I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 294, Tongling, Outer Road Magic!

"Nine tails!"

The long door slowly erected his fingers.

When I heard the nine-tailed say, when he was both kind and disgusting, the long door frowned: "The round look is the legend of the six cactors ... Is this guy who was sanctioned by the six immortals? "

The long door can certainly think.

The person who created nine tail beasts that year is the six cactus.

The six immortals have the existence of the father. It has just seen a person who has a six cactus, and it is even more surprised.

However, after careful knowledge of the breath of the eyes, the nine-tailed intuitive is not very right, the breath of the round is actually let it be a bit!

"Hey, it is clear that it is the same as the old man ..."

The nine-tailed mouths grin, looking at the back of the long door, gradually be full of firing in the eyes: "The eyes make me feel a kind of ominous feelings!"

Next, the nineth tail suddenly opened a huge tail beast, anyway, it didn't care who was killed in this tail beast!

"So fast!"

The face of the long door suddenly changed, watching the tail beast jade, the eyes flashed in a touch: "How to joke, how can the nine-tailed condensate beast jade?"

This is not scientific!

And don't ninja at all!

The long gates have also seen the six-tail column to condense the tail beast jade, but the speed of the six tails can not be compared with the nine tail, why is the speed of nine-tailed conjunctive beast jade!

The long door can only rush out his palm, and quickly reach out his palm, cold voice: "Shen Luo Tian!"

The huge repulsiveness suddenly broke out!

Next moment, this stretch will stop the tail beast jade!

The brow's brow wrinkled getting closer, he just stared sharply at the deceased jade to slowly push it slowly to a hillside explode, whispered: "Even if you use hungry ghosts to absorb the tail Beast jade, too long ... "

The power of nine tails is stronger than he imagined!

Especially the nine-tail openings directly sprayed the tail beast jade, as if not carefully care about his own Chakra, it doesn't know if this should be used in the most dangerous time?

It can be very difficult now.

The long gates finally realized what they had to face.

Unless the use of explosive star stars have the possibility of defeating the nine tail, the other capabilities face the nineth tail seems to be less than enough!

However, the nine tail did not think about the long door time. After watching the gods, the giant mouth was grinned, and he slammed up toward the long door. The battle in the strongest beast in history opened the curtain!

Watch area in the distance.

"Is it out of the nine?"

Shangyuan Na was watching the porosity of the distant, smiled and smiled. "Hey, I really want to try the color of the nine tail ... The strongest tail of the roots, what is the feeling of the feel? "

This sentence is really arrogant.

The long door is still in the distance and the nine tail!

As the stronger beast of the roots, the nine tail is not at all levels than the other tail beasts. After the nineth tail is only broken, the whole wooden leaves are not worthy!

Especially when they are around, there is a murderer that makes the nine-tailed chaos. His name is Yuxi Bo.

There is also a victim of the nine tail, and he is a wave of water.

These two people are still very understandable for the strength of the nine tail.

Only two people did not oppose the original navigation, because they know that this guy in front of him really has the strength of challenge nine.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and laughed and said: "It is indeed a little less than a little bit of Nine, only the Ten Ten of Shanghainese, only the Ten Ten of Shanghainese, can only be the opponent of Needar Let's! "

"do not."

Shang Nai was shot and shook his head and waved: "Blow too much, I may still do ten tails now."

Shangyuan Nai is thinking that he is not enough.

Although there are countless war life skills on the original navigation, there is no way to take him, but the Shangyuan wants to solve the ten tail, it feels untrue.

The mouth of the pharmacist is slightly bent, and the light is soft: "Out of the strength has been standing in the top of the endurance, but the neighborhood is still so humble!"


The wave of the water gates and Yisi Bo belt the soil brain flashed a series of question marks. Where did the pharmacist have seen the original navigation?

"All right."

Shangyuan Nai turned to the pharmacist, whispered: "Although the nine tails are powerful now, it is not too likely to overcome the adults, after a while, you will help!"

The pharmacist frowned slightly, looked up and looked at the original navigation: "Needar of the adult, this way, mean that I betrayed it? What is the purpose of doing this?"


After the navigation nodded, I suddenly opened: "This is not a betrayal, and it is a betrayal plan."

After that, after the end, I laughed and took the shoulder of the drug teacher and whispered: "From now on, everything you do is for the big snake pill, to make the big snake pill to get the necklace of the long-haired adult!"

Shangji fell, and revised his own statement: "No, you should say that you have always been for big snake pills, you have a weight loss to win the blood look for the big snake pill, so you will get it, so you I will join the moon, so you will attack the long gates! "

Pharmacist: "..."

The original Needar this script sounds not very friendly to the big snake pill!

Shangji Nai Luo This is what I want to re-create him into a person who is loyal to the strong heart of the big snake.

And the original navar is personally shot to design the big snake pill ... Obviously the fate of the big snake will be very miserable?

If you walk in the script written in the original Nab, it is estimated that the big snake pill will find that he is enemies everywhere in the endurance ... whether it is the wooden leaves or the tissue of the organization, and even the black is hiding next to it. Absolute.

Shangqi Nai's mouth hook, smile and continued: "I really want to see that you will know that you will also betray the eye plan, will show something ... Pocket, it has always put Yu Zhibo spots resurrected hope Your body! "

Shangqi sighed and sighed: "I hope that our Mr. is aware of a question! Only I have been in the merits of the month."


The pharmacist nodded in someone.

To be honest, the pharmacist feels that the big snake pills and black are late to be killed or mad, and this date is getting closer.

Do not.

It should be said to be the entire endure.

According to the original navigation, these operations will be found in the future, if you know what he has done, it is estimated that all are all crazy!

"Don't worry too much."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly closed his palm and whispered: "We have to prepare in advance, can't let others even have a big snake pill, definitely can't let you find you this time I'm afraid. He is behind the scenes. "

"The big snake pills are very serious ..."

There are still some hesitation in your heart in the pharmacist.

"It's ok."

Shang Nai is settled in the palm of the palm, holding a little bit: "Try to do our best, anyway, the big snake pill can't escape my hand."

Pharmacist: "..."


On the face of Shangyuan Na, he revealed a wipe, he watched the distant gate and the tail battlefield, whispered: "Their battle is just beginning!"

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

The long door is facing the nine tail.

The long gates don't play all the strengths of the turn, and his ability faces the ordinary ninja to form a rolling situation, but in the face of nine tails, in addition to the explosive stone, other types of styles are not sufficient.

Human road.




When these capabilities are in the face of nine tails, they basically have no effect, even if they want to take a hungry, seeing a tail beast jade, seeing it is very difficult, let alone the bundle of tailing nine tails to draw it Chakra.

Now standing in front of him, but it is not a semi-tail and beast, but the strongest tail of the endurance!

Taking advantage of the guild, the long door finally got a little time for himself, his palm slowly appeared a small black hole, the black hole as if the star is the same, floating toward the sky.

The palm of the long door suddenly closed, looking at the nine tail rushing from him, whispered: "Star!"

Next, the nine tail bodies sucked up with black holes!

The ground countless crusher cleaves are also attracted to fly on the sky, slowly wrapped in nine-tailed bodies, and these graves firmly trapped the huge stone balls manufactured by Budget Star. within!

I can't help but show an amplifier in the nearby tolerance.

Even if it is a bit of the pharmacist, there is a bit amazing stone ball that is bursting with the long door, and he even looked at the original navigation.

Is the door so strong?

It's so easy to seal the nine tail!

Since the door is so strong, if he will wait for it, it is a bit like a dead!

Just these people have not last too long.

Haven't lived too long, the nine tail guys rushed out of the shackles of the stars directly, and the head of the head was exploded.

"This is the strongest tail."

The original Nai fell as the nine-tailed Dafa, whispered: "Even if the current nine tail is only half the peak of Chakra."

Because when the nine tail of the nine tails, the squid was seized by the corpse of the waves into two tails, and seal it in his belly in his belly. The other half of the nine tail is Now ravaged fierce beasts!

Shangyuan Na will slowly , :: "In the face of such a strong beast, the long door, do you have any other way?"

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

The long face is slowly revealing a gloomy, now the nine tail of the necties is really a big hassle, especially after fighting for so long, the nine tail guys seems to have no consumption. ...

This head is still so lively.

"Try this again ..."

The long door slowly started to close his palm, starting with your hand in calmly, I don't look at the nine tail rushing towards him!

After the long gates have finished their own handprints, looked up with the nine tail of the charge, and slammed in the ground, and the voice was more and the sound: "Tongling's Outth, the magic image!"