I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 275 is shocked! Shangyuan Needo is actually a member of Xiao!

"Hey, good color cactus, don't always play my head!"

The whirlpool is habitually covering his head, and when he is unfortunately, he is aware of it.

"Good color cactus?"

The whirlpool is stissified in the original place, and slowly looks at the big white-haired man around him, the face of the red imprint, still hanging the smile.

It is just that I have just returned to the leaves.

The tears of the whirlpiece is slowly falling from the eyes ...

Looking at the whirlpool, I can't help but reach the hand, I can't help but reach it on his head, and I am licking his hair, laughing and opening: "Naruto, forgot what I said? Men's Han is absolutely can't cry! "

"I don't care!"

The whirlpool rings flicked into our arms.

If it is other, the whirlpiece will definitely erase his tears, stubbornly, prove that he has become a qualified ninja.

Now, the whirlpool is only a happy birthday.

I have never seen the whirlow people so embarrassed, just gently rubbed the head of the disciple: "I really don't obey ... If I left, who will take care of you this little ghost!"

"…what is this?"

The whirlpool sounded a sound, only smelling a bloody taste, I feel that my palm touched something, wet his palm.

That is the blood of the wound.

The whirlpool talent looked at the color of the pain on his face, and his face was turned to turn to the door: "Hey, ahead mother-in-law, good color cactus ..."


The door of the entire noodle office was directly removed.

The hand did not change color, lost the door panel in the hand on the ground. When she looked up and saw the coming, her face was suddenly relieved.

" ..."

A touch of smile on your face, telling you your wound: "If you confess, you will tell me later!"


If the program is not careless, just slowly reach out his palm, a green Chakra is incorporated in her palm, falling on the body.

Next moment, when the program was checked, his face changed: "Kakasi, Naruto, immediately sent it to our hospital!"

"no, I'm fine…"

I have a swing and stopped their movements, whispered: "My hurt is actually not a big problem, first in the first treatment, don't waste too much time, because our time is not rich enough. "


"Hey, the master."

The coming is also looking carefully to the apeer, whispering: "Let's help me to treat it! Xiao people know that I don't die, soon invading the wooden leaves, we have to formulate the plan immediately "

"…it is good."

The plan is dull and nodded.

As a person who has experienced many wars, it is very clear that he is in the injury. When he first started, his injury was indeed very heavy, and there were only some foreign injuries left.

Deepness of the cactus also gazed here, it jumped to the shoulders of our own, and the face was full: "Little comes, you are back!"

"It's really, after you have so long your information is still so unsurprising!"

I couldn't help but I watched my ear. I watched my feelings in my eyes. "The last time you gave me a long door and Xiao Nan their many war, now give them to them. Is the intelligence I am fighting? "

"Hehe, hehehe."

Deepening a little smile on the fault.

Nights in the office.

I also sit in the chair and simply handled my wound. I started to talk about the business: "First of all, after I entered Yuyin Village, I got the first news, we have always wanted to invite the mountain pepper half-hidden It's already dead. "

"What is it?"

The card wrinkled his own brow, and his face was suddenly unatth, it was obvious that she thought it was hidden in Yinyu Village.

The prime hand looked up and continued to the coming: "The mountain pepper is half-hidden, and the ghost is the little ghost? Will it be killed?"

"Do not."

I also shook my head and showed a touch on my face: "According to the information I have learned, in fact, in eight years ago, I will kill the mountain pepper half-hidden."

When I said it, I laughed and smiled. "In any case, we can't think of it. Shang Nai Lu is often going to pay for the hidden guys to pay for life, eight years ago. The mountain pepper is half-hung in Yuyin Village! "


Everyone's face is blooming on everyone's face.

Even if the flagmarks did not dare to confuse their eyes, the vortex and the expression of Sakura Sakura was also very surprised.

Because the relationship between them and the original Needs is good.

So the seventh class is undoubtedly self-thinking that they are the most people who understand the original navigation, and they are also friends who go to the original Na.

Flagkarta slowly pulled his extraction, whispered: "If the big people say it is true, then the original navigation is hidden for eight years ... he has said to the mountain pepper half all fake."

"and many more!"

In the next moment, the flagmarks showed a layer of sweat on the forehead: "If this, then a few years ago, when he touched the exam, he used to assassinate the three generations and Zhizhi Tuan Zang Tuanci cooperation? Say he has always been our friend ... "

The expression of the flag-wood Cassi is really not very good.

Because whenever the flag-like Kakasi recalled the original navigation, it would be a little sorry, after all, when I was taking the exam, I was desperate and painful on the face. In order to fight for a point of interest. Crazy ...

To be honest, it is a bit distressed.

After all, a strong genius ninja, the gentleness is also very easy to get along, but the orders of the mountain pepper are half-hidden.

Now think about it ...

Flagkarcasi suddenly felt a good face.

Mom, Shangyuan Na is in the case of herself, and how did the guy shouted the name of the mountain pepper half-hide?

At that time, everyone was distressed.

There is even if the wooden ninja disdain thinks that Yu Yin Village is so interest, just to assassinate their three generations in order to be a little interest.

It's really that I didn't think of it. At that time, I was always taken as a clown as a clown.

I also read a glamorous, and my face had little hestructed because he didn't know what he should say.

It is just the truth or unveiled.

"Yes, he has been lie to us."

I also lick my own temples, I remembered the words of Xiaonan and Shangyuan Na, and slowly shook his head and sighed: "What should I say? The reason why Shangyuan Neuri has assassinated the old man, in fact, it is to cover him to kill The event of Zhun Group.

It is estimated that in order to worry that the disappearance of Zhi Village Tibetan is suspected to be on his head, it should be a fake of alliance books on Zhigun Tibetan and Yuyin Village. Give huge benefits.

Things we have killed in the city, we will never doubt it to the head of Yuyin Village and Shangyuan Na. "


The people who have lived present.

Everyone does not hit itself.

Szui couldn't bught it out: "I really didn't think, we always thought that others were clown, they will be treated as a clown by the guy ..."


The flag-like Kakasi raised his head and looked at it, and Shen Sheng said: "The reason for Shangyuan Nairi kills the hidden village group? Never be to steal the secrets of wood!"


There is a little covered with a little on the face. He lowered his head: "Because the village group hiding United Mountain pepper semi-hidden teacher killed the teacher, the teacher, who killed the village group and put his body. Teacher who gave himself as a gift. "


Everyone in the field is somewhat speechless.

It's just that this sounds.

The master shook his head and sighed, whispered: "The little guy is really a teacher! For seven or eight years ago, when I met him, the little ghost is like this, it seems to be a teacher for his teacher. "

Seven eight years ago.

When Shangji was in the Tang Renni, I met a master. Two people met twice, gambling twice, Shang Nai lost to a hand for a lot of money, and then simply posing the money directly to the agency, said It is his teacher very grateful to the human feelings.

"Ha ha…"

A touch of smiles on the face, he worked hard, whispered: "This is true, after all, we stopped the big snake pills from killing them, and you also gave it Countries have a few dry bread ... "


The plan is stunned to raise his head.

I also lick my own temples, strongly supported the spirit: "Because the teacher, the teacher, the teacher is ... Xiaonan."

"Small South?"

After flashing a wipe on the face, the face suddenly became shocked. She didn't dare to looked at the coming: "Late, you mean ... Shang Nai Lu Lu and Xiaomi Tissue ... Does it? "

Hui Yin Village sent a small intelligence on her table!

If the relationship between Xiaonan and Shangyuan Neur is really, it is difficult to let people stay up with the original Needle and the woven, and the original navigation has always been an important member of the hit.

"Yes, this is what we will never guess."

The face is also sitting pale, as if I think of the shock of this one, I have learned this: "The original Nairou lost the little ghost has always been a member of Xiao, he is still the leader of the next generation!"