I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 302 Teacher, no need to be afraid (third!)

The battle is getting more and more intense.

The entire battlefield has been completely chaotic.

Wooden ninja is constantly increasingly joining the battlefield, and the source is continuously criminalized to kill, the anti-Chakra and infinite resurrection of the embarrassment, so that they can attack offensive.

Even if the long-door and swirls are strong, the strong ninja, which is still unable to stop their decline.

Wave-style water gates, Unexpello belt and thousands of hands and thousands of ninja gods, almost they will force everyone to go back.

This battle could not help but feel desperate.


McTy's embarrassing body cannot open the ultimate anorthodization of eight armor, but he can easily open the seven doors, the seventh door, the oysterism of the seventh door, is pushed out by him!

A air elastic into a white tiger, swept in the direction of the long-door and other people, and the appearance of a choice!

This scene can make the skinny hair!

The face of the long door is not very beautiful. He has been in front of the attack on the sky with the Wood and Wheel, and has not been retired. I didn't expect that he and the wooden ninja will meet the enemy. Tiger!

This world is too much!

"God Luo Tian!"

The hands of the long gates suddenly launched a pound of sculgage. He is almost desperately used to use his own ability to go back to the eye, and then the huge white tiger air will return!

After the long gates retired, he turned his head to the swirls: "Naruto, now I use the gods, the time needs cooling time ..."


The whirlpool is nodded, watching the opposite wave of waves, Yisi Bo belt, thousands of hands and none, these guys will certainly not let this time!

Xiaonan's figure fell from the sky, and an explosion was suspended around her, and it could be swept in the enemy!

Unfortunately, her style is completely released. It can only temporarily restrain his impulse, lest the explosion.

"You must find a way to solve the drops of the pharmacist and Yuxi wave."

Xiao Nan's eyes gaze the enemy in the scene, and the sound will continue to say: "If you go on like this, the battle between our ninja, it will defeat because Chakra will lose because of Chakra soon!"

"Then break through them!"

A spiral pill of the whirl taggedly smashed, forced back to the waves and thousands of hands, and rushed to the direction of the pharmacist!

Unfortunately, the whirlpool rings just rushed out soon, he was reopened by his father's waves!

"There is no way even if I solve the drug brings."

The master shook his head and looked at everyone, Shen Xiang said: "Because these refrigerated people are likely to be controlled by the big snake pill, we can only cover these embarrassed ninja ..."


The whirlpool tumbler turned to a group of seal from the ground, the face is ugly: "But the companions of the seal class have been killed by Dad!"

Because whenever the Ninja of the seal is rushing, it will be killed by the wave wind gate and thousands of hands. The speed of both of them is too fast, so that others will not stop this happening!

The program was shaken and shook his head and sinking: "It doesn't matter, I have also studied the method of sealing and crashing, I can try to seal the enemy, the only problem is to control them ..."

This is the most troublesome.

So far, they only break through the past, or the greek gorge, the sky, who hits it. It has no chance to come from then.

It seems that the pharmacist knows this secret, and it has always been fighting with them.

Just when a group of people wooked, a voice also appeared in their ear: "If you need a sealing and printing, I have also studied some sandy villages, maybe I can try to help limit their actions ... "

It is the fifth-generation style, I love Luo and the fifth generation of water shadows, I rushed to the battlefield, and Li Luke also appeared around them.

After they arrived at the battlefield, they roughly got the battle from the periphery, and they also knew that the long gates and Xiaonan were temporary for their allies.

To be honest, I am not able to accept it when I started.

Unfortunately, when I saw Yisi Bo and a group of criminal ninja, it was also known that it is not a matter of time.

Even the main entrance to pressing the ninja of all people in one person, caught in this battle, even a dangerous icon, which is a dangerous icon, obviously these enemies have a little outrageous!

Now you must overcome the enemy!

That is the martyrdom of the drug's brocket and the eloquet of Unecheyo.

After the rumor came to the arrival of the soldiers, it was finally a breather: "Now we have not necessary to fall into a disadvantage in the number of people ..."

"Do not."

The expression of the program has become ugly.

I saw the hand's gaze tightly stared at the pharmacist, Shen Sheng: "For these years, the big snake pill must not let go of the bones that collected those powerful ninja, and the guy has room for almost 100%."

To be honest, this battle seems to see hope.

At least now they have not seen the advent of hope.

Even if they can seal the ninja of the embarrassment, they can see the feasibility of cracking the earthen ninja, or the morale can come to the next level!

It is now like a purely death!

In particular, the pharmacist's hand is too much. This guy can summon a strong powerful embarrassment, at least the master knows that the pharmacist has at least two strength powerful rubbing people ...

as expected.

When the pharmacist saw the five generations of style, I armed, I couldn't help but show a smile on my face: "Really ... I still want to be the number of people who want to be born with the martial arts?"

In this world, regardless of the number of people, it is far more than the number of people who are not expensive, especially in the quantity of strong ninja, the pharmacist has a collection of collections these years, and others cannot imagine.

Next moment, the double eyes of the pharmacist suddenly tightened!

The hands of the pharmacist quickly closed, his pair of palms were near the ground, whispered: "Take the Law, Tongling!"

The two coffins floated from the hands of the pharmacist!

One of the coffins came out of the second-generation shadow ghosts that had already appeared, and the other coffin came out of the four generations of wind shadow!

When Red Sand, the four-generation wind shadow is made into a person, there is also a part of the residual body, and is also taken by the pharmacist.

The second generation of water shadows are full of moon, and the five generations of water shadows are like the beauty.

Four generations of wind shadows, fighting the five generations of style, I love Luo.

It is also a situation in the old age and the face of the father and son. Everyone in the scene is not compromised by autonomous.

The hand slowly wrinkled his own brow, looking at the two movies in the distance, her fist couldn't help but pinched: "The big snakeball guy ... Is it playing us?"

Whenever their aid will arrive, the enemy will send new aids, which is dying to play them!

The guy of the big snake pill is really arrogant!

But now the big snake pills, after the ninja, so many ninja, it is indeed a arrogant qualification!

"Planner mother-in-law."

The whirlpool is standing, step by step in front of everyone, the golden Chakra coat is on his body, and one of the Chakra giant hand has come out from his body. A spiral pill appears in check In the hands of the Kraji.

The whirlpool is deadly staring at the opposite side of the past, and the sound: "We have no way to go now!"

The whirlpool is visually viewed with the face of each embarrassment, perceived Chakra in their body, and the word continued: "In addition to defeating them, we have no other choice!"

Unless they now put out the long door with round eyes, the nine-tailed column pluts, but that is nothing to die.

Even let the endurance fall into the crisis.

If the enemy's conspiracy, the entire endure will be more robbery, even if it is lucky, it is impossible to survive.

It's really ironic!

It was originally called the enemy of life and death, but now became all the allies, and even became an indispensable ally, and became a companion that they had to protect each other.


After the hand, the master was complex, and after the small door and Xiaonan, he slowly nodded, Shen Sheng: "Never let these guys get a round to the eye and nine tails, in case they really take this to resurrect Yuxi Bo spheres ... The consequence is really unimaginable!

To tell the truth, compare these guys, the legendary character threaten by the legend of Yuxi Boss ... Because I have long listened to his legend, that is, the people who have been able to destroy a country with one person. !

If it is not that grandfather's mind is not willing to provoke the war, the entire persistence may be turned flat! "

A breeze blows.

Yuxi Bo Tongli stands in front of many ninja, which raises his palm, cold channel: "Ready to start!

"rest assured."

The pharmacist stationed in the final party of the team, pushed his glasses, laughed and opened: "Then start ... big trouble!"

next moment!

The wave wind gates and thousands of hands took the lead in rushing from two wings!

Maite Kay and Unechebra rushed from the front straight, the ghost light moon and Luo sand were followed, and the second generation of Tang Ying did not stand in their air!

The pharmacist is standing in the final party of the team, and the mouth is smiling at all: "Go! Take exhaust our strength can get ... Adults!"

This battle started to become fierce!

There is no doubt that the wooden leaves and the long gates will never win, and they can only barely threaten the roll of the long-door, and the ninja, which makes these embarrassments do not dare to rush too crazy. !

However, this can only be able to hold it in successful, want to break through the blockade to solve a feminine, and even seize the pharmacist is simply wish!

The long door is almost unheatted with his life and Chakra. It is always been blocked by two flying thunders. Under time and space, he is always blocked by two flyuric artists. Hispoint effect!

"God Luo Tian!"

The greek of the gorge will reappear in the air, just flew out the two sorts of flying thunders, and his forehead dropped the bean sweat, and slammed it.

This time, he once again held the enemy's attack.

Unfortunately, his life energy is almost exhausted.

If you come again, a powerful surgery, perhaps his life will come to an end.

Yuxi Bo is also guessed, his figure floated from the ground, and the written eyes flashed a light: "The long door, today you have used the power of too many times, the difference is fast. Take it! "

Yisi Bo has slowly spreads his palm, whisper persuaded: "Nothing, you can't overcome us at all ... As early as you start learning to study the research, I have studied the reincarnation Eyes! "


I hatefully biting his teeth.

Xiaoshan flew out a piece of origami, these origami slowly penetrated the body of Unexpello, and could not cause any damage to him. They can only float around Uzhi Bo, waiting for him to lifting the bluff. time…

Unfortunately, Unexpello is not given to any opportunity at all!

Under the mask of Unechebra, he revealed a smile of conspiracy: "In fact, I am just used to lure enemies ... the real killings are behind me!"

Next moment, the figure of Unexpello land re-sinking the ground.

After the body of Yuxi Bo, the body of the waves of the waves came out, and his hand held a tail beast, pushed over the direction of the long door!

The big brain quickly looked for a solution to solving the beast jade: "The gods are still in the cooling season, the speed of hungry and ghosts absorb Chakra is too slow, and the animal road is not coming ..."

"Long door!"

Xiaonan's figure is blocked in front of the long door!

It's just like her origami. It is worthy of any impact. As long as you fall on her, you can let Xiaonan are directly hit hard, and even the possibility of fighting is higher. !

"Small South!"

The long door does not dare to reply this scene!

After many years, he has to see another friend of his own friends. It is a pity that everyone is in a hard battle, and there seems to be no one can save Xiaonan under the tail beast of the waves!

Just as the tail beast is to fall in Xiaonan, a purple mask appears around Xiaonan, and blocks the attack on the tail beast!

next moment.

A young ninja in Xiangyun black robe suddenly appeared around Xiaonan!

This young ninja hurts the wrist of the waves, kicking on the waves of the waves, and kicked him out and solved this crisis!

"what happened?"

The young ninja slowly turned over, reached his palm, stroked the hair of Xiaonan, and his face flashed a complex.

"Teacher, don't be afraid ..."