I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 311 is black, it is the undercover of Yuxi Bo

Nothing thought.

Under all the people's public opinion, the guy of the big snake pill is really bold, and the body of the waves stole the body of the pole.

Everyone's eyes are a bit horrified.

The first reaction is undoubtedly the original navigation.

"Let's go down the long gates!"

After the Shangyuan Nai, after the golden light flashed, it was like a madman, and immediately chased it. His speed was almost rossed in the air!

Others don't dare to worry, followed it later!

Everyone is a little panic, once made the big snake pills, the bodies of the long-eyed or long, he will lead to how terrible consequences!

After all, it has always been a big snake pill that is not chaotic, he will never just use the round to the eye and the long door as a collection!

If the big snake pill is reincarnated, the born guy will definitely use the round to look at the whole endurance.


On the speed of speed, who can chase the waves of the golden flash?

Shangyuan Na was completely lost under the trail of the wave of water, hated, and looked at the ground. He looked at the post-faces and talented: "Huangjie, you will be too big, this will not be too Coincidentally, every time the treason of wood ... "

Shangyuan Nairo slowly pinched his fist, and went to the agency and the voice, the voice gradually gathered: "What Yu Zhibo spheres, Yuxi Bo belt, big snake pill, pharmacist brocuate ... These are people of wood This is the conspiracy of your wood! "

It's really hard to say so, it's hard to refute.

The entire endure is a ninja that is windy after the scene, no exception is the ninja of the leaves, this matter is more strange.

After all, the righteousness of the rifle is more than a member of the Ninja, and the ninja against the wood. It doesn't matter if you don't do a big incident.

How does this business make a hand?

The rebellion in the village is too strong, blames her, why?

The agency is just a four-year fire!

Chakra, who is in Shangyuan, is almost like substantial, and it is usually riped: "Now! Immediately! Mong! Let the Big Snake Pills come back!"

"Shangyuan Na, calm!"

Below, I also stopped in front of the original navigation, and I opened the mouth: "If this happens, everyone doesn't want, we have been chasing big snake pills ..."

"Wooden chasing him is not as good as I chased him for a few years!"

Shangji took his fist and watched his hand and looked at it and his hand. "You and Big Snake Pill are friends, that is, you secretly refer to the body of his adults!"

Nairi ... "

Xiaonan interrupted the Shang Shang, slowly walked to the front of the original Needle, she reached out and stopped Shangyuan Na, put her disciples into his arms.

Xiaonan slowly lowered, and the sound was a little trembling: "Needel, reason, don't like this ... The door will not want to see you."

Just now, the brain of Xiaonan also became a blank.

Just saw that the original Needs were almost lost illegal, Xiaoke recreated their emotions, and the words were stunned with their own violent disciples.

"I know, teacher."

Shangqi Nairou hugged Xiaonan's shoulders, whispered: "I will find a way to find the snake pill, bring the long-haired adult!"

Shangyuan Na Lu said that he was full of face when this sentence was.

This is a man's commitment, let alone he is also planning to do it, just don't know how the mood of the big snake will.

It is a one next to the actions and the two people. The mood is a bit subtle. The aperator sighs a sigh of relief. "We will also increase the trace of big snake pills ... once there is any information, will tell it immediately you guys."

The big snake pill is a bastard, really don't do a little person!

This guy manipulated the wave of the water gates directly stolen the body of the body, but it didn't have the simplicity, but he left so much trouble.

Shangning Na Ruo, this group is like a madman!

But anything is any problem, this guy may play directly!

Fortunately, Xiaonan's performance is still reasonable, or she has to keep her ingredients, keeping their own emotions will not collapse, because her disciples are just like a live volcano.

Xiaoshan must appear your disciples' emotions.

The eyes of the agency are slightly flowing, staying on the body of Xiaonan and Shangyuan Na, which is really good, at least the first time I first see someone who can make emotionally excited Shangyuan Na.

The is indeed the most complex relationship.

Even if it is the original naval, I have destroyed a few great guys, and now I can't escape this kind of embarrassment!

Now the remains of the long door are stolen by the big snake pills. The emotions of Shangyuan Needle are not very good, just sitting around Xiaonan, so the agency wants to communicate the intelligence, and can only temporarily communicate with Xiaonan.

To be honest, the agency really prefers to communicate with Xiaonan.

At least the card's heart can be stable.

If you communicate with the original Na, even if it is a master, you know that the original navigation is true. However, according to the appearance of the original navigation, it is half-hidden in the past, and the agency will not help but make a discount on intelligence.

After all, when I got a strategic deception before the guy, I played the loyal part of the mountain pepper half-hidden, it was too deep into the hearts ...

If you stay together now, the aperator really worried that he couldn't help but ask a hill-Tang's half-Tibet ...

Mom, simply leaving!

Fortunately, Xiaonan is an honest person.

When the operator asked about Yisi Bo, Xiao Nan did not deliberately concealment, but only frowning a little bit of things that occurred in those years.

"When Yisi Bo belt first appeared in front of us, claiming to be Yuxi Bao, after the death of Mikai, Yishibo began to guide us to create a so-called ultimate weapon to achieve peace of mind.

At the beginning, whether it is a recruitment or other things, Yisi Bo will provide suggestions to the long gates behind the scenes until later we have encountered Needs. "

Xiao Nan turned his head and looked at Na, and his eyes gradually revealed a soft. She whispered: "Nairou is the beginning of our first generation of the son, his father, in the past year, in order to protect me Zuncun Group Tibetan and mountain pepper semi-hidden people killed.

We have encountered a renaissant, and decided to take him on your side, but unfortunately, the long gorgeous hopes that Newells can quickly become stronger, and therefore, Nairu has become more effort than anyone, and has begun as a The intern is subject to the organization's task.

Just when the Nairou will go to the task of tricking the martial arts, I have encountered the soil to hoping him to hurt him;

Because of the problem of identity, Yisi Bo is trying to murder Nairo, and since then, the organization will lead to Yisi Bo. "

"Is this ..."

The apecically sighed, and she thought of her meetings many years ago, she said softly: "When I met this little guy in Tang Renmang, he should just implement the driva. task! "

It is no wonder that I will listen to Xiaonan.

Because the original naval, this little guy has always been taking care of him.

Xiaonan said the traces can follow, the one is the first time in the first time, his side follows the three misty villages s grades, and the night Jun Ma Lu and the white little ghost head.

Xiaonan's eyebrows picks up, watching a hand, and looked at the original Na Na Lu: "If he lost a few million people in the Huo Shou, it should be in that time."

If Xiaoshen did not remember the wrong, the mortar ghosts took the uniform, and it was directly controlled from the pockets of the original navigated in the future.

The palm's palm holds his chin and whisper: "It is not completely lost to me, this devil has also left a few million two, saying that his teacher has been heard in the war. Those money are all returned ... "

After reading the original naval, I saw Xiao Southern. I asked: "But I remember what I have not done? It is also a lot of it. "

"Xiaonan teachers once mentioned."

Shangyuan Na was suddenly interrupted, whispered: "Xiaonan teachers have met you for the first time, you gave them some dry bread."


The plan is silent.

Those things have been too long, she doesn't really remember these.

I also sat around the board, took a shot of my forehead, I saw Xiaonan, and sighed and sighed: "Xiaoshan, I will recover myself, you really teach a good disciple!"

"Yes, the teacher is also the teacher."

Xiao Nan calmly nodded, and shakes his head: "Unfortunately, we still take the wrong way."


Shang Nai was shot and shook his head and interrupted Xiaonan, whispered: "For me, the only correct way is to protect you."


Xiaonan slowly lowered his head.

Everyone present is silent after a while.

The ahead is the first to break the silence. I asked: "I still come to the big snake pills. He now and Yuxi Bo belt is all the allies, but also controls the danger of many ninja.

The last time we received the exact intelligence from the big snake pills, and saw his blinking body in the vortex in the village. Later, the big snake pill was killed in the laboratory. "

"This is let me!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his forehead, whispered: "I have been responsible for chasing the big snake pills in the organization, and I will force him into the desperation, and I will be a loss."

"It's not a loss."

Xiaoshan reached out his palm to attract his disciples: "The door said, you destroy many big snake pills and hidden nest ..."

"Unfortunately I can't solve him."

After the Shangyuan Na, he said, "Now, it seems that the fake death of the big snake pill should be the turn of the long door, deliberately fake, and to let the pharmacist add to Xiaoxiao, explore our information."

After Shangyuan Na, the face became ugly: "When I went to invite the pharmacist to join Xiao, I carefully explored you, like you, I found the body of the big snake!"


Everyone's face is not good.

In this regard, they have reached a consensus on the territory of Big Snake Pills and Unechebra.

It is a pity that there is no substantial progress between intelligence exchanges between them.

After all, these intelligence is a few years ago, and the apeer and the coming are just the origin of Shangyuan Na, there is no hierarchical gain.

Until the arrival, after a while, I mentioned a member of Xiao: "Maybe we can find a way to catch a person, I remember that Yuxi Board has leaked, there is a distinctive person is that he is inserted. Undercover. "

"Ne should be not undercover?"

Xiaonan's face is a little hesitant. She whispered: "Although the relationship with Unexpello belt is very close, I have never been hated for this time."

"That may not be ..."

After talking about it, I looked at the original navigation.

Is Shangyuan Na is an excellent performance artist and super spy?

This guy has been very loyal to the mountain pepper half-hustle. It is true that it is a murderer who has killed the mountain pepper; before, it is also known to be governed, but the result is the next generation of the organization.

Located, there is no more than everyone.

Everyone's face has revealed a embarrassing expression.

I also looked at Xiaojing, and I went to the Single: "At least I have to try it first! Wait until we caught the black, I can get it to get the intelligence of Unexpello and the big snake pills ..."


Shangyuan Na will never hook your fingers.

It's really not to spend his previous secrets of Unexpello with soil, they finally remembered.

Now, it is also time to get out of the organization.