I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 287 Yun Yin Village luck game

A silence on the battlefield.

Yunzhi has never thought of there is a day, the four generations of Thundai Ai and Chiraby will lose so fast in the enemy, and even if they have been under their own formal formula.

"Lei Ying Adults and Chiraby Adults ..."

"It was defeated by the enemy ..."

The Yunzhi's throat consciously swallowed with saliva, they still saw four generations of Lei Yai Ai and Chila like this wolf, even the decent defense and counterattacks could not do.

Shangqi Nai stood in front of the Fantai Rayy, twisted his wrist, whispering said: "Well, since you have already lost, then you will take this eight tail, I will accept it. ! "

After that, after the end of the original Needle, I grabbed the chilaibi on the ground, but the next moment of the chilaibi suddenly slammed a huge octopus tentaby, and hurts the body of Shangyuan Na.

The lower body of Chilabi is instantly turned into a huge tentacle, supporting him standing up, this eight tail column is rushing on the original navigation, and there is a ghost face, hip hip hip-hop, provoke: "Stupid guys, this uncle is still not lost what!"

The upper half of the Chiraby is also rapidly changing. It is directly in an eye to beast, and the huge eight-year cow ghost tiger is staring at Shangyuan Na, who is arrested by himself!

"It's trouble ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell to his forehead, the whole person instantly disappeared in the tentacles, appeared on the top of the eight-year cow ghost: "You can't be lying on the ground in the end of the old man, is it to catch up with me?"

The voice falls, and the original Nair is kicked to the head of the Eight Tail!

This huge tail beast was kicked in the top, and the head of the cattle had some distortions. The next moment it flew out!

Shangyuan Na's figure disappeared again, and appeared in the position of the ghost flying out, raised his fist, and a punch in the top of the cattle!

The eight-year cow ghost was brought directly to the ground by him!

However, the body of the eight-tailed cattle seems to be more tough than the original navigation, even if it has suffered two stories, but also firmly climbed.

Shangyuan Nairo slowly twisted his fist, loudly and praised: "Compared to Wu Mu Wang, your body is really hard ..."

This is real.

Other tail beasts basically have not been able to live in three or two punches. The body of the Eight-tailed cattle looks quite good, and now it can still support it.


The eight-tailed cattle ghose his teeth, staring tightly.

In front of this, this smile enemy's combat method made it up with the three generations of Thunder Ying, who was killed early in Yun Yin Village, the power of Lei Ying made people without rebellion ...

No, no.

This enemy's strength is stronger than the three generations of Lei Ying!

"If you do it before, maybe I may think about it with you, enjoy the thrill of the tail as a sandbag."

Shangyuan Nai fell his fingers, slowly swallowing to the eight-year cow ghost, soft continuation: "Unfortunately, I don't like octopus ..."


The eight-year cow ghosts opened anger, and the eight chapters under the body brought it to the original navigation!

In the mouth of the eight tail, there is a natural, and after a few times, after a few times, suddenly, it suddenly spurted a energy bomb!

"Are you crazy?"

Shang Nai wrinkled his own brow, reached out his palm, flew it with a flying energy!

Through the chance of octave, Shangji rushed to the eight tail, holding his fists, a punch is on the eight tail!

This tail beast fly again!

"The might of the stone, the stone!"

Shangyuan Nairi suddenly spread his palm, under his strength of his soil, a yellow-brown huge stone suddenly slammed out, directly grabbed the head of the Eight Tail, and all the tail.

Whenever the eight-end cow is struggling to break away from a stone hand, the other stone will come out, under the reciprocation, very fast, the octaves are completely pressed by a stone's giant hand.

Anyone in the field can be seen.

The eight-year cow ghost is in the hands of Shangyuan Needs.

The four generations of Lei Ying Ai face looked at all, he is trying to get up from the ground, just the serious injury of the chest, let him feel a blood.

The cloud is neutral.

Female secretary of the four generations of Lei Ying is gradually tense, and her gaze is slow to stop in a cloud of touch: "Darui, now we ..."

"In addition to the fight, we have no other choice."

Darui's dead fish eyes slowly gaked the Shangyuan Na, and did not carefully open: "The past has always been the Lei Ying adult and Chiraby adults protect us in life, now we finally be rotated with life protection When they are ... "

Some are not very serious when Daruy speaks.

This is his own personality, his lazy degree is comparable to the flag of wood, but this does not affect his power.

Other clouds have nodded, and they all said that they were persuaded by Daruzz, but they saw that the figure of Ruyi flakes!

Next moment, Darui's ninja, who was hoped by the four generations of Lei Ying, has been quickly rushed out, and it hits the palm of the palm to shoot a laser wave: " · · ! "

A laser wave actually runs through the mount of stone!

After a stone's giant hand, the other clouds also rushed up with Daruy. Under the attack of a group of snorkerage, a bunch of stone is directly broken, and the eight tail ghosts will freeze Come out!

Since the four generations of Thundai Ai and Chiraby defeated the situation, then the next battle is the battle of their entire Yunyin Village!

Daruji is insufficient to have the strength of the four generations.

However, his mobilization ability is obviously more successful, because he is not Lei Ying, so there is no need to care about too many faces, thousands of clouds are standing on this large ring, facing the organization Four groups.

"Hey, Daruei!"

The four generations of Lei Ying were helped to go to Darui's side, frowning told: "You now take people now withdraw here, I will take the enemy, then you use Chakra gun directly to stand up!"

This is the place where Lei Ying is just just.

If they encounter unable to defeat enemies on the battlefield, they don't mind with their lives and enemies.

Three generation Lei Yai Ai is retreat to cover his part, hard and live in the battle, until the final physical strength is exhausted.

The four generations of Lei Yai is not more than the successor. Every time the war must take the charge after the back, even some dangerous tasks, since he personally implemented it, now the four generations of straightening thinking and arrival, etc. People are also normal.

After a while, Darui was silent, and suddenly opened his mouth: "Lei Ying adult, please give us the battlefield, I believe our power can defeat the enemy!"

"Yeah, Lei Ying people."

The arms of the four generations of Lei Ying, who said softly: "Lei Ying adult, you need rest and treatment ..."

"…it is good."

The four generations of Lei Ying looked at Darui and whispered: "Then everything here is given to you, Daruei!"

Daruji is the back of the four generations of Lei Ying.

It seems that the responsibility is not wrong now?

After that, the four generations of Lei Ying turned to the eight-tailed sound: "Hey, ratio, the next battle listens to Darui's order, understand?"

"rest assured."

The Eight Tail Niki nodded.

The cloud is in the command of Darui, and thousands of clouds are divided into a combat team. From the periphery of this ring, the four people surrounded by the three people. If a single hard strength can't break through, Then use the advantages of the number of groups!

When I got a good time to move the cloud, I looked at the overall movement of the cloud, hook my mouth, and closed my palms. "I understand your ignorance, just like I will forgive ignorance ant Help ... "

Looking at the anger of a cloud, it was laughed and continued to continue. "But I can't forgive, you just sent more than a thousand people to help me, is it to humiliate me? ? "

The original Nah's face was instantly, he watched the Darui in front of him, and the sound of the sound: "Wind, hanging!"

The eight-meter veteran veteran exudated from the original Nairi, every venue is like a sword, leaving a deep gully on the ring, and quickly run through the formation of the cloud in the sky!

In the blink of an eye, the clouds that have been surrounded by thousands are directly removed by the huge wind that releases from the original navigation!

No matter what defensive, in front of these hundred meters, there is almost no use.

Especially the wind, I have a clear.

"All right."

Shangyuan Needressed looking up looking up at the sky, whispering: "My time is not much, there is no need to continue to tease you ..."

"What do you mean?"

Darui and the Fourth Generation of Thunder were frowned. This guy put their leader of Yun Yin Village to your teeth. Is it going to go directly?

"Meaning, this is this!"

Shangji ran quickly, a group of ice crystal Chakra was shot in the air, and the original Nairou loudly said: "In the process of destroying Yunyin Village, if the people present can live, Just look at his luck is good ... "


A drop of rain falls on the ground.

Then, it is a densely numb hail.

Just as the cloud was frowning to see the air, they saw the big hail in the air, and a hundred meters of hail slammed in the platform, and a cloud was hit!