I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 284 Yun Yin Village, fighting!

Wooden village battle temporarily stalemate.

The battle of Yun Yin Village has just been kicked off.

Just as the long-door and Xiao Nan Putting, the Shangyuan Na Rai and Didala and others have rushed to Yun Yin Village when they got the Mites and others.

Due to the special environment of Yun Yin Village, the sky is thundered, and the electricity is jumped in the clouds from time to time, and people can't help but have some palpitations.

Didara's most hate the environment of Thunder, he couldn't help but smash your own ears, tied up his mouth: "The sound of the thunder is so big, the group of the group of Yun Yin Village is muscle idiot, how is it? Stand end? "

"This is very suitable for use of thunder and unicorn."

Yuxi Bozuo looked up at the thunder that came from time to time in Yun Yuncun. His writing wheel can easily capture the trail of the air, only need to guide the thunder, Kirin, the s-grade thunder. .

Yuxi Bozuo turned his head and looked at the original navigation.

say hi.

Since I got a few times, I went out a few tasks, I learned to pop this sentence, and I will throw a powerful S-class style to the enemy first.

This is a way to say hello.

The long gates of the woody village have just manipulated the heavens Wesin with gods, and Yun Yin Village Sui Zhiso will help to say hello with thunder.

Tell a greeting ...

Can you play? People will say hello!

Shangyuan Nai Luo looked with Yuxi Bozuo, sighed, "Yes, then you will try it!"

"Well, senior."

The palm of Yiszo Sasuke closed, five fingers extended to the sky, and only the radius of the air gradually gathered under the guidance of Sasuke.

next moment.

The air in the air jumped out of a huge beast!

And the goal of this Thunder is about to attack is the Lei Ying Building in Yun Yin Village!

Ground above the ground.

Yun Yin Village, Lei Yai Office.

The four generations of Rays is on the sofa in the office, and the frown is flutched to the documents sent in the village, and it looks like a person who likes to change the document.

This is the characteristics of Lei Ying.

Every generation of Lei Yings is a rough man who never likes to sit on the desk, but likes to find a spacious position.

Their character is this, don't like being constrained.

However, there is another person in the Lei Ying office today. That is the four-generation Lei Xiang Xie brother eight tail column Pilibie, because of the fear of the attack of Chiraby, the four generations of Thunder Ying Ai is planning Chiraby has been on your side.

To be honest, the four generations of Lei Ying regretted.

Chiraby went to walk around in the office, suddenly slammed to stand on the table before the sofa, the hand dance is more than the finger: "Big Brother, I will dance, you sing, this is us, aba Combination! Yeah! "


The face of the four generations of Lei Ying is black.

Next, the Lei Ying silently looked up to the Chilabi, and the face was full of face from the tray, and slapted the apple with a slag!


Chiraby looked at the movements of the four generations of Lei Ying. He slowly sat down on his forehead. He immediately waved his palm and changed a posture: "I will dance, you sing, Ba combination, you can !Oh yeah!"


The forehead of the four generations of Lei Ying jumped, and it was coldly looked at the sinister brother in front of him. He held the joints: "You say a word, I will put you into a slag!"

After that, the four generations of Lei Yai lost his apples in his hands on the face of Chilabi, and he went down from the table!

To be honest, since I have such a smart brother, the four generations of Thunder Yingsai feels less than ten years!

of course.

If there is no Chira than such a brother, the four generations of Lei Yai is even alone for more than ten years ago.

According to the tradition of Yun Yin Village, every generation of Lei Ying will have their partners, that is, the eight tail of the village, only this time they can succeed the name.


The eight tail column is also because it is the most suitable partner with the contemporary thunding, inherits the name ratio of the column of the eight tail.

This is the AB combination of Yun Yin Village.

It is also the most tip of Yun Yin Village.

To be honest, the Fantai Rayai is still very happy when I can find a suitable brother of Chiraby, and it is still very happy that the fact that Chilabi did not live up to Yunyin Village. The combination of the two is also called Strong strength, almost invincible.

In addition to being lost in the hand of the wave style ...

It is a pity that the checkered personality is too jumping.

Chiraby is different from this eight tail, and he likes to sing RAP since childhood. As a result, when you talk, you like to bring the rhythm. From time to time, you will come to an impromptu performance.

Because Chiraby is a column of eight tail, he is self-discrimination in the village, so he relies on this way to laugh at the villages, humiliation, and even hurt him.

The four generations of straightens have therefore high tolerance to the Chilabi.

However, even a Buddha, for a fangs, it is also limited, Chiraby is always inadvertently plucking the neural line of the four generations of Lei Ying.

Mom, this ratio is the temper for every generation of Lei Ying?

Nowadays, the four generations of straits are just crushing an apple with good place. When I kicked the Chiraby, I was very gentle. It is already very gentle ...

If you change your other, Chiraby is now about to be hospitalized.

Just as the four generations of Lei Yai is planning to make Chirai a few minutes, his ear suddenly heard the thunder faintness in Yunyin Village.

The radius in the air is not very right!

I have passed a burst of beasts in the sky!

A dark beautiful ninja quickly pushed the door of Lei Yai office, and the voice was very urgently opened: "Lei Ying adult, the perceptual class reports in the sky, there is an abnormality in the village, it seems to release the powerful thunder. ! "

"I know!"

The four generations of Lei Ying were unable to wave, and he broke out the glass of the Lei Ying Office rushed out: "Call the battle force in the village, I see who has such a big courage!"

This is the way out of four generations.

The four generations of Ray, the life is not bad, the biggest expenses each year is to repair him in the glass wall in the office.

"Big Brother, wait for me!"

Chilabi climbed out of the corner, rushing out along the glass gap of the four generations of Lei Ying, hit the mouth: "AB combination, invincible! Hey!"

After two people leaving.

The beauty ninja just rushed into the office also conveys the order to others, requiring all combat troops to quickly collect, and fight the enemy that may arise.

The sky above the sky.

The huge beast appeared in a body.

Yiszo Sasukes stand on ancient dragon, manipulating his own Chakra guides the thunder, Qilin rushed to the Ground Yunyin Village!

Yiszozo helped his thunder, and smiled and smiled and hook his mouth: "Hey, the Yun Yin Village born in the thunder, just disappears in Thunder!"

In addition to Uzhi Hou, can someone anticipate the attack of the unicorn?

Even if there is, it is absolutely impossible to appear in Yunyin Village, Unechebra helps you are the strongest thunder,

The four generations of straited looked at the unicorn thunder beasts that fly down in the air. When the temper suddenly became irritated, his whisper broke out a group of entholate Chekla: "Is it looking for death? ! "

The three generations of straightening shadows suddenly came out of a group of electricity. He entered the thunder Chakra mode when seeing the Thunder Beast.

After standing behind the four-generation Lei Yingsi, she launched a tail, and Chakra flying on the tail quickly gathered a black and purple tail beast, and flicked toward the beast in the air. !

The black purple tail beast jade is almost swearing between the moment, hit the beast unicorn, and directly shattered this one to destroy the Leading Tower!

The eight tail columal Qilai looked at the beast being destroyed by the beast, pushing his own small sunglasses, this somewhat unhappy action appeared to be very worn out.

In particular, he is just just that it is easy to resolve the crisis.

Just as the four-generation Lei Ying thought that his emblem finally relied reliable, Chiraby suddenly twisted his body to make a self-thoughtful dance: "Sure enough, it depends on me, eight tail, Sirabi, Yay!"

"To shut up!"

The face of the four generations of Lei Ying is black.

Damn, this idiot is handsome but three seconds!

Fortunately, the four generations of Lei Ying did not have any thoughts and continued to reprimand him. He just looked up at the sky and slowly wrapped around Yun Yin Village.


The four generations of Lei Yai immediately recognized the monster.

Yuangu Qu Long has become a signal that is taught to foreign war.

As a sign-up spirit of the tissue, whenever the ancient dragon appears in a village, it means that there is a nainted village to be destroyed by the organization.

I have never been exceptions so far.

The four generations of straightens hit their own fists, looked at the ancient dragons that slowly fly slowly, and the people who came to the distance: "Prepare Chakra cannons, let the child group If you dare to enter Yunyin Village, you don't have to leave here! "

"Yes, Lei Ying adult!"

Several leaders came nodded in a hurry.

Chakra cannon is the secret weapon of Yun Yin Village. The power is absolutely less than any ninja. Unfortunately, because of the fact that the volume, weight and supplementary energy cannot be transported, it has only been placed in Yun Yin Village as a defensive weapon.

The ancient dragons in the sky have fallen down!

Shangyuan Nairi is also very clear about the secret weapon of Yun Yin Village. He is not prepared to make his mount as a target, so it is immediately to control the ancient dragon fall.

Shangyuan Nairo slowly dispelled ancient dragon, flying on the top of the Lei Ying Building, Unechebra helping and Didara and others also stood around him, four people wearing Xiangyun black robe looking at the standing A group of clouds opposite them.

"It seems that our luck is very good."

On the face of Shangyuan, I told a smile, watching the four generations of the four generations of the four generations of the most in front of a group of clouds, smiled and continued: "Yun Yin Village famous AB combination Here, can you barely bring me a little less? "


Red sand is helplessly shakes: "Shang, every time you see the enemy is so confident? When can you express your confidence in front of your teacher ..."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

"Hahaha ..."

Didala's face laughed very cheerful, laughed and continued: "Give them to me, I have to solve the big head of these Yunyin Village with her own art!"

"Hey, what strength should your clay bomb do not play?"

Yizhi Bo sang snorted with disdain, continued in contempt: "The village is a restraint of your ninja, or let me come!"

Yischo Sasuo looked proud of the four generations of Lei Xi Ai and Chilabi, and the scarlet's writer flashed a red light. He coldly said: "I want them to see it, what is true Thunderstorm! "