I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 303 Whenever we are overestimate him, it is ingenious.

"Teacher, don't be afraid ..."

This sound is like a warm sunlight broken dark.

Xiaonan's ear heard this familiar voice, she slowly looked up, from Xiang Yunhuo's robe saw the face of the original Na.

Nairi ... "

Xiaonan Lips whose low language has a name.


Shangyuan Na's palm stroked Xiaonan's hair, warm-speaking, comforting his teacher: "Xiaonan teacher is me."

The young ninja suddenly appeared in the enemy, and stretched out the palm and tempered the woman's light blue hair, comforting her shocked emotions.

This picture is very warm on the tragic battlefield.

After the horror of the original Nairi, Xiaoshen suddenly revealed a little pain and worry: "Nairou, how can you come here?"

"I have studied a time space in private."

Naturally, Nature, which is used, is the soul of the compassion. This skill effect is very simple. It only needs to find his teammates, you can directly provide your teammates to protect the deadly blowing shield and transfer the body.

Of course, you must have a speech at this time.

After all, no matter how this skill is too overbearing.

Shangyuan looks down on Xiaonan's look, slowly putting down your palm, sprinkle a good lie: "This time space is similar to psychic surgery, this surgery takes a long time to find locks you Chakra After looking for your Chakra, then send my Chakra to protect you, and provide me with a coordinate. "

After saying this, the Shangyuan also looked at the long gates and sighed: "After I received the news from the adults, I started to prepare this time space in the country, fortunately Catch it in time. "


The long door slowly hangs down.

His face is full of lunch after the lifetime.

The long gates and Xiaonan's face are somewhat a bit of a little headache, because they don't want to go to the original navigation and come in, it is best to hide.

Only, I will arrive here, I am unlikely to abandon two leaves in his character.

"How is this going?"

Shangji wrinkled his brow, looked at the ninja in the land, whispered: "Forget, the long-door adult, I will take you away, the nine tail column can only wait until the future will find a chance again!" "

"Do not."

The long door shakes his head and silently said: "We will not capture people in the column, and then tell you after the battle, now we face the same enemy, first hit Hui Zhibo first With the soil and pharmacists, their embarrassment! "


The top of Shangyuan Na will change slightly. After a moment, this is surprised by him, and he sighed in the invisuit: "Look, the pharmacist is still in the same way as the big snake pill!"

Xiaonan shakes his head, and the eyebrows have been revealed: "The pharmacist is the spy of the big snake pill ... they are all the allies, and the long-winged eye and the nine tail of the long door."

"Cough cough ..."

The long gates have cough a few times and looked up and looked at the original navigation: "Sorry, Shang Shang, I didn't expect to put you into it ... we originally want to be you ..."


Shangji shook his head, and said that he was very angry: "I am no longer the teenager in the past, and you protect me for a long time, now it is time to let me protect you."

At this moment, the face of Shangyuan Needs was extremely lighter.

Next moment, I was arrogant to go to the next moment, and the enemy of everyone in the scene was in the event, and slammed his fist, a huge chakra moment broke out!

Everyone feels the momentum of this.

Everyone on the battlefield is not compromised with the original navigation, almost everyone will bite in autonomous when everyone sees him!

"Shangyuan Nair ..."

For people of the wooden leaves, this bastard has been deceiving them, letting them pass by when they are taught, if they are not taking a job, they are estimated that they will always be covered by him. Drum.

It is a pity that this guy now has become their comrades, at least now is their comrades, it is still a powerful force that came to support the war, so that it will continue to support the battle of the crash now.

For the sect of the Wavewater Gate, this bastard has been secretly controlling them, and uses their feelings to force them to do many violations of moral things, and even until now still manipulate them.

This guy is holding the hearts!

There is no doubt that if there is a list in the heart of these embossed ninja, Shangyuan Nairou has become the most hated person in their hearts!

Shangyuan Nai!

Shangyuan Nai! Shangyuan Nai!

Chakra on the waves of the waves suddenly broke out, and the golden Chakra jacket is like a cloak, which is a signs of Chakra out to the ultimate unstable!

The right hand of the wave style is holding a hard-working, the left hand has a black tail beast jade, and the attack is the first to launch an attack!

"It's really a trick!"

Shangyuan Nair's hand suddenly explored, slammed into the wrist of the wave of water, and twisted his feet to kick the chest of the waves!

"Fei Lei Shen!"

After the pain of the Wave Water Door, after the original Nairi, his figure instantly disappeared in front of the original Needle, and he was in the back of the original Nairi, and it is necessary to turn the beast. Jade is on the top of Shangyuan Nai!

Unexpectedly, the next moment is steep!

Shangyuan Nair's physical speed seems faster!

Next, the upper part of Shangyuan Nairi fiercely looked down, his feet passed through the sky, kicked the head of the waves of the waves in an incredible angle, and kicked the four-generation rigs!

The body of the waves flew out, splashing the dust, the tail beast jade in his hand lost the control, and detonated it on his side!

This has been in the battlefield with the wave of the Wooden ninus, and the nine lama mode is in the waves of the wood, and it will be defeated by the original navigation!

"Good ... good ..."

The whirlpool is flashing on a shot, and staring at Shangyuan Na Ruo. It flashes a shock in the eyes: "Is it just a hit, just solved my father?"

"Do not."

A box of boxing retreated with the Mtyl, shook his head: "It should be said that it is only temporarily hitting! After all, the guy is a rubbish, and the original nemer is just temporarily hit his offensive. "

Only after the prime hand said this sentence, her heart is reluctant: "But this little ghost is really strong!"

at least…

They ushered in a ambition!

The waves of the beast jade self-explosion collapse, the blind body of the murder, his face has also become a face and seriously, obviously be defeated in the instant, so that the Wave wind door is in the heart of Shangyuan Na Be wary of a higher level.

"Don't care, the teacher ..."

Yischo belt soil is a spatial whirlpool appeared around the waves of the waves, whispered: "Upper Naidu, this guy is stronger than we think!"


The wave of wind is nodded, and there is a heavy voice in the voice: "This guy is very understanding of the surgery of flying thunder and can keep up with my speed ... that just use other ways to try it!"

The palm of the wave of the waves suddenly closed. His Chakra expanded in an instant, and his body was instantly a large golden demon fox. It was his tail and animal form!

The sound of the wave wind door came out of the body of the golden demon fox, and the coagulation opened: "Let me go to try his strength!"

Next, this huge nine-tailed fox fell to the next navigation;

And the original navigation is also not refunded, and it is also welcome to welcome the golden nine tail!

The huge nine-tail claws scored the air, and it was necessary to fall on the Shangyuan Na, so that everyone could not help but self-smashing!

Just next second.

Upperland Nair's body, after escaping the attack of the nine tails, a punch is on the head of this golden nine, flying this golden nine tail!

"This guy…"

The expressive expression couldn't help but change, look at a punch to fly the Shangyuan Na, the golden nine tail, whispered: "Is there a corresponding strange force?"

"No, it is pure body."

Shake his head, and then brought the battle with the original Nairi, when he continued to fight: "When the exam is tested, I have traveled with Beiyuan Nai, and his strength is completely comparable. I opened the seventh door. status!"

After saying this sentence, Martai suddenly took a foothold and Li Luke, flying in the direction of the original Nairi: "I have hit the enemy of North Bus Nai, really let people want to burn. The blood of the body! "

Chakra on Maite Kay suddenly broke out!

Unfortunately, there is no blood in the body of the embarrassment, but only some of the throne is open, and I will kick it up toward the last navigation!

Only flying back in faster!

With his current state, it is far from the opponent of the original navigation.

"Thank you, Mr. Kai."

Shang Nai returned to the direction of Maite Kai, and a string of chains fleethed from their two. At this moment, Shangyuan Nairou has stolen the body of Maitekai. Aiyi.

Many people on the battlefield have seen this trick.

After Unexpello saw this scene, loudly reminded: "Be careful! Shangyu uses the ability to steal others, he stolen Mutter's surgery!"

Yuxi Bo's reminder has not been too late.

Shangji Looking at the golden nine tail of the distance, suddenly extended his fist, and slammed up: "Tiger!"

An air elasticed into a white tiger, rushing up in the direction of the nine tail, this white tiger's air bounce power far exceeded the Tiger of Metekai!

The shock wave of the tiger is instantly swept everything in front of!

No one thought that the Tiger, who used the original navar, was still far more than the Maitko's genuine body.

Next moment, this heading tiger is biting on the golden nine, and directly tailing this nine, and even the tail is a bit can't be maintained!

Finally, this golden nine-tailed Chakra was completely scattered!

The wave style did not dare to reply to this scene, flashing on his face, and his face was unprecedented.

The pharmacist stood around the waves, slowly pushing his own glasses, looking at Shangyuan Na, the distance, flashing a shining in the eyes.

"Whether it is strength, speed is Chakra, whether it is tolerance, illusion and body, his body is definitely no shortcomings."

The pharmacist watched the original navigation, whispering: "Whenever we think that he is enough to overestimate him, it is actually an underestimated ..."