I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 309 is a bit irritated to Shangyuan Na (fourth!)

The whirlpool is looking at the original naval slightly shaking finger, which is obviously a highly tight symptom.

The whirlpool sounded a shot on the face: "I have just worked hard, but I didn't see your nervous ..."

"I have the reason that I have to stick to it."

Shangyuan Naou pinned his fingers into fists, some exhausted: "If I don't support it, what do you do with Mr. Xiao Nan? Just like you are protecting wood, I have to protect them. "


The vortex niche flashes a touch of admiration.

After the whirlpool sighed, he looked at the battlefield of full-eyed. "The war is finally over ..."


Shangji nodded.

For others, this war has ended.

For the original Needle, the real war has just begun.

Since Unexpello belt and the pharmacist retreat, wood, sandy village and fog hidden villages and Xiaomi's comrades have disintegrated, so the leaves and sorrows, the fog is not retired, but Tide floods.

Because I woven the tail beast of sandy village and foggy village before I woven, I destroyed sandy village and fog village, so that the two big countries were suffering too much; let alone the long-door Pesi six roads also killed a large number of woods Ye Eji.

These are scars.

It is impossible to easily erase.

How do they still enemies before a few hours!

"We have some intelligence to ask."

The agency slowly stood up, watching the long gates, Xiaonan and Shangyuan three endure, sinking: "These are likely to have the safety of the endurance, and you have destroyed the things of sandy village and fog hidden villages. ,we must…"

"Do you want to trial us?"

Shangqi Nairi standing in front of the long door, slowly kneading his fist, looking at the eyes of the program, Shen Sheng: "In this world, no one is qualified to trial us! Since I can destroy sand Yin Village , Can destroy the fog village, also destroy the leaves! "

"Shangyuan Na, don't be so excited, I don't mean this!"

The program wrinkled his own brow, Shen Sheng: "If we have a self-defeating, it is just a big snake pill and Yishe Bo!"

"Let's open the road!"

The original neighborhood reached his left hand, holding his fists, Shen Sheng: "My strength is stronger than you, then give me a road!"

"Your guy is not too arrogant!"

A wooden jinner loudly opened his mouth: "You know how many companions, how can you give this!"


"Must for compensation for our companions!"

"I feel that you will send you more simple!"

Shangyuan Nae lost his face, scared their faces, and his face revealed a smile of a smile: "It's better to send you now!"


The whirlpool is not a worry, he hurriedly stopped the line of sight of Shangyuan Na, and he looked at the post and whispered: "Planner mother-in-law, now it is not a quarrel ..."

To be honest, now the whirlpool is most hoped to solve peace.

Because the whirlpool moon believes that since the matter has been solved, Xiao Zhi won't destroy the endurance from this future, so it should be temporarily facing the crisis of Uzhi Board and Yuxiobang, after all, the long door, Xiaonan is also Located disciple.

The most important thing is now, or the dispute is resolved.

I also shake his head, standing on their side: "Although I don't want to count too much at this time, Sa Yin Village is destroyed by the organization, I have to give a confidence in the village ... "

"The fog hidden village is the same."

According to Meitu, I stared at the original navigation, Shen Sheng: "Although I don't want to be careful,, whether it is destroyed, the three tails are caught, and there is a ghost light full moon and all the talents of the knife.

Illuminate is really no way.

The fog hidden village is simply green and did not receive a very pole.

"Do you have water in your mind?"

The original Nairi is directly let the beauty and my love is a little guilty. At the next moment, the next time I went directly to provoke their anger: "Little in the little power, come to find a strong man, not afraid of being hit by me. Do you die?

I destroyed sandy village, returning to the body of Saha Yin Village Five Dynasties, this is not the benefiting of sand hidden village? I know that I should directly destroy the entire sandy village, kill all people in Sandy Village ... "

"Shangyuan ..."

Xiao Nan couldn't stand the sleeve of the upper context.

The face of the long door is also pale looking at the original navigation, and coughing a few times: "Shangyuan, don't violently ..."

The long door does not want to play again.

As a person who is committed to eliminating his past mistakes, the long door really doesn't want to see anything between the original Needle and other villages. He now only hopes that the original navigation can protect himself and protect the small south.

Shang Nai Luo standing in front of the long door, waving the small north of the you want to come out behind his own, the face is cold: "Sandy village and fog hidden village are destroyed by me, if you want to find trouble Let's come! Let you know your strength! "

Shangyuan Na Ruo looked at the beauty and my love, whispered: "In order to protect the universal adult and Xiaonan teacher, I don't have all the price, even if it is enemies with this world, I will not care, and I am very strong now! "

His declaration sounded.

Shangji closed his palm, watching the ninja who is full of hatred, whispered: "Some things have been done, I don't care for the second time, even my fingers Can't hurt, staying with you can't pay the land ... "


I heard here as I heard here, I was too mad!

To be honest, this moment is really thinking about it and is desperately desperate, this guy is really too insulting!

"This is good."

Looking at the beauty, whispered: "But since you want, as long as you are seeking me, I will take the talented seven people in the organization, they are strong, It should be able to kill all the fog hidden highlights now ... "


It is more ugly to the beautiful face.

If you returns all the fog's hidden levels, it is really likely to kill all the fog hidden highlights. How is it so bad?

It's okay to see it before ...

Is this guy now exposes a true face!

It turned out that this born guy was originally a bad villain?

Fortunately, someone came to help the beauty at this time.

The operator stands by the beauty of the beauty, "If the power can determine everything, now you have never been weak! And the long door has admitted that you are making mistakes, why don't you accept the mistake? The consequence! "

"I feel we weak, then I will try it!"

Shangyuan Nae lost his eyes slightly, watching a vigilant person, whispered: "What is most, even if the adult is wrong, I will have a mistake to make his fault to correct him!"

Chakra on Shangqi Lu gradually riped, he stared at the open mouth: "Now you dare to humilize our words, then let you remember ... What is the real horror?"

"Shangyuan ..."

Xiaoshan stretched out his palms pulled the context's sleeves, and his face was blessed, she looked at the disciple of her face, whispered: "We ... don't like this ... Okay? The war is over, you this Sick, it will make people feel very uncomfortable ... "


Shangnai is falling into silence.

Anyone's persuasion can be refuted.

Only the pleading of Xiaonan is the original navigation that cannot be rejected.

This woman who used to protect his attitude with strong and firm, at this time, the eyebrows are weakly asked to temporarily stop their temper.

After the ahead, I sighed in the scene: "We still don't have this time, now the most important thing is to discuss how to deal with the threat of Unexpello and Yuxioba, I will not trial you. "

The apeer looked at the original navigation, and the sound opened and persuaded: "However, we need the intelligence of Unexpello and Yuxi Bouvelle, I think you are also very worried about Yuxi Bao and Yuxi Board to your threat to your threat ... "

"The guy!"

Shang Nai wrinkled her brow, Shen Sheng: "Yes, but I have to bring the long gates and Xiaonan teachers to go home ...

If you want to know that Unexpello has their own information, go to Yuyin Village to find me! Don't come to some people with bad temper, because my temper is not very good! "


The agency is in silence.

Everyone in the entire battlefield has no action.

The whirlpool is hesitant to see that this look, don't know how to say it, because everyone is in the scene does not seem to leave here, they have neither guts to challenge the power of the original navigation, and I don't want to retreat.


Shangyuan Na is smiled and smiled. The fingers gradually got up, whispered: "It seems that this world is still talking to the fist ..."

"Shangyuan ..."

The long gate interrupted the original Nairi, he knew a few times, forced to open: "Don't say it, it is my own mistake, I will come to make up ... Kill the teacher, I am Never forgive yourself. "


"Changmen ..."

Shangyuan Needo and Xiaonan couldn't help but turn to the long door.

Xiaonan's brows wrinkled very tightly, her look was very nervous, apparently she didn't want to see the next thing.

The long door shakes his head and waved the persuasion they wanted to say, whispered: "This is my own decision, at least I want to correct my own mistake."

After the door was finished, looked up and looked at the prime man: "Under the fire, all the people in this war want to concentrate!"

If the Ninja in the fog hidden village and sandy village will be sent together, including those who killed by the ninja, I can use the round to resurrect them ... "

The people who kill Wesin, the long door can be used to find the soul.

However, the ninjas that the enemy who swindled enemies must ensure that their body is complete, and they see their faces to communicate into their soul.


The eyebrows were frowned, and shake their heads: "If it is the kind of resurrection, then ..."

"No, it is true resurrection."

The long gates have interrupted the hand, and the son will continue to say: "The power of the round to the eye can communicate into the mortar, re-brought back the soul of the deceased, give them the power of life."

"How can this be…"

Did you make a confidence.

Just next moment, the apeer didn't seem to think about what she had, she looked at the opening: "If they resurrected them, then your life ..."

"Please go as soon as possible!"

The long gate saw a hand, whispered, continued to say: "This is an exchange of life, my life is actually too long, let me use the last power to correct myself. Let's make a mistake! "