I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 306 reclaimed the Outline of Shangyuan Na

When Shangyuan Needressed to the pharmacist, the two broke out!

The two yin-yang black bats have fallen on the body of the waves and thousands of hands, and the actions of the two people are temporarily banned!

"Hey, little ghost, I will help you!"

The operator stands around the original Nairi, Shen Sheng: "The two black bars are synthesized by the long door with yin and yang, should be able to temporarily ban them ..."


This woman is really worthy of Chunye Sakura!

Every time I want to do anything, when they want to do anything, they will come to help bad things ...

Shangqi Lu Lu just wanted to fight a good battle, let the drug teacher see his strength, and the context will come to him to find him more.

Unfortunately, you can't worry now.

At the last time, I looked at the board, and I looked at the waves and thousands of hands that were temporarily imprisoned. I was a mouthful of air: "Can the long door can only condense two yin and yang? ? "


The card is nodded, and the face is also a bit complex: "His breath is getting thinner ... this is his last power."

Although the long door hurts the wooden leaves too much, this guy is also the victim of their wood, not to mention that he is still working hard.

If you mention your long-door, your mood is really complicated.

Of course, in the face of the original navar, the master's mood is more complicated.


After the last time, I watched my head, I opened the mouth: "Then, let's leave here, help me protect the long-haired adult! Let me give it!"

Shangyuan Na Lu said that he suddenly suddenly, whispered: "If you are here, I have to distract to protect you, they will use you as a breakthrough!"

It seems that I now take advantage of the advantage, that is because they rely on the irresistible body of the past, it is inevitable to have more impulsive ... "

Shangji took a look at the waves and thousands of hands and thousands of hands temporarily imprisoned, and Shen Sheng said: "Moreover, only two yin and yang black bats are hard to control their ..."


Outlet turned his head!

Sure enough, the waves and thousands of hands re-restored the body and the thousands of hands broke through the black bar block. If they want to imprison them, the number of black bats is far less than!

Want to control the waves of the Wavelet Water and Chakra, at least seven or eight black bats, and you will be able to take all the Chakra flow points!

Sure enough, the next moment, the thousands of hands and the waves appeared around the board, each pinching, there is a bitterness to score her body!

"Be careful!"

Before the original Needs, I pulled over the aperator, pulling her away from the danger, and kicked a thousand hands and waves!

Fortunately, I will take the time to save the agency.

After the five-generation fire, after the crisis, the face was reluctant to breathe, and he turned down: "Little ghost, thank you."

"There is no need to say these."

The face of Shangyuan Needle has become more dignified, and the whisper urges the agency: "Take the House, hurry to leave here ..."

"What should you do?"

The program wrinkled his own brow, asked: "Although you can still overcome them, but the anti-translocking person will not die ... if this is going on ..."

"I do not know."

Shangji took a look at Xiaonan and the long gates and turned to the pharmacist, whispered: "Maybe I solved the trouble of the pharmacist, maybe these people can get rid of the control of the dust ..."

"will not."

The master shook his head and looked at all the embassies of the scene, whispered: "The pharmacist is just a pair of chess pieces, the big snake pill is the behind-the-scenes manager!"

"There is always someone to try it!"

After saying it here, Shangyuan Nair's face revealed a smile: "This is the trouble that we can't make, give us a solution! Whether it is a big snake or a pharmacist, always try it!"


The master's face has become more complicated.

On the big battlefield, there will be a few people who can help.

These people have been fighting for too long, and they can barely delay in a few embossed reincarnates.

Especially vortex moons, I love Luo and Yiman, they have bought with Payne, Xiaonan and long gates, and in the past, the ninja that fought.

They work hard on the other side of the battlefield, so the wave wind doors, Yuxi Bo belt, and the pharmacist can only give it to the original navigation.

The mood of the program is more complicated.

These members of these families are really bad and pitiful!

These guys are manipulated in the scene behind the scenes, and they have to start with their own life to make up for these errors.

This is the case, and the Shangyuan Na is also true.

Under the success of the original Nairi, the apeer can only choose to leave this generation area, so as not to delay the battle of the original navigation, she still wants to help the treatment.

"Yes, the master."

On the end of the arrival, the waves of the waves and thousands of hands were once again repeated. After the two guys repeatedly repeatedly, they called the agency: "After a while, I will move toward the pharmacist, attract him to the anti-Rush to protect Ninja protection Yourself ... "

At the last time, I watched the program: "If there is still a lot of money, if there is still a lot of money, treat the shadow, the wind and the niece, let them take a little ... At least, we can also make a rotation, so that everyone is in the end. No, no hand. "


The agency is once silent again.

In this way, it means that the original navigation puts all the pressure on his body.

After a moment, the aperator nodded.

Because the original Nairies said, it has always been a matter of concern.

Once they lost their combat power, they only slaughtered.

Now I will come out this plan, which is undoubtedly very beneficial for the entire battle, but this is very dangerous to him.

In the face of so many movie-level characters, there is a little negligent in the original Needle.

Unfortunately, this is also a way, at least other people, the physical strength and combat power of Shangyuan Needar is still the most complete, the only one can do it as soon as possible to replace the superior battle as soon as possible.

"okay, I get it."

After told this sentence, the eyes were tightly gazed to the original navigation, and the sound opened: "Hey, the little ghost, there is absolutely don't die here ... After this battle is over, let's take you to lie to me. those things!"


The Shangqi Nai's face revealed a smile.

Sure enough, his plan is still advancing in accordance with the established track.

Although the card is still talking about the original navigation, it can actually be able to live from her to the original navigation, and you can see that this woman has reclaimed the Shang Shang.

"it is good."

Shangqi Nai Lu has deeply seen a hand, and nodded carefully.

Shangyuan Na Rou and the apeer paired each other, on this battlefield, they completely embarked all the grievances of the past.

At least, the master is thinking so.

Therefore, when the program goes back, the attitude towards the long door is obviously softened, after all, the successor of the organization is desperate here ...

The hand of the hand puts a green Chakra, falling on the shoulders of the door, helping him to treat, trying to restore the physical strength of the long door.

Expedition hand. "

When the door saw a hand to help him treat it, after a few times, he went to shake his head: "Don't waste Chakra in my body, the burden of the round is too big, my life has arrived in the limit , I can only slowly recover your own Chakra ... please leave medical surgery in a more precious person! "

"…I know."

The apeer was silent for a moment, and the palm landed from the shoulders of the long door. The whisper continued: "Right, Shangyuan's little guy intends to launch a stamping attack attractive attention, temporarily liberate the water, etc., so Resistance to these enemies ... "

"The Shangyuan also puts our responsibility ..."

The head is low, and I have cough a few channels: "Do we still have a way to solve the Ninja that cars these embarrassments?"

"There is no better way to temporarily."

After the ahead sighed, the light continued: "The Ninja of the Seal Class in the village has been killed by the second grandfather and the four generations. Your yin and yang black stick is effective, but it can only control them for a few seconds. time…"

"This ah ..."

The long door slowly hangs down.

The arrival of Shangyuan Nair remained their crisis, but there was no truly solving the trouble of reflowers, it means that this war will continue.

The fifth generation of water shadows are completely pressed by the second-generation shadow ghosts, even if the beauty is a double blood, and it is also completely unsurders on the spoaches;

The fifth-generation style, I love to take advantage of the upper wind, face the father of Luo Sand, I can even suppress one or two!

However, I loved Chakra is full, but Luo Sand has infinite Chakra, so I love to delay.

The whirlpool is still fighting with the second generation.

Li Luoke is still entangled in the Muttai who is reincarnating in the dark;

Xiaonan is still being alert to the ghosts, and there is nothing.

Looking at the entire battlefield, it is a disadvantage everywhere, perhaps because the original navigation has just participated in the battle, physical strength and Chakra still have a lot, he is still holding his strength!

Shangyuan Needan once again exploded thousands of hands and wave winds, step by step to the direction of the pharmacist: "The battle between us can start ... pocket!"


The expression of the pharmacist changed slightly.

In the next moment, the expression of the pharmacist returned to calm. He slowly pushed his own glasses, looked at the original Nairi, and secretly moved his lips.

"Yes, adults."