The long gate finally chose to accept reality, accepted all the truth, he wanted to spend his own life, solving the hidden dangers of Yu Zhiwei.

Only before the final and Yisi Bo belt, the long door has to arrange his own legacy. Fortunately, he has already prepared to face this day.

And the original Nairi has never lived up to our expectations.

Therefore, the long gates will choose to pay Xiaonan to the original navigation before the end.


Chakra in Shangyuan Nair injected a ring, his voice had more hesitant: "Why do you say this, have you happened?"


There is no echo in the ring.

The long gate did not say anything with the original navigation, because he also arranged a small man withdrawal on the other side.

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

The head of the door is vertically in his own lips, and it is contacted by the rings in the hand, and the small south of the five generations of wind shadows, the five generations of water shadows.

"Small South."

The head of the long door is slightly trembled, and the spin is slowly recovered quietly: "Xiaoshan, now you will leave the battlefield here, go back to Yuyin Village."


Xiaonan frowned after a second, suddenly opened: "The long door, what is the problem there, I now solve these two people now, rush to you with you."

"There is no need."

After thinking about it for a while, the silend said: "Small South, listening to my order, now leave this battlefield, go back to Yuyin Village."


Small silence on the other side of the ring.

Obviously, Xiao Nan intuition is more keen than the long-term imagination.

After a while, Xiao Nang suddenly came out: "The long door, these are there without any meaning, we will not throw your companions for death ... Tell me, what happened, you will never give us lie."


After a while, the long gates were soaked. "Yes, because I have to use the powerful powerful surgery that I have never used, you stay on the battlefield, I will be more worried that you may be ignored ..."

Since I have never lying, let him talk once!

Once the truth is truth, Xiaonan will definitely pay attention to him.

However, when the door, the painter did not finish it, a plastic paper did not appear on his shoulder, which made the face of the door could not help but change.

"Long door, what you lie is really a lot of holes ..."

Xiaonan's voice came out from the paper butterfly: "Because you never lie to us, you will tell us that you will tell us, the long door, there is no need to say so much, put me in the spirit Fight! "


The long door shakes his head and whispered: "Small South, there is Shangyuan ..."

Xiaonan's voice with an unprecedented firm: "Nairou is the fire of Yinyin Village, because he is there, so we can fight your own life battle."

The long gates have been caught in silence.

At this moment, he faintly thought that Xiaonan said it is very right. They already have a successor, then there is no worries!

Xiaoshan's voice gradually became calm, and the voice was cold. "Don't be too pessimistic ... Now I will immediately go to your side, as for the truth, I have already thought to pass it."


The long door was convinced.

This person is always so easy.

The eyes of the long gates were dead and stared at Ux Zhibo, and then got the battlefield, and the high voice: "The five generations of fire, I am now annoying the war's war ... now I, I want to clean up this tolerance The hidden danger! "


The program biting his teeth.

To be honest, she really doesn't want to end!

This bastard killed Kakasi, killed Metekai, and killed it again, and many of the wood rubber is also dead in the hands of the long door.

It is a pity that the situation is now unfavorable to the wooden leaves.

So the apeer did not answer the long door.

The eyebrows of the whirl are slightly frowned.

And on the other side of the battlefield.

After the figure of Xiaonan suddenly disappeared, the five-generation style, I loved each other, and the war is still defeated. Is it successful?

Like Meill and I didn't have hesitated time. After thinking about it, I was quickly coming towards the final battlefield.

Final battlefield.

The figure of Xiaonan has appeared around the long door with a smog. When she saw Unecho, she launched an attack toward Yuxi Boand!

Xiaonan's palm overlaps a sheet of origami, and the folding of these origami is smashed, and went toward Uzhi Bo!

"Yuxi wave belt!"

Xiaonan's palm slowly raised, countless origami wrapped in the figure surrounded by Unexpello: "Eight years ago, when you attacked Nairou, you have booked your fate today!"

"Really ..."

Yisi Bo has the soil, the body is physically, and the cold voice is open: "It's a trouble!"

In the next moment, the figure of Yishibo belt blinds through the surrounded white paper, rushed to the direction of Xiaonan and the long door: "It is just a person who is dead, and I didn't expect that two people will come together!"

A war!

In the case of the long-door reincarnation and Xiaonan's paper ruptures, the Shen Zhibo's land is like it is not good!

The door instantly relieves the spirit of the outer road!

He and Xiaonan can float in the air, watching Unexpello belt on the ground, short-term advantage from the land.

This advantage is not too long.

Because Uzhi Board can also be short-lived in the air, even if he can call support at any time.

Next moment, a spatial vortex appears around the door!

Whether it is Xiaonan or the long door, the eyes of the two have also exposed a shouting: "When the space is in the case of the space, his body must be an entity ..."

The opportunity is coming!

It is a pity that there is no Sui Zhimo, and the second generation of the second-generation rigs, the second-generation rigs, and the enemy who specializes in flying thunders!

There are a lot of people stored in the Shenwei space!

This trick is really anti-fighting!

The second-generation rigid shadow thousands of hands ignored Xiaonan to stack a pile of outslast in his own body, but the moment appeared behind the long door, and reached the shoulders of the long door!

"God Luo Tian!"

The palm of the long door, the scallment broke out, and the thousand hands were flying out in an instant. At the same time, the countless sheet of Xiao Nantong was broken into a fragment!

In the next moment, the body of the thousand hand started to re-enter.

The blow of embarrassment will never die, so that he does not need to fear the power of the explosion, because these two types are originally used in combination!

"Can you kill?"

The long door is condensed with a yellow-yang black bar, and it is necessary to shoot the thousand hands to restore the body!

However, a arm suddenly arrested the arm!

It is Yuxi wave belt!

"Blend ..."

The long door can only be retired helplessly.

The fierce confrontation between them can only temporarily draw a rest.

The mixed waves on the ground are also invested, and the wave of the blindstorm is almost invincible. Generally, they are in all Ninja, whether they just open the signs of the nine-tail mode, or other seal classes who want to seal him!

"Trouble ..."

The apeer looked at the beautiful hand and Yishe Board, and looked at the battlefield on the battlefield on the ground. The brow wrinkled and tightened.

The battle has entered a white heat.

Woody village: a hand, a whirlpool, and a continuously coming.

Treatment: the long door, Xiaonan.

Behind the scenes: Pharmacist pockets, Yuxi Bo belt, rubbing to the Blow Mitt Kay, reflowing thousands of hands, crude rhythm, water gates.

The apeer did not expect.

The second wave of enemies they need to face is stronger than the imagination, and they are pressed against their wood and long!

However, the pharmacist will still feel that it is not intense enough.

"Mr. Tong."

The pharmacist looked at Yischo, and slowly closed his palm, and smiled and said: "If the enemy in the air is not solved, I can help you arrange a companion who is good at flying!"


Yuxi Bo took the soil and looked at a parenchych.


Next, the pharmacist took a spiritual handprint, and the smile gradually accumulated on his face: "Take the Law, Tongling!"

Another coffin floated the ground.

A ninja, second-generation noodle, no.

This war will become more confusing. After the second-generation Spring is added to the battlefield, the aerial advantages of Xiaonan and the long gates have not been inseparable.

"Dust, the original stripped draft!"

The second-generation Spring shadow is blooming, flying towards the direction of the long door, this light is gorgeous, people don't dare to open their eyes straight!


The long gate waves his palm and uses the hungry ghost to absorb Chakra's ability, and absorb the dust in Chakra, this threat does not need to be too care to him.

The second generation of natives have not suddenly frowned, disappearing within their sight.

Just when the long-door and smaller faces have changed slightly, the second-generation Tang Shadow concealed the figure and appeared around them, and the second-generation noodle was also carrying the second-generation rigid and thousands of flying flying printed!

These two guys are not 1 + 1 as simple as 1 + 1.

In the next moment, a handle didn't shoot a long door, a dry and drumming, and the figure of the thousand hand suddenly appeared around the side!

"Fei Lead!"

"God Luo Tian!"

The long-door waved released a repulsive force, and the figure of the thousand-handed hands was going out. However, before the attack of his own attack, the figure of the thousand hand did not want to use the flying thunder to disappear. before!

When the long door and Xiao Nan god were vigilant, there were no figures quietly appeared behind the long gates, and the thousand hands were also appeared around him.

These two guys have been too sudden!

"Be careful!"

Origami flying in the small man!

Unfortunately, the long door is still kicked by thousands of hands!

The long gates have fallen from the air, and the thousands of hands are chased towards his position!

Just as the hard work in the hands of thousands of hands, a flying flying in the face of Golden Chakra coat appeared in half, slammed the shoulders of the long door, with him from the thousand hands Attack!

"Hey, are you okay?"