I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 308 finally ended? (Third more)

The dust of the dust is the first to arrive!

Just this is enough to split anyone into the radiance of the atom, but after the Shangyuan Na, but did not let the upper body produce a split!

No, no split.

Shangqi Nae returned out his palm, a more gorgeous white light was sent from his hands, directly defeating the second generation of the second generation of the dust, and smashed the second-generation noodles of the body!

Next, the original Nai lost the white sky to the white sky into the air, twisted a punch bombarding the sky gold!

In an instant, this stock is enough to threaten anyone's lord, it is resolved by Shangji, Shangyuan Na Raise the speed of the crisis, even if it is a pharmacist, it feels a bit shock!

"Have you stolen it with your own surgery?"

The eyes of the pharmacist have been staring at all the actions of Shangyuan Na, after he shakes his head, whispered to the voice: "No, it's not stolen, because I didn't see him with that steal. The ability of the style, that means ... "

On the face of the pharmacist, he suddenly relaxed. He looked at the original navigation, and his face showed a smile that it means: "Sure ... it is your own style, soil, fire three properties of Chakra synthesized dust Supreme? "

The pharmacist has slowly sucked a sigh of relief, looking at the original naval, the clouds, light, light, and the Meta Kaisheng, whispered: "Non-So, but also to defeat the Kay with his own body" Mr.'s Tiraji ... It is worthless than these, the magnetic sand gold of a boxing of four generations is really worth mentioning. "


After Shangyuan Na, after the Pharmacist pocket, he seized the Myrt Kai's throat, and he took Metak to Luo Sand. Two people fly together!

Next moment, Shangyuan Na Rou did not hesitate to rush to the pharmacist!

"Immortal · Inorganic Recycling!"

The pharmacist has no longer hesitially combined!

I saw a side stone wall on the earth, and there was a small stab in the wall, used to block the charge of the original naval, and even surrounded him!

However, next moment, Shangyuan Na will smash the stone wall in front of him, and then rush to the position of the pharmacist!

"This is also very firm!"

After biting his teeth, the pharmacist bite his teeth.

This ray is somewhat obedient, people can't be blocked with their eyes!

The air suddenly came back, this shake is getting bigger and bigger, even has been rubbling the bones of the people!

Shangyuan Na Ruo ignored all the damage of whitening, rushing to the poor you, knead his wrist: "It's stronger! Your surgery can hurt my body, pocket, I have been a long time. No injured ... "


The face of the pharmacist has changed.

Although you are a boss, is this?

This is the Xianli, who is hard and bitter, and the White Snake Cactus have praised this to play the endurance of the sound to the ultimate surgery!

The pharmacist sighed in a quiet place, looking at Shangyuan Na, standing in front of him, this is the strongest ninja standing in front of him, only dozens of centimeters from him ...

What can I say this time?

The pharmacist reached his finger and gently pushed the glasses on his nose, whispered: "Can you get tight, don't get angry, after all, this is the dean left to me ... "

"of course."

Shangji Nai is running a punch to the lower abdomen of the pharmacist!

The pharmacist only felt that a giant is spread outward from his lower abdomen, and a blood is not sprayed from his mouth from his mouth!

This hit, even if it is a cactus mode, you can't resist it!

In the next moment, the figure of the pharmacist couldn't help it from autonomous, and his figure broke a arc in the air and fell on the ground.


At the last naval, I looked at my own system panel. I finally made a breath. This time he gathered in the wooden leaves was not small enough to let him have enough strength to deal with the future.

Branch mission: Defeat the Dragon Cave Mode (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the cactoschen model to go to the long-term advancement.

The immortal mode is long-term: When the natural energy and Chakra are consistent, it can enter the new combat mode by synthetic Xianke Chakra, and is currently the long-term fourth form of the long (ultimate).

Cactus mode (ultimate morphology): Chakra automatically converts to Xianke Chakra, all skill cooling reduction + 100%, life energy increased by 1000%, life energy recovery effect increased by 1000%, Xianke Chakra energy recovery effect increased by 1000%, Skill consumption is reduced by 70% when using Xianke Chakra release skills.

Note: When using body in the immortal model, the body's injury will come with a flame attack. After the enemy, the enemy is absolutely unable to defend the real harm.

Is this the ultimate form of immortal mode?

Shangyuan Na will slowly loose a sigh of relief, directly improve ten times of life energy and various recovery effects, should you go face the enemy of the six levels?

At least in terms of body surgery should not be too bad ...

Of course, there is another topic.

Because after the arrival of the original Nine, he defeated the golden nine tail, he got the final set of jade.

Branch Task: Defeat Yinjiu (11), the task has been completed, reward passive talent skills.

The power of Yin: It can be freely driven the Yin Taxi Chekra, casually created the use of yin tolerance, there is no hyperbaricity, and is one of the components of the jade.

Yin and Yang Shui (activation): It can be free to drive the Yin power + yin and yang of Yang, from there is nothing to do, and give life, you can also use yin and yang to limit the enemy's Chakra and life power flow.

Seeking the jade (activation): The synthesis of the Yinyang Foundation + All Attribute Characle Power + Xianke Chakra can destroy and resist the , the person who is not a six-way person will be turned into virtual .

Seeking Jade only has the ninja with six power to touch, each of the generations of jade consumes 100,000 points of Xueli Chakra, the skill cooling time is not, up to six.

Technical Term Chakra can generate a kind of jade ...

If it is just Chakra, it is good to say, after all, it is a way to recover; but the extraction of natural energy is fixed. The synthesis extraction of Xianke Chakra is limited, and can only rely on its own recovery speed.

In accordance with the calculation of Chakra, the current check of the original naval, can only barely condense four kinds of seeking jade, this is no way to solve ...

However, after the original navigation opened the cactus mode, his Xianke Chakra recovery speed is about 2,000 points in a second, less than a minute, can condense a jade.

In the next moment, Shangyuan Na Rouned his fingers, manipulating Unexhoe's belt appeared around the pharmacist, whispering: "Next, let's come to a life and death, then you will retreat "


The pharmacist lifted his head.

He was defeated by a punch!

How can I do it to be a life and death?

"All right."

Shang Nai is still moving with his fingers, whispered with Yuxi Board, continues to open: "Don't care, I guess the adults of the long gorgeous will definitely put into the round;

Let's fight again, I want to leave Mitkay here, you can use your own serious injury, first withdrew. "

The long door release wheel is almost absolute.

Because in accordance with the arrangement of the original Needle, the current gate must have intended to make up for the mistakes in his own life, especially in his hands ...

fair enough.

Let the long gate use your own life to pay attention to the deblves of the original.

After waiting until the long door is dead, Shangyuan Na will start to prepare to address the stronger enemy.

Now, the original Nairou has received the jade, and it has also been the final form of the immortal model. The strength is almost about to arrive. It is time to let the big snake pills come over.

Moreover, Shangyuan will manipulate the big snake pills into the first six-level ninja, then try to hammered the big snake pill and complete their own advanced tasks ...

Big snake pills always want to make a lifetime of cowards, so that they are so long-lived, this is too unbearable!

It is better to make him a hero, and die is dying.


In the face of the orders of the original Needle, the pharmacist can only promise it.

Looking at the pharmacist, the lane continued: "After the long-door adult, I will send the wave wind gate and Yisi Bocely to tease the body of the universal adult. After you take the turn, you will take the turn. Help me save his body, or can help me transfer him.

After the future, the big snake pill was reincarnated, I went to kids the black and helpful, see if I can let the Big Pills in the resurrection of Suiwu spots, let him have to resurrect the long-door adult. "


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses.

The arrangement of this boss is really a layer of layers!

In this way, it seems that there is no vulnerability, which means that the big snake pill is a bit pitiful.

Now the big snake pill has not resurrected ...

Shangyuan Na will have helped him arrange how to die.

"You can start."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly released his fingers, re-clench his fist, and Chakra, who was around, gradually started to riophal!

Next moment, countless resurrected anti-rogue reincarnation, the ninja is flocked to the original navigation!

Everyone on the battlefield saw the left rushing right of the original Nairi, constantly avoiding the surgery and attacks around the sky, and worked hard under a group of enemies who were born in a group!

No, or he is still looking for an opportunity to counterattack!

"I am going to help!"

The whirlpool is re-entered the nine-tail mode, and it is necessary to rush to the battlefield center and Shang Na, to meet the enemy, because everyone is only the fastest, and I don't know how tired.

"Wait, Naruto ..."

After coughing a few times, I re-condensed a yin and yang black rod handed over the whirlpool: "Bring this, at least can help ..."

"it is good!"

The whirlpool told someone, took the black stick handed over the long door, and immediately fidelved into the direction of the battlefield, and the emergence of the whirlpiece happened happened to make opportunities for the pharmacist and Shangyuan Na.

The martai under the born, Mutte, flew in the vortex, and the two were almost hard and hard.

"Super large jade spiral pill!"

The whirlpool is manipulated in Chakra to make a super-jade spiral pill to defeat Metekai, insert the black stick in the hand on the body!

At the same time, Shangyuan Nair has also opened a gap.

Shangyuan Nai's figure almost hit all the defenses, a punch was on the body of the pharmacist: "Dare to return to the child, you should pay you should have the price ..."

Pharmacist: "..."

Next moment, when I was at the next moment, I plan to continue to attack. When I killed the pharmacist, the figure of Unexpello belt appeared around the pharmacist!

A sudden spatial vortex suddenly emerged in the pharmacist, and saved the life of the pharmacist!

"All retreat."

Yuxi Bo has a cold and coldly sweeping all the people around him. He also looked at the original naval and swirls. The cold voice opened: "The whirlpool, Shangyuan Na, the next time you won't be so good ... Next time I will let you see the world's most horrible enemies! "

Yuxi Bo's writing is flashing in the eyes: "When you see the real power, you will see some gaps in this world, just like the moon in the sky and the stone on the ground."

"next time…"

The eyes of the whirlow are slightly smashed, and the cold voice is open: "The next time I stand in the Sui Zhibo sphere behind you!"

The whirlpool is early to know.

Behindo is still hidden behind the soil.

Yuxi Bo has not answered, just a smile: "Hey, I just said that there is next, as for the next chance, I saw your own luck!"

Yuxi wave rushed to soil.

The wave of the water gathered suddenly in the direction of the whirlpool, and he lost a dark purple tail beast!

"Be careful!"

Shangyuan Nairi appeared in front of the whirlpool, a punch flying this tail beast, looked at the tail beast and jade, splashing a large dust!

When they went back to God, the other embarrassments on the battlefield have long been sneaked under the leadership of Unexpello.

No, there is another one.

That is the whirlpool, who has always been pressed with a black bar.

"Call ... finally ended?"

After the original Needle, I got a circle of battlefields, and I was relieved to fall on the ground.

The whirlpool rushed to extend his arm to support Shangyuan Na's body, hurry to open: "Hey, Shangyuan you are fine! Those guys have been withdrawn ..."


Shangji shook his head.