I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 299 Yang Nine Tailings, Yang's power is the correct opening method (sixth!)

When the wave wind gorges appeared again, everyone's expression was faintly changed, and there were some horrified whiskers.

The eyebrows are slightly frowned, in fact, she has already guess the wave of the water gates, because the water gates have appeared once.

"Big Snake Pills Bar!"

The master slammed in the ground, looking at the pharmacist in the face of the face: "Let the father and son who have never seen too much, he makes this kind of thing, or a personal?"

"You can't say this."

The mouth of the pharmacist smiled slightly, and spread his palm: "This is the kindness of the big snake pill. If it is not a big snake pill, the Naruto will have the opportunity to see your father? Does the opportunity to see the second-generation eyepiece? "

The expression is more difficult, and her face is almost ugly to drop the water: "You have a bastard of the death of the dead, now full of mouth ..."

"What we said, never truth."

The pharmacist took the palm of his hand and laughed and opened: "If the master wants to see the coming, I can help ..."


The program biting his teeth.

Her heart beats a bit.

Just hesitated for a second, the agency filed his fist rushing to the pharmacist, but he was stopped next to Mete Kay!

Metekai flew down a foot stopped, he continued to launch his own attack and explained: "Naruto adult ... Sorry ... I am ... I can't control my actions ..."

"I know."

The apeer lifted his arm to the Kai's attack, while opening a loud voice: "Hey, the people who seal the work" come over! "

"Yes, fire, big!"

The wooden and ninja holding a seal reel rushes up.

However, I still don't wait for them to rush here, I only see a handle and suddenly appear around them, and there is a golden light between the moment!

It's not waiting for other people to react, these sealing classes of Ninja lie on their throat, one by one ... only in just two or two seconds, these seal class ninja was killed and clean, even Others have never reacted.

In the field, there is this speed of the Ninja, only one person.

The palm of the waves of the waves shake slightly, the flying thunder in the hands did not have blood, and his face revealed a bitter bitterness: "Sorry ... I ..."

"Dad, this is not your fault."

After the whirlpool toned, he stood in front of the wave wind gate. He slowly cleared his fist, Shen Sheng said: "All this is the fault of the big snake! I won't let the bastard "


The waves shook their heads smiled.

At this moment, he had no way to explain this.

Because people who have been manipulated behind the scenes, they will not allow him to say any one word, as long as he dares to have any power, they can reunite in the endurance.

A family of three reunion sounds very good.

Just at that time, Mom and Dad teamed up with his son.

After the waves sighed, his face gradually became serious. He watched his son and whispered: "Naruto ... Come! Let me tell you, Jiuji Chakra mode and nine The difference between lama mode ... "

The wave of the gates appeared in the hands of a paint black, his figure disappeared in the original place, and suddenly appeared on the whirlpool: "When you can do it with the nine lama, you can Really integrated with the nine lama! "

The tail beast jade in the hand of the waves is pressed!

The whirlpool is suddenly drilled out a golden Chakra giant hand, it is necessary to block the warities of the rush!

However, the tail beast jade easily defeated Chakra hunters, a burst of explosion, and smashed the swirls!

"This is ... Tail beast jade?"

The whirlpool is flashing on the face.

The wave style is nodded quietly. He still has some surprises. Why didn't I stop him to teach the whirlowman to become a perfect person.

However, since the original navigation is not stopped, the wave style is simply given this opportunity to give his son to make up the class: "The nine tail is the name of the nine lama. When you really understand each other, you will follow each other. Use the power of each other ... "

The arms of the waves of the waves suddenly extended, turned into a golden monster giant claw, directly grasped the whirlpool: "The people in this state are the so-called perfect column power!"

The whirlpool is flying out by a claw!

far away.

Shang Nai Luo remotely manipulated the wave wind gate and Yisi Bo belt soil, he smashed his own head, personally put his will in the spiritual world of wave windmen: "Four generations of eyes, pay attention to your own], then Your biological son ... "


The whole person of the Wavelet Water Door is not known.

What ghosts say this? Is it now the person who fights him and the whirlpool, isn't it the end of this non-personal bastard?

But now the whirlpool is indeed not a father's opponent.

The waves of the perfect manner can completely use any strength of the nine tail including the tail beast jade, and the syllable nine-tail mode can only simply borrow the nine-tailed Chakra.

Originally, there are some ambitious swirls, at this moment, there is a bit of blow. Fortunately, the whirlpool has already known the way to go in the future from his own father.

But when the whirlpool song was flying again by the wave of the wind, the Yang Jiu tail hidden in the whirlpool people finally couldn't help: "Little ghost, this is not an opponent, put your body temporarily gave me! Let me To deal with him! "

Swirl sounds: "..."

To be honest, the whirlpool is that the nine tail is to retaliate.

More than ten years ago, when the nine tail was chaotic, the whole nine was cut into two halves by the waves of the water door, half of which was yin nine tail, and was sealed by the waves of the water door in her own body; the other half is the yang nine, Seed by a wave wind door in the son.

The nine tail must definitely want to retaliate.

Now, the whirlpool has no strength to face his father. If you face failure, it may lead to the crisis of the leaves of the leaves ... The whirlpool is not hesitized to temporarily borrow his body. tail.

Spiritual space.

"Give you, the nine lama, is it?"

The whirlpool scorned his back.

The nine-tailed mouth couldn't help but smoke it, and I snorted: "Hey, the guy of the wave of the Waveshigh is really a lot!"

Because the wave style tells the whirlwise, the nineth tails are not so hated the guys.

After the words were finished, the nine tails were a little curious about the whirlpool: "You believe me, aren't I afraid of me to take your body?"

"Not afraid."

The whirlpool sounds shook his head and whispered: "Because Dad said, let me know each other to understand each other ..."

After saying it here, the whirlpool sounds again: "Even if you take my body, I can also take it back from your hand ... Nine Lama, now I, but very strong!"

Nine tails: "..."

It's really touched for a second!

This rumor is like his mother!

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

The vortex tonar Chakra has changed again, and the huge red body of the nine-tailed red body is once again, this hormon is again appeared on the battlefield!

The nine-tailed claws shot the waves on the ground, grinned and opened: "Hey, the water door, from now on, it is now changing!"

"This ah ..."

The wave style nodded calmly.

In the next moment, the body of the wave wind door suddenly became a golden nine tail, and the attack of the red nine-tailed, the two huge nine tails became a group!

This battle is getting fierce!

Even if the situation on the battlefield is fierce, it still does not escape the control of the original navigation, and he is still watching the status of this battle.

Yisi Bo belt and the long door is still confrontation.

Metaki, who has been reincarnated by the apeer, has been stopped, and the two people look at the two huge nine-tailed battles.

Perhaps because of the relationship between the perfect column, the wave gates will seem more to be more winning, with a tricks of the flying gods, and then defeated the Yanyi Tail to the ground directly!

After the yang, after the end of the yang, he only retracted the vortex son, and he returned to Chakra for the whirlpool.

Just as the original navigation, everything is monitored, when watching this nine-tailed battle is very happy, the system panel suddenly reminds him to complete a task.

Branch mission: defeat the yang nine (11), the task has been completed, reward passive talent skills.

Yang's power: You can freely drive the yang attribute Chakra, and create a niche, and give life to one of the components of the jade.


The expression of Shangyuan Nae has gradually changed.

The next moment, the corner of Shangyuan Nae lost.

Who can tell him that why the wave wind door defeated the Yang Nine tail, the system will give special reward to him!

Wait, this seems to be normal!

In this world, the head of the whirlpool is actually the protagonist!

Shangyuan Na Roked slowly smashed his forehead, what Yusi Bo-spots, what thousand handles, even if they are popular, can you still have nine?

What Yiscy Boss is a thousand hand, what is Ashi Luo Doth Dothth, in addition to their strength, can they live with nine tails?

I was still guess before the arrival of the original navigation.

In the end, it is to defeat the peak state, and beat the Sui Zhibo spots. In the end, the whirlpiece who defeated the peak is still defeated the thousand-handed columns, and will get the strength of the yin and Yang ...

I didn't expect the answer to be so close!

After defeating Yang Jiu, you will not be strange!

It was just that the original Nab is just to see a father and son between the waves and the whirlpool, and the Belief has seen a war in the yin and Yinjiu.

The result didn't expect that it was actually the power of Yang!

So do you have a way of gaining?

Wavelet water door.

No, it should be said to be the yin nine tail in the wave style.

Shangyuan Nai fell to his forehead. When he intended to immediately transfer the waves of the water, the ring on his hand suddenly came out of the voices of the long-door: "Shangyuan, Xiaonan handed it to you, and later protect you. Teacher ... "