Some surprises are also surprised.

The words of Unechyo belt are really shocking.

If the information person is the undercover of Unexpello, then this means that the organization's action has always been in the surveillance of Unexpello, it is no wonder that this guy can arrive at this crisis today.

I really didn't think it!

The Shangyuan Nairi, who has been deceiving these great powers. When I arrived at the little ghost to deceive others, I have never thought about it, and Yisi Bo has been deceived behind them.

What happened to this world?

Is this world a large-scale oven game?

After the face, the face gradually recovered. After he bowed his head, he re-looked up and looked at Yisi Bo. He grinned: "You are in the dark one by one." Propose everything? "

The company has slowly spreads your palm, whispered: "Shangyuan Na will deceive us, and you are deceiving them, how do you know that there is anyone behind you?"

"Not bad."

Yuxi Bo will slowly hang down, the sound gradually became calm: "Indeed someone manipulating me behind, but what is the relationship?"

Yuxi Bo touched his mask, whispered: "I used to manipulate the long door behind the scenes, Xiao Nan and Shangnai, who can I wanted to get them, I will go out of the organization. ? "

When Uzhi Bo said, the sound gradually became gloomy: "As long as you have enough powerful strength and precision plan, even if you don't have to turn it, how do you make sure you are not the chess pie? ? "

This is really miserable.

Who can think of the original navar, there is no easy-to-use chess, but directly replaced a player.

It's clear that the little ghost is also jumped!

Why did he be successfully turned over?

Anything about the endurance is almost attended. It has never been seen that his simple smile is hidden in his simple smile. Is it because his age is too small?

Even if I discovered the member of the original Needle, it was not used.

Instead, because of this, let theself jumped into the Shang Shang's chessboard, and began to be used up.

Yuxi Bo is quietly sighing, but it has to continue to continue in his mouth: "Of course, some people will never be fate, such as your two disciples, and Xiaonan."

When I said here, Uchi Board didn't seem to think about anything.

The written eye under the mask flashed a red light, laughed: "Location is also adult, you have found less disciples in Yuyin Village? In fact, the destruction of the Niko led, I also have Serum! "


Lift your heads again.

Next moment, the face was slowly recovered again on the face.

Today's things are too much, and I feel that my heart has been stimulated, and Yisi Bo belt this thing seems to be unseaful.

If someone guides the long door and Xiaonan to go wrong, how can the two disciples become ever?

Yuxi Bo has continued to continue: "The rumor of the endurance is true, the formation of this monster organization is my masterpiece. I will let the long-door and Xiaonan fall into despair, and guide them to create a tail beast weapon."


It is also silent.

Yizhi Board has opened his palm. The voice gradually became more crazy: "In fact, they don't know, the so-called tail beast weapon is just a lie ... Unfortunately, they haven't returned again."

Yischo has slowly turned his head and looked at it. Like the opening: "Let us really have a good one! Both people should now have five disciples?"

When I said here, the palm of Yuxi Board slowly covered her own written eye: "Yeah, it is true, it is fun, and the tragedy of five disciples, it seems to be, I have me. Tight relationship! "


I slowly pinched my fist.

Yes, that's right!

Baiko, long door, small south, wave style, swirls.

Yischo's belt is indeed the murderer of his five disciples. Even if the whirlpool is also a orphan because of the soil.

The face has gradually become gloomy, he slowly stood up, staring at Ux Zhiwei Tongkou: "Little Ghost, are you angry a teacher!"

"Do not."

Yisi Bo has helped his mask, whispering said: "I am giving you a chance, I am also adult, give a chance to save my disciples."

Yisi Bo has opened his palm and laughed: "When you die, you didn't appear, you didn't appear when you sacrifice, you didn't appear ..."

When I said these words, Yuxi Board's voice had a smile: "Now the whirlpool, the long door and Xiaonan, these three last disciples will soon be able to live and die, you can present, Shouldn't you thank me? "

Yuxi Bo belt straight look straight, soft: "The last step of Xiao is definitely in order to capture the nine tail of the whirlpool, and the battle between them is absolutely unpleasant ..."


Late and once again fall into silence.

If you say, he will choose to stand by the whirlpool; but after listening to Su Zhi Bo with so many, he also has a helic on his face.

To be honest, now I want to return to Yu Yin Village, see if I can persuade the long-door and Xiaonan to let their unrealistic plans ...

However, Unexpello seems to think of this, smile and continue: "Laters are also adults, know why I am willing to tell you so much? Because I am confident that this is the fact that I can't change."

Yuxi Bo will continue to say: "And the most important thing is time, the people are also adult, you only have a chance, return to the wooden leaf to tell them the information that is about to invade the hoe.

Or you can also return to Yuyin Village, choose to change the long door and Xiao Nan, but you don't convince their evidence, you can only send it. "

Yuxi Bo has extended his palm and whispered: "You only have a road, that is, I will work with me, but you can save your last disciple whirl."

After Yuxi Bo said, he scratched his head and became the nervousness. "After all, the Naruto is the son of the waterpare teacher. In fact, I want him to live in my heart. Hahahaha ..."


Looking at Yuxi Bo, the look is complicated, and the sound of the soil: "How can the simple Unexpello belt, how can it become this!"

"I have also been forward!"

Yuxi Board's palm slowly covered his mask, and the voice was deeply said: "I have been going to become a shadow, but I found the darkness of the wood, only the power to have the power of the dream."

Yischo belt and looked up and looked at it and said: "Do you want to know it? Late the people, now let me send you back the wooden leaves, still let me lose you down?"


It is also in a long silence.

Yischi Board did not know why, he seems to have been very patient, just like it in place, quietly waiting for a reply.

After a long time, I also slowly lifted my head and whispered: "Today, you said something chaos, from the beginning of the beginning, I have exploded the so-called tail beast weapons, and even give me the option, Available in people can't understand ... "

I also looked at Yuxi Bo, and I showed a smile on my face: "Let me choose to save the long door or save the people, I really have a interesting question ..."

The smile on the face has become a few layers a few layers, laughing and opening: "In fact, are you under the hands? How can Xiaoshan could have to kill his own teacher! "


Guess wrong!

Why can't guess the original navigation!

Yischo belt is almost hoped to analyze the name of the original navigation, but unfortunately, it is a pity that it has been usic.

It is even a bit ridiculous.

Shangyuan, who was controlled in Yuxi Board, was silent for a while, and continued his finger in the face without expression.

The Shenwei is within the space.

After Urcho, the soil has been silent after a few seconds, and the sound is reorganized and gloomy: "You guess the wrong, the people are also adults, this is a game I have created for you, let you call Kill game. "

Yischo's voice echoed in this empty mighty space: "I just want to make this game more fun, I want to see how your teacher treats the disciple of destroying the world ..."

After Unexpello, the light continued to say: "Because the teacher is also good to me, I also want to see what the teacher who is killed by the disciple is ... I said everything is true, I It is true that you want to cooperate with wooden leaves. "

"... send me back to the wooden leaves!"

I also lick my forehead and looked at Yuxi Bo Tongkou: "You tell me so much, don't worry, will we kill you after we solve the long door in the future?"

"will not."

Yischo took the soil and looked at it, and the voice gradually became serious: "Because after solving my long door and Xiaonan, we still have a enemy to cope with it, and then I have to do this after the scene. people."


" ..."

When I said this surname, the voice of Unecy Board gradually became awkward, and finally spit out a horrible name from his mouth: "Spot."

"Yu Zhibo spheres ... isn't it too late?"

"Do not."

Yisi Bo shakes and shook his head and whispered: "For some powerful ninja, life is not difficult to break the barrier, and even the guys who will only sell teammates will live longer. What is impossible? "

After that, Yuxi Bo has opened his mouth again. "

Yuxi wave looked at the soil, Shen Sheng said: "Wait to see it! Yuxibo sphere has been planned everything, so he will return.

This endurance has never been so calm.

Since you have chosen back to the leaves to save the whirlpool, then I will send you to a safe place and the nearest place from the wooden leaves. "

After that, the figure of Yuxi Board disappeared in the Shenwei space.

Empty kinematic space.

Sitting slowly and slowly, and the fist is clenched and retract again: "I can give up anyone who can save anyone!"

Yu Zhibo spheres and Unechebra belt soil can put it first, and now you must find ways to solve the polarism of the long gates and the invasion of the woods!

Ha, as a teacher, you should educate your disciples, help your disciples correct the mistake, isn't the teacher to do? "

I also looked up at the empty mighty space, whispered: "I have a little bit of past, life is always full of tragedy and regret.

But this time, I will never miss anything, Naruto, long door, small south, one will not be less. "

Yuyin Village.

Shangyuan Na will slowly put down your fingers.

"This time I left you, and gave the chance to rebel the fate, one of the people gave you; another person's kindness, when the leaves were invaded, he will give you yourself!" "