"Be sure to follow our plan."

I also visited the far-cigarette smoke in the distance, and I went out: "Everyone is not strong, and it is necessary to break the Pennesa and Xiaonan to break all over!"


Other people nodded with their faces.

Under the wall, the Ninja battle group is also listening to their head leading, because the Ninja of each forces will be responsible for supporting a certain ninja on the wall.

Seven of the strongest part of individual combat.

Seven responsible for combating the combat troops of these seven ninja.

The murderous atmosphere before the war is hidden.

The seven people present all participated in the war meeting, they also clearly know how strong the strength of the opponent, that but the character of Xianan's monster!

I love, Li Luoke and the whirlley people have never experienced such a war. Three people on the three people have a little controlled slowly, and others have attracted others.

"It's a few young and energetic little guys!"

Look at the beautiful red lips and looked a few times, and the opening is praised: "Is there a girlfriend?"

LiLick: "..."

I love: "..."

Swirl sounds: "..."

Is it a girlfriend now?

Don't say that they have three young little ghosts, next to the flag-like Kaki, and Mitt Kay is not still three single dogs?

Just smashing, let Li Luoke have a lot of tension on the three young people's faces.

"Well, let's talk about it!"

Late and suddenly colleague your palm, deeply crafting the cactus and Zhica Cactus sitting on his shoulder while holding palm, three voices are universally said: "Cactus mode · Open!"

Next moment, the momentum of our belongs is suddenly turning!

Everyone is slightly surprised to thoroughly changed the appearance, and only the whirlpool is frowned, whispered: "The natural energy of the first picture is completed, the second shadow Ready to draw natural energy! "

"Cactus mode · Open!"

The whirlpool has an instant out of the same momentum, and his eyes have a touch of orange twilight, and both eyes have gradually become a similar frog.

This can only choose this stupid approach.

Because there is a nine tail in the vortex moon body, it can only be independently transformed into the immortal model, but it is obviously unable to take care of this, so several of them are discussing two programs.

The first solution: The whirlpool is blessed through two shadows. It starts to draw a natural energy in advance. In this way, you can directly pass the shadow, so that the natural energy in the body will return to the body, and directly open the fault. mode.

Second Solution: The whirlpool is divided into more than a dozen shadows. When the shadow is cut into the body, how many natural energy is needed and his body is integrated. When the first shadow is dissolved, Two shadows begins to slowly extract natural energy.

Each shadow must keep in mind the number of natural energy, because they differ in the number of natural energy.

This is more troublesome.

Once too little, waste natural energy.

Once too much, the frogging phenomenon will be directly appeared.

Fortunately, there are a few ....................... .... ...........

This battle.

Wood leaves can be described as a hard work.

"Li, we can't fall behind!"

Mete Kai has erected a thumbs up toward Li Lock, and then slammed his fist, and Chakra's breath on the upper and lower.

Li Luke also biting his teeth, the momentum of the body gradually started to be synchronized with Mete Kai: "

Li Lock can easily open the sixth door. If you want to desperate, you can open the seventh door, but only the probability of delivery is relatively large.

Myrt Kai is easy to open the sixth door, and even the seventh door is also very simple, but the seventh door is consumed too much.

"It's terrible ..."

I arbitrate my palm, wiped the cold sweat on my forehead, looked down at Li Luoke and Maitkai, who opened eight armor states, and looked at the time of opening the cactus pattern and whispering .

I love Luo and Yumei's eyes gradually start gathering, and finally stayed slowly on flagmarks, and they also think that flag wood Carti should have similar surgery?

"Cough ..."

Flagkakasi pulled his own care, and coughing a few times: "I didn't have a similar style, only kaleidoscope wrote the eyes, let the two disappointed."


Like Meill and I slowly recovered my sight.

"Okay, let's go!"

The company also took the lead in jumping into the city wall, led everyone to the position of Payne, high in the mouth: "Attacking Xiaonan, I will attack the strongest Payne, Kay to attack the one can learn Chakra's Penne! Kakasi should deal with Payen that can become a weapon! You have three little guys to hit the other three Penne! "


The figure of everyone is flying in the forest. After their back, thousands of ninja have also entered the forest, chasing their direction!

The other side is another side.

Payne is still moving toward the woody direction.

The body of Petion, Chero turned into a radar capable of inquiring Chakra, whispering in the mouth: "Small south, some people rushed over, some of whom's Chakra reacts very dramatic, there are thousands of people Crang reaction ... "


After Xiao Nan frowned, waved a piece of origami and opened his mouth: "So you want to fight positive fighting now?"

"The body is behind."

Tiandao Payne slowly raised his palm and whispered: "It doesn't matter if it is a battle, as long as the body is still, you can repair all the six Penne damage, so that they can also experience what is called ... despair."

"First clean it out of the battlefield!"

After the Tiandao Payne finished this sentence, his palm suddenly vented a pound of sculptive, almost ignorant, overturned the forest!

Under the promotion of the dirt, the dust is in the driving of the dust, and it has flocked in the direction of the woods!

"Then talk again ..."

Petion, Shura, opened his own chest.

Under his Chakra Rada, a cruise missile was drilled, suddenly flew to the air, and the seven people were also shot from the seven people under his precision control!

"Earth, soil city!"

The pulling is also the first to close your palm, and the son sounds released a large wall, blocking the gravel giant trees that are coming!

"Sand Waterfall!"

I Ai Luo stepped on the sand pad and looked at a missile of a flying, raising his hand to rushing the land into a piece of Huasha sweeping into the air, swallowing a missile into Huangsha.

Petion's first wave of attack was stopped by them.

"Is this the power of Payne?"

According to the US Ming's head, I swayed a cold sweat, whispered: "In just one instant, I directly pose all the obstacles before our sight ..."

"Single only this ..."

There are also some dignified openings on the face: "I have already had the destructive power of the tiger that is comparable to the teacher!"

The face is also nodded, and the sonication: "This is the ability of Wesk, which is produced by Bikai ... Durable! The bomb that has just been flying is a long-awaited Petion's ability ..."

After that, I said that I also open: "Perhaps the guy is just wants to clean up a suitable battlefield, and say hello to us ..."


Everyone has fallen into silence.

"All right."

It's all the priest of the face, and it is a smile: "Since the enemy greets us, then we will naturally return! Go!"

Everyone rapidly climbed along the wall of the soil flow.

When they stood above the wall, I saw Waze Six Road and Xiaonan, this time they have to face the enemy!

And these are just the embarrassment of enemies.

"The teacher is also the teacher."

Tiandao Pesh slowly lifted his head, and the round eyes did not move in his eyes. He just calmly spread his palm: "Although a group of mortals challenge God is a stupid behavior, but your courage is worthy of me. Construction of a suitable buried bone. "

Tiandao Pethen's eyes moved slightly, and he looked at the whirlpiece next to it, whispered: "It seems that our smallest brother whirl, then treat him as a victory of this battle. "


The whirlpool is boring, looking at the teeth, looking at the Tiandao Pedao: "I can't understand your move, I listen to the good color of the fairy, if your so-called purpose is to bring peace to the endurance, why do you want to let Upper Naidu destroy sand hidden village and fog village! "


I also wrinkled and frowning a vortex moon.

The whirlpool is not a matter of it, but just clench his fist, look at the Tiandao Wen's opening: "This war is clearly unnecessary! If it is to peace ..."

"shut up."

Tiandao Pethen interrupted the whirlpool, slowly rushed to the whirlpool, and the indifferent voice came out of his mouth: "I don't like to listen to others and tell me some so-called reason. What you have to do next is to accept your fate, enjoy the gods give you courage! "

Are people who have a yellow-haired hair in the endurance?

The Didara, the Didara, is already upset, how can the whirlwood of the leaves also like it, these yellow hair is too much.

I also took a shot of the shot of the swirls and whispered: "Well, Naruto first solves all Penne present! I have not seen the power sufficient to change this tolerance. He won't believe you. "

"Yes, good color cactus."

The whirlpool is slowly nod.

"So ... Are you ready? Dear!"

I also cleared my left hand's fists, hit my right hand, whispered: "Let's get ready ... we can go!"


After everyone responded loudly, their own longitudinally jumped with the wall, and rushed to Penxun and Xiao Nan!


The fastest speed of Maitkai and Li Luoke, two of the six-door states, take the lead in finding their own goals, rushing toward the target Petan!

"Well? Is it going to break?"

Tiandao Payne's eyes moved slightly, watching seven enemies, softly sigh: "Still so true!

... ...

Standing in the Tiandao Penne, the road to the front of the Tiandao quickly changed the form, and a rough gun tube appeared on the body of Shura!

Next moment, the gunshots master!

Numerous bullets are sprayed from the muzzle!

A series of bullets gathered into a fire line, and all the orientations of seven ninja can be blocked, forcing them can only avoid or resist!

The chest of the compulsory road appeared in the chest of the Shura Road, flying out of a huge bullet, directly flying to the forefront of Li Luoke!

This shot is really sinister!


Flag Kakasi has opened the kaleidoscope, and the powerful bullets will be absorbed into the Shenwei space. He turned his head and reminded: "Be careful! The weapon on the Pethen "


The second bullet flew!

The chest of the flag woodkasi has bloomed a blood!

Because the flagmarks have just used the mouth to save Li Luoke, he didn't come to run the tick, and the second shot of Luo Dao hidden directly hit his chest!

The battle has just begun ...

The first sacrifice, has already appeared!

On the fire rock in the distance.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and laughed and said: "I didn't expect the first person to die." Mr. Kakasi ... "


Yuxi Bo belt is incredible to twist his head and look at the pharmacist, and ask: "How is it possible? Kakasi's guy is the most sophisticated sinister, how can he die!"

I don't know the true emotions of the territory.

Maybe he didn't want to see the flag-like Carti war, maybe he also wants to smear the character of the flag wood Catsu?

The wave wind door clenched his fist, and some weakly smashed the ground. There was a little low in the ground: "No, Kakasi did fight, in order to save a young man, in order to remind him of his companions ..."

At this moment.

Shangyuan Needan and others are still rushing to Yunyin Village.

The brow of Shangyuan Na will be slightly frowned, and he blinks his own temple. He also watched the battle between wood and got the first hand.

Carti this guy, is it died in order to save people?