I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 314, a failed fishing plan (fourth more)

The order of Shangyuan Needs is not surprising.

In addition to letting the pharmacist immediately walked out the tissue of the organization and Yischo Sasuke, let them take away those who are willing to stay together.

After the end of the Wood Battle, some members did not accept this kind of incident, and they waited for their future to defend, but also directly by the pharmacist to take the future of the cannon fodder.

Ok, actually in fishing.

Anyone who is unwilling to leave the text will definitely get an asylum of Shangyuan Na, they are all valuable heritage left.

Anyone who is willing to leave the text, they are only just from one of the whirlpools to another more dangerous vortex.

In fact, it also fled the control of the original Na.

Because the original Nairou and Xiao Nan are returning to the country of the rain, there is not much time to leave the pharmacist, so he immediately seals the flag and patina, with the wave of water gates and Yisi Bo, rushed to the organization. base.

Know the base.

, Didara and Uchozuo have already rushed back to the base, and the members of the organization are still waiting for their leaders to bring back the tail of the nine tails, and look forward to the extraction of eight tails and nine tailings. , Then implement a war weapon program.

It is well known that the waiting time is undoubtedly very long.

The members of Xiaoyu are relatively leisure, and the guys who have a high visual high can do together? Of course, it can only be mixed!

"The idiots who have been cut in the head every day!"

After Did Daughter, I made a ghost face towards the flying segment, and I spit my tongue in Haha: "Stupid ustricity ... slightly!"

"Bastard, I killed you!"

The flying segment has grown his sickle, and when he wanted to rush over, several Chakra lines tightly hit his arm.

Red sand scorpion manipulated Chakra lines actions in the flying segment, and the cold sound opened: "Quarrel can, but don't do it within the base."

When you hear the red sand, the anger on the face is heavier.

If he can noisy Didara, is it?

The flying segment rushed to hold his sickle and turned to the corner: "Hey, the corner, I am embarrassing him! Come help me!"


The corners have helped their forehead.

How can he have such stupid teammates like flying!

The IQ of the flying segment is not saved!

Fortunately, when the flying segment can't be angry, when I wanted to take the organization's base, the pharmacist has attracted their attention.

"Pharmacist, where have you been?"

Red sand scorpion frowned and looked at the pharmacist to open the mouth: "I remember it. You should be in your own laboratory? If you leave the base, you will make a command of the leader. ? "

"If you don't have the leader?"

The pharmacist slowly looked up and looked at everyone, and his face showed a smile: "I went to a wooden leaf, the long door ... No, Payne is dead."


Everyone's eyes are not looking for the pharmacist in autonomous!

Everyone's eyes are full of dare not confidence, how can they believe that the leader who claims to be Shen Ming will die in the leaves!

The eyes of Red Sand moved slightly. He shook his head and immediately opened: "Never, Payne can have a power of round."

"Nothing is impossible."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, showing a smile on his face: "When I was hurt in Payne and the leaves, I was forced to the desperate situation, so he died ..."

"Breast, you dare to betray Payne!"

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white heard here, quickly rushing out!

On the loyalty of the organization, no one can exceed them, because they are with the original Nair, grow up.

"The body of the body, the dance!"

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu suddenly took a root thorn, rushed to the direction of the pharmacist!

However, a picture of a golden Chakra coat suddenly appeared, but in front of Hui Night Jun Ma Lu, I extended a spiral pill on Mun Ma Lu!

It is the wave of water gates!

Next moment, Hui Najun Lu is flying out!

" ... ..."

White has erected his finger.

Just when the white wanted to release the ice, the figure of the waves of the waves made a golden light, suddenly appeared around the white, and kicked him out!

"That is ... Golden flashes!"

Didala's face suddenly changed.

For Ninja, Rock Village, the golden flash is undoubtedly an extremely horrible person, even if Dida is also growing from a small story of a small golden flash.

Red sand is watching this scene, and his eyes flashed a wonderfulness: "It turns out that this guild has been blowing out of the golden flashed wave windshield ... Now, your guy solves Pethen is not a nonsense. "


The pharmacist nodded and smiled and spread his palm: "Now Payne is dead, Xiaonan and Shangnai have given up the collection of tail beasts ... Do you want to continue to be in this organization? "

The eyes of the pharmacist moved a little bit, slowly gotting the people present, the smile gradually became deeper and deeper: "Xiaoxiao is about to be destroyed, it is better to follow me to continue collecting the destination of the beast ..."


Didara disdainfully looked at the pharmacist, and he snorted: "What is your group? What is the power of others, a ghost that hides in the ditch?"

After Didara, he turned his head to the Red Sand, the opening: "It is better to let you do a new leader, it is better to let Sutan to inherit the leader!"


The flying segment jumped out, Zhang Wang said: "I am the most suitable candidate! It is better to join my evil ..."

"To shut up!"

If you interrupted the flying segment, he turned his head to look at the pharmacist, and he said: "You said to solve Penne, but did not solve the original naval and Xiao South. Payne seems to mention it. I want to make the top of the next leader, the little ghost is quite appropriate. "


The red sand is looking at the pharmacist. His eyes also become a little cold: "If I have not guess, you don't want to solve the original navigation, but I almost solved him! Shangyuan strength Can be less than half! "

"It's true ... I guess you!"

The pain of the pharmacist revealed a helpless smile, he looked up and continued: "But this doesn't matter.

They should only stay in the country of rain, with your strength, will it still have to stay here? "


Everyone is not autonomous to fall into silence.

What should they do if they don't continue to collect the beasts? Do you stay here?

"Where are we going to check you!"

Didala looked dissatisfied with a pocket, and he looked at the red sand: "Hey, Xu Dan, wait until the original return, we will make a decision, anyway, as long as you don't delay my art. "


Red sand is also nodded: "I also think that I should wait until the original return, I will discuss this thing, as for the pharmacist, this guy ..."

"Hey, Pharmacist!"

The flying segment suddenly broke the scorpion of the red sand, and looked at the pharmacist. "Your guy can help me spread the evil spirits, I can be with you ..."

"To shut up!"

The corner waves your own arm, and a punch will fall down to the ground. He snorted to open his mouth: "When some words should not be said, it will close your mouth!"


The flying segment jumped up, watching the corner of his face: "I don't want to stay in this place, I just want to spread the will of the evil spirits!"

"No, you don't want it."

The land of the corner has been stretched out, and the flying segment is firmly bound, and his eyes are mighty, and there has never been an action of the seven people.

After the ninjone seven people came from the pharmacist, after the death of Payne, there was no action, and even if there is no words, they just repaired their tips.

The corner saw a flying segment, the cold voice continued: "Sometimes your life is indeed worthless, but sometimes, your life is only once. Two things in life are the most painful things, that is, people still Living money but has not been dead but money is still there. "


The flying segment does not understand what he said, just closing his mouth, because the corner said seriously, it is generally right.

"No one is willing to leave?"

After the pharmacist frowned, looked up and looked up to Yishe Sasuke, whispered: "Sasuke, are you not willing to leave? Shangyuan Na Ruo and Xiaonan have been with wooden leaves, if you want to revenge ..."

"To shut up."

Yuxi Bozo looked at the face of a pocket, not happy to open: "After waiting until Shangyuan predecessors come back, I will ask him!"

"This is ... You are really feelings for this organization!"

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and his face revealed a smile, looked up at the huge outer road of magic, whispered: "Ok, but in the future, you will no longer need to collect the beast, then the outer road is like I will Take away it first ... "


Everyone's eyes are slowly looked at the pharmacist.

Everyone in each person has begun to slowly.

The red sand is summoned to have two embarrassments, and they look at the pharmacist. "Your guy is really the same as the Big Snake Pills! Trail, still don't be too arrogant in front of us ..."

after an hour.

All the members of the whole tissue are knocked down.

Nice organizations can't stop the waves from the waves of the wave, facing the waves in the nine lama mode, without a member is the opponent of the pharmacist.

Adhering to the longest people, actually Yishao Sasuke.

Unfortunately, the wave wind door cannot be defeated with his strength.

The wave of the water is easy to arrange a flying thunder, take the outer road with the eight tail columal Qirabi, which actually no one can stop him.

After the pharmacist has finished this, the eyes slowly stopped in Sasuke, laughed: "Sasuke, don't forget, your brother's wisdom is still in my hand, only I can help you Enemy with the leaves ... "


Yuxi Bo saga took the palm of his hand.

After a while, the face of Unechyo Sasuo has changed, and she struggled to stand up and walked to the pool of the pharmacist.

Although Unechebra helps to go to the original navigation with his brother's friends, now he must first take it back to Yishe's eyes. Otherwise, the ignition of the kaleidoscope is blind, it is not so easy to solve!

Yischo Sapo is still secretly thinking. After the problem solves the problem of the kaleidoscope, simply killing the pharmacist, then carrying the head of the pharmacist, and then returning to join Xiaomi!

Of course, if the child is in that time, you still want to cover the wooden leaves ... In the heart of Sasuke, it is rumored to the wooden leaves or row it first.

"very good."

After the pharmacist, the pharmacist looked at the help, turned his head to a member of Xiaoyu, laughed: "So, we will leave, in the future, you will come to me ..."

Things are really a bit unexpected.

The members of the organization did not have a wish to follow the pharmacist, and there was a flying segment to be defeated, and the guy was stopped by the corner.

Therefore, when the pharmacist is reported to the original navigation, the expression is still a bit weird: "They seem to have a confidence in Needers, except for flying sections, there is no one who wants to defend away ..."

"Hey, this group of guys ..."

The sound of Shangyuan Naoli is more hidden: "It's really a way to take them? Is this a silver nest?"


The pharmacist is not very clear.

Shangyuan Nairou's voice is faintly open: "The relationship between the members, the relationship between the members is always very refreshing, which looks very little love for his companions.

However, in these very real ice-cold relationships, there are also some rare warmth. Some people have a long time. It seems that these warmth is not intentionally, but the body is very honest and honest.

"I understand."

Pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and sighed a little: "Once we are also the same as the big snake pills, when we don't avoid each other, the big snake pills every time, every time, it is a kind of Luxury, we tasted a gentleness in the cold relationship, the more eager to give him a gift ... "


After the navigation, I got a nodded, whispered: "Well, you start to prepare his body for the big snake pill, and you will leave me yourself!"