I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 276 Mom, how much is the black hand behind?

This news is a bit scary.

After the whirlpools heard the loan, there were some stations could not stand: "Good color cactus, this joke is not laughing at all! If Shangyuan is a member of Xia, then we have been doing!"

What jokes!

How can I be a member of Xiaoyu!

Don't say that the whirlow people are reluctant to believe that anyone presents can't believe this, even if it is a master's face, it is too weak: "Below, can this matter? You know this means What is it? "

This kind of thing is best!

Shangyuan Nairi is a member of the most talented organization in the alliance, and even the information they have been providing them, but they have helped them too busy ... If the original Nairies is a member, then the endurance has become too absurd. Let's!

"I don't want to believe in this kind of thing."

The coming is a bitter smile on the face. He shook his head helplessly: "But the endurance is the original navigation!"

I also looked up and looked at the face of everyone, whispered: "Shangnai Luo has always hidden his identity, and it seems that he is hidden, if I have no sneak in Yuyin Village, under his control, we I will never know this secret. "

"If it is true ..."

The look of the program gradually calm down, whispered: "Then, the intelligence of these alliances, he is almost a clear."


I have nodded, and I will continue to say: "This identity is extremely beneficial to him, even quietly use us, such as arranged us to step into a trap, and easily capture people, after all The purpose has always been a tail beast ... "

"Really ..."

The agency smashed his own eyebrows, whispered: "The little ghost is too deep? It will not cause our doubts so long, even if I have heard this news from your mouth, still not dare I believe this. "

After all, the original navigation is really perfect.

His camouflage has been made too much.

Flagkarcasi also nodded slowly, whispered: "If you don't hear this news from our big population, even others say this, I'm hard to believe, After all, I didn't help us with us ... "

"Shangyuan Seniors ..."

The brow of Spring Sakura is also slightly.

The whirlpool sounded his hair, thinking about the face of the original Na Na, and never smiling, couldn't help but said: "But why should he join the child! Obviously his strength is strong, but also good at many medical ticks, and He also helped me to save my love ... "

I shook my head and shook my head and sighed: "If their purpose is to get nine tail, he does not seem to be difficult to speculate, not to get our trust."

I also looked at the people who were present, the opening continued: "It looks now, his purpose is almost reached."

After that, I also looked at the whisker whispering, whispered: "Don't think that Shangyuan's little ghost is really a good person ... Oh, people who rescue the fifth-generation style of Sandy Village are him, but destroyed The murderer of the entire sandy village is also him! "


The people present again fell again into silence.

They all know how many movements of the organization. Whenever they capture the tail, they are almost directly invading the big country to fortune.

The head is also slowly lifting, whispered: "Shangyuan Nairou has hosted sandy village, foggy village and rock village, the next Yun Yin Village and our village, the little ghost will never be soft Land! "


After a long time.

The rumor is a slow position.

After all, he also felt the level of betrayal of the three generations of rigging shadows, Shangyuan Na, betrayed friendship, did not seem too much impact.

"All right."

The planner took the table and looked at the look at the scene. Some of the people were not very nice, and they also rushed to: "Well, come and come, have you received anything else? Just Not mentioned to the teacher of the original Needar? "


I also slowly pinched my fists, whispered: "The three orphans in the rain in Yuyin Village are also the three disciples I received in the year, one of them is dead, two other people It is the high-rise, Xiaonan is the teacher of Shang Shang, the long door is the leader of the behind-the-scenes. "


Flagkarta rangly looked up, watching it, and asked: "If I have not remembered the wrong, the rumors of the endurance have always been the leader of the talented ..."

After that, after I finished this, the flag-like Kaki slowly lowered his head and smiled: "Ha, yes, the territory is the leader of Xiao, which is the original navigation tell us."

Really ...

Gao Ming's way.

Shangyuan Na Ruo took care of the organization, and shirked to the so-called leader Unexpello sole, this is easy to cause people to enemy, and how can the wooden leaves may doubt this?

"This sentence is not wrong."

Located, I also read the flag-like Kaki, Shen Sheng: "Yuxi Bo belt is also manipulated behind the deeper scene, and even the establishment and all actions are in his control, his purpose is I want to get the long-behemot of the long door in the dark. "

After that, I will continue to say again: "Original Urcho belt and the long door should be the high level of Xiaoxiao, because Yisi Bo belongs to the pot to kill the original navigation, thus being expelled, but Yischo belt soil Still in secret through undercover manipulation. "


Every face in the scene is a bit unhable.

Can you play this?

What operational techniques are this?

There is also a spy in the spy?

It's also quiet to sigh, whisper: "Yuxi wave has been expelled afterwards, and he has been returning to the power of , so he wants to solve the long door with our hands. And the original navigation of these three people. "

"Is it killing people?"

The program wrinkled his own brow.


I also nodded and looked at the opening: "Yuxi wave has no enough power to solve them, just want us to solve the long door ... If we solve the long door, he will re-re- Palm. "

"this means…"

The flag-like Kakasi pulled his own care, whispered: "That is to say that after we solve the current header collar, we must still find way to solve the soil band, this war is the end of the end. ? "

"Do not."

I also shook my head, and his face gradually became more and more dignified: "After solving Yu Zhiwei with soil, we still have to solve it behind the scenes and controlled his Unexpected Boss ..."


Everyone in the field is still falling into silence, everyone's mood is a bit to collapse, this is not endless?

These behind-the-scenes black hand put it here to play the game?

A layer of set, a ring set, how can you play?

These people are not playing the game, and after the future, after the opponent, the next opponent immediately entered ...

In this way, who will get it?

The face of the program suddenly changed, and he also looked at the tap: "Wait ... Yu Zhibo spheres, he is not killed by Grandpa in the end of the End of the end?"

"So this news is doubtful."

After tap, the dignity between the look is still not eased: "But according to my feelings, Yuxi Bo belt should not lying ..." Like the legendary figure, no matter how careful "


The agency has nodded slowly.

The vortex moisturous eye is slightly shake, the expression is quasi-opening: "Wait until we defeated the long door, defeating Uzhi Bo, defeating the Sui Zhihu, should there be a new enemy? "

"Should it be?"

There is also a little doubtful on your face, but he is still a skeleton: "Yuxi Bao is one of the two people standing in the top of the endurance. It should not be more powerful than him. "

After the coming, the face returned to the expression of the pair of lifting: "Only we want to solve the long door, it is also very difficult, because the long door once is the most talented disciple, fifteen years old You can master all attribute changes, and even have a round-e-eye such legendary dupigant.

The fist is gradually squeezed, and the sound will continue to say: "Now it doesn't mention his strength, even if he manipulates, it can also use a part of the ability to look back, and I only got two or three of them. 's ability ... "

After saying it here, I will slowly open the mouth: "And the members of Xiaoyu seem more, our information should also be re-changed, and they are also difficult to cope.

A pharmacist that can use the Dragon Delta modest mode, one gets a kaleidoscope, and even an unprecedented Unecheo Sasuke. "


The whirlpool is slowly hanging down.

After a moment, the whirlpool tonar raised his fighting spirit: "Ha, I have successfully succeeded the cactus mode. This time I can bring the sakura back!"


Location also hooks your mouth and didn't say anything.

This war will be very difficult.

If you want to be taught by the strength of the wood, it is not seen that it is an idiots, even if it is a self-confidence.

Even if I don't mention the hidden Yisi Bao and Yishibo belt, not mentioning the long door that has never been shot, only the more than a dozen s grades can be covered.

There is also the six embarrassment of long-door operations, and every can play an imagination.

After all, no one has seen the power of the round.

The eyes, but the legend of the legendary six cactors!

"All right."

I also looked up and looked at the master, whispered: "Opener, now I will bring back the information from Yuyin Village, the long door will never give up, he should start invading the wooden leaf capture nine The tail plan! "


The master hurriedly nodded, Shen Sheng: "Now let's make a plan to make a plan to ensure that we are in the invasion of the invasion! As for your words, give me a hurt for me!"

Justui's criticism is nervously preparing to have the upcoming invasion to the organization, and fight their first opponent.

Yuyin Village.

Shangyuan Needo lying on his bed, with a hunting on his face: "Oh, someone else reunies, I can only open it here silently ..."