I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 295 Woody Dance, the fire is also endless, the fire will burn the village into white!


A smoke drift on the battlefield.

Just when watching the war, the long gates are about to tear into pieces from nine tails. When they will find a way to seal the nine tails, they see a tall body.

Outer road magic image!

This ugly and huge monster body appeared in front of the long door, not to block the hit of the nine tail, but also a palm directly taking the nine!

At this moment, everyone wanted to look at the appearance of the scene!

Have to say, the body of nine tails in front of the magic of the outer road is really small.

However, the nine tails did not care about being taken off himself. Instead, he looked up and stared at the outside magic image in front of him, and the outside magic is on the head, and there is a familiar thing in the body. Chakra!

The outer road is in the magic image ...

There is already seven tail beasts in Chakra!

The nine-tailed gaze slowly changed, and it watched the long-eyed reincarnation, finally realized that the guy was going to do!

"Your courage is really big ..."

The nine-tailed eyes gradually began to restore reason.

At this moment it completely understands what is going to do, this guy wants to set all the Ticla, and the outer road in front of the beast!

At that time, the outer road of my eyes will be embedded!

The door flying floating on the top of the outer road, looking down the nine tail, slowly spread his palm, whispered: "God wants to do things, nature is different from mortal."

At this moment, when the outside magic is coming, the self-confidence returns to the long door, because in the cognition of the long door, the outer road is absolutely will not fail!

When the outer road magic is just a empty shell, it has played a power of imagination with the vitality and Chakra extracted in his body.

Now that the outer magic image is in the body, there is a seven tail beasts, which does not need to use the long-door Chakra, even if it is just a large body, the powerful strength, can also suppress the nine tail!

The only place is ...

Every time you use the outer road, you can use your own vision, in fact, it's a life of life.

After hearing the long door, I heard a funny thing, and the squat was angry: "Hey, idiot, you will not really think that he gets the six cactus eyes, can you do with him?"

The nine-tailed gaze is over dangerous. It stares at the long door of the outer road, the eye is slightly tightened: "It is interesting ... Human creature, it is really not known!"

Next moment, the nine tails rushed to the long gates!

However, the outer road of the magic is deadly pressed his head, and the huge outer road is a killing of the fierce nine!

Although the body of the outer road is huge, the movements in the palm are slightly stiff; the body of the nine tails is small, the body is extremely flexible, and several longitudinal hops get rid of the clamping of the outer road, the opening begins to coacene A tail beast jade

"God Luo Tian!"

The long gates stood in the top of the outer road, and the ranking of the tail bearer was released.


The large forest is instantially flooded!

This fierce battle is that there are people who can't interceach. The tail beast jade and gods are likely to explode. No one knows when they will fall down a tail beast, and the leaf ninja recently responsible for investigation It is also a fight.

A team of wood ninja began to retreat from the command of their captain. After they withdrawn, then furnished several layers surrounded by the circle. After the battle, the enemy escaped after the battle.

It feels a bit like a self-deception.

It is a pity that the source of this command is the fifth generation of fire.

Wooden village.

Nights in the office.

After listening to all the battle reports sent by the battlefield, including the flag-like Kasi war, the sacrifice of Maitkai and the death.

After the program wrinkled with a few commands, letting others left the fire into their posts.

Now there is no other person in the entire nirgo office.

The program is standing in front of his desk, looking quietly after the last left Ninja from the outside office, the body is somewhat weak, and her back is tightly on the desk.

Just now, in front of others, the fifth-generation rigid shadow of the order is incomparable, slowly reaching out his palm, covering his own eyes.

Tears began to flow a little bit on her face with gap ...

From the mouth of the intelligence ninja, it is clear that the mood of the apeer is finally unable to get up.

Her body shakes slightly, even just crying, she didn't dare to make a sound, just slowly open his mouth, exhausted to breathe, this woman wants to vent your grief as breathing air like breathing air from the chest !

The pallet's palm hit his chest, suppressed the feelings and pain of the chest. After years, she once again realized what is the grief of the bones.

From today, the wooden leaves have only one of her alone.

"Late too ..."

After a long time.

The apeer breathed a few mouthfuls, and started to quickly wipe the tears of his eyes with their palms, and stood up and got up and walked out of the door of the fire.

The apeer looked at the dark part of the station, whispered: "Immediately adjust Nara Luojing, let him be responsible for the townhouse, guarding the sneak attack of Unexpello!"

"Yes, fire, big!"

This dark part of Ninja leaving here.

When the program was step by step, the sleep Xiaochun and the water house insured suddenly stopped her to go: "Opener, where are you going?"

"I have to go to the battle!"

The apeer gazing two old people and sinking: "Now the village has arrived in the most dangerous juncture, I have no need to stay here to continue Waizhi Board with the sole that may take it!"

This is their original human hand allocation.

The agency will stay in the village to avoid the sneak attack of Uneclass or other people; the tap will lead the strongest ninja, and go to Western and the long door.

The current battle has reached the most dangerous phase.

Payne has been eliminated, the corresponding price is the flag-like Kaki, Mtiki and the success; the five generations of water shadows, the five-generation style, I love Luo still stayed on the battlefield and Xiao Nan entangled .

Among these most important battlefields, the outstanding nine-tailed and psychic out of the outer road is still fighting, and now their battles have arrived in white.

In addition to the intensity of the shadow, other ninja even eligible.

The sleeper Xiaochun has slowly retreats a road. She looked at the back of the fire building, couldn't help but open the mouth: "Outlet, must live back."


The program wrinkled and wrinkled.

After a while, the aperator suddenly stopped his footsteps, turning to the sleep Xiaochun and the water household, softly open: "If there is any accident, I nominate Nara Luojing as the six-generation eyes of the wooden leaves. "


Survey of the surface of the water household.

The sleeper Xiaochun, but he looked at the back of the program.

Just when the duty leaving the wooden leaves to catch the front line battlefield, Shangyuan Nairou gaze all this, he just stretched a lazy waist.

"Well, Mr. Tong."

Shang Nai, he looked at Unecho belt next to the soil, whispered: "It seems that the leaves have sent all the ninja to deal with the adults! That let these wooden, ninja in front of the battle, you are The wood is burned into a white floor! "


Yuxi Board and the wave of the waves did not dare to reply to the original navigation.

What I think of this guy, I am still talking about letting the pharmacist in the most dangerous time to help the leaves resistant to the long door, now I suddenly destroy the leaves!

"Don't see me so much."

Shangji got down his palm, the voice gradually became more than yin: "Now, go to execute me to your command!"

After saying this, I immediately stared at Unecho to the soil, and I saw it: "You should know where we are! Wooden comfort is not far from here!"

"Yes, I understand."

Yisi Board's hand careped on his own mask.

Whenever he exposes a slim, this bastard will take the wildlife to threaten him, is this kind of thing?

"very good."

Shangqi Nairou sat down nodded, Shen Sheng: "Let's go, go to burn this leaf of the so-called fire!"


Motivation of Unexpello disappeared when the mirror of Unexpea.

After Upwood left soil, the waves frown frowned and asked: "I don't understand, what do you want to do ..."

"I just want to destroy the leaves!"

Shang Nai is unreasonably explained, whispering: "And now all the strong people at first-class, all the strong people are dealing with the adults, I don't have to worry about destroying the leaves of the leaves."

"Unable to understand ..."

The brow of the waves of the waves is crumpled.

To be honest, the wave style is really hard to understand.

At the end of the original Nairi, I hope that all the shadow of the wooden leaves will meet the long gates, and they can even defeat the long door; after all the movie of all the movies left the wooden leaves, send people to destroy the entire wooden leaves!

What did this guy think?

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and cooked: "Nair Loss all the issued orders, never to protect wood leaves, how can I have this illusion in the four generations of fire? Needers just need to use wood leaves The universal adults have exited! "


Shangyuan nodded and nodded.

In his plan, he contains an item that destroys wood, because this destruction of the wooden leaves is really a rare opportunity, and destroying the wooden leaves can bring him the last ultimate ultimate fire of mainstream Chakra.

Shangyuan Nairou slowly erected his fingers, manipulating Unexpello belt on fire, his face gradually became serious, and his eyes became more and more serious.

"Tell them the result of the fire!"

Shangyuan Nai's eyes smashed, Shen Sheng: "Go, tell them, the wood flying dance, the fire is also endless, the fire will illuminate the village until the entire village is burned into a piece of ashes!"