I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 291 Mitki, a man who uses life from the nuclear explosion

The shiny rays are blooming.

It is precisely that the bomb is about to explode.

Shangyuan Na Rouned the light of the bloom, whispered: "I should let Dida pull to see, his art is just clay ..."

"Is Suen's self-explosion?"

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and whispered: "The only thing is just a feeling, and Chakra is indeed very horrible. Once an explosive thing ..."

"It's enough to easily destroy everything here!"

Shangyuan Na Lu said that he shook his head and continued: "How many people do you guess this explosion?"


The pharmacist shake his head and did not answer.

The nearby area of ​​the compulsory road.

I just left Suitai and Li Luoke, I was not right. They suddenly realized that the coming of the rays, the round rolling tolerance is very dangerous!

Metail pulled Li Luok in one hand, blocked his disciples behind his own body, his face suddenly changed: "Li, retreat!"

"Teacher Kai?"

"very dangerous!"

The sweat of the Myrt Kay was evaporated. He also closed his fist. I immediately compressed the air in front of myself, and slammed a super air bomb!


The air pressure in Myrt Ka is a group of white tigers, but the sky is all imposed, but it is defeated by a larger strength!

The super bomb is completely exploded!

The earth began to shake fierce in the moment!

A strong shock wave starts blasting from the center, and quickly spreads outward, and the mountains are directly destroyed by the impact wave brought by the explosion!

"This power ..."

The fist of Martai is again gripped, looking at the impact wave that swept the proliferation of the DPRK, slamming his teeth: "This power is enough to destroy the entire forest, and may even have wooden leaves ...."

The ninjas of the entire forest may be swept by the impact wave brought by this explosion. Thousands of ninja will be killed, and the leaves will suffer heavy, and they are absolutely can't escape. !

"Teacher Kai!"

Li Luke's face flashed an anxiety.

However, the shock wave of the super bomb explosion has been swept to their side, even if Li Luoke kicked out, it could not stop the huge impact wave!

"give it to me!"

In just a few seconds, Meteko immediately thought of the consequences. He thought of a solution in an instant: "Li, after retreat, here is given to me!"


"8th door ..."

Mete I looked at the impact wave that was about to swept, the blood gradually started to evaporate, and the blue steam was replaced by the blood red steam. It was the picture of the blood of the blood after the eight-door armor opened the dead door!

"Dead Door · Open!"

My body suddenly broke out a decision of an uniform, and his body stepped on a broken ground, and he twisted his fierce explosion!


Just the first punch, I immediately called a white air gun, blocking the position of the impact wave hit a second!

In the next moment, the body of Maite Kai's body was once again, surrounded by the explosion of the explosion, and uninterrupted his fist!

Myte Kay's speed is faster than the shock wave of the explosion!

From the beginning of the explosion to now less than ten seconds, Metekai took the air gun of the explosion in the original place with a boxing air gun.

After each air cannon, then add a punch!

The speed is not enough, then continue to speed up!

Even if it is the original navigation, I can't think of it. My Tet Kai has this kind of operation, how can someone will stop the self-explosion of Suon Road!

Dramatic tremor of the earth.

A mushroom cloud is slowly rising.

Just the shock of the explosion, no matter how unavoidable, because the power is strong enough to destroy everything around everything and even the trend, it is blocked with his own fist with his fist!

"Can you do this?"

Shangqi Needan to feel the vibration of the earth, showing a shot on the face: "Kai Nai guy, actually bombarded the air guns she bombed in the extreme speed of the eight-door, stopped the self-explosion of Suon Road?"

This world has not been ignored too much!

How is the power brought by the explosion, but Metak is just uninterrupted with his own fists, and all the impact waves tried to spread outward!

A fist-bombed air gun, as if formed a hopper like a railing, the mushrooms produced by the self-explosion of Luo said in the original place!

"It's awesome ..."

The eyes of the pharmacist have a little dignified. His palm strokes the earth, whispered: "Nairies, the power of this self-explosion is enough to kill the number of people with hundreds of thousands, and can even easily destroy any nonely village. ? "

However, this explosion was blocked by Mitt Ka Ka!

Is this really the ninja?

No matter what you think is absolutely impossible!

Shangyuan Nairou gazing the bloody man who made a record of the mushroom cloud, and suddenly revealed a smile: "The eight-door armor is finally gone by you? I'm really can't afford, Maitkai! "


The face of the pharmacist reveals a little confused.

Shangyuan Nai smiled and took the shoulder of the drug teacher, whispered: "I just thought of some happy things, maybe I found a way to deal with Yu Zhibo!"

Wooden village.

The whole village is like an earthquake, and it is a collapsed electric pole and a house. The glass is all shocked, but everyone is still surprising.

The apeer looked at the trend of the dramatic shock, and the loudly said: "Go see what happened!"

"Yes, fire, big!"

Just, the wooden leaves do not know what happened.

I have seen this, knowing what happened to Li Lock, this young ninja in the age of 17 is weak, and she is crying, she looks at the body and running the body: " Teacher Kai ... "

"Don't despair for me, Li!"

The figure of Metekai suddenly stepped on the air appeared above the mushroom cloud, the sound and even some hoarsess: "Look clear, Li, in order to protect his most important thing, it is a ninja youth!"

My Tit Keli kicked a foot from the air, his blood steam moved in the airflow direction in the air, touched toward the ground!

This is the ultimate Otiece of Eight-door armor!

It is also the practice of Mitkai from the small effort to have more than 20 years!

"Night Kay!"

The red steam slowly gathered into a huge faucet, driven by the mushrooms, and breaking the mushroom cloud in an instant!

Whether it is a huge impact wave, I was kicked from the foot of the foot of Mitko, kicking directly into the earth!

The ground has a deep pit in an instant.

That trick is enough to destroy the entire wooden leaves, and easily kill thousands of ninja's super explosions, so that they are thoroughly resolved by this bloody man.

Perhaps only the original naval is known to know how much Maite is made.

This guy uses his own speed and strength to prevent a big explosion from nuclear explosion, although the cost is his life.

Just as the threat of the super bomb explosion was released after dozens of seconds, a shocking giant rang fell in the ear of everyone!


This sound seems to be a thunder!

Just when this sound made everyone's eardrum, they didn't know that someone had solved the crisis that would let them die.

... ...

Shangyuan Nairo slowly drums, softly sigh: "Although I know that Metai's strength is very powerful, just look at him all this, or can't help but want to praise him a sense!"


After the pharmacist took a moment, he suddenly opened: "Needar of Naitai, the life of Maitkai seems to be exhausted ..."

"It must be dying."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly closed his palm, whispered: "So he also turned into flying gray, you should steal some of his body, first turn him with him first!"

In the case of the body of May, it is really a lot!

Even if it is flagmark, it doesn't matter, but the Maiteka guy must make him live, no matter how he lives!


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and suddenly loudly said: "Even if he can't use it, it is very powerful for us, it is also a very powerful force."


On the eyes of Shangyuan Nai, it flashed, whispered: "Myskai's role is not only the case, when he is around me, I can steal his surgery at any time, and use it without consuming his night. Night. Kay ... "


Metekai must be there.

If this is, Shangyuan Na will also master a bottom card for Unexpectedly, if you can play the nights in the octave in the octave, even if you are the six-level Yuxi Bouvet, you can't ignore his threat.

At this moment.

The eight-door armor time of Metekai finally ended.

The current MTK is almost a matter of charcoal, no strength, even in the body is not angry, and Li Luok squats in his side.

One piece of wood, ninja drills out of the forest.

They are all responsible for helping the Ninja Trous for Myster and Li Luke.

Just now, these wooden, ninja also perceive the threats of the super explosion, and I also saw Metekai's outbreaks to solve this crisis. The day, I went out of the day, they were also in these two troops. member.

Two people didn't dare to confuse a step by step, and slowly disserted their ninja care, kneeling in front of Metekai: "Teacher Kai ..."

Teacher Kai ... "

Li Luoke's eyes were a little dull, and the tears were still unconsciously flowing down his cheeks. He muttered: "It has sacrificed."

In order to protect him.

Also to protect the ninja troops behind them.

Also to protect the wooden village behind them behind them.

Maitai solved a big crisis with a strong force, but this cost is too painful for their third class.


On the day, Ning will suppress the tears that I want to be eye-catching, and I look at Li Luoke, whisper: "The enemy has not solved it, we still have more things!"


Li Luke nodded silently.

Next moment, Li Luoke was smashed on the ground, watching the body of the coke, the voice is tough: "Teacher Kai, I won't let you down!"

Li Luoke slowly turned his head, and his eyes revealed a perseverance: "Ning, tell me ... Where is Payne's body?"

The body of Payne is still in the tree cave.

The long gates are sitting in the tree cave, and the face is faint, and even some don't dare to confuse: "What is joking, the self-explosion of Suon Road is solved?"

This is the result of his hardships in the past many years, and it is like this to be opened in Mitkai, who has opened eight-door armor!


The guy is not too strong!

Is the watermelon head really a vivolen ninja!

"Long door?"

Xiaonan's eyes are slightly puzzled.

The long door shakes his head, whispering: "Xiaonan, I underestimate the body of Ninja, his body is more stronger than Shang Shang's body, the body of the wood is serious, is a no-folded. monster!"

The self-explosion of the compulsory road, but even the long door does not have a suitable method to solve it, even if it is a burst of starry, it is never possible!

However, the body of the watermelon head solves the super bomb of the compulsory road with his own body.

Really ...

Is a monster!

In the heart of the heart, I can't help but have a little bit of glasses. If it is not a self-exploding of the Shura Road, he will also be killed by the guy.

Fortunately, the guy and the Carrod Paul were attributed!

"Small south, I am going to manipulate Tiandao Payne to pay the teacher and the whirlpool."

The long-door gaze looked at Xiaonan and whispered: "As for the battle between the five-generation style and the five generations of the five-generation water shadows, I will give you and the beast."


Small southern color nodded calmly.

"Then start!"

The long gates suddenly closed their own fingers, and the eyes were flashing in the eyes of the eyes flashed: "The teacher, the whirlpiece, then let me see your strength!"