen a rainy village with no attention in everyone.

However, Yu Yin Village will definitely be invaded for so many years, why have no one to find this secret?

I have also begun to think about this problem.

Is the ninja other sneaked into the rainy village?

If he left now, will he be the first person to succeed from Yuyin Village? If you don't go, what is dangerous?

But I'm coming ...

It is also faintly feeling, and if he continues to trace it, there will be more gains, and Shangyuan Na will definitely not only hide this!

That little ghost ...

Method is definitely very big.

After all, Yu Yin Village covered the truth of the mountain pepper half-crossed, but also hide this secret with many means.

"Put, your husband is coming!"

Sitting in a ridiculous woman listening to someone shouting outside, I can't help but frown: "How? Husband is coming? Isn't he going to the bottom patrol in the village today?"


After listening to the gangli, I left the custom shop, and the news he heard here was too little, but went to catch a ninja to interrogate.

By the way, I have to confirm that the hand is true.

No matter what, a woman in a custom shop is too missing, or should still catch a ninja to ask about more truth?

Camel room.

Shangyuan Na will slowly drink tea, look at the customs of the customs, and quickly sneak into the underground pipe area of ​​Yuyin Village.

"It seems that I know some of the truth!"

Shangqi Nai's mouth, laughing down the tea cup, whispered: "But how much can you know? Even if you think that you have explored the information, it's just a corner of the iceberg ..."

Shangyuan Na will shook his head and shook his head, loudly: "Today's tea is recorded, and the bill is sent to an angel's office."

"Yes, Shang Shang people."

The waiter in the teahouse hurriedly nodded.

The villagers in Yuyin Village are most accustomed to this matter. All the consumption all consumers in the village will pay by the angel.

After the navigation, I took a nod, I took a umbrella from the waiter's hand, I walked into the rain under the rain, and went to the underground pipe area.

When I was on the street, a thousand paper crane fell on his shoulders, and the voice of Xiaonan came out: "Shangyuan, can you determine the position of the teacher?"


Shangji nodded, whispered: "The big people just came out from the customs in the village, rushing to the underground pipeline, just there, there is no villager there, we can solve him there."


Thousands of paper cranes were silent for a while.

After a while, a group of origami composed of the zo-paper crane overlapping, appearing in the front of the original Needle, and formed a look of Xiaonan.

Xiaonan looked up at the signboard of a custom shop, frowned, hid into the umbrella of Shangyuan Na.

"These places in the village must be banned."


Shangyuan never shook his head, close to Xiaonan's shoulders did not let the rain wet to her, whispered: "We still go to see the coming and adults! Xiaonan teachers haven't seen him for a long time?"


Xiaonan's face flashed.

The three years of studying under the door in the past is actually very happy, because they don't have to worry about being hunted, don't worry that there will be too many dangers.

And it is also a very good person to disciples.

If it is not the secret of the rainy village and the text of the organization, Xiao Nan really does not want to fight his own teacher.

"Okay, let's go!"

Shangqi Needle to go out of the palm of the small hair, laughing and opening: "If you want to solve it, you can not be so easy!"

And he is here, so it is not easy.