I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 292 is only dying to find the child (the third!)

"Kaizhi is different."

There is a bit heavy in the voice, and he has perceived the sudden outbreak of Michart Katchaque, and it completely disappeared within the perception.

"how come…"

The whirlpool did not dare to lift his head and looked up. After a moment, he slowly got a breath and heated his head: "I know."

Next, the vortex moisturous, the essay appeared again, and the momentum of Xianke Chakra was once again burst.

The whirlpool tuned his finger, whispered: "The natural energy absorbed by the fourth shadow is completed, and the fifth shadow begins to absorb natural energy."

I have also colored my own feelings, Shen Sheng: "That takes this time, first solve the strongest Penne! If we look at our contact war, the cooling time of repulsion attack is 5 seconds ... "


The whirlpool also nodded slowly.


Tiandao Payne is also waiting for them.

This game is destined to have a fierce battle.

Woody village.

Watch the area.

The pharmacist has already sneaked to the body of Mitkai, and the reincarnation of the tilles will be resurrected. This speed is so speechless.

The Maitekai, who has just arrived in the pure land, has not responded, and immediately returned to the current world, and then it was taken by the pharmacist.

Shangyuan Nairo secretly used his people to steal the trick of Metekai, his face could not help but change: "Can you only steal a tiger? Is it because his strength is not enough? ? "

No matter how this is not a good news!

The original Nairi looked at the coffin, if it was because the dead door limit of eight-door armor was burned to the body of the blood, so Mart Kai could not open eight gates?

Is it a problem with the skills of their people? Is it a problem with Myrt Kay?

After the pharmacist pockets, I rushed to the Naot Kai's coffin, and I saw the expressions of the original Naida.

"What happened, Needar?"


Shangji shook his head, whispered: "Pocket, think of the way to re-resurrect Mete Kai! I want to see a live Maybe."

If it is just a message, it is not available for a half point.

Only if you can steal the night, you can play enough power.


The pharmacist saw the original navigation in a glance.

To be honest, this momentary pocket feels that the navigation is still difficult.

It is a pity that as a loyal subordinate, what is the problem, the drug teacher has to solve it.

"it is good."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and his mouth revealed a smile: "I ... I think about it."

This one…

I really want to think about it.

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

Located and the whirlpool is catching up with Tiandao Payne.

"Is it finally arrived?"

Tiandao Payen looks at their figure, slowly spreads his palm: "Let me see, can you go to me in front of me!"

"I will solve you."

The whirlpool is a spiral pill, staring at Tiandao Payne coldly, and the word is repeated: "It will definitely solve you ... absolute! Absolute!"

"Long door."

There is also a spiral pill in the hands, and he also looks at Tiandao Payne, whispered: "Will not let you make mistakes ... I will ... correct your mistake!"

Next moment, I also rushed up!

The killing between a teacher will start!

This is a truly orthodox ninja, the union is the battle between the immunity and the top of the top, which is afraid of the original navigation.

have to say.

Later, and the whirlpool has received the information about Shen Luotian, two people mutually cooperated, and they have once compressed the heaven Pedan!

Help each other between tandem, will play the heaven Petion!

In addition to occasionally use Shen Luo Tianzheng to get a counterattack, at other times, Tiandao Penne can only be attacked by the Ninja of the two immortal patterns!

Nothing, because the whirlpool morality and arrogance are also good at launching offensive from the distance!

"Xianfa · Mao Needs!"

Countless white hair and thousands of hair came out from the hair, and the dense Malaysia enveloped all the positions of the Tiandao Payne.

However, heaven Pethen is ready to use the gods, the remote swirls are ready to release their spiral hands in the cooling time of the gods!

This is really tacit in the teacher.

After a while, Tiandao Penne finally realized his trouble. He immediately rushed to the two palms: "Vientiane Tian!"

A gravity is slair!

Tiandao Penne interrupted the dramatic style!

It is a pity that it is limited to this.

Tiandao Penne brow is slightly frowned, and the hand throws a black bar. It is necessary to run through the body, but they have been launched by the frog group to open the black stick!

Before you can't make sure that you can solve the two people, Tiandao Payne will definitely not easily use the gods, unless you use a large-scale procedure ...

Tree cave.

The long gates were also remotely manipulated with Tiandao Payne. His brow looked at the day next to the day, and the brow wrinkled slightly.

To be honest, the battle situation is not too wonderful.

The long-door heart faintly felt that heaven Pednes faced the attack and the swirls of the two cactus patterns, and it was not too high.

Next, the long door waved his day to the day.

This is not coming over, but it has fainted the past in his own white eyes.

I didn't think about the young Tiantian. I didn't think of this powerful enemy in front of my eyes. I will sneak her!

After seeing the day, I saw the day, and I slowly closed my palms and whispered: "The Soil, Turana!"

The figure of the long door suddenly sneaked into the bottom.

This episode can make him quietly lurked around the battlefield.

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

Broken, with a frog group, I will force the Tiandao Payne.

Perhaps because he also believes that he and the whirlow people have an advantage, and the son sound will persuade: "The long door, for this war, the death of the war is enough, don't obstinate! It is really what you want now. Does ... "

"The teacher is also the teacher."

Tiandao Payne interrupted his voice.

In the next moment, the body of Tiandao Petion gradually floated, and the son continued: "We don't have to repeat anything more, I will not give you a chance, I will not waste my time again. "

Shangyuan Nairou has caught eight tail column.

Everyone in the organization is now waiting for his nine tail.

Tiandao Wesin has overlooked, and the cold voice continued: "Now Shangyuan has broken the Yun Yin village, capturing the eight-tail column, as long as I caught the whirlpool, the ideal world that no war will soon appear."


The brow is awkward.

This news is undoubtedly in the snow, if this is the case, then the leaves will definitely can't let the whirlpool people have problems!

Otherwise, once the long door is set, the nine tail beasts ...

The entire endurance will be covered in a horrible, regardless of this terrorist rule, is the long door or Yishe Bo.

"The teacher is also the teacher."

The sound of Tiandao Pedn has dropped from the air. His palm slowly expanded the earth, and the cold voice is open: "If you can't understand my thoughts, then you will feel the pain of the war now!"

Tiandao Petin's face gradually fell into a shadow under the sun, only to see the round eyes on his face, his voice is getting higher and higher: "When you really feel the pain, you will realize my How correct is it? "

"Your Chakra ..."

Location, I look at the Atlantic at the Tiandao body is getting bigger and bigger, the face gradually changes: "He is going to prepare more powerful repulsiveness ..."

"Immortal · Wind, Spiral Sword!"

The whirlpool is finally in the air of Payne, raising his hand, throwing his spiral hand sword, forced Tiandao Wes, can only use the gods in advance!

"It is a disciple of the teacher" "

Tiandao Wen rushed out his palm, which took a huge repulsive force that I just gathered in Chakra: "Although the styles of power still reach my expectations, solve you more than ... ! "

A rack of sculgage falls from the sky!

I also fly my palm and whispered: "Tongling is!"

The pink stomach is quickly attached to the surroundings of him and the whirlpool, the soft stomach wall wrapped their two people's body with the circulating power!

Although the soft stomach wall is far less than the body of the big fairy, it has also greatly slowed down the damage they suffered.

After the end of the repulsiveness of Shen Luo Tian, ​​the tap also quickly relieved the spirit, but did not waste his own time: "Thermor has the strongest power, the longer the recovery time required for the bus, is now this opportunity!"

In the next moment, the one of the ridiculous feet was tightly grabbed, and he didn't care about his body's damage. He leaps with his feet.

It's not a matter of protection, and Tiandao Payne has been hit from the air!

"Immortal · Super Large jade spiral pill!"

A spiral pill is followed by Petion in Tiandao!

The movement of the whirled moon is simply row, like the tactics that he and the whirlpool sneaked, first find the way to force the enemy to use the powerful stunning attack and improve his conservation time.

In this case, they have a long enough time to start attack.

Looking at the whirlpool, he is looking down at the heavens Petion attack, and the two people are finally relieved.

Since then, I will slowly pull a black bar, whisper: "Niko this kid will not turn this! The door, you tarnished his body's body! "

I also grabbed the black stick in my own body, and I kept pain. "Next, it is the last body ... let me feel, this distance ..."

The face is also bigger!

Just as the whirlpool sideways, they suddenly pushed their disciples, and pushed the whirlowers to the side!

A black stick suddenly flew from underground!

After the seven eight black rods are inserted, the sneak attack suddenly appeared in the underground, so that anyone has never reacted!

"Last teacher ..."

Under the ground, I slowly drilled a red hair. He watched the tall body fell on the ground, whispered: "You have said, no matter how you can't relax, you can't relax!"

It is behind the body that controls the body of Paynes.

No one thought that the long door would have lurked under the bottom of this battlefield!

I also bite my teeth, control my neck, slowly turn over and looked at the long door, and I looked at the whirlpool.

This life, he will accept the dump of the fate of the big cactus to become your own disciple, and teach this disciple to grow.

Long gate.



Still anything else?

Who is the child of fate?

I have been thinking about this problem, because he thinks it can live a long time, so he suspects that he may have a new disciple.

It is now on the verge of death.

Only when he is dead, there will be no more disciples in the future, and it is true that who is the child of fate!

I suddenly realized that all this. He believed in the son of the fate. The wave wind goumen has sacrificed, and the long door has already watched the way.

So only the whirlpool is left ...

There was a touching smile on his face. He looked up with his last strength and looked at the whirlpool: "There is no doubt ... is you ... Naruto ... So your brother ... is you."