I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 305 We should celebrate the original navigation and become our teammate?

"I can't imagine the power."

In the eyeglasses of the pharmacist, it shook a shout.

When the pharmacist went to the original, he kicked the tail beast jade, easily defeat the killer and the waves, like a god of the game, generally overlooking the enemy on the court, recovery ...

The mood of the pharmacist is excited to be simply not added!

Can this endurance still are more powerful than the original Na?

The more powerful power of Shangyuan Neuri, the more powerful, not just prove, is he choosing to go to Shangyuan Net is correct?

The only pit is that this boss has a lot of fancy.

As a loyal subordinate, the pharmacist is more likely to stand around Shangyuan Na, instead of standing on the opposite side of Shangyuan Na, which is too psychological pressure!

"Let's continue!"

After the waves were recovered, they looked at the thousand hands next to him. He also looked at Unexpello, which did not dare to shoot.


After the thousand hands, I took a nodded, I saw a wave of waves, Shen Sheng: "Let me do the main attack! Four generations, Yuxi Mo's evil little ghost, you should be next to me!"

Thousands of hands also know those things that Unexho belt soil, so his name is not polite to Yisi Bo, or because the original Needs of the enemy is currently, the thousand hands are even, and even some people want to get rid of Suizhi. Wave belt soil.

"it is good."

The wave wind door nodded.

"…it is good."

Urcho under the mask is black, black, but the threat to the original navigation is greater, so that he barely presses the dissatisfaction between the thousands of hands.

At this moment, Unexpello also understood why Yishabo family always got along with wood, and the root was on the bastard of this trick!

When they simply developed each other's plans, they rushed up again towards the direction of the original Na.

"Really ..."

Shangyuan Na was screwed his wrist, looked at the figure of the three speed transients towards him, sighed in the quiet, and the voice was slightly unknown: "You have the chain of prisoners, forget the chain Whose hand is holding? "

He controls the behind-the-scenes of these three people!

Regardless of the three people who want to formulate what plans, they are absolutely hidden to control their Shangyuan Na. But it seems that they are also clear, so their plans are more scribbled, and they must watch the battle when they will play!

"come on!"

Shang Nai fell to the direction of their direction and rushed up. His body went through a distant shadow on the earth, and immediately splamed up, and a punch slammed from the air!

The three people above the ground have been retracted with each other. They have seen the original navigation and flying the nine tails. They don't dare to hardly take the fist!

The earth was taken directly to the original navigation and took a huge deep pit!

Yisi Bo's body is physically native to a virtual, looking at the impact of his fist penetrating his body, after a cold snort, taking a wooden thorn toward the ground!

Next moment, Yuxi Bo took the soil and walked coldly, and his fingers were erected: "Hey ... Wooden and cutting!"

A root of wood!

This time, the sneak attack is too sudden, whether it is never possible to escape these wooden thorn attacks, even if it is the power of the original Nair, will not avoid it because of the powerful inertial factors after landing!

Shangyuan Na Rou did not change the color, suddenly released a circular fire ring from the position of the self-fist, instantly burned all the ashes!

"Is it only this trick?"

After the arrival of the original Nairo said, after ignoring the threat of Unecho, it still welcomes the waves and thousands of hands.

As long as Yuxi Bo is a target, it will only be a target that will only be an upland attack, let alone, he does not dare to revenue the original navigation ...

"Blend ..."

Yisi Bo belt soil bite his teeth and looked at the original navigation. He suddenly found that he did not seem to do in front of this battle ...

This feeling ... is really uncomfortable.

the other side.

After the waves and thousands of hands were once again fighting, the cooperation between the two people had a lot of tacit approach, and they were imprinted by the flying demon on each other, allowing them to convert their position at will.

Even so, it is still a dangerous episode in the battle with the original Na.

Because whether it is a thousand hands or waves, their instantaneous speed is fast, but also better than the original navigation!

Shangyuan's body is too strong!

The body of the waves flew around, and sometimes surrounded by the original navigation, it was only used to threaten the original navigation, and forced to be the original navigation. No, ease your own offensive.

"are you joking?"

Shangyuan Nair waved to grab the neck of the wave of water, but fell in the air, but he didn't care, just turned over and played again!

This feet directly smashed the neck of the wave of water, and directly smashed the four-generation eyes, Shangyuan Na, took a foot on his chest!

"It's now!"

The eyes of the thousand hand flashes a bright light.

Flying Thunder is instantaneous surgery!

Next, the figure of the thousand-handed and the waves of the waves changed their position at the same time, and the figure of the thousand hand appeared at the foot of the original Na.

The thousands of hands reached out to grasp the ankle of Shangyuan Na, a picture of the monk floated from the thousand hand, tightly put it on the original Needle!

"Do you want to use each other to explode?"

Shangyuan Nae lost his head appeared on his legs, showing a smile of intrinsic taste: "I thought you would have a little fresh thing ..."

"No need, as long as it is simple."

The eyes of the thousand hands are slightly tightened, whispered: "Since you learn this surge, you should know the power of this surgery! And this surgery is best for tactics that come with embarrassment!"

"Really ..."

Shangyuan Nai lost his forehead, his body suddenly broke out a lightning, and destroyed the explosion of the detonation on his legs!

"Well, your battle is no longer."

At the end of the original Nairi, a punch was smashed in the body of a thousand hands, and a punch gave him a fertilizer, and the next moment, his figure appeared again in the waves of the water gates!

Just as the four-generation rigid shadowed a tail beast jade, I still want to continue fighting, but I was held in the palm of the palm!

This tail beast is directly powered by the original naval!


A shocking voice sounded on the earth!

Shangyuan never came out from the smoke, in his body, the body of the waves and thousands of hands were still slowly recovering, obviously they lost again.

"What should we be happy?"

The apeer looked at the thousands of hands and the waves of the waves, and they were easily defeated by the original navigation, showing him to everyone. The absolute ability to be called the monster!

The hand flashed on the face of a movie: "We are now ... should you celebrate the original navar now this is now a comrades?"


I love Luo to float the sand pad to the side of the program. His expression really calls special good looking: "This trick guy's acting is really good! Two months ago, this guy and we met the second-generation rigid. It is still an overwhelming thing! "

To be honest, I am really speechless!

Now, I will go to the second-generation rigs and the four-generation rigid siege, and they directly defeat them with a powerful attitude, and even some of them have a little.

Sary a few months?

Mom, how many times before a few months!

A few months ago, I'm going to formulate and implement a plan for members of the members of the Organization, and several people have encountered the block of the second-generation rigs and the second-generation water shadows.

What is the performance of Shangyuan Naide at that time?

In the face of the strong water in the second-generation rigid, it is very desperately desperate, let them live a little embarrassment of the shadows of several big powers in the scene ...

At that time, everyone's people were simple.

Whether it is a master, it is still a good job, and a lot of blocked the blocked the second-generation flanking of the second-generation rigid.

Even if the original Nairou is the ninja of Yuyin Village, they have been touched by the appearance of the original neighborhood.

It seems that it is true that the acting of this guy is really good at the beginning.

So water, they can't see flaws!


After a few times, the long gates coughched a few times, covering your own lips: "Everything done in the Shang, because of our sake ..."

"Forget it."

The prime hand waved and sighed: "If he throws the things that he is doing the identity of the organization, we really just hope that he is a ninja in Yuyin Village. After all, he is in the rain. It is really a good man when I actively ... "


I am silent for a while.

After a moment, I also nodded and sighed: "If you don't know if the guy destroyed the village, maybe I really want to be his friend."

Although I was very poisonous tongue, I criticized the role of the country, but after the politics, Shangyuan Na will also like to help others.

In a sense, if the original navigation is not a member of the organization, they will sincerely treat him as a friend.

Even if the whirlpool is invisible, whispered: "At the beginning, Shang Shangyuan is our friend, it is indeed a happy thing ..."

After saying it here, the whirlpool toned, and scratched his backheel, raising his head: "But now it is not bad! At least Shangnai Nai has also been re-become our comrades, we will return to the past. "

I also shaken his head, he was very sensitive to the original Nairi: "Even if we are facing a common enemy, I still doubt that the group of guys is still deliberately deceiving us."

I said that after I said here, I will continue to say: "I may definitely explore our trust in intentional play, will take away the nine tails in the body in the future ..."

"Don't worry."

After shaking his head, watching the Shangyuan Na, whispering: "After the end of this battle, I will return to you a suitable answer."

"Hope so!"

I love Luo frowned to see a long door.

After that, I felt the sand paddles under the foot of the feet floated, driving him to fly to the other battlefield, where it was a four-generation wind who came from his yellow sand and recovered. Shalodose.

Although the combat power of the last Na Na is very powerful, there is still no progress in their current battle, because they have not found a way to crackish.

Only they have seen at least a hit hope.

The apeer looked at the process of restoring the body and the waves of the wind. "" The more serious the body of the ninja body is destroyed, and their recovery time will become longer, we can take this Segmentation to seal them ... "


After nod, I took my best to take my own Chakra slowly condensed the two yin and yang black bats, throwing it on the board: "Take the House, go to the original, yin and yang Ability to prevent Chakra action, perhaps help them ... "


The hand turned around to see the long door, wrinkled his own brow: "Can your body still support? I feel that your breath is slight ..."

"It's ok."

The long door shakes his head, and I looked at it again and stood in my own side. I was forcibly showing a smile on my face: "Don't worry, I will support it before I haven't finished it. ... "


The agency is in silence.

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

Shangyuan Needs no longer pay attention to the wave of winds and thousands of hands restored, his eyes slowly moved, and finally stopped in the pharmacist.

At this moment, he mean very clearly.

"Pharmacist pocket, turn you."