I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 296 Human column power mobilizes Chakra, isn't it right (third!)

Empty emptiness in the wooden leaves.

A large number of wooden ninja was sent outside the village, responsible for building a surrounding door and the neighboring circle, because no matter who wins, the leaves didn't want to let them.

If the long gates are won, then these wooden, ninja will be desperately protecting the nine tails; if the nine tail wins, these wooden, ninja will still suppress the nine tail.

It is time to be early, the war is extremely fierce.

Whoever wins no one is negative.

In order to be able to control the situation in war, solve the crisis faced by the wooden leaves, and the fifth generation of the fifth-generation fire shadow of the wooden leaves went to the battlefield.

In addition to the hand, the entire wooden leaves also can't pick up the war between the nine-tailed and the outer magic, even the power of the apeer, can only find a way to make himself a stovetop.

After the program is leaving.

The entire wooden village has no value for the battlefield situation.

Yuxi Bo Tong stood on the fire, slowly closing his fingers, and the Shenwei wrote in the eyelids sent a burst of dragon ribbing!

"Fire · Explosive Dance!"

Flames quickly expanded in the blessing of the tornado!

This tunnel is in the ground, and the fire is completely ignited, and the flames are like a torch!

The sleeper Xiachun and the water household are still in the fire building, two consultants have only come and rescue some emergency information, flying out, and the Ninja responsible for the village is responsible for the fire after seeing the flame!

"Advisor adult!"

A wooden rubber frowned, he looked up and saw Unexpello belt on Huoxi, couldn't help but low voice: "Do we want to inform the nigner? Yischo belt is really coming ..."

"Do not."

The sleeper Xiao Spring shakes his head, Shen Sheng: "Send people to tell the planner, we will protect the wooden leaves, let the agency to fight!"


This ninja can only listen to the command.

"Yuxi wave belt!"

The water house is looking at Unecho to the top, and the high voice: "What do you do here! What is your purpose not to kill the outside of the door!"


Yuxi Bo belt flying down, standing above the ruins of the fire block of the fire burned, ignored the flames under his feet, bowing down on the ground, ninja: "But I have other purposes, that is Practice the will of the fire! "

"What do you mean?"

"it means…"

Yuxi wave has a red light, and his voice is mixed with a horrible evil: "Burn this village into a piece of ashes! Hahahahaha ..."

The voice falls, his figure disappears above the ruins.

When the underground wood ninja is still confused, Yishibo belt has appeared in other locations, and Zhangkou spurted a flame toward a tall architecture!

"Let's stop him!"

The ninja commander by the water households went to the fire.

However, Nara Lulu, but she can't help but frown, whispering: "Let's take the civilians in the village to spread in the safe area, don't let them be affected ..."

Because the Ninja in the village almost only has some responsibility to maintain the evacuation of the masses, even if you can't find a few people who can threaten the soil of Unexpello.

In just a few minutes, the entire wooden leaves were thoroughly ignited by the ghosts that were ghosts.

Nara Lifei will be the same as this, can only avoid losses as much as possible, rescue some precious documents and instruments.

Fortunately, Yisi Bo belt did not kill.

The crazy guy seems to be just to vent the anger ...

"I didn't expect that the wooden leaves would actually thank the enemy's kindness?"

Nara deer looked into a wooden leaf that was caught in a fire sea and the land of Yuxi Bo leaving the village. The face showed a bitter laugh: "Fortunately, civilians and students in the village have retreated in advance ..."

This matter is probably what they do correctly before the war.

More precious is the villagers of the leaves and those who have not grown up.

Watch area.

Shangyuan Na was rushing to his own head, looked at the system task of his finished, and smashed his forehead, his mood is somewhat subtle.

Originally thought that I had to go wrong.

If you don't expect people to be controlled by yourself, you can also calculate your task.

Branch mission: successfully broken the wooden village (11), the task has been completed, reward passive talent skills.

The power of fire: can be free to drive the fire property Chakra, and create one of the components of the jade to create the fire.

Burning (activation): Burning the fire of the fire + the power of the wind, it can create burning tolerance.

Suvailable (activation): You can freely drive the fire + water force composition of the boiling of Kra, casually created using boiling tissue.

Murreous (activation): Followed by the fire of the fire + the power of the power of the fire, and invite the use of meltub.

Solution (activation): Branch blood, you can freely drive the fire of the fire + the effort of the power of the soil, and create the use of

Explosive (activation): Branch blood, you can freely drive the fire of fire + the power of the soil of the soil, and create a burst of .

Dust (activation): It can be free to drive the wind of the wind + the dust of the fire + the power of the soil, and the dust is used to create dust.

Can you still play with this?

Shangyuan Nairi has never thought of, the fire properties and the earth properties of Chakra fuse, in addition to two different fusers, can you derive it out?

It seems that this is quite normal.

If you have not remembered, Didaran guy's burst, in fact, it is already the threshold of dust, and one of his surges seems to be humanized as ash, but it is not possible to become an atom.

"What happened, Needar?"

The pharmacist has been spotted in an instant.

Shangji shook his head and sighed a little: "I just thought of unhappy things, the wood rubber ninja killed in front, we were charged the interests, but also destroyed their village, some Be over ... "

Pharmacist: "..."

Wave style: "..."

Mom, this person is so embarrassed to say it!

I have just resolutely send the people who want to destroy the wooden leaves, isn't you your guy?

Now I look at this look!

the other side.

When the master rushed to the battlefield of the nine-tail and the outer magic, he also got the news of Unexpello to attack the wooden leaves, but she is also very clear that the most important thing is the battlefield outside the village.

As long as the people in the village are not too much harm, it doesn't matter.

Even so, the agency still has a rigid command, and the two hundred people are returned to the wooden leaves to protect civilians.

In addition, the apeer even took the time to ask the war of other places: "How is the situation of the wind and shadow, the power of the Hiss Hiss, did not take Xiaosan?"


The dark side of the wooden leaves, whispered: "The woman of the blue hair is very good at using the explosion battle, her detonatics seems to be endless, now the wind shadow, the shadow, etc. I have to drag her ... "

Sentences are real.

The dark side thinks that the battlefield on the other side may be more free.

Non-but this wooden darkness is so thinking, even the five-generation style, I love Luo and the five-generation water shadow, and some helplessness is too unfold.

Now, on the battlefield of them, there is only a small south, I love to be 3 people, and the animal road pathon has already been resolved by them.

The only troubled person is Xiaonan.

"That woman ..."

Looking at the small south of the sky, I took a south of the sky, and I took a rude road: "Is she is the hateful teacher of Shangyuan?"

"It's okay according to the information given by the wooden leaves."

My love is still very lighter, and a group of Huangsha floats in the air, and these Huangsha suddenly forms a giant hand of a mandrel, and it has grown in the direction of Xiaonan!

However, Xiaonan is just a faceless to reach out of the paper, in the paper plane, manipulating the paper plane and the detonation into the scope of the sand!

After Xiaonan watched this scene, slowly took his fingers, whispered: "Forbearing, mutual explosion!"

Next, a roar of the explosion!

At the moment, the sand giant hand was blown up with hundreds of hundreds of out-of-the-explosions that were talented to each other.

Xiaonan's combat method is such a simple and rude, no matter what I use, I will use what I love to use, she will solve it directly with the explosion.

to be frank.

It is a bit speechless in the beauty and my love.

"I'm curious."

I looked at my own offensive after I was resolved again. She frowned, looking at Xiaonan opening: "As the enemy of the original Na, I am very clear; you are his teacher, should not only have these means ? "


After a while, Xiao Nan was silent, and the palm of his hand shook his hair, but the face was still cold and ruthless.

Xiaonan slowly gazing my love and photographed beauty, the sound is cold. "Solve your words, these means are enough."

Now, I have not flooded them with a lot of detonation, because Xiaonan must save their own Chakra, she will be the last line of protection of the main entrance.

Just as this is still entangled.

The hand has arrived in the battlefield, she looked at the tail of the fierce battle and the magic of the outside road: "The most important battlefield is still the end of the nine, go to send people to call the seal class with me!"

"Yes, Naruto."

The secret of the secret is nodded and hurried to the seal class.

A team of team seals rushed to the board, they waiting for the opportunity to launch an attack, just that the time was too late.

The center battlefield is above.

The earth is constantly vibrating.

The outer road magic is in the ground, and slammed the nine tail. It is just that its palm force wants to clamp the nine tail!

When the nine tails avoid the energy bombs, they are tangled out, and they are looking forward, and they are looking at the outer road: "Hey, it is really difficult guy ..."

"It's trouble ..."

The face of the long door is not good.

Because nine tails are too difficult to capture.

In addition to the attack of the external magic, other means are simply itching for the nine tail, and even if the gods are attacking the nine tails, they may be injured by the anti-earthquake!

This moment is a hidden regret.

If he is willing to listen to the suggestion of Shangyuan Na, first capture the ghosts, and then take the outer road to capture the nine tail, will definitely be trouble.

Now the long gate is a real riding tiger.

As everyone knows the nine tail of the other side.

Because it is very clear, the huge monsters of the outside world are once their own body, and the power is very powerful.

Single only is the nine tail, you want to fight with the outer road, it is very easy to fight; but if you want to overcome the magic of the outside, it is a little difficult.

Ok, don't stay.

Because the top of the outer road is still a threat of the same huge long door.

If you don't pay attention, it is very likely to be caught by them. At that time, if you are incorporated by the outside magic, you know that you will definitely disappear!

"I still need to use the whirlpool of the little body, integrate our two Chakra ..."

The nine-tailed glance gazing, I can't help but hit a rang nose: "How is the little ghost so embarrassed, is there still been talking to the woman of Nikina now?"

Inside the spirit world.

The whirlpool Ni Nai and the whirlpool have met.

Because I just caught up with my death, the whirlpiece was most violent, in order to give a revenge, he completely opened the seal under the temptation of the nine tail.

This time, there is no blocker of the wave, but after opening the seal, the whirlpool also saw his mother's whirlpool. Cinsi's Chakra.

Therefore, the whirlpool rings report all the things that have occurred to their mothers. There are no lack of Yuxi Bo to create the nine-tailed chaos, and the tissue is being raged around to catch the beast, and they have just war. news.

Just when they just chatted, the swirls were sad, and the mother and son heard the nine tail, and couldn't help but curly the nine tail to the spiritual space.

The swirls, Niki and the whirlpool, the mother and child stood together, and the two did not focus on the huge nine tail of the body, and the expression of the mother and child was exactly the same, full of curious.

The whirlpool, Nixin, looked at the huge nine tail of the body, extended his palm: "Hey, nine tails, how long do we want to talk about it, let you have anything! Do you want to be tied by me!"


Oh shit!

The nine-tailed bowl overlooks this pair of mother.

The giant eyes of the nine tails are more dislike.

This is true to the mother and child, the more you hate it!

Whether it is how many times, I still feel that this is really annoying!

The nineth tail couldn't help but knew the whirlpool. He said: "Hey, then you will continue to talk! After I was taken with the whirlwood, this little ghost will die and go to the death and your reunion, How long have you been talking about how long have you want to talk!


Swirls are silent when Sinnaton.

Now that the swirls of the rumors are the most important, the outside world has a strong enemy.

If you want to win the outer road of outer roads and long gates, the nine-tailed and whirlpieces must work together to play a stronger force!

The whirlpool is scratched, and I asked: "What happened outside? Then I and my mother will re-seal you now, I will continue to fight!"

Mom, how can I want to seal it!

The nineth tail said that he said half a sentence of the vortex, snoring: "The enemy outside is even more than my whole strength, I feel tricky, little ghost, do you think you can do it?"


The whirlpool is silent.

The nine tails snorted, and the mouth opened: "Okay, I need your body to fight, then I will put all my Chakra borrow you ..."

"What to borrow!"

The vortex is dissatisfied: "Is the column power to mobilize Chakra, isn't it what should be? Nine tails, what is your favorite look!"


The nine tail couldn't help but move toward the whirlpool: "Do you think this little ghost is you! As long as I don't borrow him, he don't want to get a power from me!"


The whirlpool is Huan Senon.

As the column of the previous generation, the vortex .

I didn't expect her now that she was dead, and the guy who had been arrested by her is unable to move.

The nineth tail looked at the regrets and unspoiled faces of the whirlpool, couldn't help but worship: "If you want your son to live, let him go out!"