I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 274 We may see that the whirlpool is good to see himself? (Fourth!)

Pharmacists feel that the big snake pill should not be too happy.

However, the original Na will think that the big snake will be very happy.

After all, it is afraid of Yuxioba, and there is no use of too long six levels of power, and I will be directly dismissed.

Big Snake Pills can have a chance to feel very lucky.

Shangyuan Na Lu said after the things about the big snake pill, looked up and looked at the direction of Yinyin Village, whispered: "This time we should separate capture the eight-tail column and the column of the nine tail, I should capture the eight-tail column. "

The eyes of Shangyuan Na will gradually be deep: "If I have not guess, go to the woody to capture the column of nine tails, may have only Master of Xiaonan and the nepon.

In order to let everything in our hands, pocket, when I will send a wave wind gate and Yisi Bo belt, there is any situation, when any situation, please contact me. "


The pharmacist nodded respectfully.

After the Shangyuan Na, I was silent for a while, and I continued to open: "I am worried that there will be any uncontrollable things in the middle, if I have something, I must tell me immediately, I will immediately use the time spatial surgery to support."


After the pharmacist nodded, he opened his mouth: "Neaner is worried that they have failed or in danger?"

"Well, there are some other reasons."

After the Shangyuan Nairi is slowly nod, Shen Sheng said: "Although many things in the bearings are in our control, there are still some things that will be easy to have a change, I hope that everything can be smooth!"

If everything goes well ...

It should be smooth?

Shangyuan Na Lu also looked at the pharmacist, continued: "Before I didn't tell you, don't shoot, because you have to do it very important ..."


The pharmacist is just a low promise.

Two days later.

The whole tissue is ready to prepare.

Shangji Nai Lu saw that the system panel suddenly completed a strange task, and this task reward is simply amazing!

Hidden Tasks: If one day, we may know that when the whirlpool people have the opportunity to see it again, I will expose what kind of eyes.

The hidden task has been completed, and the inheritance of the task of talent skills will be rewarded.

The inheritance of the will: the energy of life is increased by 100,000, and the energy of Chakra increases by 100,000. The natural energy increases by 100,000. The life of life is increased by 100%. Chakra energy recovery effect increases by 100%, and the natural energy extraction is increased by 100%.

The reward of this hidden task is very high.

Look at the attribute value of the original navigation.

Name: Shangyuan Needle.

Life energy: 423731

Chakra energy: 421590

Natural energy: 421590

Life energy recovery: 432 seconds

Chakra energy recovery: 216 minutes

Natural energy recovery: 432

Skill cooling reduction: 100%

Surplus gold coins: 6630

This task reward has directly increased 100,000 three-dimensional properties, as well as 100% full property recovery!

Just this task is done a bit strange!

If you have not remembering the wrong, this is in the original history, and the body has entered the sea after the death of Yuyin Village, and there is no in the endurance in the end of the rain.

The second-year enthusiasts expect to have the way to come to the swirls in the way, after all, so many people have seen the people they want to see.

Only the whirlpool is not seen.

It is said that because people who create a tolerance don't know when the whirlpool is coming again, I will show what kind of eyes are exposed ...

Since then, this is a never regret.

This task source should be stem from this matter.

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, and also received the message of Unecage Board: "Is Yischo belt soil not sent a row? How can I complete this task?"

It's not alive?

What is the situation of this reward and a rich hidden task?

If it is normal, perhaps this hidden task does not have the possibility of completion, but because of the time relationship, it happens in the middle of the Yulong.

The people of the wooden leaves think that they will die.

Because of the deep way to return to Miao Mountain, immediately rushed to the wooden leaves through the underground waterway, to the fifth-generation fire, the war, and the intelligence collected from Yuyin Village.

Wooden village.

Nights in the office.

Whenefic cactors inevitably to mention the situation: "How to talk, if you don't accidentally, you should have died ..."

A silent in the fire office.

All people's faces are unfamiliar.

Everyone's eyes seem to have lost colors instantly.


The whirlpool is a blank, almost a roar in the ear, and the body is shaking under the body: "You ... what do you say?"

The apeer quickly reacted, and smashed his fists and smashed his fists. "What is it not unexpected?"

"Things happen too much."

I went deeply into my own eyes slowly, and my face flashed a regret: "I don't want this matter ... but before we relieve the spirit, you have been deeply injured, and All members of Xiaoman surrounded. "

"So, he is not dead yet?"

The whirlpool is slowly released his fist and put his hand into his fist, and his face revealed a few more ugly smiles.

His voice is mixed with a nervousness, even talking about it. Since there is no exactly, it is not exactly how the colorful cactostat is killed, maybe he has escaped it ... "


Spring Sakura is worried about the whirlpool.

After the card took a deep breath, he slowly closed his palm, licking his mouth, whispered: "Be deep, please continue to say!"

"Mother-in-law, the color of the cacto is still dead!"

The vortex moist eyes look forward to the agency, flashing on a hint, almost the next moment, his Chakra will riot!

The finger of the program slightly shakes, she repeated her own words, the sound came out from the gap of the palm: "Be deep in the cactus, please continue to say!"


After the immortal shook his head, I sighed a little: "I am very clear that you are all between you and your little coming, but under the surroundment of the monsters of Xianan, he is in accordance with the physical condition of the little. It is absolutely impossible to escape. "


The fire is still a silent in the office.

Everyone's eyes are not looking for a whirlpool.

The palm's palm is getting tighter, she is still induced by her emotions, whispered and repeating their own words: "Be deep, please continue to say."

"Planner mother-in-law?"

The whirlpool people did not dare to confidently.

At this moment, he didn't even believe in the indifference of the program, or in addition to mute, there is no one to discover the anomalies.

If the relationship between and our own feelings are deep, no matter anyone in the event, it is impossible to have a handful feelings, her sadness will only be more than the present, her emotions will only be more than present. Everyone is more excited.

It is only for many years of ninja career. She must calm down.

The past has experienced the case of the death of the relatives of the relatives, which has her most lovely brother rope tree. Her lovedroad Kato is broken ... until now, the only old friend around the program is also coming to death. Message.

However, the current aperator is the fifth generation of wooden leaves.

Naruto is the spirit of the whole wood, no matter how many sadness in her heart, must now be tailored, this is a niring duties.

The hand's fingers are still close to the lips, the word is open: "Too time is precious, I will not waste the time and information that is going to fight for life."


After the whirlpool, the face was shocked, the face gradually became indifferent, he slowly took his palm from the pocket.

"I know."

The whirlpool is slowly turned, went to the door of the Huang Ying Office, and it has turned down his head: "At that time, if he is not a prime mother-in-law, he will not go to Yuyin Village. ! "

The agency still closes his palm, sitting in the seat of the fire, nodding, and the sound is full of recognition.

"What you said ... is right."

"Is this the attitude of the fire?"

When the fist in the whirlpool is gripped, when he is going to open, he sees the finger of the master's slight war.

Everything in the mind of the whirlpiece is a little bit, and gradually recalls the situation of that day, I remembered that the agency is obstructive.

At this moment, he did not qualify the blame.

Because that day is the choice of our own.

When I was quarreling in Yinyu, the whirlpiece and the apeer were in his side, and the two people kept persuade him.

However, there is no coming from advice.

The anger of the whirlpool is suddenly dissipated. He slowly holds the door handle, and it is slightly smashing: "It's my fault, I should not promise the good song! Sorry, please continue here! "




Everyone's eyes are closely looked at the whirlpool, watching this is always a slave whirlpool, but at this moment, it is a visible Don.

The whirlpool monks caught the tears in his eyes, kicking the door of the fire in the office, and bowed out of the fire.


A hovering fist is on the whirlpool!

A tall figure stands by the whirlpool, the familiar voice appears in the ear of the whirlpool: "Stupid! The woman's chest is very big, but the eyes are very small, you are not afraid of the future Is it a small shoes? "