I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 298 for your carefully prepared enemies! (Fifth! Thank you for the darkness!)

The word half vacation is saying.

The long gates couldn't stand their own brows. He now had to admit that this time it is too much to be too sloppy, but the result has caused one of themselves.

Pennesa has been destroyed, and the body is still entangled here and the nine tailor is entangled. The enemy of Yisi Board has appeared.

There is even a pharmacist with this latent spy.

The situation seems to be faint, some are not very wonderful ...

Yuxi Boziwei's written eyes looked at the long door and looked at the long door, and the sound is open: "The long door, I have been paying for you ... When you betray me because of the trick, you should think of it. Today! "

"To shut up."

The long gate frowned, looked at Yisi Bo with soil without hesitation, said: "Shangyuan is a successful successor. When you want to kill Shangyuan, we have become enemies. ! "

"Don't be so impatient!"

The pharmacist took his palm and whispered: "The leader, otherwise, you will continue to capture the nine tail column. We will talk later."


This will not be too fake!

How can there be a pharmacist?

Whether it is a master, the whirlpool is still a long door, and the three people's faces are uncomfortable, even if there is a new enemy, the hostility relationship between them still does not change any changes.

The situation of the battlefield suddenly got delicious.

The master is hand-knocked with his fist, staring at the pharmacist and Yisi Bo, Shen Sheng: "Do you appear here, is it for Naruto?"

"Do not."

Yizhi Bo shake his head and nodded again: "The nine tail of the whirlpiece is only part of the reason, I don't think about the nine-tailed Chakra temporarily send this little ghost ..."

The Whenever the Wheel's Wheel was flashing in a red man, his eyes looked at the long gates, staring at the back of the long door, opening: "I appear here, it is to recover the eyes that have given the long door! "

The figure of Unexhoe has suddenly rushed to the long door, reached out to the back of the long-door, cold channel: "Thank you for your wooden leaves, helping me solve Penne six, otherwise, I don't Dare to raise him! "

"God Luo Tian!"

The hands of the long-door, exploring, and a surprise slammed from his side, but the figure of Unexpello is easy to pass through his body, continue to catch his body!

The face of the long door changed.

Next, the long door turned over and avoided the attack of Unexpello, his figure suddenly floated, appeared on the top of the outer road.

Yischo took the soil snorted, he turned over the body along the outer road, and several longitudinal hops appeared on the shoulders of the outer road, no matter what attack, what attacked by the outer road is unable to hurt him!

Yuxi Bo Tong stood on the shoulders of the long door, looking at the long-door scornful opening: "Do you think you can escape?"


When the long door has slowly floated a robot arm, the blink of an eye becomes a machine gun, the voices of the long door gradually calm down: "Yuxi Bo belt soil, do you think you can challenge me? In this pair In front of the eyes, no one is the opponent of the eyes of the immortal! "

"Hahahaha ..."

Yuxi Bo smiled and smiled and smiled. "I don't know the so-called, you think that the eyes of the cactus are just the end of Unexpello."

Yuxi Bo is looking at the long door cooler.


The heart of the door is tight.

This matter has always been his most headache problem.

Even if I arrived for him, I can only let his body gradually return to the peak, and I can't add life that he has consumed.

Even after the cells of the thousand-handles are now transplanted, he just feels that every time you use a round to look back, the body's burden is reduced, and Chakra is also reduced, but the life is always consumed.

"Because the eyes are Yuxi Bao."

Yisi Bo has nothing to say about this secret. He quietly opened: "The eyes are placed on your body, but in order to save his vitality, it is in order to let you use the round to naturally resurrect Yuxi Boli More! "


The face of the long door changed.

At this moment, his face is extremely uncein.

Because of this passion, he has always thought that he is a real day, always thinking that he must be a true God, always think that he will have to bear more responsibility.

Now, everything he does is because of the confidence brought about this double round. If there is no such eye, he is just an ordinary rain juvenile!

The long door pressed the shock of his heart, and looked at Yischo, and tried his best to recover his voice: "Hu Yanshi ..."

The long door is guessing that Yisi Bo belt soil is true.

Renovation is the biggest secret.

In addition to the user of the round, there will be no more people know that this can be done to return to the ban, unless someone told him this.

Moreover, Yu Zhiwei has been active when the mysterious mask is active, and she still claims to be Yuxioba, which seems to be more familiar with the power of the round.

"Changmen ..."

Yischo belt soil is not in the long way, but the waves are not surprised: "I am telling it is true, your own heart should be very clear!"

After Unexpello said this sentence, the eyes suddenly flashed a red light: "Look at you, tell you! The final weapon's plan is fake, the real plan is for God ... "

Yuxi Bo has kicks the outer road of the outside. The sound gradually became a bit cloudy. God! "


The long door is still calm.

Even now, he has already turned over the sky waves, at this moment, his heart is still very calm, maybe because the news today is too amazing.

Since so many years.

The long gates have been insisting on the ultimate weapon program.

Even the two people in Xiaonan and Shangnai have always supported him. This is the dream of the real member of the real member. By manufacturing the ultimate weapon, this endurance becomes peaceful under the deterrence of the ultimate weapon.

Some people denied their plans.

Some people suddenly told him that they were just a chess pieces of others.

If all this is fake ... then what they have been working hard is for what, those who sacrifice for this, those who have killed them, those who have set off for this, are wrong!

Especially in these two years, they have never stopped war.

Almost every big country in the endurance is listed by the original Needle, the purpose is to collect the deterrent of the beast, spread the words ...

Today, the original Nairou also came to him, he just destroyed a cloudy village, caught the eight tail of Yun Yin Village ...

The head of the door pinned a little bit.

He suddenly remembered that Xiaonan hoped that there was no such thing as a child. It was just just to make a leader of Yuyin Village, so that Shangji Na will replace them to go bright or.

As a result, he was too pet to the original navigation, but many times in front of Xiaonan, even often gave the original navigation of some unified tasks, but also allowed the original navigation to completely covering the grassy village, dancing some tilms and rocks Hidden Village's War ...

The darkness involved in the original Needle is too deep!

Now, no matter how to wash, it's not clean!

When the long door was so thoughtful in the top of the outer road, Yishibo belled seems to see his pain and struggle, not but did not shoot, but it stroked his mask.

They communicate above.

The battle under the bottom has begun.

The aperator waved his fist to pocket, and the cold voice was asked: "Pharmacist, where the big snake ball is!"

"How can this secret tell you!"

The pharmacist flew to avoid the fist of the agency, looking at the earth by a fist, and his eyes couldn't help but twitched.

Fortunately, the pharmacist is now a base card, and some is the strength and the plate. He launched his glasses after the attack of the hand, he pushed his own glasses and smiled: "The big snake pill is in a very safe place, no matter who is Can't find his place! "

Even if you kill can't kill.

Because Big Snake Pills are now his soul body, unless someone is good at soul or seal style, it is possible to solve the snake pill.

What's more, the land of the Dragon Cave is also very hidden.

The hand is slowly knocked against his fist, and the void: "When I put you only one breath, I believe you will definitely say it!"

"is it?"

The pharmacist slowly closed his palms, laughed and opened: "Let me try the color of the five generations! Take the law, Tongling!"

A coffin floated from the hands of the pharmacist!

A watermelon head in a green tights came out of the coffin. He slowly opened his eyes, and he watched everyone flexing his head: "Ah, I didn't die yet?"

It is just Mutkai that is just in the dead of reincarnation!


The pharmacist has set his fingers, laughing and opening: "Because I have such a good one, you can resurrect!"

"Kay ..."

The charter's fists consciously cleared, and the face is resentful, looking at the pharmacist: "He just sacrifice, your group of bastards disturb his soul!"

"Rounded emerging!"

The whirlpool is also amazed, and his eyes slowly moved to the pharmacist. A spiral pill appeared in his hand: "Planner mother-in-law, you come to help me stop the thick eyebrows, I come Solve this guy! "


The master is slowly nod.

The whirlpool moon looked at the pharmacist, and his eyes were a bit of anger: "Hey, these for the hormon of the village ... I will never let you!"

"Don't be too urgent ..."

The pharmacist has erected his fingers in the lips, laughing and opening: "Swirl sounds, your current state, but I don't want to face it easily, so I have specially invited the big snake pill, carefully prepare for you. A enemy! "

In the face of the rumors in the nine-tail mode, the pharmacist has a little effort.

When the pharmacist is finished, the bitterness of the sword of the love for love is suddenly falling in the middle of the pharmacist and the whirlpool ...

Next moment, a whirlpiece is also in the figure of the golden beast chart.

It is the fourth generation of fire shadow windshield!

"Sorry, Naruto."

Wave-style water door is holding his own flying thunder, lifting the head and looking at the whirl, his face is flashing: "I didn't expect, we will meet in this situation ..."