I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 265 of the little ghost, I will not believe in the word you said!

Yu Yin Village.

Underground pipe area.

It has gradually added your own mood.

As a professional training, no matter what happens in front of our, you will feel that you can hide your emotions.

The only trouble is ...

Shangyuan Na was too much lie, there is too much, and it feels that there is a number of times in a moment.

The death of the mountain pepper half-hidden death was also a loophole, and there was a lie to the other words that he was said to be said.

How can I have this kind of people in the endurance?

General Ninja lie is a man who occasionally lie, or occasionally discloses a fake intelligence, why do you take out this guy?

Shangqi Nairi has always fallen in the mountains and semi-cultivation, and it is also a bunch of lies in the middle of the mountain pepper half-hidden, and then I have just thought that one of the top pricks may be fake, and I will think of another thing. May also be fake.

Everything is fake.

Everything is a lie.

What is the truth?

Everything is even, it is trying to guess analysis, I can't guess it now, because the original neighborhood is completely disintegrating, let him not touch anything at all.

It's just a famous lante, I was taken out of the top for a long time, who knew what this may be true, but it is just a half-hidden name; which is not happened, but is pushed In the half-hidden head?

Mom, how can the endurance appear?

I also feel that I have been traveling in the endurance. I haven't experienced something for my fifty-year-old experience. Who has never seen?

But the last navigation is that this kind of person is really a style of painting!

After a while, I found that I didn't seem to enter some misunderstandings. He came to Yuyin Village to get the information, not to think about the original naval to the end of the mountain pepper half-hidden name!

Maybe Shangyuan Nairou and his teacher just think that the ninja half-god of the mountain pepper half-hidden is loud, just take it out to scare others, don't dare to enter the country of rain?

I also blind my wrist, two rain hidden people who patrol the underground pipeline area, bite the bite said: "Next is a good question, I'm looking for this little ghost, there is no relationship, then go to find Looking for information about Xiao ... "

At this moment, I also expected that the original naval and his teacher just simply want to occupy this rainy village, and even if they are afraid of the original navigation and his teachers have nothing to do.

For example.

Even if Shangji is retired, I have also hidden with Zhun Village, and the big snake pill collude pick up the chaos of the wooden leaves, and the three generations of rigs are hidden. It is not something big.

First, for the leaves, the best situation is that Yu Yin Village has promoted the creation of the text, and they finally followed the intersection, and became a life and death.

In this way, the leaves and Yuyin Village will continue to do allies.

Second, for leaves, the worst case is the core member of the original navigation is still a core member, and has been providing a message to provide wooden leaves.

At this point, the leaves seem to have been in the palm of their palms.

"The situation should be not so bad?"

I also lick my own temples, flying in a certain area of ​​the underground pipe, tracking the two rain hidden, whispered: "The original Neganta will save people, the character will not be so bad. ? "


When it was also used to bind the two patrols, when Into the intelligence in their mouth, I discovered that I was very bad than I imagined.

Among the stomach wall.

I also touched my own chin, I looked at the two in front of him, and laughed and opened: "Who is Shangyuan Na? Is it a leader of Yuyin Village? Can you see this? The people of the village are very respectful! "

"The Shang Shang people have the most perfect ninja ever!"

A slightly large patrol of a grade is bite the bite, Shen Sheng: "If you want to assassinate the original adult, then you can die!"

"Ha, the most perfect ninja?"

I can't help but laugh, and I have gradually been more evil in my eyes: "Hey, you and your wife's wife say it!"

"Betting, how do you know my wife is a plan!"

The face of middle-aged patrol rain is gradually angry, and it is a bit helplessly looking at it. "I didn't expect that your enemy will still investigate my little role?"

"Hahahahaha ..."

After laughing and laughed, I looked at the middle-aged patrol rain in front of my eyes, and I wanted to see your wife. Let's tell me! What is the fish half? What is the leader of Yuyin Village now? What is the Shangyuan Na? "


Middle-aged rain is caught in silence.

After a moment, the middle-aged rain slowly shook his head, and he went wrong: "Eight years ago, it is said that the Shangyuan adult is under the orders of Payne, killing the mountain pepper half-hidden, put the half-hidden body hung a high On the tower, there is a shelter from this rain in Yuyin Village. "


"Yes, the leader of Yuyin Village is Bene, he is the real god in this village, Shangyuan adult and his teacher angels are God sent mers!"

"God? Payen Angel?"

I also blind my forehead, I feel that my heart jumped, how to get the secret of Yuyin Village seems to have more and more?

Pethen and Angel These two people are not very good, a self-proclaimed angel, a self-proclaimed angel; and this so-called angel or a teacher, then the strength of this angel knows.

If you look at this, the status of Shangyuan Na is still the bottom.

I couldn't help but touch myself: "I sound the position of this guy in this guy doesn't seem to be as high ..."

"Do not."

Middle-aged rain shook his head, Shen Sheng: "Shangyuan is the leader of the next generation of Yu Yin Village, he is really able to bring happiness in Yuyin Village!"

"Oh ~"

Since then, I suddenly nodded, and suddenly I saw: "So the original navigation, the angel and Payne are not members?"


Middle-aged rain slowly hangs down.

After a while, this middle-aged rain shook his head and biting his teeth: "This kind of thing, we don't know."

"Your pulse is accelerated."

The coming face gradually became a little ugly, and sighed. "It seems that they may be a member of Xiao, the situation is really bad than I think ..."

Live for more than 50 years old.

He still saw this situation for the first time.

On the side of the camp standing in their rushing, the members of the organization shouted to kill, and even guided the two sides;

On the one side, in the camp of the tissue, I directly attacked the big country to fortune, and took away the tail of the village and the column.

The coming is suddenly aware of a question, that is, why often there will always be a few ninja wearing a hood in the member of the organization, that is because they have to hide the identity, the original navigation is very likely to participate in the big country. Rim!

"Unable to understand ..."

Locating your forehead, recalling the first step of the original Nairi: "Why do he want to do this? Leading the information, even helping to save the five-generation style of Sandy Village, but attack destroy Big country tolerance ... "

Anyway, I don't understand myself.

So far, the endurance has never happened, who has seen the guy who is so jumped at the last navigation, jump in two major enemy camps!

The face has changed, assuming a direction: "Is it to steal the information, convenient for them to capture the column power? No matter how, you must first find a way to continue to find out the original naval, angel and Payne these people intelligence…"

Underground pipe area.

The heavy rain is gradually stopped.

A middle-aged rain has now made a figure, organizing his clothes, step by step to the depths of the rainy village pipeline area.

When this middle-aged rain endures into the depths of the pipeline, the two people appeared in his position, which is the homage of Xiao Nan and Shang Na.

Shangyuan Nairou slowly collapsed his umbrella, asked softly: "Teacher, is it in the body in the village?"

"Well, it is a graphic graphics."

Xiaoshan got the head, reached out and took the water beads on the shoulders, whispering said: "The teacher's flat exercise can cause the body to hide his body within the shadow, thus Manipulate the actions that endure. "

"Very great sneaked surgery."

Shangji Na Ruo is curious to look at the depths of the underground pipeline, laughing: It seems that he has received our intelligence, and now you should go with our adults. "


Xiao Nan hesitated nodded.

At the same time, the voice of the long door also sounded in their ear: "I have sent the beast road to Benes to help, and the most important thing to deal with the teacher, the most important thing is to cope with his spirit beast, other Pei Well arrive at time. "

"It doesn't matter!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his palm, whispered: "I have already touched a spirit beast called , the strength is not good, I will solve him!"

"Shangyuan, don't underestimate the power of the teacher."

The sound of the long door is hidden, and it will continue to say in the sky: "Even if it is me, you can't guarantee that you can easily resolve the teacher."

"In short, let's take a greessive first!"

Shangyuan Na Routed to the depths of the underground pipeline, showing a smile on the face: "No matter what to say, the people are also taking care of Xiaonan teachers and long-haired adults.

Nowadays, adults come to our village, if they rash, it is too rude! "

Xiaonan: "..."

Chang gate: "..."

Shangnai is like it really makes sense.

In the face of the old teacher, at least you should say hello, now it is necessary to tell the tap, why will they go to this point today?

Deep underground pipeline.

The middle-aged rain that has been controlled by

"Is it very bored in the shadow?"

Shangyuan Nai's figure suddenly appeared, grabbed the shoulders of this middle-aged rain, squinting at this middle-aged rain.

Shangyuan Na, smiled and said: "From the shadow of the underground, it is breathable, and we have always looked at you!"


The rudeness hiding in the rain has also been tight.

Since I was found, then I didn't hide it?

In the next moment, I slowly drilled out from the shadow of the rain, and I recovered my body a little bit, and I looked up at the original navigation, and my eyes gradually became complicated.

In front of the Shangyuan Na, wearing the uniforms of Xiangyun black robe, which also showed the identity of the original Nairi, which also shows the attitude of the original Na.

Shangyuan Na, no longer hiding himself a member.

It's gradually difficult to look at the gods, and the eyes are slightly tightened and watching the original Na Rong: "I have never thought about it, will you be a member?"

"This ah ..."

Shang Nai was settled to open his palm, it seems to show his clothes, laughing and laughing: "The people are also adult, then do you think this dress is good? This is more than 20 years ago. The uniform is beautiful. "


The mouthful of the mouth can't help it.

Now is the clothes that discuss the organization look good when you look good!

Only, the original Nairies revealed a message, that is, is it already established in 20 years ago?

This time is enough for a long time!

This also means that there is a thing, and there must be a deeper person behind the scenes, because the so-called homissy is only a wooden ninja in this time, it is not qualified!


At the end of the original navigation, I looked at it. I laughed and continued: "I am also adults, why don't you ask me in a routine? You should ask me, twenty years ago What happens, these ... "


The mouth is also smoked, and I looked at the original navigation. I didn't speak well. "Do you ask if you ask, will you tell me the truth? Do you have a guy who is full of lies? True? Little ghost, in your mouth, the mountain pepper half hide has grown for seven or eight years! "

"Hahaha ..."

Shangyuan Nai can't help but laugh, it is obvious that he can imagine that it is also known to die in half of the seven or eight years old, showing anything.

Just laughed, the expression of Shangyuan Nairo gradually became serious, he looked at the way: "Other things I may conceal, but about 20 years ago, I don't have it. Conceal. "

Shangyuan Nai went to wave, and after the scared rain was left behind, he loudly opened: "After all, 20 years ago, the reason will be born, because of the big people!"



On the face of Shangyuan Na, I showed a bitter laugh and shook his head: "Because a wooden ninja cultivated three disciples, a famous organization was born; because of another wooden, this name is The organization went to destruction and extreme. "

Looking at the original navigation, his face gradually became more and more complicated, and it seems to be a three disciples of Biko, Xiaonan and the Gate.

Just as the original Na Rui thought that it would continue to ask him in accordance with the routine, and then slowly shake his head: "Little ghost, although I don't know what you will say, but I know that you said one word. It's worth trust! "


Shangnai is falling into silence.

Why is it not willing to play a license by a routine?

Isn't it hidden in the past?

His reputation really drops so low?

Shangyuan Nai Lu also looked at it and sighed in the quiet place: "If my words are not worth trusting, then Xia Nan teacher, will you believe?"

He heard a familiar name.

The face has changed, and he also noticed the name of Xianshan in the mouth, couldn't help but low channel: "Xiaonan ... is your teacher?"

Next moment, there is also low channel: "Small South is the so-called angel of Yuyin Village?"


Shangji nodded, laughed: "It seems that it seems that there is not much thing to know!"

Located, I also looked at the laughter of the original Needle, I couldn't help but open: "Who knows that your little ghost is true! Small south is the most gentle person in my disciple, how can she teach you this ... "

"Nairu said yes."

An ice-cold female voice appeared in this open area.

A blank paper floated from the air, suspended in the air, gradually constituting a person's appearance, is Xiaohan.

Xiaonan's eyes were complicated, and I got a breath, Shen Sheng: "I haven't seen it for a long time, and I also have a teacher."