I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 293 Nine Tail: Your eyes are kind and disgusting (fourth!)

Watch area in the distance.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and looked at the Shangyuan Na, who had no expression. "Nairies, the adults also died!"


The face of the waves is a bit gloomy.

This time the loss of wood is too painful! Flagkarti started to die, Martai was sacrificed, and now it is also rounded ...

The pharmacist looked at the original navigation, and the light continued: "Do we need our big people to turn it?"

"No need."

Shangji shook his head, there is a lot of complications in the sound: "Some people will give him their lives, here is the endurance, dead, or resurrected."

After that, Shangyuan Nairou also looked at the wave of Water Water Gate: "But this depends on whether the son of the four generations of fires can do what others expect ... If the rings of the rings are not enough, then you are As soon as you ask Du Fu! "


Everyone present in the field is silent.

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

The rumor of the whirl is still a blank, can't believe that it is so dead in front of him: "Good color cacto ... a good color?"

The whirlpool is a few steps, and the knee is falling around and pushes his body: "Good color cactus?"

No matter how the whirlpool is called, it can't respond to him.

The mouth also hangs a smile of relief, and entrusted everything to the whirlpiece, completely lost breathing.

The whirlpool is still afraid to believe in everything in front of you.

"Small ..."

The face of Miama Masters is full of grief.


I deeply made an immortal look at the long gates next to it, and I hurriedly reminded: "Naruto, wife, the enemy is still here, now I am not mourning the little coming!"


The long door did not have a hand, but he was looking at the whisker whirlwind and his face was full of complicated.

At this moment, no one knows what the door is thinking.

Next, the face of the long door became clear.

The long gates suddenly extended a foot and kicked the whirlpool, condensed a black bar, nail the shoulders of the whirlpool, and nice the brother!

"The teacher is already dead."

The long door gazing his face gradually became an angry whirlley, indifferently open mouth: "Swirl sounds, now I will go!"


Deep thinking of the cactus suddenly stretched, it is necessary to tie the body of the door, just being easily used by the long door to use a black bar on the ground!

Zhi Ma Xian people have to spurt a flame: "fire ..."

" ."

The long-door remissioned his palm of his hand, and the gods were directly defeated.

As the body outside, the long door can use all the capabilities of the back eye, even in the power of the style!

The long gate has just debuted, and all people who have dropped the scenes directly, and they will be simply desirable.

Just as the long door moves toward the whirl, when he takes him away, he has a disturbed to interrupt his actions.

"Let go of the mung!"

A branch of Ninja team appeared around.

Because of the previous instructions, in order to avoid greater losses, these troops responsible for support behind the battlefield did not appear on this battlefield.

However, when the perceived troops pay attention to the death, these support forces finally can't hold it, flocking towards this battlefield, thousands of ninja densely enclosed this battlefield!

The eyebrows of the door are slightly frowned, looked up at a group of charged wooden ninja, whispered: "Shura Road!"

Next, the back of the long door suddenly spread out two robotic arms, two armifications were a rocket launch tube, countless dense Ma Ma rocket rapidly flying, and the momentum covered the big battlefield!

Countless ninja was fried!

The long gates moved toward the front part of a group of ninja, and slowly extended their palms and whispered: "Shen Luo Tian!"

A rack of stunning broke out!

All rushing ninja in front of him is repeated by the long gates!

A team of fosses on the face of a team of wooden ninja flashed, they never thought that the enemy would be so powerful, facing thousands of people's offensive views are unreasonable!

"In front of God, the mortal is more, and it is also mortal."

The long door gazing a breath with the enemy who was scared by him, and closed his palm of his palm: "Since you are a wooden ninja, let you feel the strength you want to see. Let's! "

The sound of the long door has become a bit low, his palm suddenly closed, a vine began to grow rapidly from his feet: "Mu Huahai Sea gave birth!"

Countless vines and the vine began to spread outward!

A cranberry piercing the vine is spread out, and it is fast to pierce a wooden-legged ninja who wants to cross the vine, forced that they finally have left this battlefield!

The face of the wooden rubber is just a fear of the long door.

However, Shangyuan Na, who is watching in the distance, is crazy!


Shangqi Nairi is on the ground, watching the far-sighted wood thorn, his face is incapable: "When is the long door to wake up! Why do he want to conceal me? "

Mom, the trust between people and people!

Between them, there is anything to say, why do you want to wake up your wooden? Is the long door doubting him?

Why is the long door to doubt what he!

Shangji took his fist, whispered: "Pocket, help me let this account, look back with him!"


The pharmacist looked with the original navigation in his eyes. Before these words, Needers didn't think about it, how many things are you concealing them?

To be honest, the long-door awakening this kind of thing is still accidental.

Just when they made the organization to prepare for the column of the eight tail and the column of the nine tail, the long gorgeous in order to ensure the smooth progress of their own plan, and the original navigo has passed the transplant surgery of a plum cell.

Because the long door has a round-eye, he feels that he can transplant more column cells, thus getting more life energy, Chakra and recovery capabilities.

But it is only disagree with the original navigation ...

Although the long gates don't know why Shang Nai is resolutely disagree with him to transplant more column cells, but in order to get more power, the long door has no matter.

Just catch the column of the eight tail and the column of the nine tail, the plan will succeed, even if it is used to transplant the column cells, it doesn't matter.

What's more, the long door I feel very good.

Especially he also awakened the rude ride.

And now, the long door is not wrong, and the wooden radijone is really good, the surge effect continues to exist, and the enemy must not be close.

When the long fire force opened the special killing, a sharp paw suddenly flew out, suddenly shredded his spiritual arm behind him!

The paw ... is the nine tail!

The long gates turned to the head, only saw a red nine tail, but the six tails behind it!

do not know when…

The whirlpool eucalyptus actually released the nine tail of the body!

Or because of the death, it is completely irritated to the whirlpool, so that he will no longer hide his violence, let the nine tail in the body open!

But now I have released the nine tail, I wanted to put the nine tail again for a while or I would not be so easy?

The nine tail fell to the ground!

The nine-tailed scarlet giants slammed, and the energy bomb sent, quickly covered the vines around, and destroyed large vines!

"Is the nine tail?"

The brow's brow is slightly frowned, and it is slightly toward the nine tail, and a stunned repulsion is out: "Shen Luo Tian!"

In an instant, the original violent nine tail is out of the huge repulsion!

The long door waved throwing a root black, nailing a nine tail, but when he just finished the sixth tail, the nine-tailed of the seventh blood red Clartail!

"Is it still stronger?"

The eyebrows couldn't help but wrinkled, and a black bar will nake the seventh tail in the ground, but he is waiting for the eighth tail of the nine tails ...

The nine tail of the violent fierce is spurting out of the energy!

What makes the face of the door become ugly that the nail is a black bar on the nine tail. At this moment, it is slowly broken by it!

"This Chakra ..."

The eyes of the long gates are consciously tightened, and some don't dare to reply to the eight tail out of the nine tails to break away his yin and yang!

The dying of the long door stared at the top of the huge beast on the ground, and the face showed a surprise: "Single is just Chakra ... even if it is only the state, it is far more than other tails. beast!"

How is the end of the beast yet!

This endurance is too unfair!

Do you have the strength of the tail be a big gap?

The long gates have participated in capture, hosted to capture six tails, but never have seen Chakra like nine tails, and even only the momentum, far exceeds one of the ends of the seven tail.

At this moment, the large brain of the long-door thought of a very magical question: "If you want to absorb the nine-tailed Chakra to enter the outer road of magic, you will need to absorb the time to absorb other tail beasts?"

Next moment, the long door no longer thinks about this problem.

Therefore, Chakra in the nine tail is expanded. Nine fresh red tails are flying in its back, and a huge fox standing in front of the long door!

The complete body of the nine tail, thoroughly appeared in the world!

Even if the leaves, the leaves are also frightened to watch the huge nine-tailed real body, one by one is from backwards, they remembered the fierce night!

That night's nine tail ...

The wooden leaves have a heavy loss, from that, after it is lost.

Nine tails did not look at those wooden, because there were people who attracted it in front of them.

The nine tails slowly low, and the scarlet eyes showed a brutal, it looked at the eyes of the long door, slightly opened his mouth, showing the full-scale teeth!

"Although your eyes look very well ..."

The nine-tailed eyes are slightly harmful. The sound is even gentle, but the sound of the next second has suddenly become brutal: "Hey, but it is just like it is like, but the breath is nausea!"