I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 270 Teacher and Disciples' Commitment! (Third!)

"It's a big battle!"

The coming is also coming to all the enemies present, and the smile on the face is not reduced: "If you look, all the members of Xiaoyu are here?"

Located is still very happy, but his heart is sinking, all members of all members and observing information books are different.

The hearts of the people can't start thinking about a problem. If these members are all invaded, can the wooden leaves really block?

The answer is definitely can't stop!

The strength of sandy village and fog hidden village is not mentioned. Single is only a rock village that is destroyed in front of him. In fact, it is different from the strength of the leaves. At that time, the Ninja invaded Rock Village, it seems to have only four or five people. ?

I also secretly pinched my fists, so he must be here today, and desperately solve some people's hands, reduce the strength of future tissue invading the wooden leaves!

"I really didn't expect it!"

The pharmacist took the head and looked at the head and slowly pushed his own glasses. After lectured out his tongue, he licked his own lips: "It will be here to encounter a big person ..."

"this is…"

The expression of the cactus has changed, and the face is difficult to open: "I finally cultivated successfully the dragon cave fairy mode?"

"How can it be?"

The expression of Mysa Cactus is invisible.

Snake is a natural enemy.

Between the three holy places, it has been following each other.

Just the dragon cave fairy model, just restrained the Miao Mountain Cactus model, just the difficulty of the dragon caucasian model cultivation is very high, never heard that someone can practice success.

I didn't think that the immortal of the cactus and Miamea fauna did not think that there was still a cultivator who was cultivated successfully the Dragon Decorated Mode.

"It turned out to be this little guy ..."

I also recognized the picture of the pharmacist, Shen Sheng: "In your body, I perceived the existence of Big Snake Pill."


The pharmacist learned the big snake pill, licking licking lips, laughing and opening: "If it is not a big snake pill, maybe I am hard to learn such a strong style! Just can here, but a big snake pill Wish ... "

"Is the person who wants to block is the teacher of the Naruto?"

Yiszozou helped to stand around the pharmacist, the brow wrinkled, his body gradually slammed a skeleton, cold voice opening: "Anyway, he can't escape, give it to me to solve it!" Just take him to experiment with my surgery! "

"this is…"

When I saw Yuxi, when I saw Uneche, the smile on my face slowly converges, just carefully watching the purple skeleton on the body: "Is there a case of the ultimate pupil of Zhongyu Zhiwei?"

"Hey, it seems that your wooden leaves have not forgotten the prestigious name of Yuxi!"

Yuxi Bozuo looked in a blind man, and the body must be able to condense, he will continue to say: "Just taking the wooden leaves three to bear the knife, come to the Unechebra kilobo with you!" "

"Sasuke Uchiha…"

After listening to Sasuke, I remembered the seventh class of the wooden leaves, and I sighed a good air: "Is it a little guy who walked the wrong way?"

I have to say that Ursi Bozo helps really become strong!

The ultimate pupil of the kaleidoscope should be able to open, and it can be called the eligibility of the enemy, which can be used as a wooden enemy, or even the huge harm.

Single only Yu Zhiso Sasuke and the two of the two born leaves of the pharmacist, let the mood of the two .

As for other people ...

All the talents in the village of fog are all in the organization, which makes people feel like collecting, collecting them.

Didala, Red Sand, Corner, Flying Section, Hui Night Jun é Lu, white.

Wood leaves collected some information about these people, and there is no doubt that everyone is tricky to leave, especially when they put on Xiangyun black robe, the general will consciously think that their strength is sufficient. powerful.

Among them, there is a yin and yang face of a pig cage.

This weird guy doesn't seem to be noticed, but the member of Xiao, every one can not be underestimated.

There is also the Tiandao Payne, Xiaonan and Shang Na, standing behind.

In the face of such a powerful lineup, the words that you want to escape are all impossible, unless there is any ambitions in his side ...

"This day is still still arrived!"

I also slowly erected my fingers, my body suddenly climbed down, cold tang: "But there is also a fantastic story, but it is far from the end! Immortal · Mao Needle!"

A white hair is a sharp thousand, and the dense Ma Ma is shot toward the families in front of him. It is almost like a cloud of clouds.

" · !"

Have your own fingers in an instant.

A side of the ice wall appeared in front of everyone!

It is unfortunately that this ice wall cannot resist the too strong impact. After a few seconds, the ice wall is shot from the hair needle!

Next moment, a movie is standing!

Yizhi Bozuo has opened his own must, block the dense Ma Ma's needle, and smiled and opened: "Hey, wood leaves, it doesn't look good!"

"I have seen it! Immortal · Five must do!"

It is also released with the two , a group of flames rushed out, this is the combination of fire, oil and wind, the combination of Xianli, and woven everyone in front of him. !

However, there are seven people in the opposite side of the hidden village!

As a long-term and wooden Unexpea, the enemy's fog, mostly, it is good at responding to the fire, and naturally does not mess with the foot.

Especially the ghost light full moon, ghost lights, Lin Yuyu, is profitable and mortar ghosts, they are all foggy villages in the rushing tolerance!

Next, the four talents seven people combined with palm printing, Zhangkou went out of the air-shaped oil and sprayed a wave: "Water in the water!"

Even if I gathered the fire oil, I was also blocked by the water arrays released by four people, and the steam was moving in the lake.

Almost consciously think that I have caught the opportunity, the figure suddenly appeared next to the water array, pressed the hand: "Xianfa · super large jade spiral pill!"

Can kill one is a person!

It's hard time!

In any case, when you kill a ninja, you will be able to die when you will be invaded by the wooden leaves, and you will die less people.

In the face of the water array, this defense is, just the spiral pill is its gratitude!

Just like this water wall and fog, solve an enemy with super jade spiral pills!

" · !"

The white bloom has erected his palm.

The tall water wall is fully equipped with a iced wall.

It is a pity that this ice wall can not stop the discretion, and the super-jade spiral pill has broken through the defense of the ice wall.

However, a smell of the smell is stopped with this spiral pill!

The chanmon godged and looked up and laughed: "It is not delicious at a little. It seems that these adds of the odor.

This is another terrible place to know.

No matter what the style, there will always be the Ninja that can crack.

I can't help but wrinkle my own brow, and the killing of my heart is more rich. These people gather together as if there is no weakness.

"Ghost, step down."

Tiandao Petion stepped on the water to walk through the water, and slowly appeared in the hands and black yin and black rods. Looking at the voice: "The teacher is also the teacher, don't want to continue to resist , Let me send you a trip! "

"Hey, it is good, you are really hard to wrap!"

I also got my nodded, my face flashed, and my heart couldn't help but have a sorrow of a hero.

A generation of newcomers change old people.

Even if he is the three wooden leaves, it is a bit unfortunate in this situation. I want to be some cheap in front of such a powerful nature.

Are you all entrusted in the Naruto in the future?

"That is to solve him, it should be the strongest Paice!"

I also pinched my fists and rushed to the direction of Tiandao Penne, but unfortunately greeted him is a indifferent voice.

Tiandao Payne smashed, watching the position, and extended his palm of his hand without expression: "Shen Luo Tian!"

Next moment, I can't get out of the ground!

After the members of the organization saw Wes, their respective dispersion returned to the battle between them.

"Just hit it in an instant."

It's ugly to climb, and the Zhang has spurting a blood, whispered: "Don't see what is the style ..."

Deep as the cactus and Zhisai fairy have also been thrown into the shoulders by the god of Payne, and the two

The fairy model is also broken in an instant!

A black thief shot, hit the shoulder!

I also saw this scene and whispered: "Hey, I am deep as a cactus, Mysma Cactus, my things please!"

"Hey, Xiao Li!"

Whenever the cactus and Zhisai fairy still want to say something, the two black rods have attacked them from behind, they must put them on the ground!

The body suddenly broke out with powerful power, on the water, reach out of your two arms to help them block two yin and yang!

Now his body is inserted with three yin and yang, blocking the shoulders, Chakra flowing on the two arms, and even the printed can not be done, and now, now there is almost no resistance!

Deepness of the cactus and Miama cactus flashed a shock.

"Old Poizon, you will go first!"

After the cactus waved the will, the Maxian was retreat, jumped to the bodies, and exhaled his strength to pull him out of the yin yang.

Unfortunately, no one will be willing to give it a chance.

The Tiandao Wen's palm is once again condensed a yellow-yang black bar, aiming at the position of our own, whispered: "Goodbye, the teacher ..."


Shangji, he looked at the small south of the mood to twisted his head, slowly reached his palm, gently holding Xiaonan's fingers, shot her palm, comforting Xiaonan's emotions.

Just in this somewhat tragic atmosphere, Xiao Nan silently took a while, suddenly looked at the original navigation showed a complex smile: "Needel, in fact, I really don't want to come to the teacher ... When you become my disciple, after you become my disciple I have already learned the mood of the teacher ... I am also very worried that we have a day ... "


Shangning Nai was caught in meditation.

Some words of Xiaonan have a little bit of understanding.

The hearts of Shangyuan Na, gradually and slowly cleared the fingers in his palms, slowly hanging down: "The teacher is worried, one day we will become a long-haired adult and the adults? "

Shangyuan Needo slowly closed his eyes, a word opened a mouth: "Xiaonan teacher, how can I hurt you?"

"Do not."

Xiaoshan looked around and looked at the original naval, and the orange pupil was somewhat persistent: "I will protect your life, will not let you experience any pain, will not let you lose us together."


The yin and yang in Wesin suddenly shot to the coming!

Just when everyone thinks it will die, even Xiaoshan closed his eyes hiding behind Xiaonan ...

Suddenly there is a time space whirl, a person wearing a mask suddenly flashed around, and reached out and grabbed the body.

Next, the spatial vortex was received.

The mask is looking into the yin and yang, the black rod falls into the water, and the mouth is open: "Hello, no matter what to say, it is too much to kill your own teacher?"

"Yuxi wave belt!"

Many people present have changed their face!

The people present in the field, absolutely, Yuxio Sasuke, Penne, Xiaonan almost all the hatebles of Unechyo belt soil.

No one thought that Unexpello will suddenly appear in this case, and saved it!

Xiaoshan's face has changed, the brow is tight, whispered: "How can Yishibo be seen here? Why do he save the teacher!"

"It should be to deal with us!"

The face of Shangyuan Nae has become extremely uncein, Shen Sheng: "Our tail beast is to collect, is Yuxi Bo, this guy really can't sit?"