I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 304, kicking the flying beast jade!

The wave wind door was exploded!

I just showed a wave of winds of invincible gestures on the battlefield, whether it is a long door, whirlpool, and a hand, there is no way ...

Now, I was out of the original Needle!

Everyone in the scene was originally believed that the arrival of Shangyuan Na, in fact, it is only possible to support the whirlpool and the long-door and other people who will not collapse, and have more time to find the enemy's flaws and weaknesses.

Only didn't think of it, Shangyuan Na Lu has just debuted, and directly defeat the wave wind gates in the nine lama mode, and even rely on his body.

"Shangyuan guys is still so strong ..."

The whirlpool is shocked by the original navigation, and the flying golden nine tail is directly, and the tiger air bomb directly defeats the nine lama mode of the waves.

"Because Shangyuan is enough."

The wheel of the long door flashed a bright light, he gradually lowered his head, whispered: "As long as a person is enough, it will definitely pay the return, and now he is already able to take responsibility."

At this moment, the long door has secretly under the decision.

If you say it, his heart is still less relieved in Xiaonan and Shang Na, now he is completely relieved.

Xiaonan watched the powerful power of Chakra and the power of the original navigation, and the eyebrows gradually became down.

After seeing the strength of the original Na, it reluctantly loosen.

However, Yuxi Board and waves and waves, etc., but the gods are not very good, just when they arrived toward them, the figure of thousands of hands suddenly appeared around the waves!

Next moment, the second-generation rigid shadow closed his fingers, and quickly finished a few simple handprints!

"Water Shui Dragon Bomb!"

A waves and waves came, and they were turned into a water dragon to stop the road to Shangyuan Na, and this dragon walked, Zhangkou rushed up!

"Do you want to use the water to use the water?"

Shangyuan Na's fingers suddenly extended, quickly combined with a messy handprint, and saw another larger water dragon!

Two water dragons have collided together!

Chakra in the water dragon is gradually exhausted, and the water flowers splashes, as if the rain is usually down from the sky!

However, Shang Na will raise his fingers again, and only the drops of falling are suspended, and they will decline into a root of water!

On the manipulation of the waste, the entire endurance now may not find someone who is more stronger than him, even if it is the second generation of rigid shadows!

Next moment, countless water needles cover the waves of the waves!

A water needle seems to be a real thousand, it is shining!

"Water in the water]

The thousands of hands suddenly closed their palms, and a water waves rolled out from his feet, surrounded by him and the wave style, Yuxi wave made a circular water curtain, blocking a root attack. Water needle!

The wave wind waters look around the water barrier around them, flashing on the face, I am worthy of admire: "It is a second-generation rigs, and it is terrible for the rumor of the water, which can release this unique water. Stained postoperative ... "

"No, his water is stronger."

There is a little gloomy, whispered: "The little ghost is more good at the water than the average person, and even I have to admit that he is a talented river, he is sure Also better at breaking the water! "

as expected.

I saw the next moment, the upper hand of Shangyuan is flipped!

A huge red fireball appeared in his palm, flying in the direction of the water matrix!

Just as everyone thinks that the group of fireballs will be stopped by the aqueous column, whoever is expected to be a water column created in the moment, and suddenly, for a group steam, quickly evaporate!

This is not a fire!

This is another terrible surgery!

Wave-style water gates look at the surgery of the water formation as a group of steam dissipation, and the face flashed on the face, and it was not compromised with autonomous. ? "

As a ninja, the wave of the waves have also seen the capacity of burning leaves, but the Ye Cang is killed in the third endurance battle, since then Continue to this.

Never thought that Shangyuan Needo can also get the blood of the loss, this blood is completely completely complete for the rush of the water!

Just as they thought that this is only the original Nada's fingers slowly erected, the steaming of the steamer is a whirlpool, and the three people have surrounded them!

"Is this ... boil?"

The figure of Unecage Board quietly entered the blurred state, watching the body of the waves and thousands of hands, the body is gradually destroyed by high temperature steam, and his eyes flashed a red man!

Next moment, Unecy Board has led his palm, and the countless water vapor is inherently inherent!


The body of the waves is slowly recovered, and his eyes are shocked more: "He should be two kinds of blood, and this guy is more terrible than imagining!"

"Well, even more."

Yischo has a little bit slowly, and looked at the arrogance of Shangyuan Na. It took low his voice: "This guy has been manipulated, and he has leaked him to synthesize the successful information. The bloody session, obviously ordinary blood will never let him be satisfied. "

"How many blood is there, no matter how many blood in your body ..."

The thousands of hands quickly closed their palms, whispered: "In front of him, routine tattoo has been useless ... and, anyway, we have not expected to defeat him from these ordinary arts."

Three ninjas that are good at time-time space look at each other.

Just used the thousand hands, just use two water, it is completely suppressed by the original navigation, which has proven that the water is invalid.

As for the fire of ...

There is definitely nothing to use.

Because the original Nairies itself is very good at using the water to bear the fire.

"Let's go together!"

After the waves of the waves, I reached a bitterness. After reading the two, I nodded toward them, and the three people rushed up at the same time!

So far, they do three of them who are good at time, and they will not be their opponents. So no one can detect which person will use time spatial attack!

"Let's come first!"

Wave-style water door raised his hand to throw a hand sword, and closed his palms quickly, whispered: "First, let's interfere with the enemy's sight! Hands in the hands of swings!"

Next moment, countless starlight appeared in front of the original Na, and the dense Ma Ma shot up!

"Wind, big breakthrough!"

At the end of the navigated, he spheres his fingers, a wind blown from his side, directly blowing the shadow of the sword in the sword!

The waves and thousands of hands were rushing up. Almost simultaneously appeared on both sides of the original Nairou, and he held his own two sorts. He said with his side!

At the end of the original neck, the arm of the thousand hands was left, and he was going to smash him on the body of the wave, and we must fly out of the two people!


Looked a lot of waves in the thousand hands, and the two people flashed in front of the light, and they opened their mouths with voice: "Use that trick!"

"Flying Thunder is instantaneous and instantaneous"! "

Two people move at the same time!

Thousands of hands looked at the arm who was caught by the original navigation, suddenly launched a flying thunder, with the original navigation, there was a wave of waves!

The wave style also appeared in the position before the thousands of hands!

At this moment, they formed a great offensive angle. He held a tail beast jade in the hands of the wave of the wind, and slammed down behind the original Na.

This time, it is definitely the crisis of the last navigation!

They believe that even if the speed of the original Needar is fast, I will never react at this moment, escaping them, escaped the offense they carefully plan!

Unfortunately, the next moment, the next moment, I watched the tail beast jade, slightly evoked my mouth, suddenly took the tail beast jade!

I saw that the tail beast jade was kicked out by the original navigation, and the surrounding bulk land was first detonated. I left a deep pit above the earth!

"What joke!"

Everyone in the field has changed at the same time.

How can someone can kick the tail beast jade? What kind of touch will explode, is it possible to be kicked directly with a foot?

So far, solving the way to be the beast jade has never selected a powerful junction to defend the tolerance or collision with a tail beast.

How can someone kick the flying beast jade?

At the time of the original naval, the waves and thousands of hands were also shocked, and the elbows took the two people to fight out!

After the arrogant, I went out of my hub. After the face revealed a mysterious smile: "It's a fun battle ... I have two people you have two!"


This is too fake here!

If the Shangyuan is said, I can't believe it!

Single just watching him easily kicking the tail beast jade, and raising the hand is still the same, it means that his heart is early to determine that he will not have something.

The body of the waves of the waves gradually began to recover under the role of returning the earth, and his face flashed on a shock: "Directly kick the beast jade directly, it is really a way to solve the way ..."

"Do not…"

Shangyuan Needle slowly spread his palm, sinking the opening: "Compared to what I really want to kick, the tail beast jade is really called how powerful ..."

Yes, it is indeed a powerful.