I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 313, flag, wood, wave style, and Yisi wave belt soil

Shang Nai fell to the shoulders of the shot vortex, told him that he would save his friends, and bid farewell to the people of the village of the village, and rushed to Yuyin Village.

When I arrived in Yuyin Village in Shangji, my ministry is hiding in a dark laboratory, and the waves and Yuxi Bo belt are around him, and they are on the experiment. .

After the pharmacist examined a long door, shook his head and sighed: "The body energy in the large man in the energie is close to failure. It seems that he can only restore his body to the peak state in the peak!"


Yuxi Bo is holding his own arm, scornfully opens: "The luck of this traitor is really good!"

"Ha ha…"

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and looked at Unexhoe with soil, and smiled.

The wave wind door gazes the body's body on the experiment, and he said: "It's just this return, it's not necessarily the long door ..."

Wave wind gates and long gates are brothers.

Therefore, when the wave gates saw the long gates, I would like to fix the fault of myself, my heart is quite appreciated by him, and in the long gate, I'm returning to the death of this war, but also the wave wind gate. More admiration for him.

Not anyone dares to face your own mistakes.

Unfortunately, the long door is wrong.

The original navigation is really not a good thing!

The waves sighed in the heart of the waves. He began to think about it. When the returns of the elders were reincarnated, there was any expression ... Especially now, all this is also behind the scene after the scene.

The pharmacist reached his own clip and slowly took the back of the long door, and wanted to look at the two rounds of eyes like a treasure.

After a long time, the pharmacist took the pair of eyes and retired into a small bottle. This is the legendary turn to the eye. Which one likes the scientific experiment, is willing to study this pair?

"Next, it is the big man."

The pharmacist watched the body of the long door and slowly closed his palm, and Yishibo took the soil and put it on the side of the door.

"Pocket, this is the sacrifice you want."

"Thank you, Mr. Tong."

The eyeglasses of the pharmacist flashed on the lens, and slowly started their own printing: "Tolerance, · !"

A psychedelic spent appeared around the long door, the next moment of his body is wrapped in countless debris and wrapped it as a sacrifice!

Next, the front of the door slowly revealed.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and hookped his mouth, and politely bordered his head.

"Welcome to return, long-door adults."

"Is it turned out to be reincarnated?"

The long gates looked at their body and looked up and looked at the pharmacist: "It seems that you will resurrect me, want to use my deal?"

In addition to trying to take advantage of him to deal with the original navigation, the long door is really not thinking, what else will let the pharmacist will resurrect.

"how could be?"

The pharmacist smiled and laughed with his eyes. He pushed his own glasses and smiled: "Wait until you will see the big snake pill, you will know."

"What ???

The brow's brow wrinkled. When I was planning to say something, his sight suddenly turned out, and the awareness could not help but fall into self-satisfaction.

I have prepared a beautiful coffin early in advance, and converge it with the bobbin of the long door: "Unfortunately ... the long-door adults can be a powerful and powerful rubbish!"

"The long door is very good, the little ghost is very good."

Yishibo took the soil snorted, watching the movement of the pharmacist, scornfully opened: "Hey, now it seems that Shangyuan has a good idea ..."

"is it?"

The pharmacist said with a smile, he slowly pushed his own glasses and pulled a reel from his own body.

The pharmacist has made Yuxi Board to catch a white.

Yuxi Bo has a red light, can't help but ask: "Well? Whose body is it? Do you have to resurrect?"

"The flag is like."

The resurrection flag is like, this matter is the original navigation personally assigned.

When the flag-like Kakasi resurrected, Shangyuan Na will tell the pharmacist to try to go to the resurrection of the resurrection flag, and he is also very curious about this wooden white teeth.

"Hey, it seems that I am boasting too early."

The knocked knockp pinched in Ujubi Board, cold tang: "This bastard is cold, there is no heart in his body!"

"Who knows ..."

The mouth of the pharmacist told a smile and pushed his own glasses. It continued to say: "Nairu is really powerful, not his hard as steel, let him not be ignorant Enemy? "

It is a pity that there is only a pharmacist in this room, a person who is arrogant, no one is willing to attach the pharmacist, and the waves and Yuxi Bo belt soil don't think it is a good thing.

The pharmacist took care of a sigh of relief, closing his palms and started printing, re-released the anti-translocking surgery, and successfully resurrected the flag on the earth.

"The resurrection of the dirt is really successful ..."

Pharmacist took a look at this wooden leaves returned from the death. His eyes were slightly smashed: "Sure enough, there is no expectation of Needar ..."

It is still skeptical in the original pharmacist.

After all, they have experimenting, and they did not summon the soul of woody white teeth, so they did not succeed to him.

As a result, the original navigation insisted that they dig out the body of the woody white teeth, and after the resurrection of the flag, Mikasi, the pharmacist started to start with the wood.

Everything is not expected.

The woody white eye is really successful.

The eyes of the pharmacist swept through the waves of the water gates and Yuxio belt soil, and the face was revealed. "If anyone is in the enemy of Nair, his soul is absolutely escaped, but the main people of Needar!"

Wave style: "..."

Yuxi Bo Tong: "..."

Mom, people are not there, you don't have it!

And these words are also used by the pharmacist, now the souls of them have been controlled by the original navigation!

They are typical by the original navigation ...

"Well? What is going on?"

After you wake up, you will take your own body, turn your head and look at Yuxi Board and pharmacist pockets, wave style ...

These people don't know.

Only the wave wind door looks a little more familiar.

After all, the flag wood is too early. When he committed suicide this year, the biggest wave of trees here was only fifteen or six years old, and she had already got unconsciously ...

It's just when the flag of wood, I still wear the royal gown on the body of the waves, and there is a whirled wood leaf to make his face can't help but have a bit complex.

"Which one of you ... is it?"

"This is the fourth generation of wood leaves."

The pharmacist stood around the flag and patina, laughed and said to him: "And the four generations of eyes were born, but the teacher of Mr. Kasi, the flag of the flag! Standing next to him, it is the flag wooden card Western teammates, Mr. Yuxi Bo Tong! "

There were a few embarrassments in the scene, and there was an inexplicable relationship with the flagmarks, so soon they took advantage of the flagmarks as an opportunity, barely talked.

Flag wood soon will know some of the truth.

It is not tolerance in the eyes of the flag and patina: "That is to say that we are all dead? Carti will feel very lonely ..."

"Rest assured, you will have goodbye."

The pharmacist revealed a mysterious smile and loudly calm the emotions of the flag: "And this time will not be too long ... I believe that when Mr. Carti will see his father, it will be very happy. "

Flag wood: "..."

Wave style: "..."

Yuxi Bo Tong: "..."

"Don't look at me ..."

The pharmacist looked at a few people at the scene, smiled and continued: "The desire of Mr. Kassei, flag, must have a good part of his father."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and continued: "If you have anyone who wants to see, I can also help them with them."


Three human ninja fell into silence.

The pharmacist is a boy. Is it a long time to wait for a long time? This guy will not say anything.

Really, once anyone has a relationship with the original navigation, they will not become something!

"Okay, don't say these nonsense."

The pharmacist looked at the waves of the waves, and the face gradually became serious: "Now, please contact the neighborhood, report our work!"

"…I know."

The wave wind is todped slowly.

The wave style slowly erected his fingers, and it took the will of Shangyuan Na.

In the next moment, the sound of Shangyuan Nair came out from the mouth of the wave style, some depression in his voice: "The mood of Xiaonan teachers is not very good, I must always stay with her, temporarily can't take it."

After that, after the sound of Shangyuan Na, there is a little indifferent: "So I will remotely direct you, now there is an emergency mission to deal with it."


The pharmacist watched his head.

The sound of Shangyuan Nairi is a bit indifferent: "Before I returned to Xiaoyang, you went away with the outer road of Magic and Unechebra ... By the way, and who is willing to betray us, with you Leave a child! "