I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 278 Don't rude to Shangyuan predecessors (fourth!)

The long gates have sufficient confidence.

In front of this level of Penne, the advantage of the number is not too significant. Even more ninja is just some of the embellishments used to show strength.

The strongest Tiandao Petion does not say that only the final explosion of Luo Dao is only destroyed.

"Is the leader of the leader to take a person?"

Didala hip hiphook: "If the fog hidden village, sandy village and wooden elite power assembled, this force, even we are not good, rushing in!"


Flying a paragraph looked at Tiandao Payne, stroking the sickle in his hand: "Then this time we can finally see the leader? In this case, I am looking forward to seeing the leader!"

After the flying segment, the smile on the face became shattered: "If the strength of a leader is too bad, I may say that the life of the leader will be dedicated to the evil spirits, come to wash, I joined the shame. of!"



The head of the flying section suddenly fell on the ground!

Lin Yuyu was directly cut down the head of the flying segment from a sharp knife. She took her thunderstorm, and she bite an apple.

"Too noisy."

"Hey, you are a festive woman!"

The head of the flying segment looked up at Lin Yuyu by the forest, Zhang Kang squatted: "Don't sneak attack! I have to give you this born woman sooner or later!"

"To shut up!"

The corners have frowned, and his arm suddenly stretched away the head of the flying section and sewed the head of the flying section on the body.

The corner is sutured with the neck of the flying segment, and he turned to Lin Yuyu. Look for Lin Yuyu: "If you can kill him, it is best to kill him on the spot, I have been tired of this bastard!"

"Hey, the corner!"

When I heard the teammates, flying seven gathered when I was dissatisfied: "What do you mean! We are teammates!"

"I want to help me make money teammates."

When the corner said, I looked at the original navigation. It immediately turned to the ground and looked at the flying road: "Instead of being a teammate who always gives me trouble!"

Mom, flying this mental space!

Will Payne can just happen?

Many people in the tissue are somewhat can't be a day, but the corners are alive for the old man who lives for more than a ninety-year-old. He knows who can provoke anyone can't provoke.

The ghost light is laughing and looked at the forest, and the opening is praised: "Rain is getting faster, your knife is getting faster and faster!"

"After all, it is a thunder!"

The mortal ghost grinned and revealed his full shark.

"Not fast enough."

Lin Yuyu is like a rodent, a little bit of the apple in his hands, biting the apple, swallowed into his stomach, and turned to the ghost light full moon: "If it is the full moon, the thunder should be able Do it faster! "


The ghost light is full of her brother, shakes the head: "The knife is just the basic skills of the knife, there is nothing to show off."


Unechebra helped to see an eye of the temper, the seven people, except for the ghosts, other people did not put in the eyes.

After all, Sasuke himself is very good at swordsmanship, Sui Zhi Wongxing swordsmanship is more than a bit more than one half of these wild roads than to bear the knife.

The pharmacist looked at Yuxi, did not say anything, just slowly pushing his own glasses, low head.

The fragrant phosphorus also put on a Xiangyun black robe, standing around the pharmacist, learning the picture of the pharmacist, and pushing his own glasses.

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white two people are like a small transparent, but they also looked at Tiandao Payne and waiting for Payne's instructions.

Tiandao Payne looked at the members below, the cold voice opened: "Let's take a chance, I will go to the wooden leaves, capture the column of the nine tail; all people follow the original, go to Yun Yin village, capture eight tail columns force."


A piece of frying pan at the end.

Everyone's eyes did not dare to look at the air of Tiandao Payne, they thought that their leadership may pick up a regular team to attack the wooden leaves.

I didn't expect Wes, and they only took their teammates.

This courage is too big!

Anyway, that is also the strongest rush to the endurance!

What's more, the current wooden leaves gathered five-generation rigs, five generations of water shadows and five generations of wind shadows, as well as the high-end power of the three rivals!

Is the leader really not to send people?

The strong lineup of the three great powers, even if the Didara art is bold, even if he let him control the ancient dragon of the original Nairi, there is nothing to grasp ...


Shangyuan Nai raised his head and looked up to Tiandao Payne, Shen Sheng Xiang said: "I still suggest us to catch eight-year-old column, or I will go to the wooden leaves with you ..."

During this time, Shangyuan Na will persuade a lot of time.

After all, he wants to collect two ultimate Chakra's nature changes from Lei Zhi Li and Fire. In this case, he will only be the power of Yin and Yang.

At that time, you can use the whirlpool, the thousand-handles, you can find their acquisition method.


If the long-door insisted on going to the wooden leaves, isn't it to go back to the next time I want to destroy a wooden leaves?

Shangyuan Needs, it doesn't matter ...

I don't know if the psychological quality of the wood rubber is high.

Shangyuan. "

The eyes of Tiandao Payne fell on the Shang Shang, softly reverted: "Don't worry, I have enough grasp, maybe when you catch eight tails, we have come back with the nine tail."

Tiandao Payne interrupted the original navigation to persuade, and the sound: "If there is nothing, you can be prepared!"

After that, the Tiandao Wesin will turn into a smog to dissipate.

Shangji wrinkled his own brows, turned to look at Xiaonan: "Teacher, don't you need to be so anxious?"

"I have persuaded."

The small face showed a worry, whispered: "But he insisted on this, maybe because waiting time is too long, it has been suppressed!"

"I thought he would have passed with other members."

"There is no need."

Xiao Nan shakes his head, whispered in the last night: "In addition to bringing you, Payne is not assured to others; if you bring your words, eight tails must be tailored to capture, Payne worry There is an eyeliner in Yisi Bo.

"I know."

Shangji nodded, slowly closing his palms: "I will go to capture the eight-tail column, go to you as soon as possible."

"it is good."

Xiaonan nodded carefully.

After that, Xiaoshan left the base of Xiaoyan, and went to the long door, because the ultra-long distance combat, the Signal Signal of Chakra sensors was too weak.

Therefore, the long door must start with Paynes.

Just this time they should not need to disappear, after all, the long-haired legs are intact, and there is a quite powerful combat power.

After Xiao Nan leaving.

The black figure is standing around the original Nairi, and the mouth opens: "Don't worry, the power of the round is more powerful than you think ... not to mention any problems, the moon is also allowed to make this The world becomes the way we want. "


Shangnai is a bit speechless.

Black and detailed this king is telling the truth, but this is only half of this truth.

Although I am very embarrassed, I will also be worried about it. I will have a little more resolved in my face: "That is also to worrying the predecessors to help the teacher to survey the information, I will catch the eight tail with the other people!" "

"rest assured."

The darkness is nodded.

The task of capturing the eight-tail column is not a trouble, Shangyuan Nairou has not set up with everyone like a long door.

Shangyuan Nairo glanced at everyone, Shen Sheng said: "This time captures eight tail column, I want to bring Yis Zhi Saiss to help alone, quickly solve the column of eight tails, so as to have an accident, others are temporarily treated in the base Let's! "


Unechebra sang the face to show a satisfaction.


Did Darataton's dissatisfaction, his hand held a dragon clay, loud reluting: "I am so hard to pinch up a large dragon, this is not a lot of art!"

Shangyuan Nair looked with Didala, helping his forehead: "Then, add you and the seniors ..."

Yes, they are also old friends.

And the original Needs and Didala, and the red sand is not bad.

"Hey, Shangyuan!"

The flying segment waved his sickle standing in front of the original Nairi: "If you can't offer a sacrifice for the evil spirits, what does I stay in this organization?"


The head of the flying section was once again been opened again!

Yis Zhiso played a knife flower in an indifferently, smothering his thaw knife into the scabbard, and he did not surprise: "If you dare to lose your predecessors, I will use the sky. Burn your body into the ashes ... "

It is said that the strongest fire of the endurance is that the sound is as cold as the ice, which is as cold, and people can't help but come.

Lin Yuyu is looked at the action of taking the talents, and the eyes flashed a bright light. It shouted softly: "Hey, this knife is really handsome!"


Shang Nai took the forehead to shoot his forehead.

Why feel that this guy is brought by him!