I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 286, do you see the authentic thunder plow hot knife? (Three more delivery!)

"So fast!"

At the moment of the original navigation, Chilabi just saw the Qing Dynasty navigation in front of him, I felt the pain of the chest!

Chiraby was flying out!

The four generations of Ray News Audi suddenly shot the body of the Chirabi, and the Chiraby did not directly enter the crowd: "Hello, better, how?"

"I feel ... I am still alive."

Chiraby extended his hand to touch his chest, his mouth slowly seeps a bloody: "Big Brother, the guy's speed ..."

When I said this sentence, Chiraby squirts a big blood!

Just as the four generations of Lei Yai wanted to call the medical ninja, Chiraby shook his head and looked at the Shangyuan Nairi. "Big Brother, I am fine, the guy should need, we should need, we Joint up to deal with it! "

"Well, I have seen it."

The four generations of Lei Yingsi nodded.

Just now, the speed is fast when I have attacked the Chilaby, and even the fastest thunder, ninja, the fastest.

The instantaneous surgery used in the original naval is like a flying thunder of the year. It is only to see the upland figure disappear. When the next moment, I saw the gynotype of the original neighborhood and appeared in Chiraby!

"Is it similar to flying thunder?"

The four generations of Lei Yai squeezed his fist, watching the enemy of the slow horses, and his eyes started to tighten: "No, no! More fast than the flying thunder, or than Fei Lei Shen The operation is more secure! "

Even if the wave of the water is released, it will also use the special quality of the flying thunder, and the original Nair is almost completely moving!

Yun Yin Village's beauty ninja is standing around them, the lips are surprised to open slightly: "The enemy's strength now actually needs the thunder, the unmanned AB combination, the AB combination of the Chiraby?"


The four generations of straightens hit their own fists, and he looked at Shangyuan Na, whispered in the center of the battle, whispering: "Bemble, because the guy has been better than this guy's most good at speed!"

Chiraby starts cultivating the thunder Chakra mode from the small start.

On the case of speed, the AB combination two people have never been equal.

Moreover, Chiraby also opened the bullse Chakra jacket in the current state, but the Chilabi in this state could not afford the attack of the original Na.

"Big brother, come to play!"

Chilabi took his fist and stretched the past, showing a smile on his face: "I haven't fight for a long time! Think really excited!"

"is it?"

The four generations of Lei Ying extended his fist, and the Chilabi touched the fist, wrinkled her own brow: "The last time I deal with the guy of the wave of Water Watermen!"

"Yes ..."

Chiraby nodded in a hurry.

The last time they jointly confronted the enemy or the golden flashed of the wooden leaves, but unfortunately, when they met, they changed the ending.

This time, there will be no more failure!

Just when they chatted with the brother of the brother, I went to the next step in the next step to come over, and I asked my head. "Well, is it over, the two can be ready to accept you Did the fate? "

"It's really a big saying!"

The four generations of Lei Ying suddenly broke out a substantive form of Chakra, and the electric light was constantly flashing around him. His hair was also vertical!

Next moment, his figure suddenly disappeared in the original place!

A blue lightning flashed in the venue!

This is the full speed of the four generations of Lei Ying, which is also the result of trying to cultivate in the past many years.

Single is just his speed, it has surpassed most people in the endurance.

No, or now the beginning, I really can't find a few ninjas that can be comparable to the four generations of Lei Ying speed. Even if it is a wave of water gates, it is not necessary to have absolute grasp the four generations of Lei Ying, this old opponent!

"So fast!"

Yischo Sasuke can only see a black shadow to disappear with blue lightning, his face flashes a shock: "The speed of the four generations Lei Ying quickly, even the kaleidoscope wrote the eyes and unclear Does it? "


The writing of Yuxio Sasuke can't see the speed of Lei Ying, so the red sand and Didala will not say anything.

Dida pulls yourself, with another eye with the instrument to see the four generations of Lei Ying's figure, but can't catch it anyway.

This huge ring is above.

Everyone only saw a four-generation Lei Ying's black shadow has not been lost. The other four-generation Lei Ying's black shadow appeared again. The speed is like transient!

Even if I also cultivate the chilaby of the Lei Chakra mode, my face is also slightly amazed. After all, he is a stream of the eight tail will also cultivate the stream of swordsmanship. It does not be as purely loyal as his brother!

"Yi Lei Shen ... anger the Ray!"

The four generations of Lei Ying suddenly rushed to the end of the original Needle, and I kicked the chin from the original Naja, and I didn't be so arrogant! "


Shangqi Needle to extend his palm to grab the pair of four generations of Lei Ying, he only felt a huge speed, and the power hit his palm, even if it was the original navigation, it was a bit surprised!

"Some people's efforts are really worthy of praise."

When I arrived at the last step, I took a step back, and after I avoided the hit of Lei Ying, I watched the words: "Single only argument, maybe in addition to the Ninja, who is named Mitk, you may The speed should be the fastest this root! "


The four generations of Lei Ying waved his fist chased, and the air was softly and said: "When will I be qualified to come to me!"


Shangyuan Nair's palm fell on his fist, the sound gradually became a little indifferent: "As long as you are faster than your speed, strength is stronger, of course, you are eligible to review you."


The eyes of the four generations of Lei Ying are more and more difficult.

Just let the four generations of Lei Ying's heart is more frustrated. Shang Nai is light and easy to block his fist, which means that the original navigation is not equal to him, and even beyond him!

At the end of the original Nairi, it twisted the arm of the four generations of Lei Ying. After bulging the body of the four generations of Lei Ying, it quickly missed a finger to fall in front of the forehead of the four generations of Lei Ying!


Four generations of straits saw this humiliation gesture, the face suddenly changed, anger: "Little ghost, what do you mean, you are insulting me ..."

This is a ragle!

When the big people in the village bully the little guys, I really like to play my child's head, indicating that they defeated the little guys only need a finger.

Now this bastard is so insulting him!


Shangyuan Nair's finger suddenly pops out!

The forehead of the four generations Lei Ying came up, and the next moment, the whole person was fly off by this finger!

One chapter fish tail is quickly caught in the body of the four generations of Lei Ying, saved the Lei Ying, who was defeated by the original navy, saved the flying!

The Chilabi's face is smiling, and the eyes are tightly staring at the forehead of the four generations of Lei Ying, and the sound opens: "Big Brother, are you okay?"

"To shut up!"

The four generations of straightened shadows smashed their own eyebrows.

The defensive power from the Ray Chevukra model is very strong, and Shangyuan Na will be minimalistic, but it is only a bit serious about his psychological injury.

I have never thought about the four generations, and I will be flying with a finger!

If this is spread, if this Lei Ying is really no face to mix it!

Unfortunately, this kind of thing seems to be covered, because it is not far behind them, many Ninja in Yunyin Village will watch this battle.

... ...

"It is not the Lei Ying Hao!"

Shangyuan Na returned his finger, gently drums and applauded, and praised: "In the fog hidden village, your strength is indeed more winning, at least you make my fingers hurt ... "

"Shut up, little ghost!"

The four generations of Lei Ying angry into anger, looking at the original naval, and looked at the chilaibi who wanted to smile, anger, we did two by Thunder plowing knife, I want the head of the guy to cut down. ! "

"Okay, big brother! No problem, big brother!"

After the nodded, Chiraby took a nodded, the Chakra, the body became rich, and it has entered the state of half-tail.

Now I want to keep up with the peak speed of the four generations of Lei Ying, and Chiraby can only be done!

"Is it going to be big?"

Shangyuan Needs to look at them, catering the four generations of Lei Ying and Chiraby, his mouth hook slightly.

At the direction of Lei Na, I extended my palm in the direction of Lei Ying, and I was very popular. "In order to express my respect for the two, then I will use two best-in-law ... defeat you."

The trace of a chain is passed away from his hands, and Shangyuan Nairou has stolen the strongest trend of four generations of Thunder.

next moment.

Three people in the field are moving!

The speed of the four generations of Lei Ying is a lightning, then the speed of the Chilabi is a red lightning, two people rushed up!


In the cloud of watching, a very lazy touch of cloud, this is full of strictness, whispered, whisper: "Aihe is a combination of stunt, unfast, thunder plow hot knife, Can absolutely cut the enemy's body into two halves ... "

This trick only AB combination can be used!

Just as everyone thinks that the head of the original Needle and the body will be divided by the four generations of Lei Ying and Chirabi's tricks, the four generations of Lei Ying and the Chiraby's body will take the lead in flying out!

Just on the road of the four generations of Lei Ying and the Chiraby charge, even the two of them have not selected the direction, Shangyuan Nairi's figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the two, and spread his own arms, respectively. People chest!

The upper arms of Shangyuan Nai flashed in Chakra, directly fierce, with his own arms, and slammed it back!

"Buffali · Thunder plow hot knife."

Shangqi Needle and slightly spit out the name of this strike, look at the four generations of Lei Yings and Chilabi who fall on the ground!

The four generations of Lili Yai and Chiraby spit out a blood, even if there is a lighting defense with a thunder Chakra model, their two chests are faintly depressed, and even climbing up is a luxury.

The original trick is to deal with the enemy.

I didn't expect that some people would actually use this trick to attack them, and to show the thunder plow hot knife with one person!

On the face of Shangyuan Na, I showed a smile and spread my arm: "Lei Ying, do you see the authentic thunder plow hot knife I use?"