I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 283 goes to dig out the body of the flag wood (third!)

After the first news of the flag-like Kasi war, the head was also slightly responsible. After all, the flag-like Carti and his relationship were also good.

Shang Nai was sighing, I sighed, and I got the first order to the pharmacist: "You can go to the body of the flag, if you can, we should get one or two crims. The master. "

Wave style: "..."

Yuxi Bo Tong: "..."

Flag wood is the father of the flagmarks.

When you were so small when you were so small, you also had a huge shadow for Kakasi's childhood, and even influence his future Ninja Road.

Now they are still in the sadness of the flagmarks, and the original Nairies will go to them, let them find the fat body of the flag wood Cartici?

Is this going to make the pharmacist pocket soil reincarnation?

Mom, I'm going to returning this bastard, are you still?

The soul of the flag-like Kakasi may be looking forward to the pure land. As a result, you will directly call the flag of the soul of the flag.

How can I die so people can't reunite!

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and frowned his own brows.

"rest assured."

Shangyuan Nai lost his forehead, whispered: "After the end of this war, you should successfully reincarnate him."

If you have not remembering the wrong, the soul of the flag is always on the way to the pure land leading to the pure land. Reincarnation.

If the flag-wood Cassi will die, then he should first see it on the road to wait for his flag, wood?

After the father and son have done, let's go to the pure land to go to the pure land?

At that time, you can reincarnate the flag of wood!

Although the pharmacist is not understood, he still follows the orders of the original Needle, secretly touching the beautiful coffin.

Woody village.

The battle continues.

No one thought.

Flagkartia will become the first person to die.

Or no matter who is the first battle, it is not acceptable.

However, the power of the sniper bullets in Suvald Road directly run through Kakasi's chest, and put his body fly out and fell to the ground!


Myrt Kai did not dare to lick the flag woodkasi, and the body was so fast, and Metai never thought that his friend will fall here.

"Mr. Kakasi!"

"Caassi teacher!"

"Kakasi predecessors!"

The other people also looked at the flag-like Kakasi with a horrified, and the whirlpooling people looked almost lost this scene. Li Luke also widened his eyes.

There is also a grief on the face, and the cold voice will remind: "Hey, don't stay, fight, but continue! Little ghost, don't sneak the sacrifice of Kakasi!"


Flagkartia slowly closed his eyes.

If you can, this is not bad if you die?

At least in this case, he can see many people, no matter how many stations have, sometimes Kasi will feel too lonely in this world.

Just when the soul of the flag, Mikasi lit, the first person he saw was his father's flag, the power of the woody white teeth, using his own strength to restrain himself, in This road to the meditation is waiting to see his son.

Their father and son have never thought about it.

Some people will count their two dead people.

Woody village.

Everyone is suppressing the sadness of Kassea.

"Stunning · Open!"

Only Mitt Kai broke out the seventh door, the power of the throne, and slammed his fist in the direction of Payne: "Tiger!"

A huge air bomb is bombarded by the Metak's fists!

This air bomb died in the preparation of the fist into a white tiger toward the direction of Payne, his mouth is full of his mouth!

The countless bullets injected from the compulsory road were disappeared in Chakra for Chakra. This scene made Tiandao Pethen couldn't help wrinkle their own brows.

This air elastication is a flash, and the starry figure appears in front of this white tiger. It has spread his palm: "Opporteprint!"

Next moment, the hungry ghost is directly defeated by the sky!

"How is it? This is not a tight!"

The look of the Tiandao Payne changed slightly, he hurriedly stretched his palm, a huge repulsion broke out: "Shen Luo Tian!"

It is a pity that the power of Shen Luo Tian is not enough.

In the next moment, the body of Tiandao Wen couldn't help but fly!

The gods, who is in a hurry, is too small, at all, is not enough to defeat the air bomb, the animal road is immediately spiritual, trying to help them to resist the strength of the sky!

One is only a spirit of beasts to dissipate smog!

The white tiger gradually gathered into a white sphere, and the spheres in the ball began to destroy everything around!

"It's trouble."

The heaven Wen's brow wrinkled, and he slammed his hand towards the hungry and ghosts: "Vientiane Tianzhen!"

I saw that the body of the hungry ghost is caught in his hand.

Next, the remaining Pethen and Xiaonan paper were allocated to the smoke, and the long door didn't want to destroy all the squats!

There are huge trees in the distance.

The long gate slowly collapsed his palm, and the look was hard to watch the hungry and broken body. He also looked at several Wes who were brought back by him with a spiritual abortion: "I didn't expect wooden leaves." There is still this level of vital master ... "


Xiaonan also has a little bit of a little bit.

The strength and speed of Tianhu broke out were too amazing, so that they did not have a half-point response time, and they were somewhat hard!

It is worthy of the strongest rivoting of the endurance.

Even if it is vital, and the body of the village is not the same!

No, it should be said that those of other nutacies will not be called the body ninja!

The head slowly hangs down, and the red long hair is pulled down. His voice gradually somewhat. "If this kind of words, you can't attack ... You must try to solve the powerful body ninja, no, or say one Tone all of them all. "

The eyes of the long gates slowly turned to the compulsory road, and did a decision: "Plan, let Su Zhuli will go with those people to do with the same!"

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

When the air bomb dissipated, there was a huge deep pit on the earth, but the venous vest did not see the trace, everyone couldn't help but frown.

Myteki's face is not very good, and the power of coming out of the hair is very large to him. Is this trick not doing any results?

"How is this going?"

"What about people?"

"Will it be to be destroyed by Mr. Mr. Said?"

"Do not."

I also shook my heads, and he immediately analyzed the situation just now: "It should be that Western Wes will be damaged under the attack of the sky, and all Penne Tongli will be left in advance."

After that, I saw some people's looks and somewhat frustrated. "But this is not a result, I just saw that Penne who can absorb the surgery has been destroyed directly by Kay! "


Meta will have a roughness, hurriedly nodded: "This is just right, our staff is still the same, now the six people fight six people ... then next, Kasi wants the opponent to face, Give me a solution! "

"Can you stand?"

"There is absolutely no problem!"

Myrt Kai has set his thumbs up, and the mouth is open: "Carti's will, give me to inherit!"

"it is good!"

I have closable my palms, and my look is gloomy. I have nodded: "I will find them now!"

The comfort of the wooden leaves behind.

Pharmacist pocket, Yisi Bo Tong and wave wind doors excavated the grave of the flag, and carefully increasing his coffin within the seal reel.

Although I don't know why Shang Nai is thinking that the flag is like a crown, it is clear that this has been confirmed that it is not feasible, but the pharmacist has decided to implement the orders of the original Needle, and report the things here.

"Nairies, I have followed your instructions, dig out the body of woody white teeth."

After the pharmacist was finished, it continued: "Just now Mutki, I have destroyed all Penne, and the universal adult seems to interrupt it. Now the woods are searching for them in the mountains."

After the pharmacist finished these, did not hear what to return to the original navigation, and opened their mouths: "After the outbreak of Maitkai, the situation seems to be not very beneficial to the neighborhood!"


Yuxi Bo has a little surprised to listen to the pharmacist: "Kai's guy ... Is it so strong now?"

Original Yuxi Bo Tong and Meteka are the two crane tailings in the class.

Unfortunately, the May, the guy seems to be a bit less than a little, and every time I endure the exam, I can find the tooth with the whole way.

Later, Yu Zhibyo got the hole of the kaleidoscope, did not care how to think about Mitkai, I didn't expect Maitko without falling to them too much ...

The wave wind door shakes his head and whispered: "Find a self-contained ninja in this way, they will definitely become very powerful."

"All right."

Just after the wave of Wave Water Gate, Shangyuan Na Lu is immediately coming on his body, whispering: "Do you know what you said, and some small things don't report to me before they play again. "

Raytary country.

Yun Yin Village is over.

This village was scattered in the hills of the clouds.

Whether it is concealment or defensive, it is far more than other villages. It is difficult to attack this endurance village and have created the power of Yun Yin Village.

Shangqi Nairies sat on the ancient dragon, slowly with his fingers, soft: "Okay, ready to start attacking Yun Yincun!"