I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 310 Break, is a big snake pill! (Fifth! Search month!)

Wooden ninja is very fast.

All the bodies of all those who die have been moved.

Since Payne invaded, the Ninja, who has been in the final sea ninja, and all sent it to the long door.

These bodies are densely paved in the ground, and only the rough looks, there is more than a thousand people, which makes people see some scalp, and the bodies of the flag wooden Carti are in column.

"Almost here."

The program is standing around the side, the sound is low: "There are still some people who don't finish, and even the part of their body is not found ..."

Those people may be because of the powerful surgery or dramatic explosion directly into pieces, the body is not completed, and naturally cannot be resurrected by the round.

Unless someone helped them to reincarnate the body ...

Unfortunately, this kind of thing is obviously unlikely, only Metai is a lucky one, just turned into the bluff, caught up with someone used the round to return to let him resurrect.

Xiaonan stands behind the long door, whispered: "Long door ... Do you really decide to do this? Shangyou seems to be a bit uncomfortable ..."

"…I know."

After the door nodded, I turned to see my hint, I hang down: "There is no relationship, I have arranged everything ... Xiaoshan, I have some words to say privately, you can help me with him. Did you call? "

"it is good."

Xiaonan nodded gently.

This is the last period of the long-door life. He will be the last lastment of his life. At least for the long door, it is like this.

When the top of the next navigation, Xiaosan leaves.

The long gates looked at the original navigation, and they sighed: "It seems that the twelve-year-old little guys have grown a lot, and we can protect us ..."

"Know it."

The expression of Shangyuan Needs is not very good.

The long door looked at the expression of Nairi, and his face gradually became serious. He suddenly opened: "Shangyuan, wait until I die, don't let me resurrect again ..."


The heart of Shangyuan Na will be treated.

At this moment, he could not help but look at the long door, as if it feels that everything she arranged has been seen by the long door.

"Do you think so?"

The long gate frowned, he just took the original navigation, did not expect this little guy, really want to resurrect him!

The door came over and took a shot of the original naval shoulder, whispered: "Shangyuan, my death is not only for resurrection and teacher, but also to correct it, I was deceived by Uki Bo fault…

Do you want to use a round to go back to the eye? I understand your emotions, but don't be because I am alone, I will die, I may even be my own life, that is what I don't want to see. "

Because the long gates have thought of resurrection of Niko.

Unfortunately, he understood this idea at that time, even if it was resurrected, it was unable to change this mistake, and finally, Baiko and Xiaonan may not live in this world.

"Oh, I will be awarded it once."

The original Nair is nodded carefully.

The Shangyuan is very recognized, and it is absolutely impossible to kill another person because of the resurrection of a person.

In this world, who will say that the big snake pill is innocent?

The big snake pills have a blood in the hands of the innocent people. If you dare to say that the big snake pill is innocent, Shangyuan Na will make him died very innocent.

What's more, the life of the big snake will not lose it or something!

"All right."

The long-door hi-feet wants to smash the hair on the past, but unfortunately, the original navigation is too much higher than these years, the long door can only shoot his shoulders.

The long door gaze the original navigation, soft: "I have said before, I have also said, now there is only you and Xiao South, as a man, don't make your teacher worry, to protect Xiaonan, remember Yet?"

"rest assured."

The original neighborhood was looked nodded.

Even if you don't mention this, Shangyuan Na will definitely protect your homonym, and he has prepared enough protection facilities for Xiaonan.

In the future, even if Yu Zhibo spots are resurrected, it is never hurt to Xiaonan!

"I believe you will do it."

The long door looked at the original navigation, the sound gradually became a little low: "So, the future of Xiaonan, Yu Yin Village and Xiaoxiao will give you all."


The original brother is a little black.

Both two people did not say too much, or before, they have said a lot, they have been too heavy before life and death, and they are not suitable for their two.

After the long gates have finished their last words, they slowly closes their palms, and closed their eyes closed their own fists. The sound slowly lowered down ...

"Outer Road · Renained back to the heaven."

Next moment, his round is flashing in his eyes.

On the ground, a huge king's head was floated. This king slowly opened his mouth, and there were countless green light sprayed from its mouth!

Those are the soul of the dead!

The soul of these deadly has invested in his own body. The injuries on their body are almost healed quickly, and their body gradually recovered.

The first resurrected person appeared!

It is actually the body and souls are there!

When he was reincarnant to be resurrected, the fragmentation of the fragmentation of the face disappeared, and also lifted the control of crucial.

The second resurrected person is the flagmarks.

Flagkarta slowly opened his eyes, some did not repay himself back to Yangshi, because he was still on the road and his father on the road and his father's wood ...

This time, I have experienced life and death, let the flag-like Kasi's heart suddenly open, from the small complaints of the father, there is no trace, he will never blame your father.

"Since then, can you meet each other?"

There is still a little bit of a little in the heart of the flagmark, because he is behind the father's soul, and some miss my father.

Someone heard the wish he wanted to see his father.

When Shangji, I saw the flag-like Kaki sat down, slowly erected his fingers, quietly notified the pharmacist: "The flag wood cardi is resurrected ... You go try it, put the flag and patterned the soil Let's let them see the father and son. "


The pharmacist can only accept this order helplessly.

To be honest, the pharmacist feels that they have already set up a lot of fathers and sons, such as wave windmen and whirls and sons, flag, Kakashi, and flag wood, Father, four generations of wind shadow, and five generations Luo father ...

This is really a big evil!

With the resurrection of the dead, every ninja could not help but hug and resurrected with his resurrection, and fortunately they met again.

Among these most important people have slowly open their eyes.

Late too.

Everyone is not coming to the self-contained tall figure to stood up, the whirlpiece and the agency accounted for their tears, refused to let them fall.

"How is this going?"

After you gradually wake up, his eyes slowly moved, and looked at the noisy environment, and finally his gaze stayed on the whirlpool and the long body.

"Good color cactus!"

The whirlpool is standing by his side, whispering said: "It is the strength of the door brother with his life and the power of the back of the eye."


The face has become difficult to look.

As a teacher, he will never see your disciples to pay the price of life in order to resurrect him, he even wants to see the safe and sound of this disciple.

Next, a few steps came to the front of the long door, squatting down his disciples with weak face, and it was a bit pity when it was a hard-looking face.

"Changmen ..."


The long door shakes the head calmly, and the weak is weak and weak: "I can't correct my mistake before dying. Is it not late?"

"this is not your fault."

Looking at the eyes of the long door, Shen Sheng said: "Come and tell me, there is something else to reverse this?"


It is a pity that the long door has no strength to answer.

After the release of the reincarnation, the long door is already dead, not to mention that he is very weak, and the round is naturally exhausted by his life.

"The reincarnation is not reversed."

Xiaonanbi is slowly low, looking at the long door slowly hanging down, suppressing his sadness, low head: "Teacher, this is voluntary, killing teachers, has always been his last regret "

"But I have never blame him ..."

The eyes are also twitching, suppressing their sadness.

This man has been more than 50 years, slowly reaching out his palm, watching the long hair of the long door, has become a white, and the sorrow in his eyes can't compare.

If you can, he is more hope to die, and his disciples can live, this is the real inheritance.

I have already reached my palm, slowly put my disciples a little bit on the ground, and organized his clothes.

A wooden jinner slowly surrounded up, quietly lowered his head, praying for this Ninja who has paid life.

Wait until the end of this short ceremony.

I will slowly raise my head and look at my other disciple, whisper: "Xiaoshan, what do you want to do next?"

Xiaonan looked at the arrival of the arrival of the arrival, whispered: "I will return to Yin Yin Village with the remains of the Changmen and Baiko ..."


"I and the Shangyuan will exit."

Xiaonan silenced after a while, continued: "This matter should only look at the original decision, maybe we will re-understand the organization of a mediation war ..."

"Those rebels may not promise?"

"If they are not willing to promise ..."

Xiaonan touched himself, softly open: "Should go out, I and Shangyuan's power is enough ... The only trouble is that the long door is back."


It is also in silence.

To be honest, this double round looks, he wants to destroy it.

No matter who is in his hand, it will cause a big trouble because of the power of the round, everyone sees; whether it is a variety of magical abilities, it is amazing, it is amazing.

Just when they still think, a Chinese voice suddenly passed into their ears: "Reincarnation, let me help you deal with it!"

A flying thunder is inserted on the side of the body.

In the next moment, the figures of the waves of the waves suddenly appeared, his palm immediately grabbed the body of the body, and disappeared in front of everyone with flying thunder!

"Breast, it is a big snake pill!"